Make any character come alive! Game Design 123-Beginner's course

Jonathan (Sean) D., Learning is fun! Our limit is our own imagination!

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Characters Intro

    • 2. Many tools but the same principle

    • 3. Character creation w/Fuse-Part 1

    • 4. Character creation w/Fuse-Part 2

    • 5. Character creation w/Fuse-Part 3

    • 6. Character creation w/Fuse-Part 4

    • 7. Character creation w/Fuse Male

    • 8. Asset Store Characters


Project Description

Make any character come alive!

Project details are found in step 3 and they are as follows:

1. Create 2 unique characters that are driven by the story you have in mind.

  • Decide the gender and the look of your characters for your game. They can be humanoids of any kind- monsters, vampires, normal, fat, skinny, etc. All depends of the type of story you have in mind for the world you have already brought into existence.
  • Choose the body form in fuse, customize the body you have chosen, plenty of things you can do with the controls

2. Dress up your characters to make them fit your story. You can add all kinds of different attire groups: shoes, hats, pants, shirts, etc.

  • You can edit the fabric if you need, and refine your character as much as you want.

3. Finally when you are done with all the previous steps save your character. You will need them for the next part of this course, in part 3 we will animate them using another free website.

4. This is an example of female character:


5. This is an example of male character:


These are my 2 examples that I made for this class using Fuse and I gave them a name: Eva & Peter

Student Projects

Marc Mejia
Marlene Araya
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1 comment
Sergio Salazar
Edith Rojas
Floey Arriaga