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7 Videos (1h 29m)
    • Introduction and Materials

    • First Things First: Base Washes

    • Basic Techniques and Vocabulary

    • Special Effects and Uncommon Tools

    • Putting It All Together

    • Final Thoughts and Thank You

    • Bloopers!


About This Class


This is a class for everyone. Let's get messy.


In this class, we’ll go from laying down basic washes, to learning how to use types of backruns to our advantage, glazing, dry brush, and more.

Once we’ve nailed those techniques, we’ll further explore much wilder effects using backruns, special effects, and unusual tools. You’ll build your confidence with creating uninhibited watercolour effects which you can then fearlessly use in your art.

It’s time to stop trying to tame your paint, so let’s make a splash and get wild with watercolours.

Let's get started!




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I've been experimenting a bit with all those techniques, but, getting them down one by one, practicing each one of them and then applying them a piece was so much fun and experience at the same time, thank you so much Jen <3
Laetitia DPC

Creativity explorer, addicted to learning

Really interesting and helpful videos. I learnt some new techniques, but more importantly how practising them regularly can help you to introduce them into final, less experimental pieces. Thank you :)
Yes--- This is long enough to gain some real information. Most of the classes are toooo short. I think she is excellent--- I would love to see more.
Jane Halliwell Green

Spiritual Medium





Jen Dixon

Jen Dixon, abstract and figurative artist, tutor.

Jen Dixon works mostly in mixed media abstract and figurative painting. She is also an illustrator, writer, and teaches privately both groups and individuals. Originally from Indiana, she now lives in a windy village on the North Cornwall coast of England.

Having led her first drawing classes at the age of six, she continued with art throughout her school days by selling portraits and sign-painting for local businesses. She taught art to young teens before achieving a degree in Industr...

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