Make your Mind & Body Feel Great Again - Top modern day relaxation methods | Craige Hardel | Skillshare

Make your Mind & Body Feel Great Again - Top modern day relaxation methods

Craige Hardel, Mindset & Success coach

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Relaxation course overview

    • 2. Why stress management matters

    • 3. Relaxation course Meditation

    • 4. Relaxation course Saunas

    • 5. Relaxation course Cryotherapy


About This Class

Stress wrecks havoc on all of us and most of us don't even realize it.

Modern day living, technology, distractions from our devices consume our energy and our lives.

We've become so overwhelmed, and don't even know why our lives become miserable.

We've forgotten to cherish what only we can: Our minds & bodies. Self-care seems to be an outdated concept.

I'm here to bring it back to you. It has been proven that social media companies fight your attention even against your will.

Your success depends on the quality and ability to control your attention and stress levels

In this course you will learn:

Why relaxation and stress management is extremely important?

Top Free Methods to disengage 

Newer methods to relax and relieve stress from your life

Your health is extremely and we shouldn't sacrifice it. We need to learn to integrate technology and healthy and find a healthy balance.

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1. Relaxation course overview: The current world that we live in is so different, so much has changed. There has been so much technology, it has pervaded every minute of our lives. What is devices that we use or what we hear around us? There has been so much just intrusion on as much as we have upgraded in many ways, the corpus it always remains on that is us. The desire toe. Beware on the need to relax in this costs, we are going to be discussing the top relaxation methods on how you could integrated into your life. 2. Why stress management matters: stress kills is a very Corbyn thing that many of us take for granted. However, there have been many instances where people have been driven to extreme points and that has been the result. That's unfortunate, but the point of me mentioned in this is that that is how bad it can get. And also the point here is so really elucidated the fact that you need to manage your actual stress level here, toe, find the time to manage you because you are you. Anyone that can do it on it is important that you take the time out a new actually to do some relaxing as you could see her on. Do you really make some time that you could do you what's moves you the most, but serves the best despite all the relax, all the real responsibilities that you may have some of us have more or the loveless by desert butter. It really does not matter now. This would be you if your loved one or this could be you relaxing on your board or able now . But this could be us. Well, uh, just joking. Now this menace that is a for sure that many, most individuals at work actually stressed again. The America incidence of stress states that 76% off Americans site money and work as a leading cause of distress. Again, stress comes about financially as well. It's one of the leading causes of divorce on Also, Study also reports that 48% of people lie a week due to stress wory for many reasons. So it stands to reason not just for the study. But most of us are chronically stressed, and we don't even know it yet. Wonder why we weren't happy yet. Wonder why we do not achieve some things you want, the way we never content on. One thing I want them doing is that I'm really spelling out the importance off learning to actually manage it the importance of actually proactively putting things in place that you could manage your stress level no matter how high your responsibilities, how important how many people that you preside over keep no, but how high your sense of responsibility ease. You have to have a stress management plan because the more that you have to be accountable for, the easier it is for something to go wrong. on. That is something you should be extremely aware of. And that is something that you should not let it. So there are many ways relaxed and that is what we're gonna touch on in the next lecture. Thank you so much. 3. Relaxation course Meditation: there were several things that we could do to relax. Thankfully, thanks to technology, many off the past forms have become more accessible. For example, meditation. Where would use audios or buying or obits toe helpers? Get into that. Come on, tranquil state. Quicker now, the very first thing we couldn't talk about his meditation. There are many different forms of immunization. There are many different ways in which people do it may have different philosophies around it, but for use just starting out. It is easier toe seat as you really trying to get into your own thoughts. You trying to be steel and trying to listen to your body. There are several ways to do it, whether you cross legged or whether you sit on a chair on a couch. It's fine. The important thing is not just the technique of the methodology, but you're really being comma. You're really taking the time to ensure that you listen. You observe all those racing thoughts, the educational entity in them on your actually, in the moment you try your best to be. We all have disturbing thoughts. We would have thought that pop around the mother how hard one tries. However, you really need that time of the D to really get into your own boarded you really? I feel you are new alone on observe your mind but not entertain all thoughts, All the emergencies, all the stresses that life would prevent present itself with meditation. Rule is stress. It really helps calm me down. Like I said, it really helps you decompress from a very tough day. It really helps you start your day on the right footing. It really helps you become more well, you how you feel, how your body feels. What are your emotions? Our thoughts are you really have what I didn't seek your about. Where do you really feel? Peon? Andi, That is important because the fact that we use technology so often or even required to a spot of our jobs our most of our awareness is in those gadgets those computers on really a lot of us, consciously or subconsciously, I never really aware of how we feel when we think that we are better would not and being engaged in what aides chart devices whether it's social media socially has been rewarded. People do not realize that need to really go inward and take some time to just be aware off the movement. Meditation helps you really increase other witness and helps you focus on gives your much longer attention span that longer attention span really helps with your memory. In the long run, people were order, especially in countries like Japan, really benefit from those meditative practices that they do, for example, touchy. That really helps the body, even as the age Dear Lord healthy. That is why they leave Toby about older on average. Andi. It's not unique to them. It is the fact that on, of course, there are other things that they do. But also the meditation helps a lot, and it can help you as well. Off course the fund that you can control your mind, your thoughts. You have a much better grasp of it. It helps to have cravings helps with addictions. It really helps you develop that wheel powers they know toe, observe reality objectively and decide whether to engage or not rather be. Rather than feel emotionally compared to do it. It really abs develop that sense off detachment where we see things as they are not as we want them to be very, very important here. People of merited sleep better people. May it it really develop that being to the rest deeply because your brain is relaxed on you , able to get into deep slip into REM, sleep a lot quicker, hence enhancing the overall quality. Ah, lower stress level also in longer and reduces your blood pressure. Typically people who are very stressed. I mean being stressed could be a reason off. Many things on they tend to develop Heiple pressure off course. A lot of that is that dietary. Some people say, Well, not some people see it is really it can be inherited is well the high propensity for it. But when your stress level is low, the probability of that happens in the law. That is why doctors really recommend that you do some meditation or you really do something relaxing over time to reduce the blood pressure. Ah, lot of times you prescribed medication that does exactly that. It helps calm you down. Andi, with a much more controlled mine, a much calmer state off being, you must be able tow control. How much pain affects you? You much more tolerance. Think off mindfulness meditation where you feel so in the moment that you being bitsy by a mosque, you know doesn't bother you as much. Now, for those of you doing, I only stunned that that may seem farfetched, but I can guarantee you that it's not on. While no one likes to get bitten by mosquitoes, the point is that you become more resistant to it again, your wheel power increasing. You are able to become tolerance on avoid interruptions. Easier you Are you not so sucked in into just destructions that prevent you from going toe ? What do you really want to do? So that is extremely important. Again, I will have a lot more information as the types and also some recommended resource is off meditation. So you could begin to decide on what is best for you, though this easier if you get in, started to actually practice simply sitting down on trying to observe your thoughts but aware devices to love your notifications enough your laptop clothes, Google, chrome or whatever it is that he use and try to focus just on what you're thinking On the whole you're being and things should come a lot more into perspective. Thank you 4. Relaxation course Saunas: saunas. It looks so lovely. It feels lovely. And it is actually very lovely. So it is. I'm not you. Yes. In the Western world, it has one to be the hair for a decade. It's all. However, it has bean around other parts of the world for a long while. Saul is a very, very refreshing and some that everyone should do. Now Why are so? It is quite important. Saunas really helped. First flush out all the toxins in your body. You're really don't know how talks ified your body. Ease on Julie. We actually have one on. You don't really know how much you actually hold onto on tear. You actually get one now. Typically, saunas have been result for people who seem to be well fear many after it's used to relax. Many celebrities use it toe, cleanse their bodies, cleanse the skin. But recently the price off these treatments have going down on. Also almost any facility around you now has one, so it could be accessible to anyone on It is really important that you do not think knowledge because it has many rejuvenating qualities on It really helps you fight a lot of illness. Give it a shot, folks on Do let me know how it works for you 5. Relaxation course Cryotherapy: another excellent means off relaxation. Stress reduction is cryotherapy crowd therapies quite modern on the effect is quite dramatic. Your body is putting in ST off. Your body is putting at a very low temperature on that really helps yourselves recover. Yes, As you may see, it feels very cold. However, the effect that you get is pretty soothing and that really hips your body recover, especially with very intense activity on, really helps flush your body and remove all the unnecessary toxins that it there. Some people do it every week on overtime. The prices have gone down tremendously. Give it a shot and tell me how it goes Now again is something used by athletes who want to recover between very strenuous workouts were competed on. It really helps your body recover quicker rather than going through Topeka pain that follows a very strenuous workout or physical activity. Even in the case of injury, it really helps. Couldn't that recovery time so that, um, you back at your best a lot sooner on even individuals who I have been that knows me, chronicle depressed. It has been shown to help them on. That is something that has been overlooked by many on that is something that really draws a lot into it. Now some people complain of the court. However, I would simply advise you to test it out on really see how it goes to you first. Different people react to it in different ways. However, it is completely safe on the scientifically but