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Make a Video Game with RPG Maker MV

teacher avatar Eric Blair, Don't look for a Fair Fight!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Introduction What this Class is and is not

    • 2. First map, event, and play test!

    • 3. Getting used to menus and new map

    • 4. Make First Interactions

    • 5. How to Make items and a Shop

    • 6. How to use built in Animations

    • 7. The power and use of Switches

    • 8. Auto run Events to check to see if you've won

    • 9. Use a Variable (still no coding)

    • 10. Character Creation

    • 11. BATTLE!!!

    • 12. More in depth Game Control

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About This Class

***MUST HAVE RPG MAKER MV SOFTWARE*** for this course.

This course will show you how to make your very own video game WITHOUT knowing how to CODE!

I will walk you through the RPG Maker MV software (required) through making a character setting up items, enemy's, maps, and functions of game play!

With this software I was able to knock off "Making my Own Video Game" off my bucket list, let me help you make a video game too.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Eric Blair

Don't look for a Fair Fight!


Hello, I love learning things that give me Leverage on life because I "Don't look for a Fair Fight". I like to share these life Hacks/strategies to those who value ways to get ahead as well.

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1. Introduction What this Class is and is not: Welcome on how to make your very own video game. My name is Eric Blair, and I'm gonna show you how I've made a video game in this court. You're gonna learn how to make a video game using RPG maker MV. This software is really powerful and pretty user friendly, but I'm gonna walk you through every step of it. So that way you can get your very own video game. This is a absolute requirement. This is what I'm teaching how to use this software. If you don't have the software, this course will be useless. I just want to make that very clear. I don't want someone buying this course and thinking that Oh, I can just write something from scratch. You need the RPG maker Envy software. I had purchased it on steam with a extra added content for images. In this course, you're gonna learn how to make maps, create heroes, villains and monsters, control the world and the game aspects, and I'm gonna show you step by step. I was able to get my very first video game on steam, it seemed, works fine arm ours. But here's proof that I did, in fact get a game on steam. I'll try to give some pointers for getting things on steam. But I hesitate saying that I have a comprehensive guide to getting on steam because it's kind of confusing, and it seemed like the updated things frequently, so it's a little arduous, but it is doable. So either way, if you like me have making a video game on your bucket list and want to get it knocked off , join the course. And, as always, don't look for a fair fight. 2. First map, event, and play test!: okay. And welcome to the first lesson. We're gonna try and keep things simple and casual. First after you've already got it installed. I really hope I don't have toe explain how to install something. Basically. Like I said, I had gotten this copy from steam, and I downloaded it from there. So this is RPG maker envy, and it should open like this. And what we're gonna do is go to file and open a new project. Okay? It starts with Project one. What we'll do, we'll just call it what we warrant will say new game. The project name over here cannot be changed, but that's not a big problem. Just try and make sure it's something you're going to remember. And over here, the game title could be something else. And you can change this later, so Well, we'll just decide to change that later. Okay? Now it's going to copy over a bunch of files. Sometimes it's gonna be extra content that you might have purchased like I did. It shouldn't take too long. Amaze. Get past this there ago. So it starts off and it gives you a generic map. Okay. Now, like I said, I had purchased an additional content package. If something on here shows up and doesn't show up on yours, the images may be different, but you can either purchase them were or you can add them later. I haven't gotten into the graphics, but we're just gonna keep things simple. Use what you have. One of the first things I want to tell you is any time this project seems like it's getting too obnoxious or that you're just drowning in what feels like code, even though most of its point and click the coolest feature of this is the ability to play test Right over here is a plate plate test button starts the game and its current version. So as soon as we can, I want to show you that. But we actually to put something in here. It defaults a character and makes a map in the grid. One of the first few things you need to know about this map is you see these grid lines. These are to make events to actually edit the map and things on the map. You switch over to this one, the grid lines go away. Obviously, you can still see the square. But basically, here's where you make portions of the map. If you wanna make a river were like that. And trees And what have you Okay from there, you'll make a few these things. Now, if we switch back over to the events, we could make some quick events so that our character can actually do something. Let me just show. You know what I do want to say? We'll throw in some mountains here to, uh, switch back over. Okay. All right. So we will save every time you want to play it. It's gonna ask you to save, so get in the habit of saving it frequently and saving it often and for your own sanity. And there is an undo button, which is glorious. Alright. Save and play. Test the game. I just remember it's gonna start off obnoxiously loud. Okay? It's gonna have the in true. And this is the default within the game. All right, Now, our characters I forgot that their defaults, more of them. And if you see the you can't cross here, and the river is animated, which is awesome. And you cannot go over the mountains. And you can go over the trees. You can go into your forest area. Okay, but there's nothing to Dio. There are no events to interact with, nothing to Dio. So that's where we go back. As you can see right away you can start playing and jump right in. So and this could be really helpful for when you're getting frustrated and feels like it's never ending, Let us make an event. Since we're on the grid line, we're going to double click here. Okay, Event editor. Let's put in a person to talk Teoh. All right, we'll double click the image, and this can kind of help things overall. Now there's the 2 to 3 things of actors. And then there's people down here we can make a nice old lady to talk with, and we're gonna have her facing left facing towards us. Okay? And the contents You double click and there's three tabs of here. Well, I know it's lots of buttons. Don't get overwhelmed. It's one thing at a time. They're all isolated, so we'll do show text and then under the face, we're gonna try and match it to the image of the old lady. There's people's it, too. No, it looks like it matches this one, either you can say that. So then you walk up and touch. Talk to this person. They'll ask, Are you on a quest? And then from there it goes. Since what's great is all you did was point and click on things, and it's writing the code for you. And then the next thing we can do, we're going to show choices. And it defaults to Yes, now and which makes it perfect. So then now you're starting to interact with your non player character. Okay, now, with events this, hopefully you'll be better. This remembering this and I will. But down here, priority and trigger the trigger is the action Britain, which means you have to press a button to talk to them. But the priority is how you interact with this event, because this NBC is what's called on event. There's be low characters, Samos characters and above characters. Generally speaking, are gonna be doing below, and same as below means. Your character has to be physically on top of it, like on the trees. If you walk over the trees, you'll be on top of it same as means that you can beat next to it. OK, And this one figured out that it was seem as Okay, I'm gonna make another example real quick. I will put this one right here, and I'll say, Don't step here. Okay? Now put it. I'm not putting a character or pictures on it. We're gonna click, OK, it's going to say that and this is on below characters. But we're also going to change the trigger to where it says player touch. Okay, we'll click. Okay, Of course we save it and we start the game again. Now you can leave a version of this running, but generally when you make updates, you can save them and witness them in the game. However, to really get the full effect, you have to transfer. You have to go to a different screen for it to work. Right now, if you notice this all right, she's facing left like we designed her. But if we approached from the side and a touch and we'll hit the action button, she turns towards us, and basically she says, Hi there you on a quest gives us options on. We didn't write anything past that. Then she goes back to normal. Now we had to hit the action brought to talk to her over with this one. We don't don't step here at the X button. Keep going. So now you start to see the difference between the action button and also being able to to to be on top of it, where it's same as character or or below character, so that is the first lesson. 3. Getting used to menus and new map: okay and on to listen to what we're gonna do now. We'll go over some main options you have on. Let's hear, we'll go to the database under tools, and this is gonna have a lot of stuff. We're just gonna cover a few to get started with. First off, under this system tab over here, down the bottom So we don't get blown away by the opening music. So we're gonna go to the title, and if you see there's plenty of them. So there's the Wana defaults to Sorry, there's a little up. Ah, there's a different one. Let's trend that do this team to I only want but it's not jarring. I'm gonna turn it off. It is also the music for a battle of victory to feed game over when you're on a boat ship in airships. So all I'm gonna turn these off as well just cause I don't want the ball right now, and I will get into add in your own music. A Sfar is making your show also how to do images and put them in here. But I'm not gonna go heavily into making your own images are. So here's also the title screen. So we've got the castle and you can have a border. You can have floral medieval anyway, so there's several much different things. You can have whatever you want, so they have definitely have some options. Well, just, you know, we'll just go with that. Maybe older, that one. So then we also have sounds for any time you do any one thing. That one's kind of loud. I like that one was better. That's allowed to. That's better. All right. And let's move on to theirs types, OK, elements, skill types. This, uh, can GOP pretty well in depth. And this is gonna go into the types of troops, enemies, things like that. I could probably spend a lot of time on this, but basically, this is gonna be one more thing where the beauty of being able to play test your game, every creature and monster you can change of their stats. Drop items. How much XP in gold you get means the maximum will add will say 10. What you can do is create a new creature, and let's see, here there's all kinds of different image is ready for you to use. Okay, so all kinds of stuff and enemies and troops, they can get a little tricky if specifically enemy is a individual creature, and then troops is when you haven't encounter how maney are gonna show up because there's too obviously. So So the troops are what you're gonna actually have the interaction with. You'd have, ah, boss and his minions show up okay. And the enemies are the specific creature and their stats. There's also state being put to sleep or being blind or yeah, there's different. Confused. Like a lot of times. Confusion is one where you just randomly attacked people. Even if it's yourself or team member, that can be really annoying. Like in most of these, you can change the maximum, add different states and all other things in there. Okay, so if you notice items is a big one, this is gonna be stuff you're constantly using and you can have different types. There is a regular item key item, hidden item A and B. I'm not Haven't messed with those as much, but you can write in the description change icons of what it is so obviously for potion will probably keep potion, but there's If you see all these, there's anything you put from chainsaws to funny hats, all kinds of stuff and one of the things like even if you're not sure exactly what you want to do early on this congest just poking around in here can Hey, maybe I'll make a magic mirror like in Snow White. But maybe mine will do something different. So stimulants, all kind of stuff like and once again, you can change the maximum to add more of them. And so it treats items, weapons and armors differently and have different classes. Like we have armor types, general magic, light heavy shields and also weapons. You have soared. Stackers gun claw gloves were all kinds of stuff. So you have your different types and you can do different things of them. Said default prices and the items. There are lots of different states like here. You check the flex, you can have to remove poison. Okay, so I don't want overwhelming. I just want to show you that there's lots of things in here You can dio skills guard, double attack, and we'll get into some of this if you want to leave a lot of this default. That's great, cause a lot. This does a lot of work for you. It is a little tricky getting the formula right, so that could be a little more advanced. So if you don't want to touch that, that's fine. I'll do more in depth into the battling some of the basics to get you started. And there's also classes, and you can check different parameters for how fast the actors themselves. Okay, you see here all four of them. It comes with default names. You can change him and they came faces and the characters. Urine system. You can change other. It is starting party. If you want it to just be the main guy or just two people, you just delete them off. I don't know when he first pop up. There's four people I don't know who are these people, you know. So most games start with just the one, and they kind of add, and I'll show you how, as you go along, you add people into your party or remove them so and see if you really want to get in the nitty gritty, you can tell you can change every little aspect okay, Not every aspect, but a lot of them. So anyway, that's gonna be a good start For now. I want to continue on with what we're doing, show you how to make a new map and switch over to it. So we'll go over here and right Click new and we'll do map to. That's fine for now you can set the display name. That's what will pop up briefly in the corner. Let's just say East and we'll make it easy to the other one. We'll keep the default ones and yeah, we'll just keep it simple. OK, we'll edit the how it looks different ways to do this. Obviously, let's hear. Well, we'll start with the pencil and you select what kind of texture you want and you could do one of time. Or you can do square block circle, so the same with. And also there's the paintbrush where it gets all of them. So you're doing broad strokes. So if we want some water and want to look like this well, to see them, okay, but on to making it transfer from one of the other. Okay, so we're going to switch back to the event mode. Okay, now, this one is excellent. This could be really easy. And you can do it whichever way you want. We'll start down here. The bottom. We'll do this one. Okay. Into the contents will double click. And under the second tab is transfer player right there at the top. This is okay, location. Where do you want the director designation to be? So we're gonna pick map, too. And there's really great. It's this point and click. Let's say we want them to shore up right here. Okay, so we want them to show up on the map, and we designated this is going to be east of it. So it's gonna be the right hand side of the other ones who will show up on the left hand side of this one. That makes sense. I'll show you. Now we have to think ahead, though, because we don't want it to be the farthest over, because that's normally how you jump back. So we don't want him flip flopping back and forth. So we're gonna set him one spot over, Okay? Hopefully make more sense here in a minute. When I show you click ok and click. OK, all right. So now it transfers a player. Now, the priority is when it's below the character. So they have to be arms Hop of that one. Now you can set it to where it's action toward. They have to hit the action button to transfer, but normally you're just going to the edge of the map. And you wanted to add a load. So player touch, you do whichever one works for you. The action, but might be more for a door. Now, we can just copy that and paced all the way up here away. Okay, We probably the top ones. Probably because other will make something on the on the topside. But if you're gonna have nothing at the top, you can go ahead and pay. Sit on those as well. Okay. All right. So now all of these events, when walked on will trance for transfer your character like one of these two spots. I don't remember specifically. So then we'll do the opposite side. So that way we can get back over if we go to the left. So we'll do the same thing. Contents transfer player, and to map one, and we don't wanna sneak up on the old ladies, so let's show up right here, all right? Okay. I'm pretty sure there's What did you do? Paste, paste, paste, pace, pace, Pace, Pace Control. All right, so we will save and let's give it a shot. So we're gonna play. It comes up new game. There's our new opening title screen. New sounds. OK, so if you hold down shift, they dash or run faster and have to get used to it. You must prefer that. Or at least ideo Which one of the cool things is you can go into the options in turn. Always dash on bra bra. Okay, so then they're always running going a little bit faster. So as we go over here, we show up there. I see the reason why I had him go over there is because one spot over if we work back over that spread, nothing happens. But if we work anywhere on the left hand side Oh, you know what? You know what I forgot to dio? I probably LF the trigger the same. So you have to eat the action button anywhere over here to get jumped over, see what I mean, this one is on touch and this one's on action. So if nothing else, even if you want the action brought in to do that, you have to keep it consistent. Like if everything is different. And this is like one of the set a little things, that's why play testing it helps you find your bugs and everything, so it's really important. Okay, so that's how to make a new map and switch it over. Okay, now. So just to correct that, all right, we open the side transfer player action buttons player touch wanted to lead thes cause then , if you delete them, then you know you can visually see that you've corrected things. Cappie. The event paced, peace based, he's based based East. And there you now save. Now that I've saved that, the game will update as I still have it open. But generally speaking, it has to load the new page. So because I was on the other one and see how East shows up at the top, that's the title Now. Jim's back over. Now we can go back and forth without hitting the action button anywhere along there, and it'll always pop us into the same direction. So if you want to get super detailed and go square for square, each event could be different. Where if you go appear, you could show up at the top. But for me, that's a little obnoxious. And unless there's a specific point to it, just have him centered. And a lot of times you might have, like a road there so that we could make it look like it would fit. So that's metal for this lesson will keep going from on the next one and get into more things. 4. Make First Interactions: okay, and welcome to less than three. What we're gonna do is just add a little bit more to our existing game. We're gonna add a little more tour NPC, and we're also gonna build a small little house and make a door. Now, I don't want the same tile sex. I want to show you the door and all its glory. So we're gonna do is gonna edit the map to and instead of the over world tiles that we're gonna go to the outside, tell said, and we're going to just build a quick little house on, we will go back to Marie, edits and make sure you have to be careful which sets you use because some of them are meant to be on top and roofs where they can't be walked through. So here we go. We'll just make a square door. All right, we made a little hut. Now we're gonna make the event. Oh, and what's really awesome with r P g M Graham V, you can right click, and there's his quick event creation, transfer door treasure and in. And so it helps automate some of this. I don't want to make a new map just yet. So we're just gonna have the door magically transporters back over here for now. We'll fix that later. All right? So we'll show you the fix of that here in a second. We're gonna go back to map one. We're gonna edit this in PC. You can make this NPC move around right now. She's on fixed where she just stays right there. I'm gonna pick random, but you can make custom. I'm just gonna shoes. He select the route you can program every single step she makes and how fast she does it. Another is the speed and the frequency. The speed is going to be how fast she walks when she walks. Frequency is how frequently she's going to choose to move. The randomness is gonna determine that, but the frequency is if its highest, she's going to be constantly moving. If it's around normal or higher, she's going to move, pause, move, pause to you know, we'll just keep it highest. We'll just have our consulate moving. But she's on the slower side. So and then also are you on a quest? Yes. We're gonna add. You're gonna get an item from her change items will have her give you one potion is a constant increase by one. The item is select. Right now, we only have the few and operation increase or decrease whether you want it. If you don't take one away if you want that right here the opera and is how many So you could ever give you 15 or 10? Tell you what will ever give you two. And then we'll just so okay, all right. When No, we'll have or give you some gold. Let's hear, We'll say 10 pieces of gold. Okay, now you'll increase, but you won't know why or what. So what you want to do there? We're gonna copy this so we can take one step past. When we met it, It we already have her picture. So then we could just delete this and see. Okay, you're on a quest. Yes. Here, take these potions. And it's also really good to spell. Check everything you do open Google or something. And make sure your spelling's OK. Google docks is really good for that. So Okay, here, take this potion. You're on a quest. No. OK, because if we don't, then we have to go in if we don't copy it. So whichever is faster for you. You can put that in every time. Okay, Here, take some gold. So that way is how you can increase things. Now you might see where I'm going. Okay. Will pull this one up. They had this loaded previously. Wait. Let me make sure. Did I save okay if I go to her now, it's live. So if I do this, it's not gonna do anything because I haven't reloaded this screen. Okay? All right, now, over here are new houses here. Okay? Okay. So if you notice that was seen now she's moving around, and she's if we tracked her down, she's a quick little warmers, and she There we go. Are you on a question? Yes, I am. Here, take these potions. Now you can go into your items, and then we have compulsions. All right, Now down in the bottom, left. We have zero old. Let's There we go. No, I'm not on a quest. Okay. Here, take some gold. Now, obviously, she's all right. So now we have 10 gold. There's one more thing on to cover, and that's she's just gonna keep spitting this stuff out. Where is she going? There we go. Here, take some potions. And are you on a question? Oh, take some gold. So now we have 20 gold and four persons. So you have to set it to where you're going to fix it. To where she stops handing all the stuff out. So what we're gonna dio is there is a self switch right here. If self switches a So what we're gonna dio is we have to make a new event page right here. Okay? Now we will still add her. Where did she go? There. Okay, so the self switch, if on on the 2nd 1 So this event page will only activate if herself switch a is on and it gives you four. And that gives you a lot of versatility. Now, switch is just like the lights, which it's either on or it's off. So what we're gonna dio is on either one of these control self switch game progression. We're going to switch toe on on both of these. So if you follow the logic, what this will do is the first time you talk to this person, she'll give you this option and she'll give you something that will turn the cell switch on . And then after it's on, anything here will happen. So we can just say something to the effect of I see. We'll just say good luck with your quest. We'll just say good luck because earlier you asked or she asked if you're on a quest or not so well to say good luck. So now click OK and save. Jump back over. Reload the page and power. Mr. It is a quickly What? Alright. Hi there. Are you on a quest? Yes. Here, take these potions now herself switches on. You talked her again. She says good luck. I see. So now you're not gonna get an endless loop of Hey, I can get all the resources I want. All right, That's it for this one. On to the next lesson and we'll have some more fun 5. How to Make items and a Shop: Okay, Now we're gonna go over items and shop processing now, the way ever in PC. And she's not just a drone. And also now that she gives us something, but we need something her to do afterwards, we're gonna delete this and we're gonna make her have a shop. So we're gonna say I believe it's on step three year shop processing. This is awesome, because it is gonna handle all of our shops and being able to buy sell things without having Teoh consistently set up options and sing choices and items. It handles all that for you just have to added in So what, we're gonna dio we're gonna say shop processing. We're not gonna add any items yet because we're gonna make those items or make some new ones. And also you see down here purchase only. So this means she's Onley selling things and will not buy back things. And like any RPG, it's it's gonna buy back, you know, cheaper. So we're gonna click. OK, said shop processing. But there's no items quick. Okay, so now after the first time you meet her and she gives you something After that, she's gonna run a shot. So we're gonna go to tools and database. But we're here in the tabs. Already. Have it selected items we had changed. The maximum will add item five and let's get inspired by the icons on what's in here. Let's just make what do we want? You can decide whether or not you want it to go where? Not wool. Uh, tomato. That works great. Okay. Or we'll just or spice it up. Just say, you know, magic for their ago tonight. In his description. This does something special, Special. All right. And see, we can make a regular item a key item. I haven't distinguished the difference between those just yet ignited. Maybe. But basically, those were just different factors that could be isolated later. Now you can set the default price will just say two or something ridiculous. Consumable? Yes. No. So, obviously you can eat it or not, and it'll disappear out of your items. Scope is if it affects you, and this could be added here. If it's going to recover your health points or magic points or anything like that, add or remove a state and states can be blind. Silence, rage, confusion like we went over before any. If you're familiar Donald R. P. G's, you're familiar with how you can just be put to sleep or confused where you're attacking me . There's different buffs, so you have lots of leeway. Lots of things you can do. I don't want to go into every little detail, but yes, you can learn skills anyway. This is the beauty of it. This is where it gets completely customizable. I am not going to even say that I've tried everything because I haven't. But here we go. So also, the scope, like a sing, was mean. It could mean just an ally. It could mean an enemy. So that way, if it's hurting people helping people and if it's helping just you or all of you, so you can do that so Magic Fruit will will make a recover MP because magic we'll do 100% sure. And was your problem of the price up so we can say the default prices? Five. And you know, like we still have more, many screens, you can add animations, which this is fun. I'll get into that in a different one, though maybe I'll do that next certain hit type. Like I said, if it's affecting you, or someone else will go ahead and capitalize this to make it look a little more correct. Okay, we hit. Okay. And now we have a magic fruit in there. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna let her sell him and it Whoops. Hold on. We can just edit the shop process, and that's what we need to do, right? Click on it at it. And now Well, there's a question mark. So I always like magic fruit and C years where it can also interesting. You could make a whole economy right here because there's the standard price. Or we could specify you could say it's cheaper here or more expensive here. So this that's really cool, because, like I said, you can creative market. You could have this luxurious city where everything is more expensive and then have your character Bill to make money that way and buying and selling cause that's not all. That's something I like that not a lot other games do. So we'll keep it standard for now, though, and click OK, it's here in the well, uh, well, let her buy things back to for now. But that's basically how you set up a shop. And like I said, that many makes it really great. And you can specify everything. It's really, really flexible. Okay, But also, um, we may want to edit this one because, quite honestly, her constant moving around was really annoying. So we'll just change her back to fixed. All right, on to the next lesson. 6. How to use built in Animations: Okay. In the last lesson, I said that I should do animations, and I agree with myself. Okay. What I wanna do is make another event with a person in it, and I'm gonna have this person. He'll us. So let's see, I'm gonna do the same thing I did in my actual video game. Uh, it's here. I'm gonna make a ferry that will heal our wounds. Okay. So will even put a little bit of text on there. Like it said. You want to do this every time and do you need healing? And so then we'll give ourselves Theis. No. Your choices. Yes. Now, no. Well, say something nice, like farewell then. And this is the kind of thing you're gonna be doing a lot. Just making lots of events, making lots of dialogue, creating a story. Good luck in your travels. But the change hp right there, um, up there ago. So under there, it'll it'll specify whether it which character or if it's the entire party will do the entire party. But we'll just do to 50 depending on how high you get there. HP, This person will always have to heal them for 2 50 So another thing is, you can have the person say you're healed. Do you? Number good grammar. Okay. However, one thing you could do is if you've noticed another video games. It's one of those things that happens, but you may not think about when something happens to you. Ah, lot of times it'll have a dialogue. But then somewhere else, it will say what happened especially here lately, will be games that say they'll remember this and that shows that your choices air having consequences and affect the world. So what you could dio for show text is the window position. You could go to the top or the middle and then say something more direct like you're No, you are. You were party as been healed by 250. Okay, so what this does is I'll just show you We're saving it. The whole reason I was doing this. The animation year One. Yes. So change will do it first thing. Show animation right on the second tab. Characters. So we will do player physical head. No, we don't want to hit. We will do. He'll Ah one. I didn't look at these first, but we'll click Hello? One and say Okay, if you noticed real quick. It it says wait for completion. So we do want to do that, because if it doesn't wait for the animation to finish these text things were gonna pop up . So we're gonna go and do that. We'll click. OK, now, what's really cool is elevate the stuff they have loaded in here already going to database . You can look at all the animations on a tab on its own here, dragon, so you can see all of them and we're already in hell one because I was looking at this earlier. Okay, so now we're going to play, So that's what it look like. That's a Santa Fe gonna make she meets sound effect. It'll make if you don't like that one and you can look at every little step if you want, but we'll do that. That one's cool, too. Oh, that was he one. Okay, so here here's he'll all one. This is the one that likes to do. That's pretty neat. And it's wider, you know? So it has a bunch of these built ins very cool. And so, like I said, this is just ready to go with lots of fun stuff. So you conduce for healing. You can do for different stuff on my game that I had put on steam had these items you could find and certain places where if you use these coins and threw them into, like, a wishing well or different water in places it would teleport you specific places in each coin would teleport you to a very specific place anyway, So that was how I handled it. Just Canada. Add some flavor to it. So let's give this a try. And I want to see the different text things and want You see it? You'll know what I'm talking about it if you don't already, and I'll probably get by this. Okay. And so new game. And here it goes. We've got our person here either. You on a quest. We're going to say no cause you won't coins. Here's some gold. Wonderful. So then, now that she's a shopkeeper, you could buy things and you have 10 gold to buy them so and you can buy one or two, you know, by one, and then we'll get out of here. Okay. Now, to show a new one. Do you need healing? No. Good luck in your travels. Okay? When he do play test, do you want to make sure you check? Uh, possibles and there's to make sure some everything looks right. All right, so now do you need healing? Yes, Magic. And then you're healed. OK, now she says, you're healed. It did wait for the animation to finish, so her message didn't pop up until that was done. And then when it is done, see up of the top, it's Your party's been healed. You'll notice that that looks really familiar because RPG games, they do that kind of thing. They'll say, Oh, well, you found an item you know you have to go in and look at it. So it's one of those. And so that is how you do animations and a little more into just making sure the game flows well. You'll want to play test frequently, not only what keep you motivated, but it will also help you find little glitches along the way or things you miss up. So that way you can pick up the mall in that way, when you go to play test again, later down the road. After you adding a lot, you'll be able to fix things as you go along. So it's not like, Oh my gosh, this is a mess. Nothing works right? So the more you make those little mistakes, like pushing the action button. And a lot of times, like I said, the events are big for me doing the same. His character that happens all the time. The action brought in Samos character below characters, and you'll see what I mean on your next lesson. 7. The power and use of Switches: Okay, Lesson six. What I want to cover now is switches on, and I want to explain it in a way where you'll have an example of how this can help you control the game. What we're gonna do is we're gonna make a switch, and I think I've decided a switch that defines whether or not your character is a thief. Okay, so what we're gonna dio is we're gonna go over to one of our events and we're going to make a new event page. I will keep the same image. We're gonna control a switch and say, basically, if this which is on now you see, there's there's two switches and variable, it gives you a lot of versatility. I'm a train. Go slow for people that aren't familiar with the concepts of programming. So if I miss something, just send me a message or at a question, what? We're gonna do it? We'll just start with. We have lots of switches we can use. We have 20. We can change the maximum. We have lots of versatility. Okay, So what we're gonna do is have a switch called thief. And one of the funny things about a lot of role playing games starting from you know, Zelda, is that you just walk into people's houses and start smashing pots and taking whatever they have, and nobody reacts to this. So what we're gonna do is, if you steal something, we're gonna have the thief switched to on. So if you've stolen something, the thief's which will be on so earlier, we had this NPC heal you. And basically, we're just gonna say I don't heal thieves, you know, because there should be causes and effects for your actions. So sorry, I don't He'll thieves. I don't remember. If that's correct, will spell. Check it later. But okay, so this will only activate if the thief switch is on. Okay, so what we'll do? We're gonna have something to steal over here. We'll say it's good or tile sets. Is there wasn't ready? Always is the See what? This is over world map as a different tiled set. Let's go over to a map to and right next to the house will have image tile sets. There we go. Well, like one of those jars like Zelda, you'd break. Okay, We will have some golden here or item, we'll do an item. People say it's a potion. Increase by one. Okay. And then when it's done, we're going to control the switches. We're gonna turn thief toe on. This is thief equals Anssi and also will do itself. Switch to this goes away. Let's see you No one. So switch on or no Sorry. It needs to control the self switch. Sorry. And most of the backwards their control Self switch on. So we'll make a new event page to handle this self switch, not the thief switch. Got to keep them straight. I think there's even a broken Jaar. We'll just keep the same one for now. Okay? And what's fun also is you can have you need Teoh. Think about all the eventual eventualities of your actions. It's empty. So Fio back to its empty. Okay, so we have thief on cell switch on and remember. Like I said in the previous one, we're gonna put this at the top and say you found stole a potion. Okay, Well, quick. Okay. And that should be It's We'll find out if I missed something. Skip ahead once it's ready. Okay. Game like usual. All right, Now, we're gonna do. We're gonna go steal something. Well, let's first make sure. Yes, she'll talk to me. Wonderful. You're healed. Okay. All right. There's or pond. Oh, I didn't seems when I was talking about. And it's Samos characters. I have a bad habit of doing that. I hope you don't pick up my bad habit. Save. All right, reload the page. And you found Quote stole a potion. All right, so now thief switches on and guess what? Guess who's not gonna heal me anymore? So this is a way you can control the narrative and make things different and just kind of control the thing I think. Next lesson, I'm gonna show you how you can check for certain switches for endgame scenarios. But you have to be careful because as I found out, you can have events running loop. Anyway, I'll get to that later. But for now onto the next lesson. 8. Auto run Events to check to see if you've won: Okay, in this lesson, we're going to go over the auto run trigger for event. And what we're gonna do is gonna make it possible to win the game. All right, So to get started, you have to be careful in this one with auto run feature, because within you make an event. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna use just a spot where you can't actually walk, so you can just make an event over somewhere where it's not gonna be interaction. We're gonna click on auto run for the trigger. We're going to use a switch, which I've already set up. I set up a few things, but so we're gonna have the endgame switch. Okay, so this will trigger when endgame switch is on. That's when this event will will trigger. We're gonna just leave that alone for a second. I made me in this map. I made a hut. We're gonna use another really fun feature we're going to, right Click and quick. Event creation could make it treasure. We made an item. A potion or she'd made the orb. This is gonna be our endgame. Once you get the orbit, you win. Obviously, that's really simple and but basically just want to show you the functionality of making them. OK, so with this we have the orb and what we're also going to dio We're gonna edit this so that the switch we just set up is now turned on the end games, which will now be on operation on There we go quick. Okay, So once you find that orb the switch just like the lights which will turn on. And when we go back to the original screen, this will trigger because it'll be on now that the switches on on the says it is we're going to check to see Conditional Branch will do conditional branch. If they think four has the items. If they have the orb click OK, then we'll have a message saying that you win, and even better, and we'll do it at the top. So it's more of an official message. Now, we're also going to turn off the switch of that point so doesn't keep running. And that's where one of the few ways it can get stuck in a loop. We're gonna turn. Ah, not thief. Endgame. Okay, now we're gonna turn that off. So doesn't loop. But also we'll set it up. I think so. Three. Return to the title screen. So when you win, you go to the title screen. After you see that you win. Okay, Click. OK, save and let's give it a shot. Okay. And I like to double check. The other ones are still there. So we're gonna talk to all other people, your sticks and gold. Sometimes it's really good to go back over and make sure everything's working right. So we will go into a HUD. We will grab her orb was found. Might switch that back to where it just walks out without having to hit the action button. You win right away, and it takes us to them. Okay, so you now can mess with switches and have it check for things toe win the game. Obviously, this one is very simplistic, but I just want to show you the functionality and how to check for things. And that's one way to do it with programming. There's lots of different ways. Don't get stuck thinking this is the only way. And I'll also expand on this to show more functionality and obviously a more comprehensive way to win the game. 9. Use a Variable (still no coding): okay. I wanted to continue on with variables. In the last lesson, I had shown you to use a switch to control an endgame situation. It's obviously not just to end the game. Could have any kind of story plot progress when these air met, but also with the conditions for the auto run event. You can have all kinds of things together. You can have the items right in here. Gold if then Statements are really flexible with ease. Conditional branches. You can have anything on here. Actors, whether they're they're not enemies. Gold item. But one thing I was gonna try and focus on was variables. Variables are if you're not familiar with programming already, they're basically just kind of like a container you could hold almost anything in. They could be numbers, a string of characters, and this one I trying to stick with them being numbers taken. Just work better. Who? Let's say, for instance, what we want to do is make a bunch of different orbs. We're gonna do a quick event creation. We're gonna make another treasure, and we're gonna do another orb. Let's make it right past it. But let's say this is another orb. Okay? And then we'll make another one right here. Treasure item, and we'll go down. Eight. Make that in order to Okay, So what, we're gonna dio we'll update that in the database. So that way we don't forget we'll goto items Adam seven and eight the second for on this one. The final word, obviously you want to change is something else. So those items were in there and basically what we're gonna have it Dio is the same thing. And instead of if the party has the orb, we can edit this and change it to variable equals equal to three variable equals three. So what we dio is which change it toe where each one of these which ends the item after it was done. So didn't auto populate was found? Is going to control a variable. So we will add variable number one be the orb. It's the name of it. So click OK, so the variable or but we're gonna add one. This is how many you're going to add. You can set, subtract, multiply whatever. So this is what it's going to do. It will add one to this variable so it'll start off a zero. So we add one there and then we edit here control variables. Add one already set to the orb. Oh, so there's at, but there's also set. If you just want to change it straight to three, you could do that as well. The other thing is, let's see. Oh, and one more thing, we're gonna have to switch or control the switch to on on any of these. So that way it runs the endgame check. And what that will do is every time you find an orb, it will check for it. But it will only give you the end game scenario once all three have been collected. So we will control switches again. Leave thief off and game, Riggio. And one more thing. We got to go over to the hut and switch this one out, too. So it's already got switch turning endgame, Ron, but basically, and it's given us an item, but we still need to change the variable bad one to the orb. Okay, there we go. So what we have is three orbs each that will turn on the switch to check for the endgame on this auto event. feature on the screen. And also they will increase by one the variable that's labeled the Orb. So that way, when they find all three orbs, then they win the game. So I just wanted to make sure you didn't think that the end had to be that simplistic, Obviously. You know, it's just a very basic map, and I wanted to make sure you knew how to do a variable. So we're gonna run the game, and we're going to see how well it works. Make sure it works, right? Okay. Game. Yeah. You all right? And we're going to go get all three orbs. We'll get the 1st 1 was found. Okay? Now the very cool orb should be implemented. Toe one now. No, no, I made a loop because it's not. Let me do it if we're because three win if no. Okay, it's those branch. I was thinking that I should have done that. Okay, otherwise, turn in. Game off. Okay. Save Trez again. Get the first orb. Okay, so the variable orb should have incriminated by one now and then we will go and get. It wasn't labeled beforehand, so I guess you would be better to make items in the game. See and you win. You've collected all three orbs and then you win and it returns you to title screen like we had said it to Dio. So just wanted to show you one more thing and try and touch on variables. I know I hadn't gone into programming, but I wanted toe get some other things. First, we'll move on from here and add new things on to the next video. 10. Character Creation: okay. And in this lesson, we're gonna go over character creation. This one should be generally pretty quick. Get right in it. This button right up here next to the play button toe plate test The game is our character creator. This one's pretty simple that it is in depth in that every single little thing, every little many screen you can go through and create a character just like you'd want. So you can try and make them look just like you. Or if you have a specific character in mind within the confines of what is able to dio So what? We're gonna dio show one little trick. This randomized button. I'm going to show you how to know. We're gonna keep clicking randomized until we get when I like, and then we're going to go with that. Um, yeah, that's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. Smile. But we're gonna go with this person. We're going to switch to this man that No, that doesn't work either There. So I'll tell you what. This is a dude, not a female, so we'll keep the chin more broad thing in the eyes are a little weird to that's a little better No, I will do that. Okay. Is there a person will do Green there? That works. Okay, So what we're gonna dio is these four buttons. This is how we fix it. We click the face image and we export. We'll just name it will say main character. Well, main character abbreviated. Okay, Close. And if you see here, there's multiple bases. What you can do is you can make one, save it and then import another. So that way, if you want to change different expressions things of that nature and then also walk character export main character, save close damage character. You're getting the idea. Main killed. I think this one doubles over there. Once you may have had a one, I just try and make sure we have all of them. Export. Right, character safe. Okay, so now you've seen on the previous ones where we take the images of the people and then also on the text. It has the default people in here actors, but actors are meant to be the main people. So now what we'll do is we'll change our main character, cupped actors instead of that, and we're gonna change the main person, and we're gonna change the face. Two main character. Okay? And then we take this one. Me and character. Yeah, this one, because these are the ones were there there, collapsed, fainted or whatever. And then the battler main character. And there you go. Now you've changed your main character to look exactly like how you want or the randomize one you'll accept. And then it goes from there and save. So that's pretty much it. There's not too much to it. Well, I mean, there's not too much to show you, but obviously you can get really in depth and make them just how you like, So enjoy. And on the next lesson. 11. BATTLE!!!: okay, and on to our next lesson, we're gonna go over battling very important part of any RPG. What we're gonna dio is on this one. We're gonna focus specifically on the random encounters version. So we get encounters over here we're gonna put on map to we'll start with the basics here. We've got encounter steps. This is gonna be how frequently encounter happens, and this is just your walking along, and all of a sudden you get a battle, obviously, and it says right there average steps of between random encounters, and that's also the average. So if you want it to be extremely frequent, you set the number low. If you want a big map ordered to be really rare, you said it a lot higher. So the encounters is gonna be troops. You add in. So we've got some default troops, which probably not going to use this here. We're gonna good or database here. All right, now we've got troops and we've got enemies. Okay, So the enemies themselves are gonna be like the object that is these creatures. The troops are gonna be a group of them. This is what the encounter is actually gonna load. So in this troupe you'll have two different bats and this one too Slimes and work in a minute are. But when we go back to the encounters bride the bats over the entire map and wait, We're gonna explain that here real quick. Let's we have to add more than one, though, so we'll have. That's we're also going to have will do and work. Now the wait is gonna be displayed over here. And what that means is what kind of priority of encounter you're going tohave. The higher the weight, the more frequency. So whatever is gonna be heaviest or wait, whatever it is gonna be what shows up most. So let's see. We'll put work down at two and then we'll change bat too much higher. One. Change that 28 So that way you'll see bats way more frequently than you'll see. It works, and that's how you make your encounters happen. And so the other thing is so because you're only gonna encounter the orcs once in a while, let's hear Will goto enemies and we'll say works. You can edit all kinds of stuff. You got your rewards, you're drop items and they're each p and everything. This is how you're gonna make your boss battles. If you want to make your boss over here, will jump. What kind of sidestep over into the creation. So let's see. We'll get evil. God, that's a bit much. Let's just do a dragon. Let's say this is gonna be this. Oh, and what's also fun is you can mess with a huge let's hear that looks slightly more evil. A red one. Did it start rid? No, I will do that. That looks like evil is dragon. Okay, so we can do is if you want to make a boss, you crank up the HP, so that way it can last a lot longer, and then you'll up the golden rewards things of that nature. And, officer, the drop items. That's how you're gonna do it. Tell you what. Since we made this will make, um, we'll make our own troops. We'll make a new one changer. Maximums will change it to five. And then we'll add our dragon. So we've got our dragon, and we'll name it during so obviously now, this is gonna be an encounter. So you're not really gonna encounter bosses doing around, so we'll have to trigger that a different way. There's different ways to do that. But in this example, I'm just loading it up for you. So we'll add large Reagan. We'll make that the absolute smallest week. You don't want to run into a dragon constantly, basically, in age. Walk around and you'll start getting encounters. So that's a brief description. But basically there's a lot in battling and it can get overwhelming. And it's possible I could go over states and all the different things we've got. Our states. I'll go over this briefly. If you're familiar at all with RPGs, you're gonna know General with these are you've got your sleep. You have your characters put to sleep poison ongoing damage. You'll have silence, and that can mean different things. OK, it seals the magics. You can't use magic, confusion, confusion could be fun because attacks anyone I think of brutal, discovered this immortal. That's fun. Basically, just resist the knockout. You know, with this, you're gonna be able to do lots of different things. You can go really, really in depth, and I don't think I could even fully cover this if I had unlimited time. It's basically gonna be what you want it to be, what you're most passionate about and how you want your enemies to act and how much you want the story to be if you want it to be grinding for XP and stuff or if you just want the story to play on and I'm kind of lean towards more the story. So I do put in battles and everything, but they're very careful. And it's part of the story, not not as much. The grinding, I mean, I like in role playing games where you have the grinding aspect toe where the game becomes easier because you're willing to get up your XP so that you than that your next boss battle is easier. But basically that's it. In a nutshell. You edit all kinds of stuff on what you want for the troops. You have lots of options in the troops itself. Like I said, I only added the one dragon, but you could start adding in different slim's so that there's multiple creatures like it's like the other one, like the bat to and everything you could add in another slime. If you can grab it. They're Riggio. Okay? In position. It obviously, however you want it. Keep in mind that there's the front view bottler like this, where you're looking straight at them first person view mode, but also in system. You also have the side view battler, which is nice, because then you side view better so that one will show your characters on the right and the enemies on left if you so choose, so that's pretty much it. I'll keep it on the other one, but that's how you do it, All right. So happy battling. I'll probably ADM or two that I wanted to get the You know, the basics show you how in depth it is, probably covered more just as much with, like, streets and skills and things like that. But until then, on the next lesson. 12. More in depth Game Control: what I wanted to go over now is kind of slow down and go over the database itself. You can go into tools and database. Also, there's an F nine. Also, this little sprocket button brings it up, and I just want to go over a few. The main system. Things might have mentioned this before, So if it's repetitive, it's to remind you or show you again. Just remember if if I moved too fast, just go back, and so we go back over it or send me a question. But on the system tab, I had said before, the starting party's over here. So you can add who everyone. And to add more of the actors, the actors air here in the top. So this will be people it can be in your party. Everyone else is a non player character going back. You can add this. You can change maximum. Change the names starting level. Add traits, initial equipment and put notes. Profile will be read. There's been nicknamed. So as you can see, there's lots of options stuff, plenty stuff you can dive into. Keep in mind to not be overwhelmed that you do not have to know every menu, every option to make game. There's lots of things I had made one game so far and are at least one finished game and put it on steam. The other ones, like you, don't have to know every single thing to be able to do this. Okay, so the music types our of here and the sounds down here. You can add change from their menus, the title screen, and it has to the outlines and plenty of cool images to look at on. We're just gonna keep it the same for now. It's this little absurd or purpose I just wanted toe. Like I said, run back through magic skills, skilled type, right at the default. There's only magic. You can add more now. Over here, here's some interesting things. This used the side view battler. I had gone over briefly the battle stuff. Like I said, you could spend loads of time working on the battle stuff, but basically, as it sends without this check marked, you will just see enemies right in front of you. You won't see your characters when you click on the use the side view battlers, your characters will show up to the right and the enemies will show up to the left. Start transparent is for the initial cut scene telling the story. Basically, you'll be invisible. Your character will be invisible at the start of the game, and you can turn transparency back on. Let me show. You were to do that just so I don't skim over it. We're going to discard the changes. X. I didn't want to change anything. But on Let's just say on a new event, the transparency is change. Transfers were right on the second menu. Change transparency on off. So basically transparency meetings being invisible. So if you turn it off, that means they are visible. So you would just do that on whatever event you wanted to bring. Bring your character back and begin your story. Go back in here real quick. Starting positions both for the player and then for a boat, a ship or an airship. Those your different vehicles, you can have one. Other cool thing is, if you wanted to for some reason, catch yourself off from everything you can right click and set starting position and you do for boat player airship right there so if you're in the middle of it and you just want to do it there, it's also very well. I guess that this is there's some great software. It really gives you flexibility impressively. So there's the attack moves the many commands you condone, select whether you have them so you can move save, which is that would be great if you want to not have your character be able to save at any time from the menu that you like, have to get to certain checkpoints before he could save. That's both fun and devious, because that can really change the game play. But anyway, so I want to go over some of the main things in this menu, both as either review or pointed out. So make sure didn't miss it, and also just once again showed the versatility of the software. So if you have any questions, if I went too fast, send me a message. I will re go over things if needed, and ah, so that's part of what we're doing. OK. And on to the next video