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Make your Art Wearable - Making Clay Pins

teacher avatar Biahibiscuart, Illustrator /Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Designs

    • 4. Cutting the clay

    • 5. Preping the clay

    • 6. Painting your design

    • 7. Varnishing

    • 8. Final look at our pins

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class

This class will be about making Clay Pins, a way to turn your art into something wearable!

With this class, I'll teach you how to prepare and shape the clay, and also give you some tips and tricks along the line. 

This class is for anyone interested in crafts, no matter your level as an artist. Pro Artist or a beginner, you are welcome to join! With this class, you will be able to make your art even more unique and special

So, grab your clay and join us!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Illustrator /Content Creator


My name is Beatriz, Bia to make your life easier, and I'm an illustrator and Youtube/Instagram Content Creator from Portugal. 


I adore to create illustrations and to get crafty, and you know, just make something! I think we all get a kick from it if you are here. 


I've been drawing since forever, but I finished my education in 2015 and have been tooning my craft on my own ever since. Studing anatomy, color and just trying to create something that makes people feel that light and fluffly feeling.


My work is mostly illustration with watercolor, but I also like to use Gouache, Ink, Linocut, Digital and much more.


I believe in sharing the knowlegde that's around us, which led me to create t... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is via illustrator and instagram and YouTube cutting creator and welcome to any class in this class. I'm going to teach you how to make les pins a different and unique way to create your art in a collectible. And right away I tried putting together a list of materials that pretty much anyone would have a whole. But you might need to do a little preparation before you get actually started with Pence. This class is so pretty much anyone from beginners, artists to more advanced ones who just are looking for a different altitude express their art. The purpose of this class is to create something unique, collectible available, and you think you're are to a different level. If this sounds interesting, join me and let's get started on this list. 2. Materials: here are all the materials that you leave. First thing will be our air clay. It doesn't really matter what type it ISS. It can even use female if you prefer something that you bake, but I don't have a lot of experience with it, and this one is just quick and easy. It's very easy to mold and cut, and you just leave it out to dry during the night or over two days, depending on humidity and the temperature of the season. So this is very useful, and any brand will do. I got this at my dollar store. Then we'll need very simple to just roll your client. Then we'll need some standing paper. This is just a little block that I got, but any types any paper will do. This step is not crazy important, but it does help to create a very smooth surface. Next up, it's just some exacta ble. There's some sort of blade just cut, doctor. Something that might also help is a glass slept from frame, for example, suggest a part of the frame, and I just took it out. This helps as first of all, to move around the pens when I'm done and it just whatever stays there, and this other side will be a smooth surface. If you don't have that parchment paper, even from the kitchen will do. It's just needs something that you'll be able to pick up and remove, and also that the clay won't stick to. The client won't stick to this. So if you even prefer to just wrap this around the glass, it will be even easier for you. After that, we'll need varnishes. We can have two options. I usually use either mark poach or when I'm really in a pinch easily use a top coat for they learn ish. It works just fine. I usually use this actually even easier to control, and it drives much faster. These tends to take a while to drive, so that's an option. Tell the good that our shapes You can just grab something circular. Or if you know that you want the very specific shape you can make a stencil out of cardboard or something like that or just hand free cut. Ideally, if you want something that will be very repetitive, you get the cookie cutter or something to help you. But This will also do just to give you a general shape. Also very important backings for your pets. You can have several different types this one I have never used, actually, and just basically, I would send this a little bit. So it's glued better, and it's just a little broach. These are the ones that tend to use the most are just a little butterfly clasps. Then, if you are really in a pinch and you cannot find any of this actually safe depends will work as well. But just be in mind that the clay will not be as evenly distributed. So if it's too heavy, might like fall over a little bit. So just keep that in mind and ideally, this would be the best solution. But if you're really in a pinch, safety pins would also work. Some glue is very helpful as well. To secure the backings, just little drops. Just make sure they're right there, and this will make your life easier. And finally, your choice to paint with the pens. I am going to use wash just because I am. It's usually what I use, and it's very easy for me to control it, but you can use anything I have used Push, push. Even a ballpoint pen might work. You can just have fun and try and see what works for you to do this wash text to work for me. But my my palate, it's very messy, but this usually works for me and I can't control it very well and I can still have fun with it. So that is all that we need, I think your time collecting all materials and after that, let's get started on the first set. 3. Designs: already it's time to decide our design. That will be making to first to give you some examples. I'll just show you some depends that I've done previously. So like I said, you can use pretty much any shape that you want. I knew that I wanted to do some which heads. So I did this one and this one they are with both quash. And as you can see, they're very sturdy. You can also have shapes very, very specific. Like I said. So this is also just a little boat with the bell. This was inspired by my cat. Then if you want to just a random shape and just work with you can also do so. This was a bit of popular shape that I just got. What I'm most used to doing is doing these shapes. So these are the pens that I do the most are these faces. With this, I tend to do an ovular shape and then just add little spaces for the years because I think it looks very cute to have the years and I really like that detail. So these are the ones that I tend to do don't use a stencil. But I will start using stencil for this video. I don't usually do, and I get some very weird corners like this and it can look a bit odd, so I would always recommend to have a stencil or something to guide you. I also have some like this, so you can pretty much do anything you want, as long as you just want to paint. This one was done with Posh Cosas. Well, it's just a little Pini and the shape is very regular. It was one of my experiments still, but this is just to give you an example of what you can get with these now. To start our design phase, I would recommend for you to know shape that you want to use. Like I said, I really like to use the oval shapes. But if you want to just grab a late and just have this normal base, you can. But it's just much easier for me to just have these over the shape is something I prefer. So these is all the ideas that I have so far. It's very nice for you to think about the concepts before so you know, what you have to cut in the clay. It can also work if you just pain after you did the shapes and whatever comes out will come out. That's what I did in most of these Ivan usually plan. But I learned from experience that things can go wrong and you can just end up with a shape and a design that you weren't so sure. This way guarantees that you have something that you are very sure very secured and allows you to explore the ideas. I will create a Stansell out of some watercolor paper, very thick watercolor paper that I have around, and I'll just use that as my guideline to just cut out everything for the circulars. One. I was just use this little Bartlett that I have. It's very handy dandy. It's from a tiny jar here. It's very tiny, but it works. At this stage, you can pretty much choose what you want to do. I chose to do faces and flowers and this Caesar. I'm still thinking about it, but that's just because it's what I love doing already. I really love doing these faces. You can do whatever you want if you If you are for example, LGBT community, you can do flags. You can do Pro Nam's. You can do your name. If it's a gift for someone, you can do the favorite flower. The possibilities are endless. It can do whatever you want. This is a great way to just make your art into something wearable and to just make it something special. It's quite unique. You will not be able to fully recreate them, so they are all unique on their own, so it makes him very, very special. After you decided all of your designs, let's get started with the molding of the clay. 4. Cutting the clay: so to start now, rolling out the clay, I have rolled out the paper among the slab. It sums 10 silver out of paper in some scrap paper that I have, because it's just I think it will be easier to cut off my shapes. But I will use, of course, this one as well. So we first now started getting out the clay. It's a good idea to then put it in an airtight container because it because it will drive out. So great idea. Just grab a little clump and just want to roll it out in your hands like this. So it's a little bit Tamar Mallya go and you can easily really this. Since it's fresh, it's pretty easy to handle, and we're just going to grab our little pin here and just roll it out. We don't want it too thick, otherwise it will be a very heavy pin. So we're just going to go with this for now. So I'm going to press this and I have my circular shape. If you have a proper to to cut clay, I would use that. But since I only have this for now, this also works if you can even cut this with the scissors. If you feel like you prefer, this works. Also working Caesar, since it's a bit thick, so we have our first been. As you can see, the thickness is maybe half a centimeter. It's not a lot, maybe a a point of thickness. So we're just going to leave this here to the side. And I wanted to do two of these. So it's control. And as you can see, this does not stick here. But the reason we used as the glass, it's just because it's easy to move this out of the way, since this is the surface that I used to works. It's very easy for me to just move this aside once. I'm not using it anymore, so it's very handing that sense so we can just try and do it the other way around. Why not? And we have a little bit of foot different shape, but that's just this. It has a little bit of some shapes here, so it's not fully perfect. But yeah, like I said, I really recommend for this have so sort of cookie cutters. If you know that you'll be making the same shape over and over again. If you feel like, for example, you see that you want to do this more often, you can always get cookie cutters in the future. You see that having a little bit of a shapes year can just get get a little bit of water and just smooth it out, and it will be much softer. Same with cracks. If you see that you're having some sort of practical little water, if you then get any imperfections on the top, don't worry. That's why we have our sandpaper in the end. So we can just do this. And it's all smooth that we keep doing that and it will just smooth it out. These will drive pretty quickly and what I said quickly, maybe a day or something. Just add a little bit more clay here because I'm running a little bit thin here when it comes to getting this the same consistency if you want to. A good trick is to do to put, for example, a coin on each side of the rule, so you have something that stops. It's from being from going, for example, to thin. That's a good trick as well. Okay, so I'd say this is arrived about right and not just going to try a little bit bigger for this one. I'm actually going to use a mechanical vessel. You can actually use a safety. Fine, too quickly outlined. This just so it's easier as well to cut it, since it's not quite a mold that we can take, so we'll have to do. It's not very here. It's not amazing. But now we can draw the horns like this, and we're going to just cut away. Okay, he's one done again. Once again, it's a little bit uneven, so we're just going to grab some water and even this out. Just so it's nice and smooth because we can't fix some small irregularities with the sandpaper. But the, for example, it's a huge chunk. I will not be able to fix it as easily, so I much prefer to try and fix it at this stage and just try and smooth out what I can right now. Just easier now about the clasps we can. We'll talk about this in a second, but I tend to put him in the beginning for one support when I'm painting. It's quite nice to have something to grab onto instead of just the pen itself. And two, it's also a bit more secure that way. At least I find it not just secured like loot. So we have four so far, and I will not go and do the big one because I'm already feeling like this is too big. I'm actually going back to my small one because I know I want to do at least three or four of these ones because I do have immense fun just making faces. This is honestly, just up to you. Whatever you want to draw or paint on these, this is whatever you want to express, whatever you want to just create. That's why I really enjoy making these. Besides being a very unique way to just make your art something wearable and special instead of just a print or an original it it will be an original the same. So that's why I do recommend to do something that you do enjoy and that you can make it rather quick because this will be an original 10. If you just want to do simple designs, I totally recommend it. Sometimes I'm a little bit extra, and in this case, yeah, this is worry where the extra nous comes and I'm always like I want to do something different and I just really enjoy doing this with the faces on. And then it's something that I'm so used to doing that I can make in maybe 15 minutes. So it's not too bad. Of course, they're not troop to sell as well. So if I when I do sell these, I don't sell them like your or something. I do sell them a little bit higher because they will be original. So that's the thing that sometimes I do have to have in mind. Okay, so for this one went to do a little bit smaller horns, I think, or very similar of what I've been doing again. If you do want to just do a simple shape and just use a cookie cutter stole. If I and I have friends that do this that use cookie cutters with stars with hearts and they look adorable and I do want to eventually get some cookie cutters, but I haven't been able to get. I'm also just showing you that you can work with this with whatever you have. That's also my point that you don't have to have amazing tools to make this and to just have fun with it. So whatever you usually have, a roundhouse will work as well. Also a way to encourage you to just grab on some clay. The clay. I think it's the only thing you might not have at home. Most people have a top coat to varnish their nails. Maybe if you live your parents, your mom might have and the sand papers some households have. I do always have sent paper at home, but that's just me, because I'm very used to working with things a bit more. Men relieves a habit that I picked up along the way to just always have sandpiper on me. There's just something I usually have at home. So this one came a little bit trunk here than the others. But that's quite alright. It just might need another class instead of just one. It might need to. And that's another thing that you also have to have a notion in your head that if you want your tends to be secure, you need to maybe add multiple clasp, so they are nice and secure. When you're maybe buyer or person that you offer these where's itself. Since this will be special, it's very important that they will stay safe. So this is another one, and I think I'm just going to do one more and maybe call it a day. I didn't have the design of the scissors and the red string, but I think I'm going to keep that for another day and just have some fun with these ones. For now. I did have one design that did not have horns, and this is the one that I'm going to do right now. I'm just going to make this a little bit sooner, and I'm just going to use this shape, not adding hardens this time, and we're just going to quickly trace it out. So I really recommend that if you have a specific shape, just get a stencil. I just cut it, cut it out of some watercolor paper cardboard will do if you have something, Plastic is well, might be more long lasting. This one was not will not be as long lasting, but it works and it's not an issue. So here we go again, cutting everything around it and you will be done all right. And that is the last pin done. We get this little scrap here if you want to. You can make this little scrap into something so I might just press it into another pin just because Because it doesn't hurt. I'll think about something for right now. We have around 24 hours to wait between these paeans to drive. If you are using female or any clay that needs to be baked, your time will be less, I believe. But as I mentioned, I'm not as twenties with FEMA, and I much prefer these because I don't have ah oven that good. So I much prefer these just white, and it's not too bad in winter. It takes a little bit of while to drive, but in summer it's not a big deal. We're just going to place this little guy here, and we're just going to just shape it into something just going to like that and the honestly, I can just trim the edges here like that, and we'll have a sort of a circular shape dish so they don't be afraid to just have some wild cards because you can always just invent something and will be no problem. You can fix up the little edges here, each other nice and smooth, and that's that done now to start your clay. Just gonna put this little bit here. As you can tell, I have plenty more. So I'm going to tape it off and put it in a Tupperware safe from air so it can be used many one. Now that we have all of our pens assembled. Now it's time to just put the backings in and move on while our pens are still wet. I like to place the backings on it because it just makes them a bit more secure. And it's just it's something that you could only be used to, and I much prefer I'm going to just choose this as a front, even though it has this little bits here, it's quite all right. I'm going to grab one of these. Like I said, we can use safety pins for bigger ones. You have to be careful because it will create a sort of if you put it too high or too low, it will dip the pen and it might be a bit tilted when it's placed. This makes it sure that it's very well place. I have this little bits here. These are the bits that you stick on the pens and then you have the butterfly clutches. So I'm just gonna grab a few and just place them. They're here grabbing this. I'm just going to. This one is quite big and heavy. Some going to put, too. I'm just going to sink them enough. And then with my blade, I'm going to push some of the clay over it just to make sure it's really in there. Not too much, because otherwise the pen does not have space for the clutch to go into. So not too, too much, just enough. So it's under there. This bond will then be fortified with some blue after everything is dry, and it's just to make sure that it's not just blue making its work, and that it's safely there. Sure told that I like to do this process, and now you just let it dry in this direction like that, and I'm just going to do the same to all of the other best way. Now that we have all the backings put in place, it's time to just leave it to drive. This is the bag that it's up, so you can just. It doesn't really matter if it's too perfect or not. But if you do want, just smooth out any parts, any cracks, just make sure it's all nice. You can do this at this stage. Remember, this is the left stage that you'll be able to work on these. After that, they will become pretty solid and pretty impossible to alters. Have any changes that you want to do now? It's the time. There are some edges that are already drying. I'm assuming 24 hours will be more than enough, and you will be able to tell when they're dry. There will be pretty visible, but I do recommend 24 hours in the least, just so they make sure it's all good. So I'll see you in 24 hours, but for you, a few seconds 5. Preping the clay: Okay, 24 hours have passed, and now we have all depends dry. There are some are still a little bit fresh. You can feel their cold in the middle, so I'm going to leave this one for last. Give it some time to dry. These are fully dry. You can feel it. And you can also see it because when they're still drying, it's darker in the middle. But they are fully dry, grabbing myself paper here. We're going to look at these and see if we need to send out anything. Any imperfections, for example, this little corner here could be a little less visible, so I'm just gonna send this out, make it a bit more perfect. Since this is a very harsh grain, it might get rid of it completely if you want a smoother and you might want a smoother grand, which I don't have a the moment, but it's not necessary because they came out pretty smooth. I am going to shorten the horn here, and this pink part is actually from the stencil that I used on this one. I'm actually going to try and just make it smooth because it has a little bit of a ridge here, so I'm just going to smooth it out, get rid of this little corner here, make it a little perfect circle, and it's not too bad. These did not came out really bad because, like I said, we we can get advantage of the fact of the glass surface and just create a smoother campus for us, scaring all the nooks and crannies here, making this bit of it sharper and things like that. This corner here, it's always a bit tricky, but we can get rid of it, and it's just more cleaner. This one's a mess, so let's try in. Just make it a little bit better. This one was our wild card pen, and it's still a bit misshapen, but we can also play with it, and I myself still have no idea what I'm going to do with it. But we'll find out still a little bit rough. So let's just send a little bit more. And of course, you can do this until you feel happy with it on this one, too. Is not that at all? Just just little lump here on what else here just basically just go around and see what you can fix and what you feel like you can work with, and it doesn't require any fixing at all. Then you can just quickly pass on the surface because it also gives something for the depends on what you're going to use to paint. I'm going to be using wash, and that doesn't need a lot of surface grip, so to speak. But if you're going to use something else, you might want to just give it a little past. So it has a little bit texture, and whatever it is you're going to use on top of it grabs better. For my experience, I know you can use several things you can use crash cause you can using even use ballpoint pens I've seen you can use a variety of things actually to do these beans, so I'm just trying to make it a smooth possible, and you This will leave a little bit of a residue so I would recommend have the windows open. Since this was not totally fresh, I will give it very soft sending, I guess, But it also can work in your advantage because if they are not fully done, it will take to sending better. So, for example, I can kind of get rid of this line that I had here. If I want to and me, I think I will, actually, and it becomes a very, very easy surface to work with again. Remember, this is a very heavy grain for sandpaper. So if you want something smoother, just go for a senator brain or a higher counts in this case, Done. Now it's just now I'm just going to tap this out in window so I don't get dust all over me , and we can start prepping everything. After all, the dust is cleared Its part. It's time to transfer our designs into the pence. I honestly usually do this by hands free hand because I very rarely actually plan what I'm doing. And I just kind of draw on top of the pen, so that's what I'm going to do again. So as I remember, I have three demons, one face, and then to that, we're going to be around. I'm just going to show you the process of one of these pins, so it's not too time consuming. And then, in the end, I will show you, of course, the result of everything. Because they're pretty much the same basics. You just going to transfer your design than paint, then do whatever embellishments you're going to do? I'm actually thinking of doing gold foiling in this one. It's going to be your experiment, but I think you will look very nice and then varnish and then just finish finishing touches . But as I mentioned, I'm going to work just in one, and then the other ones all share the results. So I think I'm going to choose one of the demons because it's something I really want to do . And I think it might be interesting. So this one is still kind of drying, So I'm just going to decide between one of these and I think a way for this one. This one might be fun. So this is our victim for today. You're going now to follow me and just trace whatever you want. If you, for example, a small tip. If you have a block of some kind, that you can actually stick this end. I used to have ah, Styrofoam block that I used to just stick it in just something So it's straight what I'm going to use right now. It's actually a yard role that I have a home and just gonna stick there. Just so it's a straight view and it's not angle with the packing plants, and we're going to get a mechanical, mechanical pencil or something else that you prefer. And we're going to transfer our design here, since I'm going to be using wash. I don't really mind if Pencil Line is there, so I'm not going to be very careful. I might actually even, like, almost scribble the lines, and this pencil writes really well here. So I'm just going to mark out what I know. The nose will be the horns. I know they are like that, and you might notice I'm doing this very hafez early, kind of. That's just I'm always used to doing this on Done. It usually goes a whale doesn't really matter, so it's normally just fine. So I know the lips or here, and I'm just going to do this. I'm actually taking it out, and I'm just going to put it on my hand because the yard is actually not being the most helpful here, but it was just to give you an example. In this case, I can actually work with it in my hand, and I don't notice the nose is a bit higher up than I usually want to you. So I'm just going to raise that quickly and it's fine. It's no problem. Little. This is kind of almost forgiving. Innocence doesn't really matter, but I know the eyes air here and I meet them doing the marks of the eyes like sketching ish of the part. Like I said, I'm painting this fully afterwards, so I'm not really worried. If it comes out sketchy and that's not looking well, it'll wait to think there racing with great Well, as you can see, I am having some difficulties just getting it right. But just so step, you can pretty much just decide what you're going to do. I think what's happening here is that the place is actually to oblong, so something I usually do is get like I market when I want to face, and I usually just paint this black because it's such a big chunk for him in the send. I might try and send it, but I don't think I'll be able to send it this much. I usually just do a shadow here and it works justice. Fine. It doesn't really bother me. It'll okay, So, going back here and trying to make the marks, uh, the eyes were way too close to each other, and I'm just going to do your very quick idea, so I don't do the same mistake. I think the mouth was in a good place. Just doing this again knows is here and the eyes one here, all of this while I'm looking at my drawing that I did before. Just so I have an idea, even though I did mess up earlier. But that's OK. If we mess up, we can just try again. And don't worry about it. Just have fun and try and create something you like here. This place is already looking much, much better. I'm just going to do the little dots here that I have and mark pupils. But I wanted him, and it's OK to just sketch around. This race is surprisingly well, And like I said, I'm not you worried because I am going to be using some wash to paint afterwards, so it will be Everything will be covered up. So I'm not too too worried at the moment. It looks like this. Let me just give it a sec and I'm going to try and send this a little bit more. I did manage said it a little bit better and I think it's much better. It still has a little bit of shadow underneath, but it's something that I it's more please self. So I think it much, much, much happier with has it is right now, so next step is just had over to painting and just have fun with it. 6. Painting your design: Now it's time to choose your weapon of choice for this one. As I mentioned, I'm going to be using wash my trusty quash. I always use it when I'm making pence because it's just very easy for me to just grab it and just paint. I have my gosh here. I still have my yarn. If I feel like I need it, I don't think I will, because I'm going comfortable with just holding my hand brushes my whatever brushes. I'm not picky with brushes again. I mentioned this in my previous class, where I painted where I talked about water control. I'm not picky with Russia's at all and specially for wash. It's much, much more recommended to have inexpensive brushes because gosh does take a toll on your brushes. I have my water here. This paper is just for me to testing colors. I did not do a color study. I never do, and I am just going Teoh, go for it. I'm not going to go into a lot of extents here because this is not about go wash itself. I might do a class about quashing the future. Maybe we'll see. It's something I might think about it. If you feel like you would like a crash class, let me know. You can always send me a message, and I'll be more than happy to check it out. But I wanted you. I'm going to start with something, but we'll see. I just I really enjoy these tones and I use it very watering. This takes water very well. I never had an issue with doing it like this, and I really like how it results. It will not have the smoothest, smoothest application, I think. But I really like how it works. And I have. And then this fun using it like this. My sketch is kind already gone. So I do need to play some shadows already, so I don't get lost. And before I forget where everything is, right, my wrist was actually getting tired, so I just got out my candy yard and I'm just painted on top of it. If you got something that's lower, I would recommend, because this is also not the most comfortable thing that will do. Okay, I know horns. I really like when they're almost read. So I'm just going for that colors and I'm just going to paint the whole thing Something a bit more plan. I would recommend color studies. They're very helpful. And I'm the steely one that never does them. It's entirely my fault. I never do them, even though I really should. But I just have the habit of not doing them, and it has come and bite me in the butt several times. So color studies that always very helpful just going to dropping colors here in there, waiting for stuff dry. It dries relatively quickly here, so it's not too much trouble. No, I write, want the dots in the face to be read because I really like that striking red. So I'm going to just quickly here. I really like how those look and the lips might as well be read to. I'm just going to pass over, do it hardens again, and you almost like the transition here. Like I said, you don't want to spend a lot of time in these because if you want to sell them, you might want to sell them at a reasonable price. And if you spend a lot of time in it, it's difficult to sell them at a regional pro prize without you losing profits. So in this case, it's very to just I need them lower now. Spend that much, Simon it, but also be happy with it. She's a fine line to be okay on, and I'm going for miter color for the bottom lips here. I pretty much always test out the colors on a ship paper. I will do a little bush because it's always cute. So bush around little drop water. I just messed up there. But it's fine. Don't worry. We can quickly fix that. This is a very forgiving medium, I told you. Time to decide chair while everything else is trying. So I'm going to mix up a Burgundy here, really? Like using this color outside juiced. Go around here and she's almost immediately is dry. So dropping it here it dries very quickly because this is still clay, so it really likes to absorb water. Now for the banks sticks a little bit of angle here. I went to playing around it as well to make sure this is painted as well. You also rabbit bythe clamps. No problem there. It makes it easier. That's almost the dark pool this line is important because it's basically what we don't find the chin line. My hands a little bit shaky right now. It's not the greatest moment, but it will have to do. We can even join it since the color is so similar. Yeah, we're going there. As you see, this is pretty fast. Been working on it for about almost 10 minutes. I don't want to spend too too much time on it. And I actually don't think I need Teoh. What I need to do now is eyebrows, eyes and some lines on the nose. So more details, care, stuff like that. So it's not the best way to finish this in time lapse and I'll talk to you in the way. - So this is the been finished. The goal eyes was an experiment, but it is something I wanted to try. Of course, you can always do whatever you want. This is a pen painted the back is what I will do my signature here in the back. Like Ron. Now the next step is just varnishing and then just also put some glue dots here. So we're just going to get started with the varnishing 7. Varnishing: Now it's time to varnish, and for this step, it's quite important for it to be straight, so it doesn't just go all around, so it's very important for it to be flat. That's a big thing here. So for varnish, I tend to use nail topcoats. They work, but if you don't have that, you can also use mod podge or something. Even resin works great, but I tend to use nail varnish it. It's easy, it's efficient, and it's just something I got used to using. And it's much cost effective. So this one is actually the top coat. It's UV, right protected, so it's pretty easy. This allows it to just be safe. It also makes the colors stronger. She's always a plus, and it also means that I don't have to clean another brush for this because this is the same brush. I don't have to ruin a brush. It's just more easy. It's jumping. I have easy access to, so that's why I tend to use this. I tend to do 123 coats, depending on how it looked, but I mostly do around maximum three. It looks much more vibrant colors, and it's all protected. I will just do more cups and I'll check up with you in a second. This is pretty much how it looks with around three layers varnish. It's pretty smooth, and it looks very glassy. I'm quite happy how this looks now for the final touches. You can't either sign it or just painted in one color. It is pretty much finished at this moment. 8. Final look at our pins: this'll is the final result of the pen. I have added a few more layers, just a few final touch ups here and there, and the back is currently painted with my signature There. I will give you a quick tip that I learned while I was doing this. I would leave the gluing of at least a superglue bit to the last because I have done some others. In the meantime, I'll show you in a second. But I have done the glue in the end because it does not create this halo effect because after the glue has dried, the wash does not stick to it. Therefore, it creates this so pro tip that I learned the hard way. Just wait until you have painted everything until you start adding the blue and it will be more secure now to show you everything that I did all the pins that itself. This was the first time we did. I Dan went to paint this girl I started with the demons on E Siri's just because it was the one I was most excited to. I also has gold foil eyes. Also this lady. So these are the three on is that I did and I I'm still getting to get better at gold foil . That's why I didn't really talk about it. But these are the three girls that I did and then the human one that doesn't have horns came out like this. I think these are the eyes that came out the best. And I quite like how they all look in Whole also has back pain it. So these are the oval shapes that we have. After that, I started painting the pne ones and I must say I adore this idea. That how they came out I think they look very nice. And my favorite off the mall is this lady. I am extremely happy off she came out. I don't know. She just reminds me of Fantasia, the mistreatment Wana and doing the same thing. I did a Pini face because it was just something I was digging at the time. So these are all depends that would it today 9. Final thoughts: I don't get to enjoy this class and that you will want to create many more pending future. Of course, this is only my way of credit pence. So I'm sure if you experiment more, you'll find your own creative way. A few things, remember is that if you do want to paint your pins in the back, I would advise to leave the super last. So there's not really a halo in the back where the paint isn't quite sick. If you find yourself craving more consistent and faster way to create, thank God, there would always help. But I did not included in this class because I wanted to create a list that was a bit more accessible. 21. But you're more than welcome to use a cookie cutter of any ship that you want stars, hearts. It traces your so finally sledging imagination just let loose and have fun. This is an incredible freeing process that does not just strictly to a piece of paper. You can make whatever shit you want. Whatever subject were drawing the skies you live in. You can just have the most excitement with materials, pens, paints, inks, Pasqua's whatever your heart desires. As long as it's six o'clock, you're pretty much golden. If you have any questions at all, I'm always available 20 of them, and I'll see you next less, but