Make a Paper Flower Headpiece - With Bottle Caps! | Lucy Anne Jennings | Skillshare

Make a Paper Flower Headpiece - With Bottle Caps!

Lucy Anne Jennings, The Creativity Patch

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8 Videos (29m)
    • Intro

    • Sunflower what you'll need

    • First Steps to Making the Pendant

    • Petals and Leaves

    • Now Its a Necklace!

    • Make the Magnet and Pushpin

    • Make the Garland

    • End More Ideas


About This Class

This is an easy DIY project you can make with your kids, and most of the materials are probably around your house, or easy to find.

The class starts out showing you how to make a flower pendant, then a magnet and push-pin. Then you're ready to make a sweet wreath for your favorite little girl.

Want to make something for other seasons in the year? Everything you learn can be used for winter, spring or summer flowers. I'll show you some ideas I've come up with at the end of the class. 







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Lucy Anne Jennings

The Creativity Patch

I was lucky to grow up in a big family where someone was always making something. My mother was an artist, and my father was a woodworker. We grew up thinking we could make anything, it just took some figuring out. I want to help you make your family like that, where there's always a project going on.

I've been an elementary school teacher for years, and even though I've got a Master's Degree in Art Education, I've never had the chance to be an art teacher. So I'm excited to be here o...

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