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Make a Rainbow Cake Charm with Polymer Clay

Janirette Vazquez, Painter and Sculptor

Make a Rainbow Cake Charm with Polymer Clay

Janirette Vazquez, Painter and Sculptor

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13 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is polymer clay?

    • 3. Basic techniques

    • 4. Materials

    • 5. Using the pasta machine

    • 6. Mounting the cake

    • 7. Covering the cake

    • 8. Cutting the cake

    • 9. Cake texture

    • 10. Making the frosting

    • 11. Inserting the headpin

    • 12. Applying the frosting

    • 13. Final touches and conclusion

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About This Class

Aren't rainbow cakes the most magical things in the world? Now you can create a tiny one to wear or give!

  I've been working with polymer clay since 2010 creating mostly realistic miniature food to wear. I've learned a lot through trial and error and today I want to share what I've learned with you.

  In this class you will learn what Polymer Clay is and the basics to create almost anything you can imagine. 

  • Clay Brands differences
  • Molding, cutting, texturing and shaping 
  • Turning your piece into a charm
  • Tips and advice throughout the class

You will create a Rainbow Cake Charm

Who can join this class? Everyone! It's very basic and fun.

Want to know more about my work? 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Janirette Vazquez

Painter and Sculptor


My name is Jany and I am an artist from Puerto Rico currently living in Miami, Florida. I went to the school of fine arts of Puerto Rico (Escuela de Artes Plasticas y Diseño) where I discovered my passion for painting and sculpting which led me to create my very own business selling hand-sculpted miniature food jewelry with polymer clay online. I was then featured on numerous websites, magazines and online blogs. My pieces were featured in the Pee Wee Herman blog, Dominos Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts and even a Korean soap opera named Panda and Hedgehog. I've been working with polymer clay for 10 years and have been making tutorials on YoutTube for quite some time now.    


 I love art and I love teaching. You can learn&n... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Danny and immunized. I went to the School of Fine Arts and the signed off Puerto Rico, where my passion for traditional art school I used to own a very successful Etsy shop. And my work has been featured in websites like No Minutes, Pizza dunking Donald's and the Pee Wee Herman Block. My work has been featured in magazines like Make Jewelry and Making jewelry from the UK I have collaborated re companies like rail and land Nickel artista I'm raising 1% color eight gen crafts to name a few my class. We hope you develop the skills to create super cute pieces and the techniques to feed almost anything with Problematically Come and have fun with me And together this creates tiny masterpieces that you've been show up in no time see in class 2. What is polymer clay?: Okay, guys. So let's talk about polymer clay and what is it? Parliament. Clay is basically like a play doh, but it hardens one state. The creations will be in a permanent shape once it bakes. And what is the white does a hardness when baked, will polymer places composed off pre BC or holy vinyl chloride and a class desire which keeps elasticity. And when we make the play, it evaporates, making the finished piece permanent. The piece falls. It will not break. There's a question that I get a lot. If it does, it does not break. You can mix it, you can cut it, you can shape it. And it's so much fun here I have two different runs off play. There's a lot of brunt of clay bronze nowadays in stores, but these two are the most famous. We have the premium from school P, and we have a female. I like these two because, for example, primo HASA a lot of variety of colors. It's very flyable from the package. Female, on the other hand, is a little bit firmer, but once worried, it becomes very pliable. I like the soft from the female, ran because the white from primo is too bright and it looks kind of fake trying to create a different kinds of things. And I also like the female translucent because translucent for primo looks kind of like beach the female. Let me show you transfer those headaches like this Like a little bit like brighter the primo. It's kind of like based, like I tell you so, Yes, these are my two favorite friends. And I wanted to show you this is a piece of clay bees. Oneness like a shocking pink. And this is the one that we're going to be using to make a room. Okay, as you can see is very pliable. You can shape you can long steak. You can cut it. Any of you have extra tours, you can keep texture like this. Possibilities are endless with this materials. This is why I love so much 3. Basic techniques: as promised, I'm gonna show you some techniques that you can use to create almost anything with polymer clay. So polymer clays, very versatile, and you can mold it. You can cut it. You can texture. You can do anything with it. You can even paint it for its sample. I made some earrings, and I, uh, painted them. They look like this. And then I added a resting quote on top, which looks really, really nice. And if you have molds, you can use them, or you can create your own molds. It's still like home, so you just put the clay inside, push it down, and you can use regular things that you have at home. For example, the toothbrush to give texture and you don't have to always, you know my class. I'm going to do a rainbow cake charm, but you don't have to create food items you can create. Very you can create different things. So here it iss. Now there's two kinds of flavor. There's a very Sterritt e kind of late, and there's a very flexible one. I love the flexible one, and to show you that you can cut into polymer clay like this. And for example, if you want to give different kind of color or grading and color or something like that, you can use software stills like this. You can also give textures with different things. For example, this is, I think, for firing something like that. But you can this push like this, smash it and I'm going to give, uh, this is a wood piece, so I'm gonna push it into the clay to give different texture like this, and I'm gonna show you this one of my favorite tools. This is a clay Stroeder. It also has a really cool texture in here. You can roll it on top of the clay like so, and it looks like a ice cream cone texture. So the clay stroller, the high suitor has different kinds of disks that you can change. They all have different shapes for this one. There's the one I use for my Sprinkles, this twist and the committee will come out like so this very cool and it's very, very helpful 4. Materials: this are the supplies are we going to use for this project? We're going to use polymer clay in the colors of the rainbow Now instead of red, I'm using pink. I like it more how it looks with pink. So I'm using school be three, which is, for example, this is scooping Primo. And they have another a line that it's called School beat three. It's like this. So we're going to be using school. Be three in hot pink. This is pretty more orange. Primo primo in cat immune yellow. This is school P three Granny Smith and this is school B three violence. And of course, this is primo to a choice for the white, which is gonna be the frosting right here, and we're going to use feel OK, so we're also going to need a tile. This tile was, I think, 34 cents at Home Depot. I prefer to use a tire when working with polymer clay because polymer clay can stain any surface really quickly errand to protect my desk and also to bake it on top of this because this doesn't have a texture or anything. You can work on top of it. And then you can put it in the open because this ceramic don't burn or break or anything. Okay, so we're also going to need and needle A. It's a job. Bring This is for, um, the charm we're going to need to inch head pins off blade. This is a holy day specifically made for play a round cookie cutter. I think this is, um I think it's Wilton. I don't remember to be honest, and then we're going to be using school Big glass plays, translators and liquids looking clay. This is for the frosting. We're going to bay and make a realistic rusting looks. So we're going to be used in this. I'm gonna show you later in the class how we're going to use it, Okay. And then we're going to use some tools to mix the clay with the liquid school p. You're also going to need a rolling pain. There's a couple of the army is specifically for play. They are clear, they're made of chronic. Or you can use one plastic or you can just take anything that it's like a rolling pin shape and you can use it. Teoh flat in the to flat. Unlikely. In this case, I'm going to use a clay machine, which is this is this is a past the machine that it was made for clay. But it's the same thing. It has tool roles in here. You put the clans hop, you roll it and then it's gonna come flat from this side. This is awesome because every layer off the cake will be the same thickness because of the machine. You've you do it by hand with the rolling pin. You won't need this. This isn't my street. You can use playing cards and put the same amount in one side the same amount of the other side. Put the play in the middle and then roll rolling, being on solve other playing cards. And that way you will get the same thickness for every piece of clay, but also going to need it. Toaster oven Mine. I bought a Really She? I think it was. $18 is a regular toaster oven, Um, but it's very important that you used that the old owner used it specifically, you're going to use it specifically for clay because the play releases some fumes that it No, it's not recommendable to do it in your and your regular kitchen over 5. Using the pasta machine: Okay, so now that start with our project, I am so excited to show you how I do it. Okay? I'm using my past a roller, and it's in setting number two. So that's the thickness on this machine works from 1 to 9, all being different thickness one being the biggest and the nine being that veniste. Okay, so I'm gonna start, like, putting the lighter color, which is going to be Thank you. And if you can see, is the same thickness. Okay, that's what we're gonna do. We gonna start fitted in here, so no orange glaze. And if you think, for example, this is a like a rounder shape and this is longer, you can just bend it like this and then you put it this this side That's right. And look, it's a yellow. And was it this one time? Just enough. You don't have to do it unless you want it to be like right now. He was on the longest green, and this happens to you. It's OK. Um, this is it makes with the purple Carter. So you can just like this because he was the surface. See, not screen. But we have to put it again with fast fashion on the for the white. We'll have to do the same, but we'll do it later after we build it the cake. 6. Mounting the cake: Okay, so now the tile to our cake. So my case and we're gonna start by putting the purple. Then the I think one thing I want to say before continuing, you can caught h strip with the round cutter and then put each Rollins up. But I've found that if I do this, I'll get a cleaner caught give you put all the layers first, and then you caught it. It will look better. Okay, so no green, yellow, orange. And I'm topping slightly because I don't want them to get really, really good together. Because after I cut, I will separate of the late old layers again. So just buddy. Yeah, it will look like this. How beautiful. I'm right. I love it. So put it like that. And then we're gonna the circle. Do you like that? You know, not twisted a little bit, so it cuts and then we're gonna take it up. Sometimes we will stay inside and sometimes this will happen. Don't worry. If this happens, you just lightly push it down. And sometimes he's The play is too soft. You will smudge the letter. But it doesn't matter. You just and it will get its sick get. Yea so now we have our cake. Now let's make our frosting 7. Covering the cake: Okay, So to make the frosting when it's make sure our hands and everything else on the desk it's clean. Okay, so also are machine or rolling pain. Whatever you're using, you need to make sure it's clean. So our white played doesn't get dirty. Okay for your own pocket. And this is helping what looks like. And this is why I like it. The square. It's caught in half, so you can. It's portrait already. You can cut it in half, or you can maybe just grab a piece from here and maybe you'll say, like, Oh, I don't find that youthful like, Why does it has the ridges, or why would I want to know our have it portioned well, when you're making a lot of pieces? And you, for example, me. I used to make a lot of dominance. I used to sell a lot of done it. So my recipe I had arrested be, and it sounds funny because it was minutes her food and I had recipes for them. But it's true. I had recipes. For example, I used three parts of this and this Oh, well, let's keep the fourth thing. He's already broke for example, four long thing geese with 1/4 off the A crew and then a cruise. The color. I'm sorry. I'm talking like you already know. So it will be four parts of female, another color like another part, Like, for example, half another color and then 3/4 off the translucent play and I will make start together and that and I will create my base. So yeah, this is why I like when it's portion like this. So OK, we re going to the white play out. So we're gonna start by soft in the Klay take. You don't have to take all the whole packets, you can just take a piece and then start and start working on the clay. And once you feel it's liable, then you take your plus the machine. And for this specific, I'm gonna change the thickness because I wanted to be thinner. I don't want to read the same thickness at us. The rainbow cake. So because it's this is going to be on top. So for this, I'm gonna keep moving. Let me check if e Hi. I see. So you see health, then you can get the clay This is why I love this machine so much Because you've you did this by hand. It will not be a spin as this and, you know, sacrament So and then? Yeah, that's great. Now I'm gonna show you how to put trusting on the key. So we have our tile gonna put our cake, and then we're gonna the frosting on top. Now, you want to make sure that it covers the whole cake, you can do it this way. Bites happens, hopping and the other sides that you were doing on a real cake, right? Uh, are or you can do this. Which for me, it's time singer. You caught with the same potter. Make sure it's clean, because look what happened. You know, I'm gonna put it on top of the cake. I can't. I mean, I can't tonight This and in a measure, the side like going to Kat One straight line going to cut from here. Yeah. Now we don't blame Lift the corner and then you can see I'm just thinking about it. Doesn't have to be perfect. It's just that I like to do things this way. I very perfectionist. Be aware too and it could be defict, you know? All depends on how you see it. Okay, Almost. I just miss this plot in here, but that is no big deal, because, remember, we're going to cover this cake, another kind of rock. So what you want to do? If that happens, you can stretch to play a little like this, and you can just do it with your finger, or you can get a tool and your start moving the clay around. You can also take pieces put on top like this. If you have pieces like this sticking out off the cake can also take your money, Copy exes, and then this is my weight to do it. 8. Cutting the cake: case or not, we're going to cut the Okay, So here, you want to make sure get the kink in the middle the minute. So I'm sorry. My hits the way so you can score it like that so you can see what you're I think that's all right. Right more here. Okay. So you can I really recommend you to wiggle your blade like this? Because sometimes if you do it straight even if your latest chart since the clay it's very soft right now, it was much so you can just wiggle your plate like this. And here's half of a rainbow cake. So now we're gonna cut. See how convenient is the tile? Okay, So same thing. And separate each part and the same thing. Score. No. Here. Yes. And then here is here it is the pieces of them. OK, Every time you make a realm kick like this, you will get eight cakes. So that means you have eight necklaces. I keep cutting it 9. Cake texture: So before we put our frosting on the cake, we need to give the cake on the texture. So we're gonna use the middle to do so and you want to do it in circle or circular motions . Sure, you can leave it in the tile. You can grab it with your hands. I'm going like this so you can see there's no secret to this. Just do it in a circle or more since emotions don't push it too hard inside the clay. Do you just wanna do it on the surface? And it would look like this. Now you keep doing that with all the layers. 10. Making the frosting: now for the frosting. So we're going to take a piece of very soft white clay so we can use the same that we were using for the top off the cake. We just really soft. And I'm just going Teoh working a little bit more once you're happy. But it your tiles and here's where we're going. Use our pass facility. We claim so. I know it looks like a lot. Anyway, we're going to be more. You'll see. So I'm gonna fast forward this process. I'm gonna start showing you clips. Maybe not fast for, but showing you clips off the process because this can take up to 10 minutes. Now it will be They will get a point that you think it will not. It will not work. And you will say she's crazy. There's no this is not going to work. But after that, after you get to the point, you have, like, five more minutes to keep working it, and then it'll look fine. So really so you just want to take the plate, flash it, it's we're gonna add a little bit more and the consistency over frosting. Well, they had with them. If you want to. Really? You just have to keep working it. You have the liquids copy, and you keep working it. Any of you see straight, Just keep working and you can't keep adding would say because if not, you get it really running more. I mean, it will be it's gonna work. But you wanted it. The purpose is that you were going to use it. So now that it's already he started to mix, this is the point that I was talking to you about When you get to this point, you're like, this is to work. Okay. So when I get to this point, I like to change my tool to this one because this one is a little bit bigger, much easier. You see how now it looks smoother, half less lumps, and you can easily like Strache, you see? And he hold its gets tape when you let it go like that. That's just what you want. Okay, so now let's first our cake 11. Inserting the headpin: both sides of the cake has been texture now and it looks like this. And now I'm gonna show you a really cool drink that I wish I'd known since I started. But it was something I discovered over the years. So you can turn your cake into a charm by putting a head clean on I pin, which is the stick with the circle you can put it in. But that will come up very easily. Even if you put glue on it, you will fall apart eventually. And then there's the ice screws, which are little school that those war, but they can get up easily to. So the easiest way that I found to make the charm really, really secure is to use the head. How well, you're gonna put your piece like this, you're gonna determine where you want you are. You're you know, the circle to me and for me, it's right here. So when it pushed down, when to claim? Well, I'm so sorry. I'm gonna do that again because I was off camera, but I made a circle right there so you can put the push, the hat being through. Then we'll see It's coming up this way right here. So what I'm gonna do now? Gonna see? But it's Bach backwards, and it's yes, it is. So we're gonna take it out. No, this side. And you have to be really careful that you don't smash. You're Kate Texter, and then you go, it's gonna look like this in the bottom. Don't worry. This pushed the cake like this. You're gonna have a little hole in there. But don't worry. Just grab a little bit off the purple clean piece right here. I'm just gonna cover that up with a piece of clay like that smarted out. And then this This is gonna be for a really good friend of mine. Her name is Alexandra. So I'm gonna write her name down here. I think that's really cool. If you're making a piece for someone, you'll feel super special in they see their name in there. So I'm going to do is I'm going to write Alex like that. You can do this. Where? It big too. It was sacked in life, Alex. Okay, so not we're going to bake thes first. Why are we gonna bake it first? Well, we wanted to maintain the shape. Um, because very hard to put the frosting on some because it's very sticky and my experience, it's better to bake the cake for a couple of minutes now and then we'll put the frosting wanted so that a bit harder and we will not be able to smush it. So into the open. My open said 100 and 60 F. I'm gonna put it just 15 minutes so it hardens. 12. Applying the frosting: Okay, so here's how the peace will look like after taking it out from the Open. It's already heartening. And the name it's permanent now. So now we can add the frosting to it without worrying that it's gonna get smashed. Okay. And the advantage of this happen is that you can grab it from the head pin and then start putting the frosting on top. Because if you grab it with your fingers like this and you put the frosting on sob when you're gonna put the thrusting in the back, then you'll have to grab it from here. And it would look, a little bit of detail will start crumbling. Okay, so my frosting you can use the Natal for this. I'm using a dental tools. The great thing with polymer clay is that you can use almost anything you have in your house, um, to give texture or, for example, this. I mean, this was new. I bought. It is not it's not used, but there's a lot of tools that are not meant to be used with. Problem are quite that you can use now. Here I don't begin setem. I'm gonna start applying the frosting in a circular motion, and I want to cover the white that we put with the solid white. I want to cover it with the frosting because it gonna look so much better. And that way we covered that area. And then you can create some swells like this, so it gives interested in peace and look super detail. Now, you can get creative with this, and instead of putting white frosting on top, you can make, um, maybe strawberry frosting more even show colored frosting. I think maybe pink frosting look really cute on top of this one. It will be like a unicorn unicorn. Rainbow cake. Okay, so after we apply all the frosting and that we're happy with it, you have to be really careful that it doesn't get into the cake part in here are. Or at least if, if you want. We want that effect on your cake. Go for it. But I'm not looking for that. So yeah, I'm just gonna leave it like this. You can see this is very sticky, so it will stick to everything. So you have to be really careful when put it down. Gonna put it like this can keep giving details. And now we're gonna put the Sprinkle song. So for Sprinkles, I'm going to use the same colors, the same clay. Now, what you want to do is that you want to take like, little pieces off the clay and basically do this Smash it a little bit with your finger. You take a little piece and then you just start rolling, rolling, building until you get it's tiny, tiny Sprinkle like this. So I've made a couple in advance and it could have been this tiny fish. I'm going to use my needle to put those Sprinkles on top. So I start. I would like to start with the purple ones and he's got Just talk. Try not Teoh like me. Perfect. With this, just have fun and enjoy the process. Because if you look for example, we were trying to be so perfect with them, like strategically, I don't know won't cool, in my opinion, for me, I get to be more natural. But of course, I put with certain callers beside others inside of others, to see you can after you please all the Sprinkles you need to break this for about 20 minutes, so the frosting hardens. But remember, you already baked Look, hate part. So I gave it, like, 15 minutes. So it will be like in total. Like have you put 20 minutes now will be 35 minutes. Okay. It's a really, really careful with food in this in the open, because it's so sticky right now. Okay, guys, see you in 20 minutes. 13. Final touches and conclusion: Okay, so now we're going to place our peace with the school. Big close place. So you just take a brush. And you just wanted to apply it to the frosting area, which is the glossy area. - Thank you so much for taking the computer a lot. Please don't forget all those pictures off your finished product. I would love to see what, and I hope to see you in the next one. I