Make a Notebook Quickly - Jotter Journals

Hilke Kurzke, Book Artist, Printmaker, Writer, Bookbinder

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Getting Ready Part I: The pages of your Jotter

    • 3. Getting Ready Part II: Choose the Cover

    • 4. Project I: The 5-Hole Pamphlet Stitch

    • 5. Project II: The 3-Hole Pamphlet Stitch

    • 6. Information about Threads

    • 7. The End

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Project Description


You are going to make two jotters, one with a 3-hole pamphlet stitch, and one with a 5-hole pamphlet stitch.

To make your jotter, have a first look at the preparatory lesson which covers what is needed for any jotter.

Then go to the lesson covering 3-hole and 5-hole stitch respectively for a slow step-by-step instruction to sewing both of them.

You won't need any sophisticated tools or materials for these projects. I am going to list what I used in the video, and what you might want to use as a substitute:

Office paper for the inside pages - any paper you have lying around, maybe you can upcycle something like your paper bags.

Wallpaper Samples for the Covers - anything that will fold. It should be slightly stiffer or at least the same stiffness as the inside pages so that it has the feel of a cover. But that's the only constrained. Use any paper or cardstock, or maybe starched fabric, leather, plastic sheets, ...

Linen Thread - any thread that you can't break with bare hands

Harness Needle - any needle that will hold your thread; I prefer blunt needles

Awl - Anything that will let you punch holes through your paper. I am using a sharp bookbinding needle attached to a handle; any awl that you might have for needlework, leather sewing, pottery, or whatever will do; also things like a nail or a needle and a thimble

Steel edge and Knife - this is the only thing for which there is no real substitute. If you don't have it, just skip these steps

Bonefolder - I use it, but it's not necessary, you can just skip these steps or use a wooden spoon instead

Paper Knife - any not too sharp knife with which you could open a letter will do

Cutting Matt - a piece of cardboard

scissors - you really don't have scissors? You need them to cut the thread, maybe use a knife instead, or gnaw through it ;-)

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