Make a thin, awesome leather wallet!

Bogdan Budai, A very passionate multipotentialite!

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9 Videos (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Items

    • 3. Transfering the template

    • 4. Measure twice, cut once!

    • 5. Marking and punching the holes

    • 6. Tracing and cutting the card slots

    • 7. Sewing the wallet together

    • 8. Enjoy your new thin&awesome leather wallet!

    • 9. Final thoughts


About This Class

A simple and fun way to create an awesome thin leather wallet. 

If you know how to use a pair of scissors and how to put a needle through a hole, this class is for you!

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Awesome class!

The Best is Yet to Come!

Awesome idea for personalized presents and even selling. Well explained, step by step. I recommend this class.





Bogdan Budai

A very passionate multipotentialite!

As a multipotentiolite it is difficult to describe myslef, but I will try my best.

From a very young age I was a rebel, as I was running over the Romanian fields every summer at my grandparents' house.
I was always an explorer and a curious child. Questions never stopped coming out of my mouth.

As I grew older I started exploring the wonders of life and all it has to offer.

During my teenage-hood I started writing on my blog about random topic. Then I started preparing myself for acting college. Soon after, following my parents' advice, I stopped that.
I then studied for 2 years to get admitted to Med School, but I managed to fail and I pursued another passion.

I started and loved to study Human Psychology. As I was in Uni I remembered my passion for acting so I joined an acting group for students, where I'm still a member after 5+ years.
In the same time I was careful to develop my career as well(don't know which one of many) so I joined the biggest student organization in the world, AIESEC.
During my time in AIESEC I was a trainer and part of the Talent Management team. The experience gathered there helped me and is still helping at the moment.

A year before I finished my University I got a corporate job so I can live, basically.
Soon after I finished my studies, I realized that I don't want to have that kind of lifestyle, so in March 2013 I quit my job and started to travel the world.

As you can imagine that trip, which lasted for about 3 years with a 300 euro budget, taught me more than 3 Universities could have taught me.

I later started to do public speaking and to organize my own events - "How to travel without money" and seminars on the same topic.

Now, I am writing on my personal website, in Romanian, articles about personal development, psycology, self-observation, self-improvement, and so on.

Having a lot of experiences and trying and discovering so many things during my travels, I have decided to share them with the world.

By following me you will learn lots of things, from varied fields.
I will share with you classes on crafts, cooking, photoshop, photography, public speaking, and many more.

I cannot wait to meet you and learn together lots of stuff!