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Make a thin, awesome leather wallet!

teacher avatar Bogdan Budai, A very passionate multipotentialite!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction

    • 2. 2. Items

    • 3. 3. Transfering the template

    • 4. 4. Measure twice, cut once!

    • 5. 5. Marking and punching the holes

    • 6. 6. Tracing and cutting the card slots

    • 7. 7. Sewing the wallet together

    • 8. 8. Enjoy your new thin&awesome leather wallet!

    • 9. 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class

A simple and fun way to create an awesome thin leather wallet. 

If you know how to use a pair of scissors and how to put a needle through a hole, this class is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bogdan Budai

A very passionate multipotentialite!


As a multipotentiolite it is difficult to describe myslef, but I will try my best.

From a very young age I was a rebel, as I was running over the Romanian fields every summer at my grandparents' house.
I was always an explorer and a curious child. Questions never stopped coming out of my mouth.

As I grew older I started exploring the wonders of life and all it has to offer.

During my teenage-hood I started writing on my blog about random topic. Then I started preparing myself for acting college. Soon after, following my parents' advice, I stopped that.
I then studied for 2 years to get admitted to Med School, but I managed to fail and I pursued another passion.

I started and loved to study Human Psychology. As I was in Uni I remembered my passio... See full profile

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1. 1. Introduction: Hi, there I am both down. This is my name. And today I want to teach you how to create your own leather wallet. A very thing one, This one. In fact, it's very nice, slim and classy looking, I would say, honestly, the only skills that you'll name are very lazy. So if you know how to use the Caesars, how to put threatened in a needle and have to put a needle through a hole, basically, you will be able in less than half an hour to make your very own wallet. And at the end, I will ask you to show me how it looks. And if you have any questions, please ask me. I'll be glad to help you. So let's get to work. 2. 2. Items: So in order to make a very, very thing wallet made out of leather, for example, you will first need some leather. I'm using some recycled, actually up cycle leather from a factory. They just gave it for free. Then the Temperley. I will close the template. It's simple paper. One. I'll make a J bank file or compute iev with Templin. Super Easy, then a pen for a marker to trace it on the weather. Only the ruler toe. Make some measurements. Always measure twice. Cut once you need Caesar's on exact alive. It's optional, but if you have one, use it so means so you can sue it of punching E. I don't know the name of it, but you just punch holes with it. I bought on really cheap and, of course, this three. No, let's get to work 3. 3. Transfering the template: So first thing, Take your letter your intently. Put it over the leather on the right place where you will want it. And for me, just to be sure. So this is how the world will look like here will be some by hand. It will open here will be a card slot And inside here you put the money in your I d and so on. It's a very thin and small ones. I'll put these probably groups I please and always leave one centimetre on the sites because this one you will So so here is the bottom. It will look the way you will cut it. I will not make a bream just But please. I think the fan Tracy And then when you cut one centimeter were there on the left and the right side. You can use even be sure you make straight lines. Years traces Very simple. Don't worry. These will be on the inside. Trese, over here. Sorry, I have I have in front of the camera entrees it over here as well. Even if you broke, you can just put it back. But these But and of the the top ones here even make like a nice, uh, a round shape, depending on how you want to look on the inside. This is just you being creative. Yeah, This is just a guideline. You don't have to make it square, as I told you can make of its rounded diamond shape whatever shape you would like, who we have here on the inside. Um, thank you. Basically, this is it. No, I havent nicely trays. And then I will start to do the cut. But as I told you, one centimeter on the sides then get to work. 4. 4. Measure twice, cut once!: so before starting to cut. I always say measure toys can't only ones just is a guidance. You can just measure one centimeter from each side. At least three points like these. And then connect the points. I went to each other and trace it, right. I need this already. I told you only owned the site because these will be so and then start cutting. Take your time. Made the cuts really nice. And then we will see what in the next. 5. 5. Marking and punching the holes: Okay, so after we've cut it, this is what we are left with, right? This is how it was. I just a road linking and you just folded. Maybe these edges the same. Make sure they have the same height here. Measure two centimeters on each side. You make sure I I say again, you make sure that overlapping identically. Right? And then you were folded. Basically, this is how the wall it will look like week account here or the cards. But that way we can do it a bit later. No, After you folded it perfectly, you measure overlapping and ice ages making a hole every centimeter. So you measure. I started from half a centimeter. So no year I mark year year. And I make the marks one centimeter beside from each other and the same on the other side for the punching holes. Right. As I told you, we will need a the tool for bunching home. Why here? Yeah, it should be the same amount of holes. Technically, just make sure when you have punched them that they're not toe close to the side. Otherwise the leather could break. Or when you use the bunch tool, You will come to the site. So now we can start punching the holes, and then we will make the cut or, uh, four for the diameter. You can decide for yourself. Oh, I'm being I will use the string, which is really thing. So I think actually, I'm sure I was the the smallest. Oh, and just to be sure, I will check if the string goes inside. If the diameter face, Maybe we could, you know, it's been two to check before. Okay, so let's see this one going side, you know? So I am quite safe on the sign. Okay? You don't do it as I did on my brother, but it goes to it. So we're safe. No, we can start bunching the holes. 6. 6. Tracing and cutting the card slots: So now that we've bunched our holes, we can take these sides out. Sometimes they stay in and afterwards I can use a card. Yeah, this is to measure Home Ridge. Oh, we wanted So let's say instance, if it will be inside all the way to the bottom because he told in this side you measure So this is how big a tease, right? All the way and you decide how much you wanted out. For example, I wanted a bit more than half Just Mark who points here. Let's make it equal as possible. So just above the the name, Yeah, he's this sign I working again, do the same on the other side or actually just used the other to for years is the reference . Then you see Big Duke Ardis and then, you know, very important points. Okay, so you have your points over here and what you will have to the next punch. Some holes I would suggest to use ah, bigger diameter maybe, uh, intermediate. And just punch two holes and then just cut a line, dance it straight line between the two points. Then you'll have the slot for the card. Liz did have, you know, come back after 7. 7. Sewing the wallet together: Okay, So after we've made all the punches and the cut between the two punches, using the exact life is the best option. Just take care of your best. I didn't. Doesn't. So this is the the next wallet that you will have. And you would impress all your friends with no what's left. It's too selling it my hand. So using the string and I would suggest to use wax uh, string. You can just make maybe two loose, make a lot on the end. And, uh, no, we will have to start. Um, so indeed I was so it in crosses. But you can try and do, however you want the needle injures for the guidance cause, uh, basically, you will not need because you have the holes. Maybe I will just go in one side and come back. Let's see what that will make. Actually, I'm I'm improvising because it's crafting. And this is what I love about crafting the fact that webs you can do, however, like this is just a an example. A suggestion, But Indian, You will make it as you like because it would be your wallet or someone else's wallet will be maybe a gift. Um, so just don't pull the string too much, because otherwise you will make the ladder like these. And you don't want that just right with not too tight, it can tightening a bit before moving to the next hole. It's nice because the holes are overlapping and then helps you with the design. And but the looks of it, if you look a bit Viking me from what they see with the string and so on. Um, it's a very Stine one, as you can see, uh, because its leather I used sting leather scene. Um, as I told you, I am a big fan of recycling and up cycling. If you don't know what that things, please go going up and maybe start doing it. And, uh, let's see more hose. These are amazing. Well, these MOOCs someone's looking for me and no going back with the same holes if you know other, so he you can use those ones for me. I think the crosses will look nice for this type of well, that I will come back with other types, other materials and some wallets that you won't even need sewing or gluing. But that's in the future. And, uh, yeah, I will come back when I finish this 8. 8. Enjoy your new thin&awesome leather wallet!: So here I am. I finished sewing everything. As you can probably see, I'm basically this is the wallet making. You just have to press Italy toe. If you want, you can maybe just press it with something. But do not punch it too hard because it's leather and you don't want toe leave some marks just to train the letter. Which way? This thing. So this is your wallet being Probably Maybe you will think this wallet is to be, but we have a problem. Our ideas are very, very big. So I had to make it so The idea goes nicely in, not know, showing you how to use it. How it looks like I have a gift card. Another card over here. Agent with more cards, just one transport card. Some business cars the quite nicely before your wallet. Nice. You can just use it if it's too long. Maybe you can trim it a little bit, but from his just nice like this or if you want. You know, when you've got this one these side, you can just maybe cut a little bit of it when you're so you're so it over here and it just would. So something toe tired here. Then you have one that opens like this. Usually I don't really like these ones. So that's why I made him this way. But that's it. A nice place for the cars for the money. Or you gonna put some here and some there to your decision, Nice woman and weighed up psycho. 9. 9. Final thoughts: So was it difficult? I am sure it wasn't. I hope the video was very easy to follow. And if you have any questions, please leave. Ask me. I'll be glad. Toe. Answer them step by step. If you need. Just write me where you stumbled. If you stumbled at any point or if you have any difficulties. If not, please show me your results. I'll be glad to see them. And if you have any improvements or any thing that you did differently, please share it with the others. And with me, so we can all learn together. I hope you enjoy this video. Please follow me. And then we will learn more in the future. See you.