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Make a Sitemap Quickly - XML Sitemap - Submit To Google, Bing, and Yahoo to improve your site SEO.

teacher avatar Angel Sans, Constancy is the road to success.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Installing Google XML SITEMAP On your WordPress Site

    • 2. Uploading Google XML SITEMAP File to Bing Webmaster Tools

    • 3. Uploading Google XML SITEMAP File to Google Webmaster Tools

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About This Class

XML Sitemaps are important for SEO because they make it easier for Google to find your site's pages
Please note is important to create a sitemap because Google ranks web pages, not just websites.

By using this plugin you will improve your site SEO we will create special XML sitemaps which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo to index your site faster.

Meet Your Teacher

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Angel Sans

Constancy is the road to success.


My name is Angel Canton, I graduated from American Business College in San Jose California, in the specialty of technological information.

For many, it is difficult to excel when they have not been trained in the necessary skills in the school of life, so my emphasis is on helping people overcome themselves because I believe that everyone has something so valuable to contribute.

This is the reason I recommend the marketing of internet networks as one of the best routes to run a business or blog and succeed in large.

I do not consider myself a genius in the line of marketing or web designs, my tactics are not a secret but rather they are simple and easy. I do not teach "How to make you rich of the night the day" That is far from reality.

Making a living online... See full profile

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1. Installing Google XML SITEMAP On your WordPress Site: Hello everyone. My needs and yourself will go to this class and this class. I will be teaching you how to generate its time up in your WordPress site. For that we wanna use in this. Applaud him from war press, which is Berries installation. We want a need like a have access to ah, Google and also being and being in jail who they are. The thing they use the same sources as I think changing We will have to worry like to also up blurring to yahoo. We only uploaded to being in the city. Make sure you really greedy account without being because otherwise you can no do these and why it's important to create like a same up for your website is very important because search engines or say Oh, which is called the engine optimization, is the penguin that, like Google, depend like a Google need to find all your purchase like and when you create a new page or new posts and your website is very important for Google, like to make sure Google is index dispatch also in their service or otherwise on the post, gonna be there exceeds in your website. But no one will find it that easily. And that the reason we tried to help a little bit to the search engine to inject our like a kind Montali All this purchase that the reason we can we use this? Ah, Simon the way we came help that search changing toe in the the more easily The first thing we need to do here is we need to logging on. And this we will not use right now being account with just type the war being what muster tool and this linguine appear here. After that, you just click it. And if you don't have a Microsoft account, please create one because you are needed for these class and then we go way click on Microsoft first, and we will not be using the's email. Let me just looking my account, okay? Right now, I don't have any side yet in these one. Okay. And the second part, we have to also go here and Google and make sure it's called. We just type the same thing. The only thing you have to teaching he just a neighbor over here. Instead, you type are being you. Can you just typed Google web Muster told from for this one And these linguine appear right here and do the same process Like what you click in this one And then you make sure you are in the right website Jazz matures Say in this area like Google what monsters And then I am Make sure you have a already you account Aim Let me just signing eating right now Thing I got already my I can set up with think Let me just looking my count and I had a couple website already already We here Okay, we will not be adding a new website which is this one right here. You see this Ah website is just brand new I just create yesterday This is very brand new website does mean Ah this perches on There is not that many pages, but probably dispatches to its no indexes in the Google and the Google Server jet. Okay, first word first Now that we're here, we had to logging inside workers because we need to start this blogging We have to look for this Google XML sime up inside our war press for that Let me just go there in our logging in my WordPress account. Make sure you really look also, you have access to your wordpress dot com and from WordPress you just go down. Always toe the plugging area imploding area. Do just going and hit this one right here at new in from a new judge. Go on your right on the top right side and just type that work. Google X and now Google. Well, same up, you can say. Also, it's gonna be easy. It's gonna go here. You wanna see, like, a different option. Also, this is this is one with a plugging. Ah, lot of people also use which is called Joe Sale. But I used these one, but I prefer this one. This is Marie singing also even see this work better down that. But it's up to you both has more than one million style agents. Okay. And from here, you just hit a mature. You are used in this one Google XML sime up by Ernie. And this is the last name for this creator. And then click install the reason I really like this one because this is Paris simple, like our Joses kind over warming. Sometimes there's too much information. You need to get through that videos to understand how to properly set up the plugging. And this one is very simple. You don't need to do that much and assumed you activate. These are plugging everything. Everything is done for you. You don't have to worry about nothing else. And then he activity. And now if we go to the left side, we just go all way down to the sitting area and we will not see here. You see from general, go all way down. And now you can see the X m l Simon click. And that one. Everything is done already. You don't have to do nothing. The only thing you had to do because you wanna be up blurring Munnell, These are Simon, that link. The only thing you have to do is just go hear what I say that you are ill. Same up index is if you click right now and this one right here let me just go down. And over here there's some information like that. This is a very basic like ago about like, this is more like you want to get receiving information from Google. You can live it everything that default. Otherwise, you don't wanna get song like information, George Asking on check like this one right here also has been put aside. I'm up eyeing. Also, they asked you to create a like a beautiful Robert text five, which has been important that this fire is for the also search engines. Because through these fire, you can allow search engine toe active to your website or you can block thing like a son's black size. You don't wanna. They indexes you pages in their sight in their service. You can block it. But this one is created automatically for you. You don't have to worry and this and more advanced origin. But we want a lift right now. That's the default, because this is just pretty simple installation and we're coming down. Let me just going down from here. Also, we can index odd if someone is common in our post. Also, this can be index six inside the Google Server and from here we want to choose what kind counting. We want toe index in the in the Simon. Like this one, we can also choose categories with super important our out for impeaches. Let's see? Probably Ah, author. Yeah, I also I will not used out or attacks. Yes, I want to use that. Want to archive? Probably now. We wouldn't just big this too late because this is very important. Like they can find you through your outdoor name or any talk like depend which kind posed you got. Do you wanna have some tax? Doesn't it? Is that important? Also, to make sure that search engine is grabbing all these I'm from Mitchell. And because I don't have any post we don't see category right here. But if you have a other post, you will see like a news, our projects, any category. Would you just create inside your work, but you will not see all does. And you can either include or exclude doesn't mean he I click here. That's mean gonna be excluded because I don't want this get index in Google servers. But we want to leave these one on shake and let me just keep going down and over here is gonna be like, how frequent. You want this harping like a daily homepage daily monthly. I prefer mother tend to do this way like I weekly, including a kite, probably daily. This is okay daily. Because if you are making change like you are active every day are making any post. Make sure you use Bailey, but it is very important. Everything when you create a new post search engine can grab the post in index in their servers. Okay, let me just go down over here we can choose, which is called Payroll ITI, which is like, I wish won its first, and there's going home purchase. Okay. Like, we can leave it at that if all we want to leave everything at the fall because this is the home patient and more important and probably cause it's OK. Everything okay after we do? Ah, this area right here. The image other would check to make sure we got everything. Don't already. Okay. And now we just say I think in this option. And now let me just click this one and we can see now our websites time up And you see, that was very easy. Ah, the Simon was already generate. And from here we can see if we have a category. I mean, Jessica here We don't have any. We don't have a like a nothing category. But this pages being index here. You contract this ling by untapped liqueur. Let me just going back. This is the link right there. Doesn't mean this link is being indexed already. Like is available for Index because we want to do that. Want Mannelly inside being in Psycho. Okay, over here, this other page Because with allows us I'm up for author. We allow Simon for pages and also we allow us I'm opposed. Now you can see all these are link right here, olive. A level that way. That switch in jerking index, these pages there's gonna be easy for Google search engine and also being engine to grab all this pageant because now we create a Simon that was easy for them to indexes. Okay, let me just go back to my dashboard, okay? I think we don't with this one. Let me just popping on new what we hear 2. Uploading Google XML SITEMAP File to Bing Webmaster Tools: let me just copy, because we will not need this one for the next step. Which is Ah, let me just go here. Okay? Inside this website because I don't have any side. I get the first thing you need to do inside. Being you need to add your website or jewels are surgery on this case. Let me just pick this one. But because this is not the same up is just that you are. L make sure you erase this one right now. In doing after that, you just hit Enter or um all right after we do that. Ah, we heard toe also are right here. The four link. Let me just go back and copy the link. We need to copy this link again. And now we have toe added right here. Because this is that you are else I'm up. And this they're in this area right here is asking you like when you site is more active place a prodigy, Sizemore users are active. If them in the morning and probably in the afternoon. On nighttime, you don't know, but I recommend to use like, a dutiful all day. You can know what time do They are more active in your weapon. Otherwise, just leave it at before, say all day and right here. Make sure you use your own name. Like I put your information right here. Let me just add it from here. All right? A over here in this other area is gonna ask you what kind of role I do the administrator, or you are just, um, on the on there. And let me just put the army okay in gonna ask yourself for the company. Just type like this. Just create a fictitious company can just like that. Ah, let me just you with my company, okay? And what kind industry you are. Ah, right here. Ah, this is you don't have toe. Put it right here If you want to. That contact form sitting Ah, everything else. Because you see if you see the star they started me required. But if there is no start and this one doesn't mean doesn't it is no require. But you cannot it if you want to, But you don't need toe. Okay? Country unity state. Let me just go somewhere here. You're not staying where it's it. All right. You I stay is asking now if your agency or no the site owner, OK, and you just leave it blank because you are the site owner. If you like to receive like a disease. Emails that check this one on Interesting tourist is information for these are company because they just are tutorial. This website is no even active like eyes. It just is only right now, but I know using for nothing. Jeff for glass purpose on me in this area over here. Make sure everything is checked like this acid before. After that, you say just safe. Okay? You have a three options right here. The first option, which one is we will be using in these, um, tutorial is gonna be this one. The first up, we want to be up lowering this fire in our OCP. On the second up, young is like a copy paste between the head inside your arm. A patient is being the index patient and the last one is joking. Aditi's went to your DNS records, which is kind of little more different. But the first European is we're not working for us. And then we want to click here. Download after we don't know the fire. The next step is to upload in the fire for that. Let me just go back here in every logging inside my C panel from your C panel. Just go fire manner. Your click on fire money here and from fire money. You're mature. You just double click Indies with that report Value or public html. Either way is OK. Let me just do stuff. 1st 1 over here, you can see this is your war press installation, and we want uploaded that fire. With that way, we can verify. We are owners of this stuff are on this website. We go all way up and you want to see this one a plow. And then they say select file and from select fire, you will see this armature. You just get this fire, which is called be inside out and click it are blowing. This is very fell because pretty small fire and now we just go back home. We want to leave one. Ah, you wanna leave this open? Because we will not be using for also Google. Okay, the fire is right here and now Let me just go back to that being in from here. The fire is already inside your C panel in your server. Let me just go and verify if everything look okay. Yeah. You think is gonna take you straight to this page? Is everything go? Okay. But something will wrong gonna give you like a warning. And from here, probably there's gonna take, like around 34 day toe popular old your pages inside here. After that, you cannot do nothing right now, Jill, you have to wear like a probably from 3 to 5 days to Ah, these are websites to repopulate inside. Being okay right now is spending. We finish with this power and the only thing you have to do next time just logon inside your being. Ah, Count West. What, Master? And coming to this I with my sights right here. And you will see your site is hero Indexes in Awesome is gonna appear. How many clicks are you receiving from here? Is gonna tell like a thing or 100 clicks And how many or really are injured? And how many pages are in Texas already? You will see here how many pages being already indexing And also you have any problem with the rubble toe wrap your pages going appear here. Okay, If you double click and the link right here is gonna open, take it back to the same page, which you write us depending. All right. We feeling with these are being was master to now let's Goto who consult over with master too. 3. Uploading Google XML SITEMAP File to Google Webmaster Tools: and for Google. You have to go in this area and just say at a prop parity with each ah website. Over here, you do the same thing. You just added that link before mature. You erase this one, that Simon, because this is just regular link. Okay? And let me just make sure you have it. Also, the http is our columns like you have to have the full u r l otherwise won't work. Let me just add it is going to ask you the same. Proceed from here. But ah Google gonna ask you like an extra step. Which is you must verify you are no a robot. You're human. And make sure you check this one right here. Yes, A my human are Robert before you better if I But we cannot verify, Jake, because we have it done on this file. And we want Donald the fire to we click the fire. The fire spirit moment already here and now. We had to go back to our C panel and do the same process again from C panel which still like at the fire. But now we want to sell it the Google fire, right here. I now let me just go back home, okay? The fire is here. My church of the fire is in that May folders in this folder in the pullup fold. Now let's go back and verify this arm fire. Okay? We know, right? The fire is up there. Now let's verify with Google. Okay? Now you want to get thes arm. Congratulations. Ah, not if you catch everything look okay. And we just heat continue. And that is no information yet because also spending there's gonna take also around, probably like between three and five days to who will start populated order pages in here. Ah, third you're doing with this installation. Next. I also matured. You logging inside your Google? What? Master toe? Over Go console, which is called now the only thing you have to do is just go google, like inside your pitch right here, and you can see your site map right here. If you have a more website, Duke, just repeat the process. All right? We don't with this installation inside Google or two. Now let's go back to the dashboard. Let me just see Here is dashboard okay? We don't have nothing else to do in this area. We don't. With this our installation, That was very easy. And you see, we only need this plugging, which is Let me just go back to the plugging area. Download. These are plugging mature. You can choose, like which pages you want to enable. Which would you want? A block? And that's it. Just safe and uploaded to your US toe that Google survey and then being server. And just make sure you verify that way. Go. Going to start indexes more faster. You pages. I hope this class help your lot. Okay. See you in the next class. Thank you.