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Make a Fortune Cookie Business Card

teacher avatar Nick Armstrong, I make marketing FUN.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. A Fortune Cookie Business Card?

    • 2. Create the Message

    • 3. Gather Materials

    • 4. Make the Cookie

    • 5. Best Practices and Bonus Tips

    • 6. Thoughts on Marketing

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About This Class


Can you remember the last business card someone gave you?

Did you keep it? Throw it away? Do your own business cards have any hope of being kept?

What if your business cards were memorable, unique, and remarkable?

In this class, I'm going to teach you how to make a really cool, really simple business card that looks like a fortune cookie. Not only is it great marketing, it will absolutely get people talking about you and your business.

We'll cover materials, the super-simple steps, and even some advanced techniques to stay top of mind when giving these out.

What you'll need:

  • brown paper
  • a printer + printer paper
  • a 3" circle punch
  • a 2.5" circle punch
  • a small hole punch
  • small twine or white string

Who is this guy and how does he know how to market?
I’m Nick Armstrong: the Geek-in-Chief behind WTF Marketing, dad, author, Ignite, PechaKucha, Startup Week, and TEDx speaker, audio drama enthusiast, and award-winning entrepreneur. Through WTF Marketing and partner organizations, I’ve served a wide array of happy clients ranging from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 100’s. I’ve co-organized community events like Fort Collins Comic Con, Startup Week Fort Collins, TEDxFoCo, Ignite Fort Collins, LaidOffCamp/CareerCamp, PodCamp Fort Collins, and more. My local efforts landed me a prestigious spot as one of BizWest’s 40 Under Forty in 2016 and the Colorado Association of Libraries’ Library Community Partnership Award in 2018.

If you're launching something new, my classes can help you:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Armstrong

I make marketing FUN.


I'm Nick Armstrong and I make small business FUN.

I'm the Geek-in-Chief behind WTF Marketing, Fort Collins Startup Week, and Fort Collins Comic Con. I'm a dad, author, speaker at Ignite, PechaKucha, and TEDx, audio drama enthusiast, and award-winning serial entrepreneur.

More than anything, I love to make people laugh, especially while I'm teaching.

I want YOU to learn how to have fun in every aspect of your business and my classes are built specifically around fun, actionable projects.

Ready to make your business fun? Check out my courses below...

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1. A Fortune Cookie Business Card?: There is nothing I hate more than a boring business card. Even I made some stinkers in my time. Check this out. This is this'd is old business card of mine. Now, what would happen if you handed this out a networking party? Okay, sure. Yeah, I could put into a pocket or whatever. Why bother with that? We have to create something that's even flat when it's something that's three D. What if I could teach you how to make a fortune cookie business card? This is a fortune cookie business card. And if he's out on a networking event, was just getting started. I ran out of them about five minutes into the event because people wanted, I just wanted they wanted to hold on to. And that's a business card that you want to hand out right and so notice. It's really pretty simple. Just got paper on the outside paper on the inside for your fortune and your contact info, and then a little bit of string to keep it together. Now it was listed in a pocket. You might get a little squished or crunched or whatever. They're gonna be sad about it, But that's the idea of fortune cookies crumble. Um, you get rid of them, the outside shell, you eat it ideally, but this could be recycled. And, uh, then the into if the inside you put that into a wallet, no problem at all. So I'm gonna show you how to make these really cool. They're really fine, and they're really 2. Create the Message: Now it's time to set up your document for the guts of the fortune cookie, the actual fortune. So you actually need a table and I would recommend just depending on the size of your punch . But I would recommend a three by four table because it'll fit more or less in the two inch circle that you will be creating for the interior of the fortune cookie. So I have inserted a table. You can use any word processor for this, by the way, doesn't have to be word, but I'm gonna show you on a word because it's pretty easy. Then you right click, you go to table properties, you go to row when you specify your height of two inches and then say, OK, cool. So now we have more or less evenly spaced squares that we can see and have have text inside of him. And just to make things really easy on you, go to table properties one more time. Click on alignment. We're gonna center this table. We're going to give our columns. We can say preferred with now notice. I just spaced for a two inch punch. Basically a 2.5 inch punch. So these are gonna be more or less in the right size. And Aiken make it a little bit bigger if I need to. But because they're evenly spaced, I know that they're gonna work with my punches. Um, I could make them bigger. If I need Teoh, I can actually match the row height. So 2.16 um and then, you know, let it do its own work for matching that. And then I also want the vertical alignment in the cells to be at the center, so that makes everything a little bit more evenly spaced. And now I can also center the text inside of these cells, and I wouldn't recommend hiding the border just yet. That's another thing that you can do inside that table properties. It's right here into the borders and shading. You just click on none. It makes it really hard to see once you if you're still working on the text. But once you're done, it's easy enough just toe, you know, copy and paste. And remember that not every fortune cookie is exactly the same. So you know, you're gonna want to work on that. But, um making these different just slightly different each time, but it's a lot easier to work on it. If you can see the borders at first and you know where to click and then you can keep your work going. This will make enough for 12 fortune cookies right here. It's a good idea to space them out and then use your punch to get the rest of the the cookie created as you go. If you're only making a few, use every other box and that will save you some time as well. It'll keep you from having to go back and re cut, and you can also, when you print this out, as long as you're using the 8.5 by 11 you can use your own printer paper. The interior of the fortune cookie will look as it's supposed to. So but didn't copy this. Make all the messages that you need to. I've actually uploaded this template for you in the class section, the documents of projects, and you can have at it 3. Gather Materials: If you're ready, it's time to gather all the materials. I used a three inch punch for the exterior of the fortune cookie, the cookie part of the cookie. I use a 2.5 inch punch for the interior, the fortunate part of the fortune cookie. I used some white string you can use whatever you like. Twine also works pretty good because it's that same color. And then I have some specialty paper here that I like to use. You can use construction paper. It really doesn't matter what kind of paper use as long as it's kind of tough and convince a little bit. Works well, you know, as you're handing them out. You want something that can stand up to a little bit of bending and flexing, Um, and won't care anything else like that. Other than that, it's just about the color. So this is roughly fortune cookie color on, and we'll go with that. You'll also need a micro punch, a very small hole punch. You can use a standard sized punch. People won't really care. They'll still get its kitschy. It's great. You can use a needle and thread if you want to be really careful about how it looks and how it works. But really, honestly, if you have a micro punch, your small hole punch, you'll be just fine. I almost forgot. We've also got our message printed out, and it's corresponding to that template, so this will fit just perfectly inside that template for the punch. 4. Make the Cookie: first we take our three inch punch in our brown paper like that in there. Line it up a little bit and there's our cookie. So I got just the basics of that. We're gonna hold on to this for now. And you could make a couple of them if you would, like, Line up your paper again. Try not to waste any. And now I've got to cookies and not enough to make another one. I cut this kind of short, but that's OK. You get the general idea. Just keep on making cookies to your heart's content. I'm gonna take my messages. I cut off a little bit of the top of the paper cause I didn't quite get it close enough to the edges to make the punch work. Right? And I have slighted in here and put it right on the edge. It doesn't have to be perfect. Remember, it's just a fortune cookie made by hand. They're going to like it anyway. Punched out. Our message is a little rough around the edges. Okay, this is fine. And then I just put them together side by side so that they look kind of like this Okay. Now, the next thing that you're gonna want to do is gonna want to put to micro punches on either side. So let's go get our micro punch. So we've got our punch now. I only have a normal sized punch here. Um, I take the brown and I put the punch here next, the edge, You know, maybe a little bit closer to the edge there, Um, where it will hold up to holding the string. And this also depends on how big your string is. Right? So a big hole, Not a big problem, because it will, um, the whole bigger strength. And also, if you give it a little bit of gap away from the edge, it'll be a little bit stronger to hold on to that fortune as well. And when you fold it in, everything will sort of fit really nicely. So that's a backside. That's the front side. So I've got my punches on either side, and I've ruled this paper just a little bit to get it ready. Um, So what you dio is you actually, and I just remove the fortune for announced that it's easier to do you kind of roll this over itself like that. Okay, we're gonna do this with a fortune in it in just a second. And then you put your finger see, rolled it around with the holes on the back, Makes a little tube. Now I put my finger right between the two holes, and I pull it together like this and see how that makes kind of like a classic fortune cookie shape again. Does not have to be perfect. It just is gonna look good enough. Okay, So let's do this again with fortune inside again, I make a tube. I've been this paper just a little, so it gets a decent crease in it, but I can bend a little bit. Well, I can bend pretty well, as opposed to not ending it all. And then I've got my finger in between the two holes and I pulled together like that. Okay. And now I've got ah, fully loaded fortune cookie business card. Okay, I take my string. I could a length of string, probably about five inches or so. No, it's OK if your fortune cookie comes on roll. Just make sure your fortune doesn't come out. I slide the string in one side. Okay, I slide some of string in on the other side. And depending on how big your fortune is comes sometimes this can be a little bit tricky. You can actually use square fortunes if you want to and just cut him out. That's fine, too, Like the round ones, because they make the card feel more complete. Um, and I get more space, more surface area. So now I've got my string in between two holes here, okay? And I'm just gonna lightly pull them together. Be careful with this. Be gentle, K, cause it's easy to Conan these things and just, like, go nuts. So I've got my string going to put them together. I'm gonna tie a little not to get them together. And I'm gonna use the paper now. I'm not pulling really tight. I just keeping them nice and loose. And then I make a little so you Thank you. Hard to do with not a lot of string, huh? All right, down. Take it down, down. And there we go. Get that. So now, Not not perfect. But again, it's super cute. Easy to hand out. Easy to keep with you. You can take a bucket around with you. You can write little funny sayings. You can put your logo on there. It's a great way to hand out your information for a party so super simple. You know, we started with, ah, circle a brown piece of paper. Some pithy sayings, maybe. And we got this. This is so, so much better than this. 5. Best Practices and Bonus Tips: a few quick notes on best practices. Remember that fortune cookies air addictive, and people like to share them with their friends, and so they might ask you for more than one business card. Don't be offended when this happens. The second thing that I will tell you is trying make each fortune cookie unique so that when they do ask for more than one, it's a good chance that their friend will get a completely different one on one. Finally, I will say this print on the front and the back of the interior fortune, right? So you want something on the front? Maybe your contact information really clearly spelled out your phone number, your email, whatever else your website address. But on the other side, you can have your witty saying and something that's fun and entertaining and should speak to your business and how you serve and operate right. You don't want it to be just something random or just a typical fortune cookie, saying you want something that is unique to your business and matches your personality. Those air the tips for success for this business 6. Thoughts on Marketing: So the question I usually get asked his Weyco to this much trouble to make this when everybody in the world is kind of set up to do this, Do you really want to have something that's the same as everybody else in your business? Why wouldn't you want to have something that helps you stand out and get out there into the world in a way that it's, you know, it's what other things besides your business card can you use to market in a brand new way and get out there with something that's brand new material that people haven't seen before ? Um, prior to the skill share class after this culture class, I make no claims about how many fortune cookie business cards there are out there. But I think that it's a great idea, and I think my wife coming up with that. It's something that's really cool, and I hope that it serves you well