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Make a Wooden Book Holder

Art School, Became a better artist

Make a Wooden Book Holder

Art School, Became a better artist

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12 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to required means and tools

    • 3. Mounting the blade on the arc saw

    • 4. Drawing model

    • 5. Drawing the model on wood

    • 6. Cutting the main shape

    • 7. Sandpapering around the wooden model

    • 8. Marking the fingerprint on the wooden model

    • 9. Cutting the inside part of the model

    • 10. Sandpapering the inside part of the wood

    • 11. Oiling and finishing

    • 12. Using the book holder

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About This Class

A wooden tool to enjoy the reading book!

In this training course, I’m going to teach you how to build a book holder. It is a device which is necessary for studying, with which you can hold a book in your hand more conveniently. All the building stages will be performed by using manual tools and available raw materials, and you can build this applicable device without the need to have any previous background and experience. Hope you enjoy watching this training course and will give this applicable device to your friends as a gift.

What will students learn in your course?

  • The best way to create and craft a beautiful book holder
  • In this course, we will teach you to step by step tutorials with full details
  • Learn how to use carving tools
  • Understanding the best wood for woodcarving
  • Making any wooden device in the least time 

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • A bit of creativity and tools that we will let you know how and where you can find them in any local store.

Who are your target students?

  • Absolute beginners with no woodworking experience
  • For those who want to start a new business in the woodworking category
  • students with no experience of using the tools that we are using during the course.
  • For those who like to give the perfect gift


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Art School

Became a better artist


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1. Introduction: Hello, this is Josh. It's in this training course. I'm going to teach you how to be liberal Polish. It is a device which is necessary for a study. It's what you can hold the book in your hand. More conveniently, Allah building estates will be performed by using manual tools on available raw materials. On you can be. This application will device without the need to have any previews back around and experience of you. Enjoy watching this training course on. We'll give this up a cable device to your friends as a gift. 2. Introduction to required means and tools : The first required material is wood. The wood, which we use here is the wood off the wall lottery. It was caught in five times to any centimeter dimensions on has a weakness off one sentence . It has water use patterns. The next tool is sandpaper. The stand papers are available in body use. Greats from course to fight the next required to is a coping saw to have a better on more conveniently cutting they used Ballet is wrong. Check the other tools needed include paper stick, Qatar, Caesar's on shape ruler. Finally, we need Lindsay Boy to glass. The war. 3. Mounting the blade on the arc saw : in the section, we are going to show you how to mount on six. The blade on the art off the coping sub two types off blades are used for the arson flat blade on Rome. Be used are from blades. Do these were first losing the one open end screw off their coping So art and insert one end off the blade in the Predator mind place as can be seen in the field, then be tight on this group. Similarly, we insert the other end off the blade into the other side of the ark, then retired 10 seats. Be careful about the blade so that it is not to lose. If you use a flat blade, the orientation off the blade must be toward the art hand. 4. Drawing model : to draw at Measure the model on the paper. We first got the record wheat on a paper by placing a paper under the boot. - We should perform this very carefully after finishing this work. Remark the paper by measuring five millimeters from Theo Paper. Tough Using the shape ruler, we draw a circle having to any two millimeter diameter so that it passes the mark's point. We find the center off the circle on draw a strike, dying using a ruler. Also, we draw a line perpendicular to the previous line and passing through all the surgical center. As you can see in the feet, perform all faces very carefully. Mark five centimeter from circle on designed the main model after designing the main model using a Caesar, we were caught it on. The paper also weighed the sport inside the motor. When using the Qatar, be careful about the cutter blade 5. Drawing the model on wood : After cutting the model on the paper, we paste. They're stencil on the food by a paper stick on will mark around the model by a pencil, - so that would be ready to be caught by a cop in some. 6. Cutting the main shape : to cut the overall shape, we use a coping sub. Then we place the prepaid food on the table on the start, cutting it for on one side. We will do the same for all other parts to be cut during the cutting. Take care off your fingers. Do not hurry up. 7. Sandpapering around the wooden model : after finishing the cutting a stage, it is the time to sandpaper around the model. To do this, we use the sandpaper great 40 to 80 on being sandpaper around the model. After coarse sandpaper, we will use finer ones so that the surface will be softer on more uniforms. Sandpaper the Mutsu face carefully so that a symmetry will be kept throughout the model. 8. Marking the fingerprint on the wooden model : We should use drilling device to cut the wood and model inside To do these first through a circle wheat 22 millimeter diameter at the boot. Super then re mounted a small Byron drill on the device on a start to drill the inside part of the circle model. Certainly. Take care off your fingers and be careful about safe. 9. Cutting the inside part of the model : after marking inside the boot, we will cut the circle using a copping some, as you can see in the field, we passed the blade straw poll on start cutting the inside part of the boot. - He's too careful not to cut outside the mark. Six. Be tickled discards model from this ourselves on move to the next stage. 10. Sandpapering the inside part of the wood : to sandpaper the finger planes. We also use the sandpaper grade 40 or 80 before this shit sandpaper silaen recalling so that it could swivel conveniently inside the model the sandpaper, the inside part off the model using coarse and fine sand papers so that there will be no cutting trace in the place we will around the model. It's using ground fine sand people, as can we see in the feet. More beautiful model will be have after oiling. 11. Oiling and finishing : after sun paper. In the old model, it will be time to oil. To this end, we used linseed or replaced a wooden model are likely next on carefully we oil the rule or the lindsey oil is hair ball on does not make the asking. - After finishing the oiling process, we give up the model for 10 minutes so that the oil is absorbed completely. 12. Using the book holder : after finishing the oiling stage. The book Poland will be ready. You can use this application device on Enjoy your study. Good luck.