Make a travel sketchbook after your trip ! | Cécile Yadro | Skillshare

Make a travel sketchbook after your trip !

Cécile Yadro, French artist, digital and traditional

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Tools and materials

    • 4. Themes for drawing

    • 5. Collecting pictures

    • 6. Layouts

    • 7. Watercolor page step by step

    • 8. Watercolor pencils page step by step

    • 9. Finishing the sketchbook

    • 10. Outro


About This Class

Have you ever tried to draw while traveling with non-drawers ? Do you feel like you’re disturbing them while drawing ?  Did you get frustrated of not fulfilling your sketchbook during your trip ? Then this class is for you.

In this Skillshare class you will learn how to make a travel sketchbook once you’re back home. In this 40 mn class we’ll cover all topics from writing a roadmap of your trip, collecting images, choosing your layout, tools and materials, drawing, inking and adding watercolor. We will discuss about frontpage and cover as well. This class is meant for intermediate and advanced levels as it assumes you have basic skills of sketching and watercolor.


I used watercolor in my sketchbook but you can use whatever medium you like: colored pencils, gouache, acrylic painting, crosshatching…

Your project will be to create a travel sketchbook about a short trip you made : holidays, visiting friends or family, business trip… You’ll have a sketchbook filled with memories that you will treasure for a long time.


1. Introduction : So Allah Cecile, The French artists both digital and traditional. I'm creating trouble sketchbooks for 30 years now already, I'm really happy to show you my technique so you can make your own troubles. Kids, this less is meant for intermediate to advanced levels as it assumes you have basic skills in sketching on what your color. If you don't, you have plenty of classes on skin ship. You will learn to make your own travel sketchbook after your treat, meaning that you can do it when you're back home with all the time you need to do it. We only time I will show you all my techniques from choosing the layouts, choosing your pictures both personal and Internet. No, it's not cheating. How to use what you go Pam Seals because it might be different from what Tikolo, How to make a beautiful cover from page everything you need to make your own travel sketchbook, and this will be your projects. You'll have to make your own personal trouble. Sketchbook. For this, you will use a trip you made recently. Where is friends or family or even a business trip so you can have memories of those moments you live. I'm really happy to see you in class and see you in the next video. Oh, uh, in Mexico. 2. Class project: Hey, thanks for joining me in this class. The question is, why make a trouble sketchbook after your trip and not during the trip. If you're with me, I travel often with non drawers people. So I just keep telling them, Please wait for me. Have to grow this and they wait. They wait and I'm getting in a hurry and I'm not really happy with what I did. And also, I can enjoy the moment I live with people instead of drawing them. Second reason you have plenty of time to do it after your trip when you're back home and you can't just sit and relax and enjoy the moment instead of being frustrated. Also, it's another way to leave again. This trip you made to cherish the memories and to spend another wonderful time thinking about this trip. I think it's really more convenient to do it after when you're back home and you don't have the frustration that to make it when you're on location. Just my two cents your class project will be to make your own travel sketchbook from the cover the from page pages for the different days, and we really use different techniques from water horror collage, pence hills, inking a bit of lettering and how much page? It depends on the trip you made How much things you want to put inside. I made six double pages, plus from page and cover. Here are your assignments for this project. First of all, make a road map of your trip, and I mean by that everything you made, including dates and details and location. Of course, you can post it if you wish. Second, make a double page for a subject you choose who'd traveling places people anything you want . And third, if you wish, make your travel sketchbook entirely for everything. You post this in the project section, and please, If you use Instagram, don't forget to tag me. It's at sketch. Cecile says. Syria was a why, and I can't wait to see what you have to do with this. Next video will talk about materials and to 3. Tools and materials : some tips about choosing your sketchbook. This is the most important part, of course, this one. I like it because it's a turn. Anyone look so cute and the cover is kind of leather. One. You have an elastic band. Which is handy on the paper is Ah, what circle of paper? So it's really a nice one, but I'm afraid it's too small for my project. I won't be able to grow much, so not this one for today. This one is a good size for me, and you can open it in a landscape mode. But the paper is a bit too thin and the paper is brown. It won't be suitable for watercolors, this one. I like it because it's square and it's not so usual and the paper is thick enough. Would be to white maybe, but most of all there is a spiral bounding in the middle. And I don't like this because I can't draw across the two pages. So what? This one? This one is square, also on a bit smaller, kind of a nice paper from My problem is it's really so thick. I don't need this for this project. So for today will use a five sketchbook, which is a 5.9 by 8.3 inches. When you open. It makes a for obviously, and the paper is quite thick 140 grand per square metre, so you can use it in ah, landscape mode. Or, if you use just one page, you have a portrait mode, so this is very versatile and easy to use. Please feel free to use whatever is best for you. This is all the materials you will need, or at least what I used for doing this sketchbook. Of course, you're welcome to use whatever medium you prefer or you're comfortable with. First of all, a mechanical pencil, because it's very light and you don't have much left on the paper after, of course, the razor coming with it after you have made your drawing with pencil, you Will Inc So you have various options. My favorite is a fountain pen with permanent ink, as I said before, or another one, maybe the name is a bit larger, and also it's a different color, a special Pam that has different with from very thin to very heavy, depending on home at you apply pressure on the felt. A brush pen, Same thing you have various with with the nib and even another side. This one and this one are tumble owes off course if you don't make some collision ate glue and scissors. What color? This is my palate. I made a long years. And as you can see, some colors are really useful. This one is a brown bej. This one is black and brown. Dark brown seems to be the one I use the most brushes with water inside or your favorite brushes. As you wish. This can be Andy, too, to put on your sketchbook while you're working on it or when you want to make pictures of it. Um, best week, the Darrent intense Pence Hills. I bought a box of 36 and I made a polite with each one of them. Because, as you can see, sometimes the color is very different from what you have on the pencil. This is this well and what you really get on the paper. So it's really useful to make this take time and you're safe time After what funding pains on my favorite and I have two different sizes. One thing on another one thinker. Of course, you can have different colors when you choose your ink to using your fountain pen. Please make sure this is what a proof and permanent Because if it is not, this is what's going on. I bought the ink was supposed to be waterproof, and it was supposed to be brown like this. But when I edit water, it turned out to be kind off CPR pinkish, modish color. So please make sure of that. 4. Themes for drawing : in this video, we're going to talk about themes for trolling in your troubles. Catch book. First of all, the travel itself. Did you travel by train by car, by bus by boat? Who knows? So it's a part of the travel sketchbook, in my opinion. So you have here train on people in the train a playing. He was a really big one, or here I came to the airport. My car next subject is food and meals. It's obviously something very interesting when you travel abroad. It's a great way to discover a country so you can have people eating or jet the food itself with a bit of lettering. Just beats in pieces. The Golden Fork was the name of the restaurant in Rome. We're a complete breakfast in London, and again, someone eating or even you can grow the people making the meal. You can draw also maps and routes. It's very interesting, especially if you change location during your trip. Here is just a map of the island. It's LA Union. Here is the movie's island. Both are in the engine ocean. A very important part in my travel sketchbooks are museums and exhibitions. It's quite difficult because sometimes you have really masterpieces and don't want to copy them. So if you have ah, sculptures, you can draw bits and PC's right Text about what you sow here are just drew parts of sculptures, hair. It's in the Vatican Museum. It was so huge I had to draw only little things. An Egyptian museum with little parts I don't really bother about layout, just kind off pages off course. Another important theme is places and landscapes on Sometimes landscapes are really huge, and you don't want to draw them. So here is it the same tip as in museum. You can just draw bits and pieces or make it kind of kalash in a single layout with different buildings, or completed you across two pages. It's easier to do from a picture than on location. You can grow much more like banknotes, coins, stomps, little object signs, animals, plants, flowers. Depending on where you are here, it's an example off really bits and pieces from here, and then that I just collected in the same page. You can also have text here. It was a lot off people from different countries talking different languages here is what you can dro into trouble sketchbook how to travel what you eat, what you see and of course, people. So here is your first assignment. You have to write down, resume a road map of your trip. I give you an example of my trip to Madrid. You have true right through to date what you did and what you want to drove for that special moment at this stage. Don't be too specific. Just the main things you did and so gives you a guideline so you can choose your image. This is what we will do in the next video. See you into next class. 5. Collecting pictures : and this lesson will talk about how to choose your pictures. Now that you have written your roadmap, you have an idea of what you need. This is my personal collection of pictures I took in Madrid. So I wanted to draw my friend. Obviously, on this picture was interesting, but also there was two kids playing next to us, dressed into Lappas. It was turned fans that we saw in the store. A restaurant with a little lamb found him cute. This picture is about the size of the glass. There are really serious about sangria and pain here. It's a museum. That Jason Bonham. It's, um not sure yet what to do about this museum. Maybe something aside, the museum like drinking beer, which I never do. Also, there was this son Izzy Drel festival, and we have people working in the street in front of us. I love their attitude. I think I have to draw those ladies talking about food that were the market with some sex age in little pieces of paper. You re just sign at the entrance of the market also buildings in the streets. This pink building is interesting, but I don't want to bother to draw all those windows and I'm not sure it will be interesting in a drawing. Still about the festival There was those ladies dancing and this one is so funny. You can see her panties. Also, two little birds, they almost eight in our hand. And this is a sore Olya museum. I don't know yet what to do, but I'm sure I have to draw something. And in my personal collection, I don't have much to draw about this. So I have to make some researchers on Internet. I think the first thing I will do is search about Madrid and the pictures coming out are really huge views at the city. I don't want to draw this. This is to make for my purpose. So maybe I could refine a bit and type metric tapas. So I have some tapas to drove and I will take a big true that has something clear and easy to see. I think it will be this one. Now you will take your roadmap on Define what you want to dro in the different pages. So you have an I d off home pages you need for me it would be six. I think there is my choice for the first page. I mean double page, of course, for the second page may be just the lights on the terrorists and rather interesting for the Bonham. It's a museum, maybe just his picture, as it's really the famous one. Here. I have to draw the people walking in front of us in the detail of a Chula Pakistan hair. It's a page with bits and pieces of everything. And so the Saraya Museum I think it will be all the paintings of this wall Next video Some ideas for layout. See you intellects lesson. 6. Layouts: what? Come back. We're gonna talk about layout. I'll give you different ideas so you can organize your pages. The 1st 1 is a large one going across two pages, and, of course, it requires that you don't have any spiral in the middle. You can use something to make the connection between the two pages a central focus crossing along the binding like the square floor. Or you can have a single now escape going all over the two pages. Another trick is to do different pages, and you don't want to connect them. But you can use like this red dots to unify the pages here. It's the same colors on both pages, but also you can have very different pages with no connection between them, like here, the park around the museum and the popcorn page like I haven't planned anything before, but I'm trying to feel my page is really useful. When you're visiting museums like here, it's an Egyptian museum. Here's the purpose is just to fill the page and try to dispel things evenly on the page. You can text here. It's just beat some pieces. No real planning here, did you? As you feel next, video will talk about step by step page in order, color and ink 7. Watercolor page step by step: we're going to see how to make a double page step by step. First, you choose your pictures you want to use in your page. Then think about the layout on the usual way to read page from left to right. The first step would be to make a light growing in pencil so we can have the general outline and see how exactly we're going to paint that after. I'm just drawing very roughly because I defined this much more within Claytor. Here we are. I should have reversed the lady, and the plane would be more logical. Now we can go on with the fountain pen or anything else that you like. Just make sure it's permanent. Now, using your picture of the reference, you define your drawing well, it's not meant to be very likely. It's just a memory, so you don't have to push too hard on the drawing here. I thought maybe the glasses were something important. My tip here is not to draw the teeth next, drawing this one, these two kids talking, and I thought our attitude was very interesting. So I'm trying to convey that in my drawing, I don't bother very much with hams. Some details here is more tricky because is seen from the back. So you have the I D. Now we're going to put some colors of my deplane. Meanwhile, I tiredly dive in the pants and get the color, too. Put on the hair. I know I'll be using pencils after, so maybe it's just a kind off first wash. When you use watch ocular, you have to think that it's fading when it's drying, so people do and be brave with colors. You don't have to feel everything. Leave some white space, gives some air, does the drawing. Here it's finished. Now we're going to add some pencils or Turkle opens. Its might be handy to have a pellets with all your colors, because it's very different from the pencil and in the paper. So I begin with hair and at some details, with two different brownish colors. Some details on the jackets. You notice I changed the color from the picture because I didn't like this grayish color ound. Same for the girls dress. It's more pink, and I made it almost read, but it's a cape, and seeing that drawing inside that the light was coming from the right side. When you're finished, you just choose your brush to delay your color. Not everywhere. Although you can leave some hatches, you're in there. Here we are now. I think we need more A in this double page because it's a big to bear. Now turn for lettering and writing some text. You can use your from tin pan, a marker of brush pen. Here, it's a brush. Bandon. I'm trying to do some calligraphy. Not very good at it, though, but during my best, I thought this place and the page needed a large wide title. I say That's the name of my friend. Some notes about how was happy to meet her again, as we only see it shows that once a year I like to write around them shapes sometime. I think there is something more to add on this page. So I I did the name of the costumes. It's a trap for her, to Aleppo for him, and now I'm going to place the tickets from the airport shuttle, and now I think this is done for this page. This is always so in this part of the class. The global layout. The drawing with permanent ink, the weather color, including details with the pencils. How to you at lettering on some text found finishing touches if needed. Next lesson will talk about layout. See you and CASS. 8. Watercolor pencils page step by step: In this video, we will see how to make a double page using water corrupt and sales. First, you need to choose your pictures that you already did. I have one personal, and when I found on Internet first you drove slightly with a pencil to have the general drawing. Don't be too specific as you will add colors using your pen tells you had cars here and there. Don't try to feel every place because it would be too much. Please think about letting some white page for the skin. You can't mix different colors. Pink purples. Arrange in just slight strokes, and after that you check your pictures so you can see what color you have to use. You can use a plat you made because sometimes it's difficult to choose a real car just from the pencil itself. Here you are now well, at some letter has always I use my watch a brush. You don't have to delay everything. You can leave some space with the strokes of the pencil. I'm still thinking of leaving white space on the page. In some places, I think the color was not bright enough, so I let it dry and add more pencil water after, for example, here, the lady on the right. I think the skin is a big two yellow, so I will at some pink after it's dry. If you apply more pensar when it's wets, you'll have something very strange on your paper. So allow some minutes for drawing. You have to decide what side of the page want to light coming to leave the white space accordingly. And after that, I added more pencil watercolor. But I didn't used water roommates just to be more specific in details, especially for the dress. Lacy's days here and there, especially for the foreground, which is supposed to be more detail on the background. The table I will make the title was Inc Add some text in the corner, making a nice picture, and here we are. 9. Finishing the sketchbook : Let's talk about covers. First option. You have a sketchbook with the kind of fabric courage or maybe a leather style, so you don't want to bring that. You just leave it. I guess, while the cover you can just pay supposed courage found or maybe paste some bits and pieces from your trip here it's going across old recover, and then I had a sticky plastic on it. Here is what I did for my treat this waas something I cut off from a map in the museum, the entrance tickets and some little paintings. And on the other side it's a room, and I just pasted the map. And, as always, I use my sticky plastic on its. So for the front page, you have different options that my favorite board, I must say, just to name where you been and who was with you. Here is what I did for Madrid. I can have friends littering where who well, or you can just right to name of the city. Here. I use the postcard again because I thought it was really beautiful and I couldn't do the same. Sometimes I just don't do anything. I just jump in or just right the place, or do something more elaborate pounding 10. Outro: Hello. I am really happy that you took this class with me. I'm very excited to see what you've done with this class. Hope you have posted everything on the project section. If you post on instagram, please take me so I can get back to you. See you in my next less already working on it. No.