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Make plum jam from your fresh harvest

teacher avatar Haiying Yang, Artist, Educator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choose the fruit

    • 3. Cut fruit

    • 4. Measure fruit and sugar

    • 5. Cook to melt sugar

    • 6. Blend the fruit

    • 7. Put pectin

    • 8. Boil bottle to disinfect

    • 9. Canning and bottling

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About This Class

Hello dear friends, what a beautiful, beautiful day! Welcome to class. Today we are going to make jam from fresh fruits.

In my backyard, we have apricot, peach, plum, fig and citrus trees. They fill our life with freshness and sweet memories. Years of planting and harvesting, I learned the nature of each individual plant. Here, I would like to share my family recipe for making jams. Hope that brings joy to your life.

This recipe is proportional. You may make more or less of them, but with the right ratio, you will not fail.


5 pounds of ripe golden plum, cut to chunky pieces and discard the stones,

1/4 liters of lemon juice,

5 pounds of sugar,

1 teaspoon of pectin, 

½ teaspoon of sea salt


I understand this quantity might not be too much, here is the ratio I would suggest:

To safely preserve the jam for a long time (up to a few years), use at least the same weight of sugar as of the fruits. 

Pectin may differ in its strength, check with the manufacturer’s manual to verify. 


In a large pot, mix cut plum and ⅘ of all the prepared sugar and salt to heat up. It takes about 5 minutes for the sugar to completely dissolve.  Once the plum starts to float, remove the pot from the fire and put it in a safe place (I put it in my sink), use a hand blender to mix the fruits until the soup is homogeneously combined. Bring the soup to boil then slow down, add lemon juice, then pectin and sugar mixture . Keep stirring the fruit and sugar is well incorporated.  

Boil your canning bottles to disinfect. Bottle plum jam almost to the rim. A well sealed  jam lasts for years.

Spread onto cookies, mix with yogurt  or bake fruit cake.  Enjoy anyway you please.

Sweet life!

Meet Your Teacher

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Haiying Yang

Artist, Educator


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1. Introduction : Hello dear friends. Good evening. Such a beautiful, beautiful and quiet evening. My name is hi. I am a teacher, and here I am in my backyard. And I want to share with you my experience of making gem, making gem, making Limb curse, and different kind of flavor. We have tomato here, we have Blackberry, we have apricots, we have Plum, we have Fiqh and different kinds of foods and a beak huge lemon, lemon tree is not call back to it produce a lot of allowed half lemon. So a make the best of them. And here are some more for different kind of jams I made. And in this video, you will see step-by-step from choosing the fruit, from how much sugar you put, how much material you use, how to preserve them. And for different purposes, golden plan is good and I pick it out. So 1.5. Okay, so we have the recipe, some recipe do not even put sugar. So who all is possible? Enjoy sweet life. Thank you very, very much. 2. Choose the fruit : Okay. Hello, friends. Good afternoon. Such a beautiful, beautiful fall afternoon. So the plant golden plan is good. And I pick it up. It's still a little bit farm. And they feel that the texture and everything comes out. Actually just very good like this. When it is a little bit over reopen, it lost its freshness. Just my, my, my experience. So first I have a peanut, wash it and think cat. And this is not stone off, so the stone is still inside. So I will care for padded out, put sugar and started. So let's do it. Same amount. Same amount of fruit with same amount of sugar. For example, if I have all cleaned up and the cut-out results Stone, you've, I have one pound of fruit, I will put one pound of sugar. You've had a five pound of fruit, five pounds of sugar. You can put a little bit liars sugar to make it healthy for your home use. You definitely can put a much, much less sugar because you are, you are, you are, consume it quite quickly. But if you want to preserve it, to preserve for one year, two years, some of my plum jam, it's a three or four years, still good. You need to put more sugar. Okay. It's a, it's a science that there you, something about home economy evolved. There is about the usage, How long time you use it, so you can put more or less, you make a decision. I also some of them Andrew's to put inside some lemon all from my backyard. Truth. Okay. I will start to wash it and catch it. Okay. 3. Cut fruit : So I come to fruit. That's a lot of work. Cartilage, Very nice. And still MOOC out. Let's do another one located. You do not want to have any stone cut. So just to roughly like these. And the more you cut it, the more comfortable you are racing. So okay to fight. That's it. It's a little bit big and we will blend it. You still use the blender. 4. Measure fruit and sugar: Okay, let's see how much we have. Oop. Oh, no, but to, okay. So we have 4.132 minus 1.5. Let's see, for 1.5. So we have 2.5. Oh my goodness, to 2500, 2.5 kilo. So I will need to put 2.5 kilo of sugar. Okay, I confused myself with the number anyway, 2.5 kilo of plum, and then I need to 0.5 kilo of sugar, the same weight of a fruit with the same weight of sugar. That's it in short, okay. 5. Cook to melt sugar: Let's take a look how it goes. I will put it on the five. Me show stuff to finer. And at the very, very, very beginning, you can put strong fire. And then you will put slower FEI, machine. And I put sugar. If you put all the sugar at one time, each movie had fairly true to history. So slowly and some sea salt. Some more little very low MOOC. Thought the sperm chairs, very, very small loop, right? The torques, really. And we can put one, lemon juice. Will choose to use. Explain. Again. Move a little closer. Can you choose? Okay, so it's starting to melt. Grew up here, who's certainly some people do that. Thank you. You shouldn't feel any pain to change THE in the UK. Here we start with the salt II just to intensify the sweet needs to meet certain CPU. It's a kind of tedious. There is another very much we need to do a weekend. Do just let it melt legend to competes ways through lifted croup. Can do See you later. Alligator. 6. Blend the fruit: Okay. Hello dear friends. So here are the golden plump and it's really broad and when it is totally good dishes and not hold holy good, something like this golden color. And I find it is actually better when it is not pulling totally do Moshi and soft. So we bring it to a boil. When it is boiled, I put enough sugar. I will blend and blend it is becomes homogeneous. Very, very slow. Down your throat. Okay. 7. Put pectin: Okay, no, or inside them. Some zeros. Okay, that's it. So here's the lemon drummers. We will put it here, 14, the lemon juice. But so for my peak huge memory and bring it to a boil. And then we will put pectin and sugar. You put sugar and pectin together so that it is easy to dilute. Here we have sugar for this amount of whole ball, three quarter, four bullets home. So this is a mixture of sugar. I need a pack team could use all the zone for do we have some sugar not tuned to lead to? So now two neurons. Now I put quite strong fire lecture. You can hear to see that consistently, choose my pen stuffed a failure. 8. Boil bottle to disinfect: Okay, so when I made Jan, one of the very important thing is trying to boil the Gulf War and the lead so that it will kill the bacteria and the boil it for a couple of minutes and take it out. Those are already boiled ones. This is going to take it out. 9. Canning and bottling: Auto grading, you know, kids are both, not 90. It can be taught. I do this. I feel like I've to it. Let's see if I can do it, right? Yes. Oh gosh, not a single drop coming up. How good the food. You deserve to see that we review of labor to not get too completely for last time, I did completely full. And then there's one job single drop coming out. I'm so proud of myself is certainly true.