Make a heart healthy smoothie milkshake | Sergey Kasimov | Skillshare

Make a heart healthy smoothie milkshake

Sergey Kasimov, Online Teacher

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    • About this mini class

    • Make a heart healthy smoothie milkshake


About This Class

Make a heart healthy smoothie

In this mini class I will show you how to make a heart healthy watermelon based 100% natural milk shake. Great tasty drink also works well as pre or post gym workout. 

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Nice class on smoothies
Giftus Best

Love Education and Learning

The drink is very healthy and is quite simple to make. The steps were presented very well and although no real recipe was given, we could see the amounts that were used. The touches of humor helped to make this enjoyable too. WD!
David Henry

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Sergey Kasimov

Online Teacher

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