Make any world come alive! Game Design 123- Unity 3D-Beginner's course

Jonathan (Sean) Doyle, Learning is fun! Our limit is our own imagination!

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15 Videos (1h 22m)
    • Welcome & Intro video

    • What type of game & which engine?

    • Unity Engine Download

    • Unit Engine Editor-Part 1

    • Unit Engine Editor-Part 2

    • Unit Engine Editor-Part 3

    • Unit Engine Editor-Part 4

    • Unit Engine Editor-Part 5

    • Unit Engine Editor-Part 6

    • Unit Engine- Asset Store

    • Unit Engine-Asset Store-Part 2

    • Unit Engine Finishing Touches

    • Unit Engine Finishing Touches- Part 2

    • Conclusion: Project examples

    • Conclusion: Project Examples-Part 2


About This Class


In this five week course you will learn the key concepts of basic Game Design and you will have an opportunity to create your first basic computer game using the latest Unity game engine & the latest Adobe Tools. All the tools are free to use. You will learn how to create 3D characters using Mixamo and Fuse (Adobe’s 3D character creation tools) and you will learn the basics of Unity to develop your game.

Even though the class project is a basic game I think all 5 classes can spring you forward into other areas including advertisement, short film, etc. The potential is limitless and I am exited to see what you will make whether is game or something else. I will try to provide a spark your imagination and your creativity in this series of courses. The limit is only found in your imagination. Come along and imagine with me! Worlds and characters are waiting to be created by you!


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FABULOUS CLASS! Great for a beginner, such as myself in game design! Two Thumbs Up! Thanks, Jonathan!
Cool class, very detailed explanation. Suits even for beginners
Grigorios Kioseoglou

Software Developer

Oh WOW I am really gonna do this!





Jonathan (Sean) Doyle

Learning is fun! Our limit is our own imagination!

I think learning is fun! But schooling has taken the fun out of it. I hope I can put some fun into your learning with my classes. How much can you learn here? Well our limit exist only in our own imagination!

No ONE can stop you!

I've been an educator for as long as I can remember. I have taught all levels, all the way from kindergarten to junior college. I have taught many subjects. Mostly in the areas of languages, like Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese. I am now learning Chinese, so I will probably add that to my repertoire when I have enough knowledge of the language. I have a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, a Masters in the Spanish Language and also have a Masters in Game Design, Production & Management.

At the high school and college level I served as an educator and trainer to teachers and students in the areas of technology. Adobe products, Microsoft products, and other technologies that facilitate learning and teaching. I have conducted workshops and training sessions to teachers at this level to assist them in acquiring the technology skills that they needed to become better teachers.

I started my own company called "Ictus Enterprises" in order to do freelance jobs in many fields many years ago. I am using it as the umbrella corporation for my classes here. I have been teaching using games for many years. I have taught thousands of students and teachers about how to make games. I have taught them all the different aspects of the game creation, character creation, animation, game dynamics, etc. My students have made 100s of games both on paper and electronically. I am working now on creating a set of classes that teach all the different aspects of the Game Design. Two of those classes are now live here:

1. Terrain Design with Unity 3D

2. Character Design

3. Animation & little more- Coming soon!

4. Many more coming

I hope you join me in this journey and as always please let me know if I can assist you with anything. I am glad that you have decided to learn a new skill with me. I will see you in my classes.

Jonathan Doyle

Owner Ictus Enterprises