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Make amazing Images! Learn to edit: iPhoto for Photographers

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. About this course

    • 2. About iPhoto

    • 3. Events vs Albums

    • 4. Navigation using Places

    • 5. Discovering and using Faces

    • 6. Rating and Star system

    • 7. Redeye removal application

    • 8. Enhancing your image

    • 9. Straightening an image

    • 10. Retouching mastering art of editing part I

    • 11. Retouching mastering art of editing part II

    • 12. Crop tool and use of thirds

    • 13. Restoring a messed up image

    • 14. Nature Photography: Image editing

    • 15. Food Photography: Image editing

    • 16. Couple Photography: Image editing

    • 17. Wedding Photography & Creating Photobooks

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About This Class

iPhoto comes with most Mac computers. Unfortunately they do not come with a user manual which makes it very frustrating for beginners to understand and use the iPhoto software. iPhoto is a simple yet advanced program that anyone who is getting started with photography should have hands on knowledge. Upon completion of this course you will be able to edit pictures like a professional. This course is structured in simple video tutorial lessons to help you master iPhoto at the convince of your home.

In this course you will learn the following plus much more:

* How to organize your pictures

* Basic and advanced editing

* Creating photobooks

* Using iPhoto for photography

Taking this course will help you become a better photographer. With this knowledge you will be able to make nearly any image and make it look amazing. No more need to delete bad photos. With simple edits you can rescue most pictures and give them a makeover. Take this course or give it as a gift to anyone interested in becoming a photographer.

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Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. About this course: welcome. My name is so Gil. Let me introduce you about me, who I am, what I do. I, myself and the eBay Power cell and social media and make money export. I teach 34 different courses and I have 27,000 plus students, including some private classes as well. I don't only teach this stuff. I know myself. I also have a team off cornstalk those who walk with me and give you a lot of extra value and knowledge in some of the classes that I teach myself as well. This class that you're gonna be warning about. I photo. Let me tell you what, The background about me as a photographer, I started taking pictures at age seven. I thought that we enjoy that. So after I moved from 35 millimeter, I moved into digital cameras and this was a whole as a ballgame idol. I decided to take this hobby into the next level, and I wanted to become a professional photographer. And I did whatever I could to become a photographer for And then after I did that, I actually created my force photography business, and it was amazing. So this goes in itself. We're gonna be focusing on the of photo aspect off photography, and I will be showing you how you can take your pictures to the next level by using my photo. And it's photo editing techniques. So see you in class and enjoy the rest of the course. 2. About iPhoto: this course is gonna be divided into free means. Sections four section is going to concentrate on how to navigate and organize the I photo platform in this particular section of Show You How to needy organized in Crete your I photo experience. So you don't waste time never gaining around everything in that photo, so simplify it and make it better for you. Next section will be exploring the different kind off editing tools that I photo actually gives you access to, including the advance toes themselves in the last section. We're going to go into specific case studies and show you how you can apply. I photo in different kind off applications as well. The eye for the course is going to be divided into three main sections. The first section is going to focus on the newbie spot, which is how to never get an organized the platform itself for easy access to all your images and how to actually use them over there and put them in a neat little waste. You can always find the image that you're actually working for. This is very important when you're just starting out on I photo because the navigation itself could be quite confusing as well as how to organize it. The next part will be getting into would be how to end it. And we're going to go into two different kinds of ad. It's forced off is the simple editing, which you can use for quick and easy. And it's standard gonna go into advance edits that most photographers actually used. And here we're going to go into Hajto, make your picture a lot better. This is gonna be the book off the class itself. In the last section, you're going to be exploring specific key studies. Well, I'm gonna actually be taking different kinds off images and use them for all kinds off different purposes. This is gonna be the most interesting kind of section off the class itself, and it's gonna buy real world applications to the EU's off my photo in your photography needs. 3. Events vs Albums: this section will be exploring events. Forces are bombs. This is one of the most interesting and yet the most confusing thing about my photo itself . What's the difference between them is quite simple events or different kind of events you actually titled within different kind of albums that is shown on my photo itself. When it comes toe albums themselves, it's going to be actually appealing on the left hand side of your screen and over hell, but you can actually do is create duplicates off your events themselves. So when you actually do eat an album, it actually still stays within your computer. If you actually delete the event itself, the pictures go straight to the trash. And if you actually put the wheat those pictures, you know, one go are gonna have access to them. Don't be the redid off your computer itself. So you have to be really careful when you actually do this. So what's the use of it, and why should you do it? Forced off if you want to add it, A bunch of pictures on a command you quit and our boom for them he was how you do it really simple the pictures I took in beverages. We're gonna go into this, What I'm gonna be doing next. What I want to do is to add it all the pictures in my events photo that's called Beverages . But I don't want to delete the original pictures and at the same time, I want to do a different kind of addicts to them, and they had a different kind of pictures into it as well. So because I want to do this, I have to create a new albums. All I have to do is to go into the file section and put in new album Over here. I'm gonna be typing in I photo project to. So as you can see, when I actually named that I fought a project to everything that was in the beverages section became I fought a project to And here the big difference between the pictures in the album itself voices the original Babalj one. Here's the average one and he is the one in the photo project toe. There's a big difference between the two forced off. If I goto I photo project to and I want to delete some images over here, it's going to remove them, form this particular album that's called I for the project to, but it's not going to remove those images from the original beverages photo. They still stay in it, which means that I can totally go into the eye for the project to album and then added any kind of image that actually want here. They'll eat anything that I don't like you and walk on the brain new project and at the same time, I'm gonna be totally safe here. And I won't actually get any of my original images, the redid accidentally or even modified, which is the big advantage for you. Why should always create our bombs for your photo projects? Because of a heel, you can easily add it different images and you're not risking the original images from accidentally being modified or deleted. After you actually do this, the next step you can actually do is to gather up all the finished images that you already created, and then you're going to go into the ad to section by going toe to section. You have a few different kinds off advanced choices that you can actually use. Forced off you can add them to a different kind of album. So if you want to move them off the you actually finish creating your project, you can actually do so and put it in a different kind of a creator photo yourself. So that's like the every single kind of image that actually did. Hell. I would select only the ones that actually edited and move them to a different kind of album. Nothing you can do. You can create a slide show, a presentation with the edited images, all you can even send them toe. I crowd to back them up, over down. The one thing about I photo itself is your ability to create a book, a postcode or even a calendar with it and then sell it for more money. Let's go into the book itself, are pressed on that. And now what you can do here you can actually go about and create your own album. So all I'm going to do next is selecting the project itself that I want to focus on which is gonna be the wedding book, and I pressed on that's automatically that added all those different kind of images to the wedding book project itself. So when I press on the wedding book project itself, I'm going to see all those images over there. So here it is. This is the wedding book that actually created when a press on for those hell, I'm going to see all those photos that I actually selected on the right hand side of the screen. Then what I have to do next is just dragged those pictures and add them to my wedding book album so you can do the same exact thing here. And if you do like this, end up off this wedding book album, you can use it. If you don't like it, you can easily change the team and create a different kind of team. 4. Navigation using Places: in this section will be covering how to use places to your own advantage. Every single time you goto a nice vacation spot you can go about in a sign. The places you actually went to into the photo album in our photo itself, it's much easier for suitable to organize the different porter suits you actually have. And plus, you can just go about and woke a different places. And to top it off, you confined what kind of Camilla you actually used and what kind of quality pictures you took in those occasions. So let me show you how it's actually done, how you can go about in a sign this future to the different pictures that you actually took to show you how you find the information for every picture that you take. So here is one points and went Do which is that the tonic Trail State park itself? You're gonna go into it and this place already assigned all the pictures toe that ocasion this way it enables you to go back to the pictures that you actually took in that specific location and also find what kind of camel are used and its direct setting. So by passing on the picture itself by placing on the info you get, right, heel, all the stats you need about the kind of camera you actually used kind of wins you used and all the information as well, such as Dahlia. So how much millimeter you actually used and the app stop anyone? How fast the picture actually was taking, which is one out of 2000 over second. This is really cool because forced off it enables you to know what you actually used to take an amazing picture. Second about you can judge the kind of different cameras that you actually used and see which one was better. Very good at taking pictures and which one was not so good as well. Next thing you want to do is to title that image itself. So here is the title, so you can title it different if you actually want toe. You can also add a start leading to the image itself, which is upto five stars. Or you can even put one star as well. Once you start giving it start bleeding's. They're bad thing unfortunate about this. You can take it out. So you have to make up your mind. If it's much stuff, we start a one star after you do a sign are waiting. Do it. You can also add a small description about this particular trip or something else that you want to say. That was pretty cool about something to remember it by so he would shows you on the map. Well, this particular place was that I took this picture so we can even re title the name of it as well. So you can do this toe any kind of off image yourself to what you have to do is to go toe events, pick the different kind of images you have. And I have a lot of them that I was signed and on the sign. So we're gonna go back and assigned some of them. You is an event that actually took pictures in, and we're gonna be assigning one of those images to the different kind off voices. So we have one of them A When your son, but we're gonna sign another one as well. We're gonna assigned this one that he'll by placing on the image itself, it automatically ask you toe assign a place for it, but you don't want to do on your one image. We want to do a bunch of them. So we're gonna go present a safety and placed on a few of those images instead of just one . So you can actually totally pick every single one of those images and assign a place. Do it all you have to do here and it's type in the name of dedication and then just pick the one that's close is too well, you wanna assign it as and that's it and your actually done. So now this event, which is actually untitled right now let's go into it and title it as just a photo shoot. So I told her that as for the suit meet up event, which was just now ago, invented hell and now we have the name of that event itself. We have the occasion for it, and all we have to do now is just a sign the cover image to this particular album. So we're choosing the best possible image like hell and we're gonna be looking at which one total represents the walk for everything actually did. And I like this one the most. So I'm just gonna be placing on that and by pressing clicking on your mouse itself, you have this extra Manu it he'll and then I'm gonna be assigning and making this picture as might keep picture. So now I'm actually done. And the photo that actually put over there they keep picture became the foreign picture off this image itself. If I actually don't like it, I go back into it and they just plus on it, it's close around. It shows me the different kind off images by just going and in hell. And then if I find another one that I like a little bit more stitches, this one, of course. Quick this and make this the key photo itself. So this is how you organize the different kind off places in your eye Photo album. 5. Discovering and using Faces: in this section will be showing you how to use facial recognition technology to actually enable you to sort all your pictures by one particular face. And for this example, we're gonna be using Zana. So there was a bunch for pictures on my computer, and what we're going to be doing is trying toe the i photo itself so for to find every single picture of hope on it without actually finding the incorrect kind of picture. So let's get started. And to do this post thing you need to do is to go into the library itself. Off the equipped on it is to see what kind of pictures that we actually found off Zana herself and he we've got when you told her for pictures of her after we do this, you're looking at the bottom of the screen what it says, and it might be in 119 additional photos. So all we have to do is to pass on conform additional faces. So I'm gonna be doing that now. We have a bunch of different pictures off whole, and some of them are not actual pictures off whore. So what we have to do now is to conform as many pictures off Zana yourself just a price on it. So conform, conform, conform. Just make sure you always conform a bunch of different unique pictures of whole. This way the facial recognition technology would enable to recognize who is she and who is not. Now, if he was one that Stephanie Knothole so you could not just press on the voice is going to say not Santa. He was another one, not Senate. Another one. Not so. We have to make sure you're going to get as many not Zana's as we can possibly do, because then it's going to make sure it's always going to conform the court kind of post and voices can. For me, the incorrect kind off posted here after we did this, they're gonna be pricing on done. And hell is Mullah for no. We have to go back in here and conform additional faces because it's still didn't recognize almost all of them. We have to go back and conform and bunch more. Zana's hell you have to do. I can bunch of them here, so we're gonna be pricing conform, just makes me always person confirmed and I will do the mistake off double quick ing and accidentally not conforming that. This is that you're actually looking for. So now that to be our did a lot of them and you almost kind of done. And I want to make sure there's almost 25 of them that they conformed the walls is there was a lot of them for not Zana conformed as well, and he'll be go. So now we're gonna be pressing on down. So every single time you do this, there was less of them that are coming up as conformed has the faces off Zana yourself. So you have to do this psycho a few times over until you get every single picture off whole vetoed in Zana photo or whoever photo that you actually created. After you're done with this, you can move on to the next project. 6. Rating and Star system: in this section will be covering how to use waiting to organize your image is the reason why leading is so important is quite simple. Every single picture that you take is gonna be stored in I photo itself. But since if you have, like me a photographer, when they have thousands of images that are all over the place and if I want a quick access to my best images, it's gonna be really hard for me and for me to be able to do this quick and easy and efficient. E. What I do is very simple. I have a leading system that actually use when a place on the image itself on the light and side of it is you can see those are waiting to it. This one is a five star rating. You can grow it all the way to one style. It's up to you to decide how many stars the image itself dissolves. But if you want to organize your pictures by the best possible waiting, you want to go for it. Find the best images that you actually took, then what you have to do is just a place on them and assign them a five star waiting, every single one of the pictures. You're actually like the reason I would do this? And the reason you should do this is well, is that it makes it so much easier for you to find every single image that you like. In one album, such as I have one, I'd heal this one. So is only pictures I assigned a five star waiting to them. So the next thing I highly suggest for you to do is to goto file, press on new smart album and all the hell what we're gonna be doing is organizing all the pictures by your star waiting that you're signed toe everyone off the images themselves. So every single picture that you took that it's five styles and you assigned it to be a five style is all gonna be featured in one album that's gonna be called five stars to do this is really simple. You go and make sure to match the following condition. So every single one of your new small albums is gonna be a five star rating one. So over here, what you're doing is going toe album going all the way down to my waiting. Make sure everyone of the weightings is five stars, as you can see automatically right now gives it zero stars. You have to go and present the star waiting to go all the way to five style and then placed on. Okay, so now we have this new awesome album that's called five stars on every single image that Iowa took when I further itself and I signed five stars to it is already featured in this particular album, so it's much easier for me to organize and find every one of my best images, all in one photo in I photo itself. 7. Redeye removal application: in this section and I'll be showing you how to remove the word I for many off your images. This is a very common acorns. That happens when somebody takes a picture of you. A lot of times, your eye itself will go back whenever kind of white comes actually into it and a sudden right that comes from the flash. A lot of times would reflect your eye right back. And what happens is the phenomenon known as whether I actually happens to prevent it. A lot of the new cameras have a special feature that actually creates a very small go off the fresh itself. All it actually shoots a little bit off white. And what happens is a lot of times the eye itself does not actually do this, and it comes totally natural looking. I call in it, but a lot of cameras don't do this. Oh, what can actually happen is it sometimes doesn't actually work. Have to go back to the image itself and remove the lead. I adequate many way. So we're gonna show you how you actually have to do this to. The first thing you have to do is to press on edit and after you pressed on, add it. We're going to go into fix red eye. Now, There was one feature hell that what you automatically fix, what I know you have to do is selected. And sometimes it automatic e will remove it from the image itself if it doesn't actually do this, what you have to do next is to zoom in to the affected area and we're gonna actually try to manually remove their red eye out of the image itself. So let's take their zoom menu. We're gonna be zooming as much as we can into the image. The next thing we're going to be doing is to cental the image itself to the area where we're gonna be doing the application. So we have to keep on zooming in all the way to the area and use the navigation toe to make sure the image itself is centered right in the screen itself. So this is the max amount of Zoom that we can actually do. We're going to go into this but tickle to and we're gonna be choosing the correct size to the area of application that is needed. So this is way too much for the area that needs to be edited. We want to make it a small over to as we actually need in order to solve the problem. So this is actually a little bit too small, so we're gonna be doing it a little bit bagel. Now we have to do it just enough. So it goes white over the world. I area. We're gonna be pressing on it once, and I fought automatically will fix the weather area. And we have a little bit left right here. So we're gonna be passing on it again. Now, don't need other thing. You have to make sure is to take a look at the as a lie and make so both eyes look almost identical. So this has a little bit more glow than this one. So the left eye needs a little bit more treatment. So we're just gonna go impressed on it again and hold the mouse button down until the image itself becomes a little less noticeable. Now, after we do this, we're gonna be taking a look at this. I and this one compel it. They work Newey identical and nearly the same. And This is it. This is all we have to do. Now. We're gonna be zooming in just a little bit, just to make sure this all works co act Now I on the left side and the white sidewalks almost identical, which is good. So now that we're done and we did, the final inspection book is completed and we can go off to the next project. 8. Enhancing your image: one of the best kept secrets on our photo itself is the ability to enhance any of your images and make it so much better. It gives you the most volume for almost nothing, because every single time I use it, it gives every single one of my images just in amazing facelift to it. All. I have to do express on, enhance once as you can see, the cause themselves became a vivid, became a lifelike and became a lot more better working. This is not always the case, but in a lot of times it is the case and it makes the image just stand out so much more and make it look a lot more professional. Let me show you another example of enhanced like hell. You can see this is without using enhance, and with it it became a little bit more going. It is not much of a difference. Sometimes in some objects, in others, it gives it a lot bigger. A difference. So make sure your heel he was one off, out in hands and heal. It is within hands and they enhance one looks so much better over here. I wanted to show you an example off. Two different images. One is the one that I did enhance. And this one on the white side on the left side. The picture itself was not enhanced. And you can tell there was a big difference between the two. Which one do you like? More? They enhance one. All did not enhance one. The water is yours. 9. Straightening an image: this particular image has a few actual mistakes that been done when this image was actually taking forced off. It needs to be straightened. As you can see, it's a little bit to the side, and this stilt is not good for this particular image. Some images. It's excellent, but this one it's not gonna be working pretty good for it. So the first thing you need to do is to go to the straight and to wait here. It's a straighten, and here we have a different kind of wines, and what we want to do is when we moved this, you want to match one aspect off this image itself. As you can see, there is kind of an invisible line that goes right over here at the top of the tunnel. And when we moved us, we want to actually a line that line with the wine that is showing right here. But I am both of those lines together. It actually straight into the image itself, and this is it. This is all you really have to do. Just make sure it's straightened idol, and after you're done, it only needed to be adjusted 3.8 degrees right here and then you points on down itself. And this actually made a big difference in this particular image. So you have to constantly know that you're gonna have some images. Well, you accidentally or sometimes the image itself was taken, Longley and union would need to go and straight in the image itself. Of course, it's much better for you When you do take pictures, make sure you always take straight images unless you're doing and going for the autistic work. And the typical case, that was just a mistake, and the image itself, when I actually took it actually tilted at a little bit more than I should have. 10. Retouching mastering art of editing part I: in this section, I'll be showing you how to use the retouched toe in order to take your images to the next level forced. Thing you want to do is to go to the edit menu, go into quick fixes and then go all the way down. Imports only touch. The most important thing when you're doing this is to make sure you apply the correct treatment to the problem in question. So you don't want to go and do too much editing. In fact, as you can see, those different kind of size is that you can do for the retouch either one that's way too small. And if we try that right now, it's just not gonna appeal. You are not going to see any difference unless you zoom all the way in At the same time. If you are are gonna do it and you're gonna be zooming all the way out, you want to increase size toe put around size here, anyone to do some substantial edits with something like this. But if you're doing it incorrectly, you're just gonna go and smudge up the picture. As you can see over here on the side that might work a little bit more artistic, but if you're doing it, will the image actually is you might accidentally go into it and mess it up big time. As you can see, I just did that. I totally messed up the image and they keep on messing it just a little bit to show you what can go along if you're doing the two in quack t. So if you did messed up and you did so many different things and it is beyond the power, all you have to do is very simple. You can put us on the boat original with you. Oh, you can person and do a few times. And then it brings it back to what it was we composed on a boat original, and it brings back the picture to where he started. Another thing you could do is to Goto added person and do it here in the menu, all goto photos and go all the way down. Took a vote original. It is the same exact thing. I also highly suggest for you to go into photos themselves and press on duplicate because now we're gonna be working before fresh new copy, and in case you do mess up too much, it doesn't matter because it is not the original image that you're working with. 11. Retouching mastering art of editing part II: in this section, I'll be teaching you how to use the retouch toe in order to make your pictures stand out and be a lot better as a dog before you always want to retouch every single image that you create, even if you think the image itself is perfect, as is already, this is one of my masterpiece. Wait here, and in some ways I can say that this is the perfect image. I don't have to do any retouching, what's level and any kind of picture that you take. Sometimes you get into the habit of thinking it is just to profit, but it's nothing you can do to make the picture better. This is when you stop growing and you just keep on this taking pictures. I think the focus for you to become a better photographer is not only to take good pictures , it's always to look for ways to enhance the picture and make it better. So if you have something that's great right now, why not make it even better? Like excellent. Like Perfect. This is well, it separates from somebody who is total newbie. So somebody who is a professional, a professional, never thinks his masterpiece. If spin ist, he always thinks there's always something else that you can put into it to make it even Bell. Sometimes it doesn't come up better, and it actually comes out war. So you've got to be a little careful if you take perfection and you try to make it even more perfect. So that's a putting it a little bit to the extreme. So let's get started Initially, a few things you could dio first thing you want to do is to go to the quick fix menu, go over the way down. Well, it says we touch over here. You have a choice off. How much of an early one to make an impact on the biggest one all the way when you move it to the white side, Bos is the smallest when you move it all the way to the Wall website. Now, when you get to the images themselves because zoom in more, we can just go and fix things like here. In fact, if you choose a size that's way to college and you try to fix things, you're gonna smell job, just about anything, so it's take a look at this is you can see it's Majid up a bunch of stuff. He'll and a perfect picture was totally ruined by me, making extra things in it that didn't even have to be Indo. So you go back to the menu, you say, and do we touch and that's it. It's back to normal. In fact, sometimes what you have to do, if you will really mess up, is to go into photos themselves, go all the way down. Well, it says the vote toe original and to place on that and it's gonna move everything right back to how you started, which is the cool thing about my photo itself. In fact, if the picture is already very, really good and you don't want to damage it, I don't suggest for you to go into duplicate just press on that. So now we have a brain, your copy to actually walk with so you don't have to walk with the original. So let's go back to the We touch menu, and now we have to find a place we want to actually walk in right here. There is a little bit of a smudge right under, though it's not a smudge. It's more like something that looks a little bit more dark. And I don't like this. So I'm gonna be zooming in with this particular side control, and I'm gonna be moving the navigation toe all the way to the earlier that I found right here. As you can see, this is some kind of a sea grass or something natural what it is in those, But I don't like it. It looks a little bit confusing from power away. So I'm gonna go and move the bombers toe all the way to a small is they can not really too small as I can't do much with it a little bit bigger here and now. What I'm gonna do is try to fit it right down. So kind of a little bit bigger than this much all the cigarettes itself right here. And then I'm gonna go into it and just branded in with the background, the whole pole. But it's for you when you're actually doing it. It's like this. You want to bring them in with the background. So it took. So what more natural in the image itself? So I'm gonna be moving at a little bit X, and when we're gonna be zooming out, this is gonna be working as if it is part off the image itself and he'll go on. I fixed it a little bit here. So now it doesn't have to be like perfect when you do this, because when you zoom out, it's gonna kind of brand into the west of the background. You can see this is like ocean waves, so we gotta move it in waves here. We gotta keep on using the same exact pattern as the image itself. So this has waves in it. And when we are fixing things, we gotta use the same exact technique to make it work like it's natural. So it didn't make it a little bit unnatural, but now we don't know yet. We have to go in and zoom all the way out, and when you take a look at this, you can't really see that I actually went in and made a bunch of edits to this area. 12. Crop tool and use of thirds: in this particular section will be covering how to use the crop toe to maximize their a beauty of you getting the best possible image out of any picture you're taking. Why should I use the capital would be a question. Take a look at this image right here. The emphasis off this whole image is on the chipmunk white in the middle. Everything else is just bully and is not really interesting. The club toe is essential here to improve this picture and make it so much better to use. The capital you have to do is to go to the edit menu you person at once. You go to the club to question it once a swell, and here you have different kinds off choices that you can actually use. This play original iPhone, DVD book and postcards. Postcode is very traditional, by the way, but you don't want to be limited to this. My favorite one, of course, is to use customs. And when they use custom, I don't want to be constrained Ido because it's constraints it to a special kind of platform. So what you have to do is and check the constraint here, you just leave it to custom. And now this is the most important part. Is the wool off towards the wolf? Told itself what? It speaks off. As you can see, when they're moving at, you can see the whole screen is divided into nine different section, which makes it easy for you to use the rule off towards which actually means that your image should be centered around only one side off the wall off towards itself. What I mean by that is that when you actually looking at an image, your viewpoint, when he actually goes to the image itself, it always works at everything and then it has to be drawn into the image itself. Once you are looking at the picture. So the whole secret here for you is do not toe crop this too much because then you can't do you use the wolf towards to a good effect. Because if you're gonna be doing something like this, you're clearly clapping this particular item and putting it right in that sento He was the big issue with it forced off. I crapped way too much. And what's gonna happen is now the image itself coming up a bit fixated and Bowie because I overdid it. Second of all, it's not sadistic. It's not really that interesting. Now we're gonna go back toe the cup to itself. Now I'm gonna go and actually making an artistic picture. I like to constrain it because now it actually makes the whole frame a little bit more flexible. So when I move it up and down, it actually proportionally moves it up and down. Whoa. Says if I don't constrain it, it's gonna move it over the place. So let's constrain it in a way. You know, you can do that. This buy one, which actually is one of the better ways for you to do this. All the postcode doesn't two of my favorite ways to constrain the image itself. So now you're dragging it just up and down, making it bigger or small. And what we want to do is to emphasize the best part of the picture itself over He'll, you know, we get much toe. Actually, emphasize here is just pavement over. There are a lot of payment as well. Here we have some interesting working locks and a walk formation in a step, so this is the ideal image that we want to actually make now, since we already decided Roe V. One of focus on posting this particular image into the big thing that now comes into effect is how much do we want to constrain this particular image and how much details we want the chipmunk toe occupy in this image itself? My thoughts are it doesn't have to be very, very big part of the image. In fact, you want people to look at other things and then get drawn into the chipmunk himself. So this actually seems to me the ideal image, constraining it to this point of view. So after I decided which is the best artistic way to constrain it, I'm gonna be pricing on Done. So now it took so much better ways you can see the chipmunk itself is not brought anymore because it's not really focusing so much on it. It's not zooming it so much that the image itself becomes blowing. Next thing, what you can actually see is when you look at this, your point of view exposed aboard those locks, then it works in other places, but eventually drawn to the light hand side of the image off the chipmunk itself. This is how you actually use the cop toe. So now let's go to the next fracture and show you how you use the next door. 13. Restoring a messed up image: in this case, we're going to be taking an image that's already were really messed up. And we're gonna try to make it so much better for stop before you tell me I could take such a bad picture with me. Explain a little bit more about the history of this image itself. Forced the bullet was taking in a park, it was taken with a camera that's not so great. And second of all, it was zoomed in, like all the way in from a huge mountain. So you can see this cabin that used to be a really small dot in the landscape and it daughter resumed into it, and now you can see all the haze and everything else in it, and it definitely doesn't work this attractive. So what we're gonna be trying to do is to make this image a little bit better and has really overblown highlights to it. So it's like totally, totally white and over exposed. And that when you don't wanna have an image like this, posting you want to do is to adjust the rebels right here. When, when I'm just a little bit in hell and see if that actually helps the image. As you can see, it doesn't makes it even worse. So we don't want to play with that when the going to expose all itself and see if that helps. In this particular case, it's already over exposed. You don't expose it any anymore. If you're under exposing it, then becomes a little bit more foggy, so we can try that just a little bit. Next thing you would do is play with the situation itself. As you can see by moving the situation a little bit on the white side, it makes the image a little better working right here. We're going into the definition itself and we're moving that end. The image already starts to look a little bit better than it used to be. So let me move a little bit this door here that we actually avoided initially, but now it looks like it made the image a little bit better. A little bit of highlights to the image itself goes a long way here, and this shadows would see what that does. This is way too much. It doesn't need that sharpness is not something this image really needs. So we are warning that the noise also it's not really needed. He'll temperature itself. This is actually kind, Of course. Well, you can kind of tented in different kind of ways, but you wanna have it something that looks a little bit more greenish when it comes to 10 to you want to move it a little bit and make it and greenish because this image is a big green. So after we did all of this and we moved over the rebels a little bit moving this particular level actually really fixes the image that itself so and now the image itself looks a lot better. So let's go into into it. He'll and let's compel what it used to be. So what it is right now so we have to do is very simple. We're gonna be pressing the voto original, and you will see how much different an image there was totally must stop was actually we stood to something that's actually much more presentable, its president, and see the Baltic. So it's asking me, Do I want to go back toe the original image? And of course I do. As you can see, this was a huge amount off difference between what it did to it. And when it was, of course, the prom is were going back to original. I have to go and do the walk over again. 14. Nature Photography: Image editing: in this case study. I just wanted to take one of the most amazing, beautiful pictures actually took and to make it so much better. First thing I want to do is to go back into the edit menu, and this image already was actually enhanced. As you can see, there was a lot of edits that will made, But you could always make more in its and meek in the magnificent picture. Even battle. The first thing I want to do is to move the rebel right in the middle, and we're gonna be moving it a little bit to the West side, actually. So that's going to give it all out. More details on the bottom, off the screen, something that it didn't have before. You can see it was a little bit too dark, so we're gonna give it a little bit more white on the bottom here. Next thing is exposing itself. We want to give it a little bit most, son. As if there was most son out there. After we do this, we're going into their shadows themselves. And we'll actually making at the little boy, though. So this image was a little bit on the dark side, but now it's much, much more vital. And it is so much better looking as well. The temple. It was actually a little bit the woman call before, so we're moving it, making it a lot more green. So after we did all those different kinds off addicts to the image itself, you're gonna go back and take a look at how to extract. Here is something that looks like the original one. Wait here. And this is just a similar one that I took. And this one is the one that I added. Let's take a look at the examples between them. This one was before kind of picture, and this was after this works out more natural looking. The whiting is more natural. It took small would you know as well So this is just a few things that actually did to this image itself. And they just wanted to show you how you do those at its. But if you're not happy or not satisfied, you will vote back to which you know, and then all that changes go back to what it was. This is actually what the image was before. I went in and fixed it, so we're gonna go back and fix it again just to show you how many changes we can actually do. So first thing we're gonna do is work with the Expos away. Move that a little bit on the side here, next to be a walking with the situation itself. We don't want it to be totally saturated like hell. Now we're going to go into the highlights themselves, and this actually gives them the top over to see that the crowds. And if it is not highlighted enough, you can't see the details in the car. So you want a little bit more details to the crowds as well? After you do this, you're going into the temperature and being adjusting it, like over here. It talks too much on natural. I doubt it looks to natural. In fact, that's way unusual. This is like not what? Something supposed to go quack. You have to make sure that when your point with the temperature, the temperature itself works wife like it looks like something that's supposed to actually . Well, quite not something that, uh, came out out of a movie script. Another thing you want to do here. Is that contrast itself? You want to give it a little bit more contrast, but not too much to it. After we do this, you're going to the weapons themselves. You little bit adjusting it. So it takes a little time for you to master this art and you have to play with the different kind of levels and you have to keep on adjusting in a little bit of time. And then after you're done, you always see that big difference. You will see the image itself becoming more wife like becoming more true to life. It's becoming more wheel. And when it actually does that, you finally decided that this is time for you to stop working on it and leaving the image as is because sometimes way too much credit is gonna actually mess up the picture and make it look unnatural. So you don't want to do too many. And it's at the same time if the picture doesn't look good enough. And there was a lot of things that you, I think that you can add excellent to it, you deafen, you should keep on editing it. I highly commend for you to spend around 10 to 15 minutes to play with the different controls and edit the image and make it a lot better. 15. Food Photography: Image editing: in this section, we were going to go into case studies. You're gonna take different images and actually enhance them and show you how to manipulate them and make them work so much better. This is using our food photography one. As you can see, the image itself is a bit do, and he has a little bit off. Dark spots within the white itself is just not showing enough. Hosting highly suggest for you to do is to, Goto added, and try to enhance the image and see if that fixes the palm. In this particular case, it actually me. That was a lot of times it makes it better, but in this case, it didn't let's go back to we bought original. Next thing we're going to be doing is going to adjust. As you can see here, it shows the different kind of levels and what you want to do is to match this particle, are to that moves and tried to move it all the way to the left side and for the image itself to become a little bit better working and you don't want to do this too much. In fact, usually you want to actually touch either in the middle. Hell, within those different kind of spectrum whites all just when it's starting over there. So just when it touches the red one would actually be enough. It's up to you to decide which one is better when if you move it way to march, The image itself kind of starts to look kind of funny. And if you do this, it messes up the whole image. So you don't want to do this? You don't want to move it too much, just a little bit here. Next thing is the exposure level. This actually can be a little bit more exposed. You want to see if it actually helps at all if it makes the image a little bit too bright And in this case like this was a little bit on the dockside, So a little bit more white actually helped this image look a little bit better situation. This is how much situation the image itself has with the pixel themselves. So sometimes you want to situate it with more call. Sometimes you want to make it look a little bit more black and white. This image already is kind of black and white. There's is So we want to see an experiment. Which one is gonna walk better forward over here. It looks like getting it a little bit on the black and white side Protectorate walk Much more better for this image itself. Let's go to definition and see if this does anything. Sometimes it actually makes the image work a little bit better. In this particular case, it does. So a little bit more definition would actually go a long way in this image itself. Highlights this one sometimes is not good for you to play with. And in this particular case, it doesn't even do anything. So it gives it a little bit more high. White, as you can see when the bottom it actually messes it up. If you go the way toe 100 and over hell, it doesn't look like it does anything else. I would just not boil for it. It's going to shadows now. Shadow seems to be doing a little bit good job here because right now you can see the bottom of it has way too much shadows, and by pressing on it a little bit, it actually makes it work a lot better now you can see the details in the bottom of the cake, which is a good thing. You want people to see the details. The sharpness doesn't seem to be doing much ego. The the noise is also not a quiet here as well. This is what I like to do. I like to always go and try every one of those different rebels heal and move them a little bit up on down and see if it makes the image look more appealing. And if it enhances it or not, If it doesn't, I just leave it. As is, he was the temperature itself. You want to see if a better temperature will make the image a lot better, and in this case, by just moving a little bit to the left side, it made the image a lot more delicious and appealing. This is what food photography is all about. You want somebody to go take a look at the picture and one who actually eat this cake as if it's white next to you. So, after I did all those different kind off things to this particle image, I want to show you that actually made a good job in it. So first thing I'm going to do is duplicated. So I have another copy off my masterpiece. So now when I just show you what happens when they go back and the voters back towards you know, So you can compare that to how much woke actually did on this image. I'm gonna go back into it personal boto, which you know, And it's asking me if I want to make sure we do this. So here it is. I have decided to show you the comparison between the original image before I start working on it and the finished product, Let me show you the original image. And now let me show you the finished product and you tell me which one is much better after we went in and professional enhanced and fix the photo itself and I believed his judgment up to you. 16. Couple Photography: Image editing: in this case study. I'm gonna take an image of a couple and I'm gonna show you how to make the image so much better. Sometimes when you go into a reading assignment, you just don't have timeto take the perfect image every single time. In fact, if you're well, really paying too much attention to take in one perfect image, you're gonna be missing a lot of the shots because what's gonna happen is the couple keep moving. You're gonna get a lot more perfect image is actually happening. And by you taking only focused on your own one image at a time. You sometimes actually missed a bunch off the better pictures out there. This is why I hardly command for you. If you're doing digital photography to snap many pictures, many good pictures over K pictures is where better than one very, very good image that actually came out bad because something's what happens is you take availability, good image and then to find out somebody one of the bite of boom stature caused the eyes or something else that happened when you took this image and you will just not a well with when the image was snapped. This is why I told her command for you to snap more than one image, even if you think the image itself is perfect. So when you take the image itself, take like three or four pictures in the world because this is gonna give you are more extra options for your in case something does go along. So let's go into it itself and do If you fix is here posting and how we suggest for you to do Mr make sure that you're not using custom a lot of times the bride and groom themselves , they want to take this image and they want to actually go and point it. If you're gonna be using custom and you're going to be moving it into something that's totally unnatural, what's gonna happen is when you go and you try to get a copy of this picture, it's not gonna happen because the machines are not set up to actually point the picture that looks like this. So that's why it's really important for you to pick a custom postcard work because that's Stephanie. What you can actually do. You can actually make an image that looks like this when somebody wants to actually go and point this image out next you want to do is to cento the image itself. They are dead center of attention. There was too much as of the things that are distracting hell and it has nothing to do with the image itself, which is the wedding and the bride and the groom. So after we did this Biarritz entering the image itself you you're placing on Done. Now we're gonna give it a little bit more if you it looks a little bit Do and you know when that will happen. So we pressed on the white toe white in an up a bit. Now it looks auto talks a little bit of whitened. There's something missing here and I think there is a little bit off course situation. You have to add a little bit more call to this, and I want to make it more life wake. So I'm moving the temperature to dazzle direction and this looks a little bit better. And you can also use the 10 to and see if this actually helps. And it does. After I did this, I'm looking for the exposure itself is, you can see the Deco dress is wait a white and it looks good. But with the black contrast, it's sometimes very hard to get a very, very good image. In fact, a lot of times what happens when you do wedding photography. It's very, very tricky because now you have somebody who is one total white mixed with black and the camel is sometimes totally confuses That, too. And has the how this time off, actually focusing on either one of those so sometimes damp, the by Doc's way by the whole dress than the guys that suit itself all just as away, all out. So you want to make sure both kinds are actually totally happy. When you do all those edits, you have to do a little bit off edits every time that you do this. Remember, the focus is the people in the middle. When you're doing people's photography, the focus is on the people. The background comes second, the people come forced, and this is very Billy important. When you actually are doing this, they enhance the joint. He'll be tried it and it didn't do anything, in fact, made the image a lot more. Wallace said something. I didn't do anything it did. But it then do the effects that I wanted it to actually do. Sometimes when you placed in the hands, it makes the image so much better. At other times, it doesn't do much. And lastly, sometimes it totally messes up the image itself. So you have to be totally careful when you use this to. But of course, if you don't like it, you can always press on and do. Oh, you can go back and vote to original. But remember, if you do pressed on this bottom, there was no turning back. The image is gonna go back to Original, and you can go back to all the work that you put into the image itself. This makes the image look so much better than when I started initially. And keep this in mind as well. If you're doing wedding photography, everyone off the images that you give to your bride and groom has to look amazing. And you can't just go and give them an OK picture. You want to make sure everyone of your work is just accident 17. Wedding Photography & Creating Photobooks: in this section. Obey Show you how you go about and create an amazing wedding. Photography are bone for your clients. The first thing you need to do is really simple. You've got to create an album and you're gonna put every single, very good image into it that you're going to be using for the current itself. So you're gonna be so acting some of the best images you took, you gotta drank into the event itself. Just the best images that you can possibly have After you're done with this. You want to go for every single one off those images, and you want to make sure each of them is actually perfect working. There was no other issues with the image itself like this one. For example, this one seems to have a white balance issue. So what you do is you're going to go into the temperature and you're going to be moving at a little bit, as you can see now. It took small natural. There was a little bit off a problem with the white balance itself. This actually happens quite a lot, actually. The next thing we're going to go into and show you. He was a cat image. This is something that just happened during the wedding. There was the stray cat just walked in there and I took a picture of it. This is something for them to actually Member. Before you actually quit the whole wedding photography album. You have to go about, gather the best images. You're gonna be putting it into the album itself. But you're never going to go. And although the album you're gonna go next, you're gonna meet with the bride and groom, you're gonna show them your finished product. Then you're gonna talk to them and show them every single image, how you placed it and why you poised it over there and you want to get their approval. You want to make sure they I was satisfied with their finished product because sometimes this particle image off the cat that might work acute for you, but they might be totally off by it. I will say, like no way. We don't want this horrible because of this one picture. When you're doing the wedding photography, you want to make sure you're gonna be capturing every single event doing the wedding itself . This is one of them would actually go about and the doorstep flowers and somebody has to catch it. Now, there was gonna be different kind of events that's gonna happen during the wedding itself. And if you're not careful enough, you might miss it. And if you missed one of those moments, your actually are missing out the biggest event off the wedding itself. So when you're doing wedding photography, you gotta be active 100% of the time. In fact, it's very, very important for you to even have an assistant with you. So when she actually going for the flowers, you wanna have two different shots, One when she's doing it from the front and one from this side and then getting a picture off Quibble actually captures the flower itself. There's going to be many different kind of advanced sections. The first dance itself during the wedding. Next is a few different shots, which you want to do is have a few special effects done toe identical images. So this one there was a black and white treatment toe. A core for image to this is very important. You want to help out of multiple shots and then those particular starts to be treated in a different kind of phone. He was another image that I really like. And this one has another issue ever. Dough. So first thing you see, it's not really straighten enough. So you're gonna go into and straighten this particle image. So we're gonna be doing that exactly that. Next thing I see, another bomb with this particular image is the bottom off the still case, it's not painted all the way here. So you want to make sure import, fax and such as this don't show up in your final product. So I did that. I fixed it. Next thing is, as you can see, there was another one right here. There's like a dot right there. That's that's kind of something I miss. So we'll have to move it a little bit more so it doesn't show up. Sometimes you actually go in and you find a little bit of import factions in the image itself. Here's another one. What you have to do is to go indo and to use the data was talking about I want to actually show you how it actually looks like right out. So we're gonna go in tow, we touch and they're going to go and make a treatment off that and get the widow this and though it is, it's it's gone. So that's gone and that's out of the way. We want to see if there was anything else we could do, like a just with a bit more call adored. And also I can see that the faces are not really, really focused. There was a little bit of a focus issue with this particular picture. So what I'm gonna be doing is moving a little bit more sharpness into the image itself and making it a bit more smoothly by moving the sharpness all the way to the white just a little bit. If you do it way too much, it kind of messes the picture up, and it doesn't do much of a difference. So you want to actually do that? So we did this particle image and we're going to go into healed. Here's another one. This one is a little bit too dark when they and a little bit more whiteness to it by adding too much brightness. It born the highlights out of hope dress And that is not something you actually want toe happen when they have more details to the dress. As you can see, by moving the highlights all the way to the extreme quite side address itself came to life again, and that's a good thing. So now this image looks a little bit battle. So what you want to do is to make sure everyone of those images works. Exactly. Perfect is before we add it to the album itself. So now he was another one. And this particle one we walked before on it this one has toe have on the capital gonna be like God, Corso. So this is a very, very important for the image itself. You want to make sure the bride and groom gets all the attention and everyone off the images that you're doing. He was another one with the white balance totally off you. And you know what to do here. You gotta go and change the temperature. And that was that. This it's and doing is this This makes it more natural looking. So here is another along white balance to this particular image. We're moving that. So now that we got all the white balance taking care off. All the images are looking pretty shop that good we're gonna go into and we're gonna be showing all of them we're gonna be actually adding all of them up into creating our own book. So we're gonna be pressing on the book itself. And the next thing we're gonna be doing is choosing what kind of book that we want to actually do. So we can do this soft Kabul while bound. Oh, hot couple. Whole Kabul is the best one now we don't have toe although it yet. I thought this is how much it cost is going to cost us 29 bucks for each album was every single additional page is 99 cents. We could make a lot more money on this, So we will be selling this particular album, like, three or four times hyo than the price that you're buying it. So this is a very good money maker for you. So the next time we will be doing because you're gonna be working at what kind of different picture style that we're going to do for this image. So some of them don't look this attractive. This one looks to be the most desirable one out of all the ones I seen so far. So that was a family album that we can do here. There was a lot of other kind off choices that you can go about and you could test them out . And you can see how they were quite like this one looks pretty decent too. The family album actually is the one that, like the most because it looks really natural. It looks like traditional He was the contemporary one. And hell is a former one. Actually, the former one is actually the past looking out of all of them. It looks really like a poor fashion, a wedding photography book, and on the bottom, you can see how it's gonna hold quick. So we're gonna be pressing on Crete right now. So now we have all the different images that I had over there posted. So you know, when you have to press on pictures themselves to see them on the side had actually were quick. So the next thing you want to dio issue could go food. The Kabul itself just double quick on that and this is the Kabul image, and that's not the best image you really want to go. And so the bite in the room as the Kabul image itself, you don't want to. So anything else out there So this is actually the best image, and here we can zoom, it can actually zoom into the image itself. So this is zooming out of the way, zooming in. Once you zoom in, you can use drag it and put them white as the emphasis in this particular image. So that looks a lot better. And I don't think you want to. Do you want to make sure that it's named for whoever the wedding is all about, So I'm not gonna put their name actually here. But if you were gonna be doing it, you would put the name of the biting gloom right there and then you put in the name of your company or your own name so cleated, bye bye. So gay would be something I would put in human. And you can put even the date this was taken. Next thing you want to do is to put the family right now that's usually the second picture that's supposed to be in it. It could be all the way in the last page off the book. All it will be in the second page off the book. Let's go back in tow pages to show you all of them is actually 32 pages right here. There was another one like that. He was the picture off the cat itself. He's taking the whole pages is not something I would command. This is just automatically just posted all the images in this, But they called out. So I will command for you to take the cat out and put it in something like like the site note or something. So if you have, like, six different images that you're going to be having like like disco example, you'll be having the cat just posted as one off the images. Iqaluit Small thing that actually happened, you know, wanna have more emphasis on that And you could just drag them like they can't over here. If you don't like this, there was as a kind of off pages white, though you can go about Grammy. So, you know, for example, something you could do. You can actually break it up into a different kind of scenes. This is like a really interesting way off doing it so you can go and you can do do different. There was different project settings, the one design options and by 0.7 different design options you can actually go and do those interesting looking of facts toe everyone off the image itself, like the Bodo itself. So there was all kinds of interesting things, but this is really interesting. It's like mosaic like affect, and you can add special effects. Did you can make it back and white? You can put antique to it. You can even put like Sophie to it. So there was all kinds off, different options that you could actually do. And then we went off the pages. He was one that you have the whole image in the whole page itself. So this is something else that you could do is go to the book setting, and here we can use different kind off bonds themselves in here, and it shows you the page numbers still, so the page numbers can be used with different kind of fonts, and that's how it's gonna look like everyone off those pages. You can even include the apple will go And then the book, something I highly commend for you not to do to make sure you check that out and we're gonna be pricing on. Okay, Right now, let's go back to their whole over the pages. Like hell. That was quick on it. And he was another image right now. So we're pretty much before you're actually completing everything you want to make sure you go for Have we single one of the pages themselves? You want to make sure it looks exactly how you want it to actual quick? Like, if this is not something you want to do, you're gonna be taking that out of the And here is their different options. You can even put a map here, which is kind of cool, Willie, we connect. You put the map off the event itself. I quoted that actually happened. So this is gonna be something that that's actually like motive. And so, for example, if the wedding itself to quick places like Vermont or something, we can put that in right into their the book itself. So that is actually an interesting thing. You can do It was different kind of styles that you you can actually put in hell. So that's definitely gonna be a big plus for whoever is buying this book. Dio another thing, this is there the second page off this whole wedding, this is Well, you are best to put a poem or something that the bride and groom actually won't themselves like that. Dedicated this wedding to somebody. So you have to ask them what they want to put in the force page. A lot of people we like to do this, that's like, gives it like a personal touch to the wedding album itself. So after we did this, we want to make sure you have some very interesting images such as this one. Take a look at this. Instead of using just one page, I have decided to do two different pages on a single image. And this is just an advanced feature off my photo that makes it look just amazing after you're done off everything and you have created and you will like how it's done or you have to do is quite quick your mouth and saved this book as a PdF file. So after you actually saved this pdf file. There is one thing you have to make sure you don't do after you save it. Read the pdf file on the computer. You're gonna go with this file you're gonna open and up, and you're gonna show the kind what kind off things that you actually did for them and ask them if they actually want order. This the big thing about saving in this pdf file is that you can't show them the i photo itself some things you don't want to tell them that you created this using I photo. That's the reason to So as a pdf file another thing that you have to be careful when you do use a pdf file you want to make sure that the client and the groom do not get a copy off the pdf file itself all of times, if they get a copy of it, they're not gonna. Although your album and you're gonna was on a substantial amount of money profit because the biggest profit that your beginning is the pictures themselves, they find that you took the pictures and the lastly there are bomb for the album itself and if they order like three or four of those, you can give them at discount forward. But the mother walked that you put in anything and fixing those images, you have to take this into account. So you're not only pricing at higher for no reason you're pricing and higher because you did a lot of work fixing it, and then you have to pay on top of it. For insurance, you have to pay for the equipment, the well intel of the equipment. It's now every single time you use it. If any of your ones is that cost your money breaks, you gotta replace this. This is something that you have to do. You put a lot of money invested into this equipment into this business in tow awaiting advertisement. This is why you're going to be charging out of cash. And this is why when you deliver the walk, you want to make sure it is amazing because every single kind that sees the work that you actually did, they want to go back, they want to go, and they want to make sure that you could do the same thing for them as well.