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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. 00 Welcome!

    • 2. 01 Getting Ready

    • 3. 02 Cut Out

    • 4. 03 Details

    • 5. 04 Finishing Touch

    • 6. 05 bonus

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to make a collage illustration of your self portrait using Photoshop. 

This class is a good addition to my first class, "Make a Collage Illustration in Photoshop," in which I talk more about texture images and basic short cut keys and so on. If you haven't taken my first class, click HERE.

Using your photo as a guide, we will cut out textures to make unique collage illustration of your self portrait. If you don't want to use your photo, you can use picture of someone else, or even scenery or your sketches. Same technique can be used to make any illustration in collage style. 

Look forward to seeing your project! 

Music Credit: Video "Details", music by Ben Sound

Meet Your Teacher

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Makiko Orser

Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer


Hi I'm Makiko Orser. I've been working as a freelance illustrator, graphic artist on the side of having a successful portrait photography studio in Michigan. I have a degree in graphic design from California College of the Arts, have experienced in character designs and novelty items and children's magazine publishing from Tokyo, Japan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, USA. 2019 is very special, my first book-mindfulness art journal, Fill This Page will be published (December 31, 2021). Still, I love learning new tips and techniques, creating and exploring, and be inspired. Hope to see you in my class!

My website:

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, facebook

YouTube Channel: PaperLuv

Etsy Shop: kikistic

Spoonflower: simplymakiko... See full profile

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1. 00 Welcome! : Welcome to my crest. Make a collage self portrait in a photo shop. If you have taken my first class, make a collage illustration. Input a shop. This class is a good pension to your college experience. Big difference between those two classes is that this time we are not just cutting out shapes like you were drawing before, but using pictures. Todo a sludge this'll technique could be used not only for portrait but seen objects from your pictures and sketches for class projects. Please make a self portrait or portrait of someone you don't want a self portrait in the technique you learn from this graph. Please post your original picture and finished ecological illustration. In case you don't have your own texture images, I'm including some of useful extra images in class Project Discussion board so you can kick start your project. Now let's get started 2. 01 Getting Ready: hi there. First, I want you to open all your texture images and for a shop. Those are my textures. I used those fixture images most often to make all my frustrations. And then I also want you to open your picture in photo shop. Then come on and make a new file. And I wanted a by a 300 pics. So and white background say Okay, I chose this size because my husband and I own a photography studio. The April 10 is standard portrait picture size. Now that's a tabletop portrait. If you want on a wall you would like much bigger than this. But you wouldn't probably make huge posture out of your self portrait by eight by 10. Those are probably big a novel, any social media just print out from home printer or even one of our photo. So I picked the size. Next, copy this image and then paste onto on your campus. Come on, T for re sizing. Make a little bit bigger because you don't want to make image too small and then pull up bigger and you lose all the qualities, so we want to make it big enough. Then you can go any smaller sides out of it. And don't forget to save. Okay, Now you're ready. Well, cutting out textured shapes to make a clutch. 3. 02 Cut Out: Hi there. In this segment, I will show you how to cut out the shapes using this pictures. In my first class, I showed you simply draw shapes in the texture file and then brings to your campus to make a collage in this cuss, you have to take a few more steps. Now I'm gonna draw a shape. Looking at my pictures doesn't have to be very accurate because you can clean up later. If you don't want too much. Hold down. Option. And then Joe with this was also to it is for if you want to add hold down shift key and then at the shape. So now, briefly, Joe, my face, This is a shape of my face. And you can either copy your picture or go to background and copy this shape out of background. I'm gonna use background to cut out this shape. So copy this shape, go to texture file and then paste. So now you have this shape. Use magic one, select outside of this shape and then go in verse. Now you're selecting this shape, go to background copy and come back to your campus file and then paste there. So Now you have a shape out of face shape out of Ah fixture And I'm gonna go to curb Teoh just to bring up more unjust and then come on you for human situation Change a little bit color there. So now I have a face they're gonna rename. This is face here So I will continue this process full here and all the little details We don't have to be to a great this is cannot briefly illustration. You want a really accurate You can do that too. I like a little bit cut to me Approach go deep background copy And that one Then they use different texture of my hair Let's try this one majors bigger soco Manti to size this then magic wand outside in verse Go to background copy it and then come back here Pace You are here shape like this so you can kind of see it's already have face and hair I'm gonna bring up to contrast using common m to bring out the curb a little bit Delker my here. It's very dog And come on, you full situation. I'm gonna be surgery. Okay, so this is always you know, this is my hair and face. Okay, now, it looks weird here because there's no counter line of my face, so I'm gonna make counter lying as I go, so that you can see how you, uh So she ate here. I'm just gonna select this area over my face. Yeah. Now I use human J to copy just this much. You see, you those just this much I copy and made the new layer. I separate the layer so that if I make a mistake Oh, I don't like it, I can dump it and then reeled. We do it. So this is a shade, and then I'm going to make this will dogger than base. Now you have a little counter for the shape for the faith can be a lot darker or just just subtle line now. So without this picture. So now this is a war, Ahmad. Without the eyes and nose and mouth. Um, I have a face and you can go over the details later, but I'm gonna keep going to make his face 4. 03 Details: Okay, I'm going to move onto details off the face. First, I'm going to make eyes. So Benadryl go over outline of my eyes with a lasso tool. Now, after you selected, you can do the same. Go to background in coffee and and copy, overdo the texture file, and then use magic wand, dissect outside, inverse it and then select the background to copy and bring back Teoh canvas. That's where we did full face and a hair. Now I'm gonna do a little bit easy one. I already have a face layer here with the textures and go over there and I'm going to copy just this much out of this layer using command J so and then come on em to bring that tone a lot whiter. It's like away. I know I have a white guy case the white eyes. It doesn't matter what picture you have so much I normally we just do a little bit, but it's not very much so any texture will do. Find next. I'm gonna do the blood work. But I this and then I'm gonna do together. So I do the same full. It's the year. Go to face layer. Come on J and then common m for curb and make it really, really duck Gonna do several times. Didn't get the contrast or darkness I would like It's getting red, so I'm going to come on you human situation and desire trade this layer So you kind of know where you are and what color or what texture you want to leave. I will. I don't want to go completely black. I want to leave a little bit of texture here so that at the end you have a nice, cool e g in your frustration to bring out this black guy in the year over here. A little spooky looking now, okay. And then I'm gonna do white pod. Oh, I got to face layer Command J. This is why I So it's always helped Teoh rename it because that's a lot of layers you are making with the lodge. And when you rework it hard to find which way you're working on, OK, this color, it's off. So I'm gonna go like this Now I like to make eyelashes. Don't help many i legis, but I'm gonna make it cut shoes So I create. I don't have can do anything. Your pictures are Relax, situation Get nice. Think white eyes a little too big. That's what's going on. So you work on it The same tool that I'm using, curb situation, you and situation. So, like tools And, you know, corral copy. Those are the basic basic reporter shop, and that's all. You pretty much need to make this frustration. And after that you just go over. Well, bit up the dales Teoh adjust. Here was a hair look normal. It's OK. Is it to go up there? So one little trick, I'll show you that the older little layer that you have so far and they get in a folder those air, the collage. So when you want to see and compare to your original pictures, you can just hide this layer just a one folder. Um, compared to you know, 10 or 20 layers that you have, that's a lot of work. If you put everything in one folder, you can just click and hide and then compare where you're at. Okay, so you know, I need to walk on some counter, see? How do I want this? Just see Miami face so cool again to my face layer. Come on, J. And then copy that pot. Now I have a smiley face. No, nos Okay knows I would like to pick this shade part of the nose and then make a layer. So how I do it is I like this. They settled line. Maybe a little bit of a cheek cheek, and then go Teoh face the here. And what I have to dio is just subtle, like cheek. So I'm gonna just go select in the lead, Billy, and just keep your nose. So this is a more accurate version of me. But I don't really like it that much. So gonna have to tweak way. I like thank face to you did. It's this t some over teeth gonna bring t change Teoh difference. I think it's too big, but like this Okay, you don't see very much because of my guns, But just job face again. God. And they said rated. Guess I wanted arrange. Okay. Good. I'm gonna make a little bit bigger. I just decided with Japanese still gonna make it look like Japanese cut too is to get better. Yes. I always wanted to have figure eyes. I don't have your eyes, but again, at least to make it big guys in my illustration as a picture there now, like this bigger, bigger nose is the most difficult part that you want a job, which, where you want out, take it and not take it can be simplifies a lineup knows, you know, just just an idea of the nose was sometimes good enough. And if you draw too much of the shade, then you look a little, um I don't know too realistic with wrinkles that you kind of want to make it clean. And next segment, I'm gonna go over Ramadi, does up the hair and then I finish up this illustration. 5. 04 Finishing Touch: okay, In this last segment, I'd like to talk about the quality of the picture you use. I mentioned it before. The reason why you want to have a decent quality pictures to begin with is that because you make a cut out out of your pictures If you copy that to your texture file and in a copy of the pictures and bring it over, you may have ah juggy edges because your picture quality is low. In order to avoid that, you want to have a descent quality or you will make a coffee. You make a shape whatever shape you making, not copy this picture layer but the background the year. Then bring it to texture. File copy from their paste over here so you can do that to avoid Jackie edges and your cut out. Now this is what I end up. Um, I added more textures in my hair, just like haircut, and I added Highlight added layers so that it will look more dimensional. Doesn't look too clad. I move around my eyes, Teoh, where I feel right, and I add a little more details at closing in and shoulder. If I have a different texture make changed a different clothing for more fun looking. So I would love to see yourself Full Drake also. So please post your project to your student project section. And if you don't want to do so, poetry, that's OK. You can use other pictures and using the same technique. If you don't want to sell for Drega with, you don't want people. The same technique could use full scenery. Object anything else. You can also use same technique using your sketches and then you select using much Kwan and select that the shape and copy the pictures to do the Karaj. Whatever you choose, I would love to see your project. So please post your project in your student project section and I will make sure make a comment. Thank you for watching. I hope you had a good time and you enjoy your collage illustration. 6. 05 bonus: