Make animations come alive! Game Design 123-Beginner's course

Jonathan (Sean) D., Learning is fun! Our limit is our own imagination!

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7 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Animation Intro

    • 2. Upload Issues

    • 3. Upload Issues-Part 2

    • 4. Animation Packs

    • 5. Single Animations

    • 6. Final Steps P1

    • 7. Final Steps P2


Project Description

Project details are found in step 3 and step 4 they are as follows:

1. Animate at least 2 unique characters that are driven by the story you have in mind.

  • Decide what type of animations will fit your characters and the idea you have for your game or your story. Everything depends of the type of story you have in mind for the world you have already brought into existence in part one.
  • Choose them carefully and there are plenty of things you can do with the controls to customize them

2. Make the animations yours, make them fit your story. You can add all kinds of different animation groups: magic, sword fighting, archers, zombies, etc.

  • You can modify the animations if you need, and refine them for your character as much as the program permits.

3. Finally when you are done with all the previous steps save your character adn your animations. You will need them for the next part of this course

4. Since you can't put videos here I will attach animated videos at the bottom here or you can put the link to a YouTube channel video of your animations either at the Mixamo site or some place else.

Thank you for sharing your hard work and I really exited to see your work

These 2 examples of both (Eva & Eva 2 have sound) but they only play if you download the file otherwise is just a soundless animation.

This is a YouTube video with both of them and a couple extra things.

Eva's dancing animations

Student Projects