Make a Necklace with chunky, light-weighted beads in any color, made of corrugated cardboard | Dorisse Häusler | Skillshare

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Make a Necklace with chunky, light-weighted beads in any color, made of corrugated cardboard

teacher avatar Dorisse Häusler, Dorisse - German artist and desiger

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Gathering your material

    • 3. Cutting the paper

    • 4. Rolling, Varnishing, Finishing

    • 5. Helpful links

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About This Class

Ever wanted a necklace with chunky beads, but still light-weighted?

You are looking for a necklace in a certain color and can´t find it?

Make it yourself! With this tutorial it is super easy, you don´t need special skills.

Here the links mentioned in the video:

- Corrugated crafting cardboard in a lot of colors:

- Corrugated crafting cardboard in golden or silver:

- Beads ready for varnishing all colors:

- Beads reday for varnishing in golden:

- Beads reday for varnishing in silver:

- DIY-Basic-Kit:

- Refill for Basic-Kit:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dorisse Häusler

Dorisse - German artist and desiger


Born in 1967 in Ingolstadt, Germany, Doris H?usler is working since 1993 under the artist name ,,Dorisse". She experienced different art techniques, until she found her medium: Paper and Book Art.

She has a MA degree in Art History and Literature and her interest is bringing these two matters together: Interpreting books by altering them in different sculptural ways.

Her book sculptures are/were decorations of stores in Germany (book stores), Italy (international interiors trade ,,Salone del mobile" in Milan), Netherlands (Headquarter of Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam), Saudi Arabia (interiors showroom ,,Gallery Design" in Riyadh), Hongkong (Starbucks in the K11 Art Mall).

Her Book Art and Paper Jewelry is carried in Boutiques, Galleries and Museum Shops in various cit... See full profile

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1. Introduction: either. I'm noticed a German artist and designer. I will show you how to make these necklaces out of Kuwaiti carport. If you like big, chunky beads that are still super light weighted, this necklace is the right thing for you. You can create it in any color you want. Make necklaces that are fitting your different outfits. Since the beads are varnished, they're very story and quite water resistant. With this tutorial it is so easy to make, and more than that, I prepared even a do it yourself kit for you. There you can choose between more than 60 colors. It is beautiful in winter time off a sweater. It's also beautiful in summer time. In funny, bright colors. Make necklaces in mixed colors. Springtime ice cream, foil colors, Andre effect. So just pick and roll and let's get started. 2. Gathering your material : I'm gonna make the neckers in this mint color. So what we need is the following two sheets off corrugated crafting cardboard, in contrast to corrugated paper that has only one layer off paper. This has two layers of paper laminated together, the corrugated paper on the surface and the plain paper at the back. This makes it possible to create exact constant shapes. In case you can't find this cardboard in your local shops, I give you a link where to buy it online. Then you need a water based varnish, the color you want and not one of based glue, then a soft brush bamboo stick. Mine has a diameter off for many years. For metal sticks is coop for stealing the varnish. Some pushpins end about one leader or one yard off a letter core. 3. Cutting the paper: we begin with the corrugated carport and mark two inches and 1/4 inch. That's five centimeter and seven millimeter. The middle off the two inches is one inch. So we mark this point or so on the bottom left and right off this middle point remark one AIDS turning around the sheet remark again to INGE's and 1/4 inch. We connect the points in the way you see here. Normally, I don't mark the lines, but it is easier for you to understand the system and shape off the stripes. Then we cut the lines with an Exacto life. - By the end, you should have send stripes from each sheet of carport, so a total off 14 stripes. 4. Rolling, Varnishing, Finishing: Now you need the paper stripes, the glue, the postpones and the wooden stick, beginning with the writer side euro, the paper stripes around the wooden stick. It is helpful if you push the very beginning back and forward. A drop off glue on the top is enough with the push pin. You fix it. Let the glue try for about 15 minutes, then pulled the pins out for washing the beat. You should steer the varnish with a wooden stick until the color is homogeneous with the brush. You applied the varnish in a way that all the holes are possibly closed. This is for making the beads as what a proof as possible. - Threat the beads on the metal stick and put it over a box. Let it dry for at least three hours. The drying time depends on the temperature, live or MMA, the faster If you're using the varnish off, my dear, why they seek it. It is easy to rub off the village as long as it is not completely dry. The rest you can brush with soap. You can absolutely work inside the house because this is a water based varnish that does not evaporate toxic shoes. The last step is to threat the beats on the string. Make a firm not and that's it. You can wear the necklace. 5. Helpful links: the sheets of corrugated card. What you combine, my official. There's also a basic dear like it that contains all you need. There you can choose between more than 60 colors off Hornish for saving shipping cost. You can have refills with the stripes, a leather coat and the varnish. It is also possible to buy their own beats that you have only to varnish the color you want . You can buy the sheets of corrugated card, but not only white but also in other colors. If you like one off those colors, you need only a clear varnish or you buy their own beats out off the colored cardboard. Still, you have to put clear one ish the same with several Gordon Pete's. So show me your necklace in the class project and happy crafting.