Make it: Fabric House Advent Calendar | Samantha Claridge | Skillshare

Make it: Fabric House Advent Calendar

Samantha Claridge, living, loving and making it

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9 Videos (18m)
    • Welcome video

    • Materials

    • Cutting out

    • Cutting and sewing the doors and windows

    • Sewing the chanel on the back

    • Pinning and sewing the layers together

    • Turning through and sewing the gap closed

    • Threading on and filling

    • Thank you and round up


About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to use up those little fabric scraps to make a stunning reusable advent calendar or fabric banner

With a few simple sewing and crafting techniques, you can create a new family heirloom to be used year after year. 

You will need some basic sewing skills. 





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Samantha Claridge

living, loving and making it

Sammy and H together have over 50 years of experience in crafts of all kinds, from English paper piecing to papercutting.

H has a background in design and spends her days educating and crafting with kids and adults in the Museum where she works in Surrey. Sammy has had a life long love of sewing that turned into her running her own haberdashery shop which is now online.

Together, they blog at Live it. Love it. Make it. and at least twice a week for the last five years have bee...

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