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Make wood and resin comb

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Sticking the sketch on the wood

    • 4. Fasten the blade on the bow

    • 5. Cutting the main shape of the comb

    • 6. Abstract design above the comb

    • 7. Cutting abstract design

    • 8. Making a mold for resin

    • 9. Combining resin and paint and pouring into mold

    • 10. Making handmade rasp

    • 11. Sanding part 1

    • 12. Sanding part 2

    • 13. Glueing the sketch of the comb's teeth

    • 14. Cutting the teeth of the comb

    • 15. Sanding part 3

    • 16. Sanding part 4

    • 17. The last step

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About This Class

In this one-hour course, I am going to teach you how to make a practical tool with wood and resin.
You don't need any prerequisite to make it, and you can make it with the simplest materials and tools, you can make this wood and resin comb without the need for electric tools and only by hand, and you will be amazed by the result.
Follow and join me in this course, I hope you enjoy during watching this course.

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1. Intro: Hi, I am jump ship will come to my turning course in this one hour course. I'm going to teach you how to make practical tools with you. Don't need any TV. Quiz it to make it on. You can make it with simplest month Yours on. You can make this food and raising comb without the need for electric tubes on Onley boy and you will be amazed by their follow and join me in this course. I hope joy during watching. 2. Materials: the first matter you. All we need is route, which we used here. We use wooden dimensions. Five centimeter wheat in two, any 2 30 centimeter lank on one centimeter thickness. The food used hasn't worry ity off rules That's make the final product more beautiful. Paper cops wouldn't Mixers on diesel escape are the next item that we need. Abe, also on the Sabah Late, are also used for cutting good. You can buy these tools off Amazon Web sites sandpaper in different numbers from rough, too soft or need for sanding devote way back to scrap the smooth. We also use polishing, paste, polished or super poxy resin and hardener are the next record mints. Essential pains in the desired color is need to color. Jersey Way Use Alcohol Inc to color terrorist. The next ingredient is Lindsay, which is pouring on the food service in Lhasa. Step on is used to making the food service more beautiful and waterproof. Finally, we use a clamp to hold the stick in place and attach it to the work table. 3. Sticking the sketch on the wood: in the system we want to sketching. Therefore, we choose the most table design due to the thickness. You can draw your proposed a sketch, or you can search for these designs. Angle on between them on the sticky paper. We caught the design by using your hand Qatar, uh, - to choose the proper would you should pay attention which fruit is most flat and adult courage . So choose the lattice food on a stick. Their sketch on its carefully that they're scarce doesn't detach. 4. Fasten the blade on the bow: in this section, we're going to tire special cutting blade on a balsa dessert blades is the flat, which is forward to fasten the boat on the saw. Losing the screws at the beginning, on and off the booth blade around the top off the head under the scruple it on. Tighten that screw on one side off the boat. It is on the sober late must be toward the handle. Off the Sobel, we use pliers or a narrow tail too tight on the scoop. We put the blade in place on the other end to fasten the screw. We have to fold the Sobo with our hands and then tighten the screw so that after closing the boat, screw the Sobel. It will not be lose. The blade should not be to lose or too tight. 5. Cutting the main shape of the comb: at this stage, we intend to cutting the outline off the design on for this purpose. Reconnect the food to the table with the clamp on one side so that the food does not move during cut. After fixing the boot on the table way, start cutting the boot from one side by using both as you can watch individual. We caught the sketch from the outline on. Try to make the Sobel eight prevented color to the wood supers. - After cutting one side of the road, you will cut the next site, according to the statement. After cutting the end off the food, we separated by your soul. We cut the inner part off the com in the next steps. 6. Abstract design above the comb: in this section, we are going to draw an on strike design top off the camp to do these. Use marker or pencil to draw the sketch on the paper as you can watch in the video way. The abstract sketch Completely carefully on call. Yeah, color the inside off the design for cutting its better on correct the parts that need to be modified, so that looks more beautiful after cottage. 7. Cutting abstract design: after we'd rather off the strike design on the comb. It's time to cut the sketch as regards. The sketch has a complex city. It's not so table toe. Attach it to the table, so hold it by hand on a start cutting from a start point to the end with a Szabo. - Because the escapes lines completely carefully and patiently. As you can see in the video during cutting, you can rotate the boot that makes it easier to cut. 8. Making a mold for resin: after cutting the office like design on the comp, replaced the car parts on the court place the vote on a piece off NDF or carport using a marker marked the area around the come on the world surface. As you can watch in the video, we separate the cut words and place the body off the comb on the boat to face. After that, we glue the boot around the works to face using thermal group. To make the resin Maltby, use a piece of cardboard. Be too sentimental wheat as you can wash in the video, we glue the beginning and the end off the team cardboard to the wooden schuler, and we carefully glue the rest of cardboard from the design line to the surface under the work. 9. Combining resin and paint and pouring into mold: place the paper cop on the escape and zero the number off escape. Not that. Make sure that the mass off the container is zero on escape, so that has not any error Accused during operation to working with resin and hardener, we must use this possible gloves so you're asking dozen damage while working poor 40 grams off raising into a paper cup. Zero the mass off the scale again and then poor 20 grams off hardener. Under Is it using a boot and mixer? Mickster Resin and hardener. Where? About three minutes. Here we use magenta ink to color the raising and makes about 3 to 4 drops with there isn't the more pain to be pulled, the lower the transparency after is it on the darker there. Lizzie tested the paint on risen slowly so that no bubbles from in the reason and the reason becomes Montel. As you can watch in the video, pour the prepared regime into the moat, not at the table. Super is, is belongs and doesn't have a gradient pouring by. Layering they're raising prevents there is in from bubbling. Atomic lighters can also be used for bubbling, but don't let their Azzan get hot for Allah, raising into the moat after 24 hours. The reason is complete dry, and we can remove it from the surface under the board by using a knife. Do it carefully. Be careful with your hands and eyes while working. Remove the raising additions from around the wood and comp on prepaid the model for the next step. 10. Making handmade rasp: in the Section two Standing the Sioux Face off. Back on on the wooden comb, we use the sandpaper number 44 would and a piece off boot with desire dimensions that can be placed sandpaper on that for this poor fools as much as the wheat off the food used, we separate the sandpaper with scissors. You can use Ireland glue to glue the sandpaper, but we use a punch here and, as you can see in the video, punch the top and bottom off the sandpaper to the vote surface. In this way we made a boot and last two standing the comp easier. 11. Sanding part 1: at the cyst age. We intend to sending the front part off the food and raise income by using a handmade dress . For this purpose. We connect the model to the table with the cramp on place a piece off boot under the main model to make the work easier. As you can see in the video, we start standing the boots surface and raising. We send the surface off the model very carefully and patiently to remove raising additions and achieve a uniform surface. - As you can see in the video, the top edge off the model should be Tekere than the bottom egx. - After sending Mon side off the modern, we send the back off the model, as in the previews step, to reach the surface after wood and resin during sanding, make sure that the edge off the food model and the raising are symmetrical. With the back off the model to make the Buddha raising look better, we can use a bit Qalat under work surfaces to see the common line between the boot. On the reason. After finishing the work, we send the age off the model risen so that the edge off the model is a smart. The position off the corn teat should be less thick than the top off the company. - After sending the end off the comb, it's time to sending the combs handle. You send all the steps as before. Just note that the combs handle should be Tekere. - We send the back on top off the model completely and sand the age off the model at the end. We also around the sharp parts off the model need sandpaper. 12. Sanding part 2: in this section, we are going to smooth the surface off the food and resin model with a self sandpaper and the age off the comb be the coarser sand paper. - To get a started, we use sandpaper number 100 to 180 sand all part off the comp to make it completely uniforms. - After using coarse sanding, we send the age off the food and raising on the parts where the comb ribs do not fit, using a mineral asked and then sand the rough sandpaper again. We do all these steps, according to the video, during sanding. Make sure that this true face off the food and the raising are symmetrical in the following view. Softer sandpaper to sending the stool face off the model. - To make the residents section off the model, more polished. We use number 360 608 100 sandpaper with water to create a more polished service. - We perform all the steps carefully and patiently after sounding believe that Buddha resin model for one hour to dry the would sue face 13. Glueing the sketch of the comb's teeth: after the Boudin reason model is completely try, It's time to stick the sketch off the combs teat. For this purpose. We caught the sketch that we have already extinct it on the end of part of the camp. The surface off the boot should be clean off any dirt on dream, so the paper doesn't detach for our boat. 14. Cutting the teeth of the comb: After a sticking the design on the vote on attaching the model to the world table, we used the saw to cut the place off the com state. As you can see in the video, we caught a little outside the line so that we can create a more uniform thickness for the comb states during the standing step because completely carefully, because the slightest mistake can ruin the wolf thing. Then, as you can see in the video, we caught the Franz part off the comb into a curved shape by using this up after cutting prepaid the shoulder for the standing a state. 15. Sanding part 3: At this point, we're going to use a handmade rasp to make the front off the calm. Tina, in this, very as you can see in the video, we send month side off the teeth part in the form of a top down motion not back on top, off the teeth, most descended, completely symmetrical. Yeah, we do all the steps carefully and patiently because, as they were going to tener as, more likely it will be break after released the desert Ignace. That is about two millimeters in this part. We're start sending the keep off the teeth to form a corn carefully a scrap, all the teeth to get the final shape you see in the video. - Yeah . 16. Sanding part 4: in this section, we're going to deal it all the lines that were created from the previews steps on the raising On for this purpose views rough sandpaper and sending the entire surface carefree. Then, to increase the quality off the Sioux face, we applied the same sandpaper with water to the calm surface. Gradually, we used number 366 108 101,000, 201,000 500 sand papers to achieve the best surface quality on make the raising clearer. Andre Risen on Good comb, ready for the next system way. 17. The last step: after the raising on wooden camp is completely dried. Sand the entire surface off the food and raising carefully it number 1500 sandpaper. - After standing, we clean the dirt on the comb on polish. The work beat a polishing paste. For this purpose, we put some off the polishing paste on on back off the comb on spirit. Eat on the War is in part using a paper tower or cotton V duties until the comb section is completely transparent. - If necessary, we will repeat the system again toe achieve the best quality in the next and last step. It's time to soak there would with oil. The oil used is Lancet Boy, which is a polite to the food. Super is with a finger. Lindsay Doyle. Make the wood more beautiful and makes the surface off the food and raising comb waterproof . After applying the oil to the world comb, we'll leave it for five minutes to penetrate into the then use a clean T sue to remove the oil additives. - Now the final product is ready. I hope you enjoyed watching this training course and create beautiful combs in a warrior tee off colors