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Make a Poster: Google Slides

teacher avatar Miguel Echeverria

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Layout

    • 3. Adding Image

    • 4. Font

    • 5. Locking Image and Text

    • 6. Adjusting Text

    • 7. Line tool

    • 8. Designing

    • 9. Downloading

    • 10. Printing

    • 11. Add to create project

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About This Class

Design an awesome poster using the free online software Google Slides. This is a fun introduction to design and in the end I show you how to get it printed. The nice thing about this course is that you don't need to purchase any software because it's all online for free. You will need a google account.

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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is Miguel. It's very, uh, I'm a school teacher, and today I'm gonna show you how to make a poster using Google slides. So over the years, I have loved making posters with my students and put on my wall, and I realize that there's a lot of people other that don't really know how to make it simple poster. They don't have access to a nice programs like photo shop or illustrator. So that's the reason I created this class. It's going to use a group of slide, which is free. It's online, and it's amazing program. And on a lot of people know that you can make a poster with Google Slides. They think it's just a presentation software when it's so much more. So, I'm gonna take you through the process of designing a poster all the way. The very end. I'm even gonna take you to, um, print shop where I'm gonna print it so this can all be done in four easy steps. 1st 1 is simply just thinking of the design. Secondly, just thinking of what? What is the software available to me and third is actually setting it up and designing it, and the fourth would be going to the print shop in making it. So, um, yeah, I'm excited to have you join me. I really hoping for this class. Follow it through to the end. I think it really enjoy it. If you want to kind of find your own design and make it yourself, make it your own. Your own text. That's fine. Or if you wanted to follow exactly. I'm doing that straight as well. But in the end, you'll have an awesome post. True that you'll be able to hang on your wall. Um, So anyway, very glad you joined me, so stay tuned. 2. Layout: you want to do is get to Google drive. So I found the best way to do that is simply just open a new tab like I have here and go over here to this little but in here and go to Google Drive now, she used to far your Firefox. I don't really know. Do the ones work as well as chrome? But I just use Crume, So, um, it's not working for you may have to switch, but here I am, a Google drive. I'm gonna go to new Google slides. Now, As you know, Google slides are really met for presentation. It's a presentation software, right? So it's it's really designed all the stuff in here to make that happen for your really easy . You know, you can click that title. You can type in here and change the themes. Do all that real quick. Um, so I just want to give you kind of a quick overview of that. Um, even though that's not exactly what we're doing, we're gonna make a poster, But it's good to know kind of what? What's in here. Right here. So you had text images and shapes and different lines and stuff, and we'll get into these. I'm how to change the background change differently. Out. Let's say you're doing a presentation. You want a different kind of way out Really easy to choose different themes. It's over here, transitions all the awesome stuff the presentation software comes with. But well, you're going to do is go over here to untitled presentation. Let's name this thing going. Caught, poster, and the moment you click away, it kind of stinks that in there it goes, and I'm gonna file. And, um, we will need to change the size of our screen. So I'm gonna go to Page set up. And this is kind of what makes Google slides so awesome, right? It's It's not just presentation software. Um, having Google has seen a lot of people are designing things on this, and they've actually made some really cool features in here to make it more design friendly . So great here. This is what's gonna make this thing awesome. We're gonna go to custom rather than use one of these preset screen sizes were custom and the size that we want, and it's really up to you. But well, I'm just gonna go. The standard poster sized kind of a fairly smaller size 11 by 17. So 11 high 11 with 17 height and you leave that inches. You could change this to other things if you'd like, but we're gonna keep that inches of good input supply. And there you go. Look at that. So the first thing I like to do is is kind of clear my screen, get things out the way, like, over here, this themes thing, I'm not going to use it. Let's get rid of its close. That cried. This this little speaker note thing right here that you can lift up and down, I like to just kind of move it out of the way. Not going to use it. Um, I wish I could even move this over, but you can't, um, and these text boxes, I don't even need them. So what I don't only do is click and drag my mouth down to highlight him. Just delete on my keyboard. There you go. You got a blank 11 by 17 screen. Now it zoomed in. As you can tell, um, and one thing that Google's I'd read added recently is the rulers option, which wasn't there before. But cool thing. They added, You can see the rules, so if yours isn't on it, I suggest just turning it on. Um, and you do that by going to view. So, rulers Okay? No, to zoom in and out is right here. Right now. It's set to 49%. So I'm actually going to change that to 100%. And you can see now the ruler marks air kind of showing up better. So here's one ends to this 10.2 inch, three X and so on. And if I scroll with top, if you look over on the side that won its so and over there is your there is your poster, we're gonna make this thing awesome. Um, no. I mean, you really could do any sites you want it right? If you want to go bigger, um, you would. And so I mean, that's what this is, Sam. It's all about You're gonna make a poster. So I would please follow along with this poster. And, um, you'll make your own later. But good. Make this one with me, and I think you'll learn a lot of the tools necessary for this assignment. So anyway, let's go ahead and move on to the next step. 3. Adding Image: right. We got a poster size 11 by 17. Looking great was throwing an image here. Right? So if you look over here, they say added images. I could click, insert image, find one here, or I can also click here, takes you to the same spot. So the one that we're going to search with is I'm just using the web. Something quick, search the web. You click that button over here, Um, we're gonna make a poster that says the mountains they're calling and I must go A famous quote Quote by by John Mirror. And it's gonna have kind of a mountain scene in That was a graphic images and stuff. So, um, let's go ahead and search for mountains. Um, I think mountains graphic is what I served for. On a few down, you're gonna see one that looks just like this. Okay. Looks like there's some birds flying in there. No one right there, so good. Just click on it. Um, by the way, if you can't find that particular one, you can go with whatever one you want. You just have to change a few things later on to make it look a bit better, but I'm gonna go ahead and click on this and then press answer. All right, so when it throws in a picture, um, that's how big the images right there. It's not a super large image, so we're gonna stretch it out a little bit. I know that when you stretch named John, it does kind of compromise its quality. But that's okay. This is just for demonstration. So, um, the first thing I want to do, though a zoom out a little bit so I can see my whole poster. So I'm gonna come over here to this little drop down zoom button and click fit again. And there is my poster is the poster. Here's my image. So I'm actually gonna take my image, and I'm gonna grab the corner, right? Never grab the bottom of the sides K. That I would just mess with your image. I'll make it stretch. Trey, don't do that. So you're just gonna grab a corner and you're actually gonna stretch this thing out? And I notice as I'm stretching it out, I don't actually have to follow the corner. I can actually stretch and just kind of pulled down at the same time. Because if I don't run a problem with my picture fit So basically, what I'm trying to do is you see what I did there? Drug it down to the point to the very bottom point. Okay, so go ahead and just keep dragging it down. T gets it big, is the entire I'm going to share that one more time. So there's the very bottom right there. I'm trying to drag it to that line. So I'm gonna click and drag over and down at the same time, and I'm gonna hit the bottom, right? Well, actually, snap into place. Let it go. And now you're probably thinking, Well, that's too big. And it is, right. Oh, there's still a little bit of gap, man. I don't know about yours with mine. I need to lift it up just a little bit. So I'm gonna grab this corner and just lift up. Boom. Snapped. So, um, what we're gonna do is actually crop this image. I'm gonna pull over this a little bit on the way you cropped. Image is you could click here or you can is double quick. Okay. And I'm gonna grab the sides. Okay. These little black cabs that are all around it, you're gonna want to grab those and be careful when you grab them. Don't accidentally grab the side. You need to be unity grab. I wish they made this a little easier, but I usually move my mouse about right there. It was click and drag over. You know that it's working because it will look kind of grass. Okay. By the way, if you mess up, just press undo, right? Shortcut for that, I'm a Mac. Is command Z or Windows? Its control, Z, But I'm gonna keep pulling this over and over and over. Um, do you see? There is the edge of my paper, so I'm actually went too far, So I'm gonna click and drag over, and it'll actually snapped red when you hit the edge of that paper. Can I just do the same thing on the other side? Quicken pretty mouse and drag over a usually drag past the point of the of the image or the paper so that I know for sure it's going right to the edge. Snapped. Um Okay, so we've basically crop this image and night you can actually move it side to side, right? You wouldn't want to move up or down like that. You want to move it? Decided to side. Be careful in this trade. A position. I'm putting mine with the mountains right in the middle like that, and yeah. And go ahead to suppress return under a key border. Enter whenever it is. And look, There you go. You have a picture across your entire poster. Have you ever messed up in that? You can actually double quick, back in and kind of readjusted. Okay, um, now, let's say you decided. You know, I don't like that picture. It's not the best picture we go. Something else. Well, you could come up here to real place, image on and search the web and find a different one. You know, that's just And you wouldn't have to crop it again. I don't think so. There you go. Okay. So we got our picture in there. We're set 4. Font: So now the next thing, the next thing we want to do is add some. All right, now, the next thing we want to do is advancing text, right? So let's come over here to this text box, you click on it and then come over to your poster and click again. It drops in a nice text box for us, right? It's super small. The lettering. It's aerial 14 black. So super basic right now. So what I want to do is just change the font size, just like 30 for a minute, Okay? Just so it's easier to see when we type are sentence, and then we'll adjust it in a second. So going time, Um, the mountains air calling, um, and I must go, Okay, mountains they're calling. And I must go. So it's always kind of a good habit of just typing what you want first and then adjusting this fun because every fun is different. So usually you type what you want first. So I'm gonna you can move this text box around. Um, what I want you to do is actually kind of ah, what's but ah, let's go find a different phone. So I'm gonna go over here to area and no thought that we're gonna use for this one is called, um am a tick s c. So it may not be on your list here, So I'm gonna go to more funds and you can see there's a huge variety of funds. Sometimes they take a second to load, but when they do, you can see there's a lot of cool funds and you could even search for him. And the one that we want is am a tick. And it's this one and I don't know where that wasn't checked already. That's where me. I'm gonna go ahead and turn that on and press OK and you'll see it's in your font selection . And to get rid of us, fall out. You can easily just clothes on and get through the old fonts. So press OK, right now I'm gonna come over here, and there it is. And just by clicking, it should change the whole part. And this bonsai is is super small, so you can see I could change its bigger. Despite clicking, I don't have to highlight anything. I'm just click on the tax box itself so you'll notice it only actually goes up to 96. But we can actually just type in a number here. And then Size of fund that we want to use is actually 150.5. Schooling type in and press return. Well, there we go. Kids looking better. All right. And so we want to center this. It'll look a little better for our design. So I'm gonna go toe the alignment bun, make sure you're still clicked on the text box. You notice if I click away all those options went away. If I click on the text parts, I get these back. So click on the border to get the whole text box, and I'm gonna go to center. That so the whole thing should be centered. Um, okay. Next point I want to make real quick is you'll notice that when I'm trying to click on this picture and the text box, it can get kind of tricky. Especially when we started at a lot more stuff like this thing could accidentally move on us, right? And that that creates a problem. You don't. I want that thing to move. I went too far back. You want this thing? You want the background to stay still. You can I'm gonna lock things in place. And that that is one thing I think Google slides needs of work on a little bit better. But there is a work around. It's not too hard. Two. And it also teaches you another point about about this presentation software. So I'm gonna lock this in a place, and you may want to do the same. So click on your your background not the textbooks, but the background. And I'm gonna go to view master rooms. All right, So you want to click on the background and right click your mouse. Right? So to right, click on announced, Um, you just click on the right side of the mouse. I know. That's kind of a weird thing to say, but it's kind of hard to find. Sometimes we hold down control and click. It also does the exact same thing. Anyway, what you want to do is it gives you all these options for this picture. But the one that we want to do is let's see, where is enough? Yeah, the one that we want to do is down here says add to theme right, We can easily lock things in place by clicking Add a theme and this clicking Honestly, it doesn't matter which one agent is Click the master one is click And now try to move your background Your image You can't right? Stuck. Well, how do I fix that? What if I mess up? Um, here's what you dio if you go to add it inside of you Master, check it out. It is There's my picture so I can actually take this and moving around so, you know, it's locked in the place to get out of this master thing. You just close it. Okay, There you go. 5. Locking Image and Text: all right, This thing is really coming together. At the next point I want you to understand. And the point I want to make is, let's say like you're putting a bunch of stuff on here you're designing and things started . Move like you're trying to grab the tax, but you grab the background, an accident, right? And that's kind of frustrating. You want things that kind of be locked in a place where you can't move him, And that's one thing Google Slides hasn't really done very well just yet, But I would not down if they added it soon. But one quick easy work around is if you just. If you right click your mouse on the background, go and do this with me. So to right click, you just click on the right side of your mouth. I know that's already. Know that I'm sorry or you can press control and click and our left quick and it brings up this menu option. So right, this is all stuff to do with just that background picture. So what I want you to go down to is where it says add to theme and you'll see, too, if it things master and title slide. Good. Just click this one right here. Title slide. I'll show you what you're doing here. Click it. Nothing. Looks like it really happened. But what it did is now go ahead and try to move that background picture. It doesn't move stuck. It's actually become part of the theme, and we'll have you edit that. So what you do is you come over here to view Master. My master is kind of like the the master. A theme list, right? Um, and the one that we mess with messed with was this This one right here and you'll notice. Here's my image. And I actually want you to be in this so that you can readjust this just a little bit for sake of just learning. And we're gonna make this look a little bit better. So just grab this corner right here, just pull it down a little bit. So it's a little smaller, not that far. And what you're gonna do is lift it position. It's with it. It's centered horizontally and vertically. You'll see those red lines showing you exactly where to put it so it once it snaps, boom right there. Let go of your mouth and let's get out of this game when I could do anything else that is quick missile X. You'll see it. Just put a little white edge around it. So that's how you mess with the master and add things to lock them and you can lock anything you want. Like I could lock this in the place. I'm not going to, but you could. When you especially do Wanna lock, though, is is the background image Okay? Good job. 6. Adjusting Text: all right. You're doing awesome. This thing's really coming together. So let's go in. Style up. This this quote a little bit better. So click your mouse up here where the text box is. You really can't see the border of it. Kind of just have to click. There it is. And if you click this little, um, this little square here and click and drag down, let's make this text box a little bit bigger, okay? No, I kind of want this word go to be next toe next to this part of the sentence. So if I just click and drag my side over just a little bit a little bit more. Yeah, Right there. Now it's on on the Sami. So the reason I did that, So if I click my mouse here and press return, I'm a couple of times. I'm gonna put something in here in a second. So now it will look good fit better. So I see one problem the that I'm gonna run into. So if I press return, it's gonna put this part of the sentence down too far, right? Something. Undo that. So I really want to bring this part of the Senate's down more into this just probably part of the treaty is dark purple. But if I pressed returnable, let me goes down too far. So there's two things you could do. One. I could make an entirely new text box and split the sentence in half. So I have two of those text boxes. Or I could easily just come up here and change the font size to, like, I don't know, 14. And now you'll notice that if I press return, it's only moving it down. Size 14. Fun size That makes sense. So going plus return, Bring it down. It's going a little further. Someone make this box a little bit bigger. Keep going. Oh, in a way, we change that back to 14. So bring it down to about I don't know about right there. Okay, Looking good. Also, this fun color. Let's go in this change. The white went out right. So I'm gonna highlight all of this part of it, and it will really stand out. Change this part toe white. Come over here and change this text. Color the white. There we go looking a lot better. And up here you know I don't really like the black Like I love this purple color. Could I match that somehow? And the answer is yes. I could kind of guess what color it is, or it could be exact and find that exact color. Um, I'm just gonna point this part out real quick. So I have this little color picker. This is this is called colors. Oh, uh, there's a lot of different color pictures out there, So basically, you can go on the internet Porn on the Internet, you can go to, ah, the chrome web store and add these little extensions. And the way you do that as you go to this little three button thing and you go to, um you know and the way you do that is in simply, come over here to a new tab. Can you go toe APS this button over here? And there's a scene called Web store. Couldn't click on it, and I'm missing a search for color picker and e I showed you that there's a few of amount there, so if you go to more extensions, you can see more options. So there's a bunch of color pictures. The one that I that I have is this one right here color zilla But feel free to try someone else's and and go in added in or have to do is click Add a Crume you know at it. And so now it's right here. So here's how this one works and there are a little different. But if I click on this and I say pick color from the page and I want this purple the color I can actually come down and click anywhere and you'll see it. It found that color and it copied it to the clipboard. So here's what I do now by highlight these letters, these words that would change my fun color custom. All right, I can this actually take this and press paste command be in it, it pasting in the color that it had found for me. Impress. Okay, there you go. You don't have to do that. It was just kind of a smaller Do you tell that I wanted to add. So if you only black or if you want to, just try to find a purple color or learn how to find the color picker, your choice. All right. Um 7. Line tool: all right. I kind of want to change the mountains up a little bit to style it up just a little. Um, so if you would with me, Actually, let's get rid of this word. So I just click and you can click and drag dark space and move this up a little bit. So I'm actually gonna click here and press return. I think that moved it down to where we don't want it. So that's good. So we're gonna put in the word mountains, but we're going to style it up, and we're gonna kind of using this little lying here toe design it. So what I mean by that does it become over here to your line tool and we want to click the curve. One right is like, Oh, options. But we want a curve one, and you'll notice that it's already set in that and somewhere about, I don't know, here we can always fix this, But somewhere about here, click and then come about over here. Click again and come about here quick. Yeah, And then, you know I don't like that. I'm gonna press escape. Let me trade that. So somewhere about over here Going click about here. Click again and about here. Click again about here. Double click when you get to the end to quicks 12 Okay. If you messed up press escape and press delete on that, undo whatever you gotta do. So you have a line. It took me a while to kind of figure this out, So don't be surprised if you mess it up the first try. Um, this is a really thin for airline. Wait, So I'm gonna change this to all right? A but four point from four pixels. And if you click away jokes, you may want to make that a little bit. They care. Will. Could sexy make that 28? Yeah, that's better. And the color it's it's it's a great color. It's not my cool purple e color that I want. So you notice when you click on something, it gives you different options appear and that the color to change it is right here. Lime color. Look, it already remembered my custom color. Quick it. Check it out. Um, and let's go ahead. And what we're gonna dio has read the word mountains and we're gonna make one mountains kind of wave into here, and I wish there was the easy way to do this. But this is gonna be it's gonna take a little bit of work. But all you do is let's go ahead and add another text box and then click. And I'm gonna find my cool fun. I am attacked. I'm gonna change it to 150 press return. I'm gonna go to the A and find May custom font color that I had before. Click that and I'm just gonna type the letter in and I'm gonna make this text box smaller. Something actually grab this side and put way over here and what was down if you want and what I'm gonna do but actually lift this up. So it's almost touching that line that I made. I'm gonna rotated. This is the rotate button right here. That little round thing, you click and drag it, and I'm gonna rotate it to kind of match the curve of that line That makes sense. So and if you're a mess up, just click away and then you want to click around the edge to move these things. So anyway, what you've got to do now is basically repeat this step over, but we can make it a little faster by doing this. If you click on this text box, you press command C, which is copy or on a PC having its control. See, I copy that, and then it paste it on a Mac. It's command. Be so copies Command, see, paced his command be or control if you're on Windows. So I'm gonna change that letter to a No. I've gotta move it up. And basically, you gotta move all the way across this thing, doing the same thing. So, copy paste. And I'm gonna kind of speed this up for sake of time and you going to just rotate these things kind of come back through. They need to come up a little bit, but I'm going to speed this up and you just take your time getting this right. It's kind of skill takes a little bit ular all right. And it in the night. And also one thing you need to wear not is getting your mountains to flow. So you may want to start separating these just a little bit anyway, because it's don't I don't think it's gonna make it already? Yes. It's gonna come back right there. Okay. Okay. So you may have rendered the problem. I did where? I typed out the whole thing, and I didn't make it to the very EDS and it doesn't look centered. And that's just fine, because we're gonna fix that right now. So I'm gonna see click on this little curved line, and I'm gonna double click my mouse. And if you've messed up, you can actually adjust these little dots. You can move him around. I'm gonna be careful not to move it too much. But I'm just gonna pull this one in just a little bit. So it matches. So something like that and I'm gonna click away and a mexican, um, move this whole thing over. So the way I do that, I'm gonna click and drag my mouth all the way across, so it's just selecting all of that. Okay? Be careful not to grab. So it is grabbing the textbook. So this is one problem. The you always running do in designing something is you don't wanna You don't want this text box to be selected, because if I try to move it over. It's gonna move the whole thing. I don't want that. So there's great again. See, click and drag selected all. And if you hold on shift and this click amounts somewhere on the border of this text box, it de selects it. So now only this car has selected. And so the reason that's nice. It's because I can actually move this with my mouth. I'm gonna click and drag and center it. Looking at that red line, I'm centering it on the page. So it should be centered with all the other stuff. Okay. Oh, I messed that up there. Double quick that away. Transformer town. Hold on shift click and drag. Moving over. Right. We went up all that. Anyway, I'm gonna zoom out on the sea. This looks like not too savvy, right? You know, I wish I had two of those. I had two of these. Oh, by the way, didn't tell you this. You can zoom in and zoom out at any point. Can I wish I had two of these lines? That's at another one. They can click it. That's the tricky part. Sometimes being able. Okay, well, maybe I can click. It is years away. I'm trying to clean this line. This thing keeps liking. Here's a quick tip. You can actually reorder these. So if I right click on this picture, I get changed the order. So I'm going to send that letter behind my squiggly line. Somebody said could stand back. So now when I click No, I'm clicking on a cool line and I'm gonna copy and paste this guy. Command C Command V, and I'm gonna drag him down, but pretty snazzy. Now, using back out, use them all the way out, All right. Needs a little work, but it's okay. You know, I could double quick this and I could actually kind of readjust these wounds. Don't want Teoh. Your take. Take your time and try to make it look someone nice. You kind of learn to do this. So you just gotta be patient. Eurozone's going out and over here it's kind of play around with it till you get it. How you want it to look and there you go. All right, 8. Designing: almost. You're almost done. This thing is looking so good. Um, let's put a little graphic image in right here. Okay? So let's go and added an image to go search the web. And let's this time surge for, um, Old arrow. They literally one old arrow. So, um, the one that we want is this 3rd 1 So 123 If you can't find this one, that's okay. Just find one good quick on it. Press insert and most of images that you'll find on the first hit are transparent ones. Right, So you can see right through. Make this. Let's go and take this thing straight down this little bit and let's actually rotate it, um, to 315 degrees and still to bigots. Maykel smaller we're making here is basically one of those a kind of trendy looking logo thing. He's They kind of have an image here in image here, here and here. As there was going I can expat earn So that's what we're doing. I know that's all like think of So anyway, so we'll need this same arrow again, but before we copy it, I don't want it to be black I wanted to be white. How do I change? It can change it. Yeah, you can if you go to former options. And if you look over here, there's a few different things you could do to it, right? And you feel free to mess around with those. But we're gonna ricotta this thing and your kids. You are two different color choices. But some reason instinct, huh? That's okay. The one that we want really is the white one. You can't see the white cause it's it won't show you. That's what they click here. Look, a jeans. Um, okay, there's are you know, I'm gonna copy this guy command see in command be. And then I'm gonna rotate this 1 to 200 hell, man, don't even know. 200. And, uh, what, 225 degrees? Honestly, they Yeah, I could do the math and figure this allow, but And I'm just gonna kind of move these, and if you want, you could You could quick and drive away and select both of these De select this this ah text box by holding shift quick and moving it so it hits the very center of, So that red line is ready, right? Centred on the page. But right there. So now I'm just gonna put an image here, here, here and here, and we will be done. So let's go In turn of the image, search the web. This time I'm going to search for a tent graphic a tent graphic, and the one that I chose for this is scroll down a little bit ways for this one. It's this guy and right here can kill Mexica. More modern tent. Click on it. Impress insert. It's make it smaller quick and drive the corner. But you're getting good this now you know how pictures make them smaller re sizing. All right, I'm gonna put it in rainbow over there and I want also to be white, so I'm gonna go here for my options. Color it quick, This one. Wait, that another picture time I'm gonna search for been our fuelers. Uh, graphic. That is a hard word to spell, OK, and I will this one insert been I make it smaller, but before I change the cover on this one, I'm just gonna go and keep throwing in some pictures, so search the Web? Yes. Timing A surge for fish. I don't know what I'm searching were graphic, but I face searched. Just facial, actually. Give me real pictures of fish, but I just want, like, a graphic image. Right. So the one that I want is this one right here? Yeah. And if you can't find that one, that's fine. Just throwing one. Shrink it down. All right. Stolen another image, search lab and last one camp fires. That one word. Two words. I don't know. Campfire one of clip art would be good. Anyway, I'm just gonna search graphic. That's how I found it before. And the one that I want is this guy right here, insert. And, you know, if I would have chosen a color image, you would have seen different color options on when I changed the kid the color. But since he's rolled just black, it's not really giving me any color options. But, you know, it kind of position. These inside of that elects That must change the cover of them. I'm gonna go quick on that one re color with Booth. You know this one re color. This this one? Oh, you know what that is so good right there. We should be proud of yourself. You made your for awesome poster. This thing. We're gonna actually print this. And remember, I'm taking you through the whole step designing all the way to printing it. So yes, stay tuned just for a little bit more. 9. Downloading: give yourself a pat on the back. You should be proud of yourself. Been awesome. Poster. Um, come over here going press present, and it's always a good idea. Just wait a few seconds for those things to go away. It's always a good idea to look at your poster, kind of look back, decide how you could maybe improve a little bit on it, position things a little bit better and take your time and do that. Um, I'm gonna go to call this good to get out of this preview thing is press escape. It jumps out. So, honestly, the very next step is to download it. So I'm gonna come over here to file and download, as in this case since I wanted apprentice thing, and I'm gonna use pdf your quick download and it usually puts it down here. So this is your file. Like you can drag it to your desktop if you want, right, or you can put it straight on a flash drive. Um, I usually drag things to my desktop so that it's easy for me to find, and then I can email this. So right. So that's the next step to get this thing to the printer. Two local print shop. Um, usually you can, ah, just email it to yourself. Or put it on a flash drive or email it to the business. But do what you gotta do, get this thing, and we're gonna go ahead and just go to the very next step and print this thing. 10. Printing: all right. The last step in the fourth step. The best step, actually. Printing this thing and taking the cool thing he designed and putting it onto a piece of paper hanging on the wall. I love this part. Right. So I've got my file here, the pdf file. I've got it on a flash drive, so I'm gonna take it to the print shop right now. Go in there and we're gonna print this thing as well as let's look at some. Some stuff I might want to purchase when women there, um, to make this post re looking even better. And we'll talk about that when I get in there. So anyway, let's go to the print shop now. All right. So I was thinking about this on the way over here. You're probably thinking hit, Miguel. I don't have a fancy print shop right in your in your fancy, but either do I. Really? This is actually just an office supply store that happens to have a banner printer. I lived in town of Smaller. This grocery store had a banner printer and Hugo Prince different, so I don't There's no excuses, right? Your town has just got to find it. And you probably Why don't I just do this online? Why don't we just send it in on my totally could? It's up to you. I like to know. I like to see it right then Right now, it's not gonna cost much different on. I need to get some supplies anyway with. So I'm supporting local economy. I don't know. I just just do it. It's fun. It's exciting What's going there and let's print this thing. And yeah, So anyway, all right, so I found this This Pippa board right here. It is a right when the post look good glued to something like this on the way better at. So they got this one, but they also got one. It has a self adhesive. Put your poster right on top of it can be done rather than face this one. I gotta get some glue. Right. You have to get some of this. This glue sprayed on there and they would look just as good. But you can cut the poster size anything you want, so I looked way better. Rather Just stick in the poster on the wall, actually have it attached to some, some board of some kind. Anyway, I just wanted to point that out. I'm going to get that. All right. So I just got back at my house when putting this poster, got the poster, got the phone board on, just looking at a receipt here. The poster was $3.42 18 by 24 poster. So that's pretty cheap, I'd say. And I had it right now. So if I didn't like it, I could print again. I did go with the cheaper paper. There was better papers with very cost more and also about the phone board so that that's that's kind of crazy. There's prayed, buy it on Amazon or something. Anyway, it was it was a know it for the phone board. So anyway, let's put this thing together. So I've got my sprayed, he says. And I've got my A poster and this thing, so I'm going to to have to make a choice here. Do I spray it on the board first and then cut it out? Or to, like, cut how the the posterboard France the What's it called the film board and then spread, and I think that's what I'm gonna do. So I'm just gonna take it. Blade. Yeah, we have a blade. I'm gonna cut. Oh, my posterboard. Spray it and stick it on there. This thing is gonna be awesome. A couple of quick tips when cutting this makes your knife is sharp if I gotta change my blade. When I was cutting this and it kind of little ugly, so I changed it. Cut really good. Just to go over one lightly and then a little harder. A little harder, Usually three cuts. You got a good blade. It will go right through that phone board. So makes you have a sharp blade. Um, when laying it down after you spray that adhesive is probably an easy way. But when you lay it down, I mean, it sticks right to that phone board. Really good. Have you glued it? So be careful to lay it nice and gently and just get it on there. Right, But we got a finished product. Um, check it out. Phone board. I got a poster. I got a freakin poster. I didn't have a poster. Now I got one, and you should do the same 11. Add to create project: you did awesome makes for fallen along with may I really hope you came out with the awesome poster. And be sure at it here to this create project. You can add your posters, show off what you created and yeah, so stay tuned for more videos to come. I hope you enjoyed it. Please. Also at any reviews and yeah, thank you so much.