Make your Own flower Crown | Jodie Cartman | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 Flower Crown

    • 2. Lesson 2 flower crown

    • 3. Skillshare flower crown 3 smaller

    • 4. Flower Crown vid 4

    • 5. Flower crown vid 5


About This Class

Learn how to make from your own flower crown in this step by step tutorial from fashion designer, Jodie Cartman of Fumbalinas (





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Jodie Cartman

Experimental Designer, maker

Jodie Cartman


Fumbalinas: A one woman operation using an amalgamation of styles to create a range of couture headwear and accessories. Rooted in the fantastical and the flamboyant a fumbalinas garment always consists of an elegant edge and a touch of the surreal. I re-use and recycle objects from the antique, obsolete and every day, breathing new life into old curiosities and weaving them into the intricate designs of my collections.

As well aseasonal col...

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