Make your dreams come true: Design your own iOS app | Ramona Barkoczi | Skillshare

Make your dreams come true: Design your own iOS app

Ramona Barkoczi, Freelance UI and UX Designer

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6 Videos (40m)
    • Introduction

    • Brainstorming

    • Define user problems

    • Create an application flowchart

    • Make sketches for different layouts

    • Create wireframes and prototypes


About This Class

This class is presents an iOS application design process from the beginning to wireframes and prototypes. I recommend this class to those who have an app idea but they can’t visualize it. It's an advantage if students has some UX design skills, but it's not necessary.

Students will learn the following skills in this class:

  • Defining goals of the application
  • Make an application flowchart in MindNode
  • Making sketches about their ideas
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes in Adobe XD

This class presents the process of creating an iOS application design from the beginning to wireframes and protoypes.





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Ramona Barkoczi

Freelance UI and UX Designer

Hello, I'm Ramona.

I'm a freelance UI and UX designer from Hungary. I was always interested in things that were beautiful and worked great. Now I create the same things. I have some principles, which will help you to get to know me:

I believe in learning for a life and never stop doing that. I love to work on details and I'm paying attention to every pixel. I think we need to focus on the most important things. Everything else is unnecessary. I take my time for every little detail,...

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