Make animations come alive! Game Design 123-Beginner's course

Jonathan (Sean) D., Learning is fun! Our limit is our own imagination!

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Animation Intro

    • 2. Upload Issues

    • 3. Upload Issues-Part 2

    • 4. Animation Packs

    • 5. Single Animations

    • 6. Final Steps P1

    • 7. Final Steps P2


About This Class

Hello everyone! In the first part we made a small scene for the world you imagined. In the second part you made at least 2 characters for that world you imagine. Now it is time to add animations to those characters.In this part we are going to focus on the animations of at least 2 of those characters using a website called Mixamo that is part of the Adobe family of products. They used to be independent but they got acquired last year. I've been using them for years.

You can animate any humanoid-bipedal characters: elves, zombies, alien characters, etc.At this time you can't animated animals.You can have as many characters and animations as you want, at this moment Mixamo is free to use. So take advantage of this and get set up these characters as elaborate as you want with the knowledge and the tools you will acquire this week.

I will show you in this class how to use the site, and how to import your animated characters into Unity 3D for free. Remember these characters and these animations need to be driven by the story or plot of your game or story. If you do that then they will fit if you don’t they will be out of place in the terrain you made in the first class. The terrain you created is the place where your characters will come alive. Is the world you made for them, they will interact with each other, with the world and/or other creatures or items you will eventually put in there to make a complete story.

*Note: As always don't add a lot of animations to your characters for now. Think of the story you are telling.

You will learn the basics of Character animation this week. This knowledge is very important because the scenes we created need animated characters otherwise they are pretty boring and empty. The project for this class is not complicated and it will allow you to demonstrate and practice the concepts that you will learn this week. You learned about character texturing, modular character manipulation, and few other things in the last class. In this class I will take you to Mixamo, it is a wonderful place and you will be able to continue leveraging the power of free items. Items you can use in your game/short film/characters, etc. Get them while they are free!

Please remember that all these course parts have one goal in mind and they are connected, the ultimate goal is to have one scene or more populated with characters, plants, animations, etc. Remember that in part one we focused on the creation of the 3D world or location for the characters we are doing now. The emphasis in part one was to create a 3D world scene. You can create more than that if you like for the world or location you imagined. In part two we created the characters that you are going to put in that first scene or world. It is important that things match the story you have in mind for that first scene.

Now it is time to animate those wonderful characters you created.You don’t need to be an animator or know scripting to accomplish this animations. You don’t need to be afraid. The tool we are using is easy and produces great results very fast. I am glad it is still free to use for now.

 This is the class outline:     

Step 1: Introduction to animations using Mixamo.

  • Importing the characters from FUSE.
  • Basic rigging & animation principles.
  • Dealing with importing problems.

Step 2: It is time to learn the basics about the website we are using: Mixamo. We will learn about the controls and the different animation you can use

  • Create unforgettable & unique animations for your characters.
  • Think about your Characters’ personality.
  • There are several videos in the class about this. Make sure if you get stuck to send me message and I will try to assist you as much as I can.

Step 3: Animate at least 1 or 2 unique characters that are driven by the story you have in mind.

  • Decide what type of animations will fit your characters and the idea you have for your game or your story. Everything depends of the type of story you have in mind for the world you have already brought into existence in part one.
  • Choose them carefully and there are plenty of things you can do with the controls to customize them

Step 4: Make the animations yours, make them fit your story. You can add all kinds of different animation groups: magic, sword fighting, archers, zombies, etc.

  • You can modify the animations if you need, and refine them for your character as much as the program permits.

Step 5: Finally when you are done with all the previous steps save your character. I will show you how to import them into Unity.

  • I will show you how to import and deal with potential Unity and Mixamo problems like I did with Fuse and Mixamo issues at the start of this course.

Step 6: If you are still unsure about what to do. Please check the multiple examples I am showing you in the course videos.

Step 7: Post screenshots of your characters animations or YouTube links in the project gallery showing your creations in your worlds. Thank you for participating in this class.

Step 8: Please provide feedback if can to other students and check their projects you might find something you like but be constructive, positive and friendly in all your communications.            

Links and Tools:


I really appreciate all constructive feedback on the videos and the class in general. Remember I am making these class for you if you want to learn more about game creation & character making please let me know. Check out at the bottom for the upcoming courses for all the wonderful things that I am preparing for you. I hope you are as excited to learn about game making as I am to teach it. I know you are a wonderful group of talented people and I can't wait to see the wonderful animations that you will choose for your characters in this class.

What's Next?

Make assets & animations in Unity come alive! Game Design 123- Part 4- Asset creation and importing, Animation issues in Unity and asset creation in Unity 3D. (COMING SOON!)

Make all the items come alive! Game Design 123- Part 5- Spice your place and your characters in Unity 3D. (COMING SOON!)

SPECIAL NOTE: These courses are for beginners and such cover very little Unity scripting, and/or character modulating techniques, or animations from scratch, if you are interested in scripting or more advance techniques I will provide some solutions & alternatives in the last part of this five part course.