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Make copper and resin earrings

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1 materials

    • 3. 2 transfer sketch on sheet

    • 4. 3 preparing tools

    • 5. 4 cutting copper parts

    • 6. 5 preparing pieces part 1

    • 7. 6 preparing pieces part 2

    • 8. 7 preparing resin

    • 9. 8 pouring resin

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About This Class

In this training course, I am going to teach you how to make these earrings. Earrings that you can make at the lowest cost and at home. You do not need any background to make and you can make easily and in the shortest time. Join me, I hope you enjoy watching this training course


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1. Introduction: Hi, I am Junction. Welcome to my training costs. In this training course, I'm going to teach you how to make these elites hearings that you can make at the lowest cost and animal. You don't need any background to make and you can make easily and in the shortest time periods me, I hope you enjoyed watching this training course. 2. 1 materials: The first required material is epoxy resin, which consists of resin and hardener. And we use this resin for coating. The next required material is copper sheet, which here we use Cooper sheet with the thickness of a tenth of a millimeter. But as in paste veins are also used to paint the rest. We also need efforts and saw blade and to cut the sheet metal. You can buy these tools of Amazon website, atomic lighters. And you saw this case that digital skills are also used to measure it. 3. 2 transfer sketch on sheet: Well, in this part, I used a piece of copper sheets with a thickness of eight-tenths, which you can also use brass sheets. What Cooper is software to cut and to match. I'm going to stick the design that I have already drawn on the paper and the metal sheets. For this purpose, we use a cartel and they caught the addition of the paper and glue it carefully and gently to the age of the copper sheet We do. After viewing. We put paper for two hours so that the paper Lustig smell too. 4. 3 preparing tools: In this section we are going to connect that would bench pin and glam to the table, which we must use to cut the brass sheet. For this food was sued. Have to act according to the FIM and place the bench pin and the edge of the table and tighten the clamp. And metals, we must use the first saw and saw blade for cutting metals. For this purpose, we use districts. You combine these floods and blades from Amazon website loop. We open the bot to the size of the blade and lose and all the screws. After probe and place the especial blade in a place where the cutting teeth are towards the outside of the bow and towards the handle of the book, and tighten the screws at the bottom and top of the bowl. The blade is firmly in place and flexibility so that it does not tear during concept. 5. 4 cutting copper parts: In this part, as you can see, we start cutting the sketch from one side of the sheet. For this purpose, we start cutting by moving this handle up and down and holding the blade. Prevent the color to the cutting plates. That to our pressure should be low so that the blade does not break during cutscenes. And we should cut slowly so that we deviates from the original sketch line during cuts. To regard, you have to gently separates the paper on the Cut Piece of Guba and this sticky again under group of sheep and steps for the second piece of Cuba. After creating the first part, we go to the inner part of this sketch and separate the inner part of the sketch with scissors and the sticky under Cooper sheet. Cutting the steps again. Be careful with your fingers wide cutting. Be sure to use a respirator. Metal cutting metal sheets. Look good. This cutting the steps for another piece. 6. 5 preparing pieces part 1: Well, after cutting the Cooper precess with the SAR, we have to smooth the Cooper S. For this purpose, we must use the sandpaper or rasp, which is for metals. I put the piece of Cooper and the edge of the table. And giardia scrap the edge of the piece according to the FIM until it is completed. Then the other pieces and look the same as step for them. Because Coupa is a soft metal, it's easy to grab. After the scoping of the pieces with a hammer. Because we have to use resin to cover the Cooper suface. If the surface is not the smoke, the lesbian be loved this week. 7. 6 preparing pieces part 2: In this section, using a sandpaper for wood or metal number 240 or 200 or 400. Sand the surface of the Cooper earrings so that the resin sticks easily to the surface and the metal surface is smooth. We send a few pieces we made with this method. In the next section, we have met upon the surface of the birds being used and round-headed hammer and hammer the metal surface. The surface of the metal should be slightly bent, so that is higher than the resin. Then we put the resin on the surface. The steps for the other weaned off the bed and leave you ready for the next step to make the ceilings. 8. 7 preparing resin: In this part we use epoxy resin and hardness to cover the Cooper surface. We use to represent units and one hardener units. For this purpose, we place a plastic container on the scale and 0 the weight of the container. Then, for a vote foreground of resin into the container and add half of this amount of hardener to the resin. Take the resin and hardener from this gates and mix with the glue that makes up for about two minutes. When working with epoxy resin, be sure to use their respiratory mask or work with dizzy outdoors. At this stage, we start to color the pyruvate dizzy using pace Collins quest. We add the word scholars to the resin. You mix them as much as you seen the video and meets with. Then we use the blue color and the x4 gets inside the resin. Then add a little yellow color in the resin and mix well, in the last step we use a cream colored paints and mix. Well, until the main page is ready. We don't have much time to work with the resin and issued the start immediately. 9. 8 pouring resin: Immediately after making the resin, we start pulling the resin, understand that surface off the parts. According to the wheel, we poured the resin underworld surface of the part. We will then mix it up. Just note that at first quarter liter is after adding that very carefully, add there is into the more surface. Finally, we use an atomic lighter to remove wobbles on the surface. After finishing the war, leave the field for 24 hours until they're completely after 24 hours. There isn't then Cooper PDPA, using a ring or hearing hooks, you can't bleed the process of making good earrings. I hope you enjoyed watching descending horse and make beautiful juicy.