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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Collecting Texture Images

    • 3. Sketch or Idea

    • 4. Get Ready

    • 5. Cut Out Textures

    • 6. Changing Colors

    • 7. Short Cut Keys

    • 8. Clean Up and Details

    • 9. Thank You

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About This Class

This class is for all who wants to create an unique illustration and have fun. You don't need papers, glues and scissors, or you don't need to know Photoshop very well. I will take you step by step for some basic Photoshop skills as we make an illustration out of texture images. You also don't need to be super good at drawing. If you can draw simple shapes, that's pretty much all you need! With this technique, you will be surprised how cool the image will turn out. So join me to create your own collage illustration. Let's have fun! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Makiko Orser

Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer


Hi, I'm Makiko Orser. I've been working as a freelance illustrator, graphic artist on the side of having a successful portrait photography studio in Michigan. I have a degree in graphic design from California College of the Arts, have experience in character designs and novelty items and children's magazine publishing from Tokyo, Japan, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York, USA. 2019 is very special, my first book-mindfulness art journal, Fill This Page will be published (December 31, 2022). Still, I love learning new tips and techniques, creating and exploring, and being inspired. Hope to see you in my class!

My website:

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, facebook

YouTube Channel: PaperLuv

Etsy Shop: kikistic

Spoonflower: simplymak... See full profile

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1. Trailer: Welcome to my glass maker. Ecological illustration in Russia. In this grass, I will teach you fun and easy way to make a simple illustration using texture images. Extra images could be from your photographs, scan images or even stuck photography. Then these basic tools for shop put pieces together. Just like doing collage with papers and scissors. We'll make a new illustration. You don't have to be good at throwing. You will be surprised how cool the finished image will turn out. Well, the class project make a stunned alone illustration using simple shapes. Let's get started. 2. Collecting Texture Images: as I show you some examples, I'm going to talk a little bit about texture images that you need for this collage. Illustration. Texture. Images could be photographed or scanned, and we need at least a few different variations if you want to. For a graph texture, look for some grains on the ground wells. Anything around you. You could also photographed public or papers, but be careful not to use any copyrighted materials. Don't worry about colors, because we can change it in photo shop. A good and easy to use texture image for illustration has finer grain rather than big and bulky texture, because some bulky images turned out to contrast. E while you cut out pieces and become destruction for final images. If you like to paint, play around watercolor and quickly skin, and you can use that to other way is using stuck images. There are tons of great images on the market for you to use, so you can probably find something you would like from place like shutter stock or some other stuck photography site for reasonably inexpensive price. If you're making images to sell, though, I would use your own photography or scan images, so the finished image will be completely your original. So go around with your camera or cell phone. It's not couple pictures and come back to meet me for the next segment. 3. Sketch or Idea: Hi, everyone. Welcome back in this section, we're going to talk about what motif or image you want to create. You don't have to have a sketch, but at least you need to know what image you want to make. Some people are very good at drawings. Mine's air more like doodling. Those are kitty cats that I drew. And this is good because it's kind of simple shapes here, a little bit of different expressions. You don't have to have this money just one below Matif or image your character will do. And if you have a sketch, please take a picture and take it into for a shop. Be ready to use it in for a shop. And if you don't have sketch weaken right into the project next section, we're gonna talk about how to actually make a lodge on for a shop for this class. This is a class project using a technique you learn from this class, make a simple stand along illustration that you can useful or not called or share in your instagram. Please upload your sketches. If you have one texture images you use for this illustration and finished illustration. Let's get started 4. Get Ready: Hi there. In this section, we're gonna open some files in photo shop and get ready for the project. First, open your sketch in for a shop. If you have one, then open texture images in photo shop. I have about five images in here. You don't have to have that many. When you open multiple files, they will create tubs here so you can go back and forth between the files and then common End for new file. This will be your campus. I'm going to name skill Chair. Then the size will be 10. Interest by 10 inches, 300 pixel inch and RGB color. White background. It doesn't have to be this size, but I choose this 10 by 10 300 pixel inch because 10 by 10 is good enough for table dog print and also good enough. Full any Web use and this is collage and it will be a lot of steps to make a image when you make file size too small and later on, you want to print or you want it bigger and higher quality. Then you may have to redo all the steps to recreate the same image. So in order to save your work. Um, Just did choose 10 by 10 300. Say Okay, now you get a canvas next section, we're gonna cut out textures to make a lodge. 5. Cut Out Textures: I welcome back in this section, we're going to cut out shapes out of texture image and make a lodge. First, I want you to know this lasso to we are going to use this lasso tools full cutting out the shapes and that's or two is one of a select tools and you can draw a shape and you can drill random shapes, and that's where you're selecting it. So we are going to select the shape on a text file copying it, and then pays to own do this campus. Now, before I'm going to cut out the texture, I'm going to check back my sketches. So this sketch is very simple, so I don't have to read, draw anything. I can draw same shape many times. I'm going. Teoh, draw this kitty can then go to the texture I want to use and start drawing the shape like this. Okay, And then this is where you're selecting. So now, once you selected area with this last so too, you can move this selection to a different place of the file and see which part off the texture you wants to copy. Yeah, I like this O r do I like that? Maybe all use a little bit of a color in here. And if you like it common, see for copying and go back to school. She a file and come and be full pasting. And now you have a key to get body. I'm gonna go back, do they year again. And this time I'm going to draw tail marking here. Come and see for copying MV for pasting. Now I have a kitty cat body and kick your tail in this simple illustration, it won't be a many layers. However, if you do more complicated images each each parts will be different layers and never gained through layers will be a little bit tricky. So it's always a good idea to rename the year. I'm gonna Teoh get one body and me naming the mayor. Just doctor there. It's fun Dozen when it changed. Okay. Here, get one. Yeah, and I want the tail to be behind the body. So I'm going to move this layer under the body that you're just grabbing and drop it now The tail is behind there. Next I'm going. Teoh Joe Face, I have a little dog guy area here. You don't have to use the color you want from the fixture. You can always change it. But sometimes those contrast is helpful to save some steps. Okay, this is cat one I and other things you can do is let's say you like this shape and you don't have to draw another eyes. And you want to copy this iced over to here? You can do that by grabbing this layer own. Do you layer copying it there? Or you can use a show cocky using command J to do the same thing. Yeah. Now I have left eye right eye and I renamed the layer. Go back to the texture Did. Joe knows that mouth. And when you draw the shape doesn't have to be perfect. You can clean up later. There. Now I have a kid it. Yet after you create the image, don't forget to save your file. And I also did make a folder here and put all the layers inside a folder. So this folder, if you grab this, you can move the whole thing. Gonna put this kitty cat over here. I'm gonna go over one more time. How to create this clutch illustration go to sketch this time I'm gonna do this. She cat over here! Joe Shape Command, see for copy. Come on, Be for pasting it. And one more thing you can do command t then resize the shape Come on. T is very useful. You can not only resizing you can turn it and you can flip over if you want to. If you don't like it, return and command Z for Go back to before you transform that shape. So now again get a job you This time I'm gonna make a tale a little bit darker Command t this this cat too? Body Renate Me mill earlier Get to do you and eyelash come and see. Come on. Be if the layer is underneath it Sometimes you can't see it. You moved of their up and down to bring front or back kids to All right, says a small come on, t. I think you really big eyes. And sometimes he wants to fix the shape. Um really quick. I'm gonna go over cleaning later. But if you see the obvious mistakes, you can also use lasso tool to select the area and delayed it to clean out I'm gonna do. Come on, Jay. Full making. Got being this shape. Then you can pick a different part of text. Your copy for Manti for dress transform. I just turned a little bit like this. The name. Now I'm gonna make a new folder, get to select all the layers by holding down shift key and put it in this folder. No, I have a chic yet over here being together there the next session, we are going to talk about how to change the color. 6. Changing Colors: Hi there. In this section we're going to learn how to change colors as we make a new geek. Yet first I'm going to hide those two back to sketch. I'm going to draw this medal, one with the big eyes. I going to use different texture this time. Joy shape. Now, when you want to add some areas, for example, you drove some parts. Good. But the other parts is not so much. Then you wants there just this part. You can hold down shift key and Joe the area, and you can adding the area if you happened, do Joe something a little bit more. And he wants the subject. You hold down the option key and then Joe, that butt out, you can take that out. So that's another, um, useful to shift to add an option to sub drag. Now I'm going to copy command. See? Come on. The book pasting command T for transformed the size. And when you transform the size, if you just drug it, it's going many different shapes. If you want to change the shape in the same ratio as you hold like you drug over shift and okay, chunky hold down. Then Drug decides you can give this phone and she wants to turn a little bit. Now, I have, um, body in a joke Tail Really quick. This I'm gonna do more cruelly dio keep bigger. Turn it. Bring it behind kids. Body can three. Okay. No, again. This time I'm gonna use um Okay, I'm going to use different fixture to show the example of changing color I'm going to draw . I just drew this cat white iPod now pasted kids bigger. And I want this I to be whiter. And now come on em to bring out curbs and bring up this graph to make it lighter color. I commend you to bring up que and situation, and I want to make it more empty saturated. Now, I got the white part of I, uh, white and common J for cough being there. It's too small, so make it bigger. This is This has a little juggy edges. So I'm going to clean. And as I go by selecting and deleting then a demon area and delete, it's better. Come on, Jay, For copying than a year and fund. And it's better to the name. Oh, left in. This is so and okay. Now I want to change this cat different color again. Come on. You to bring out Hugh and situation. And here we can change the hue and situation is over here. So it has a little bit blue in color here and sometimes, uh, change in the color of the curb. Make it darker. Ghana's New Week. Yet for lighter like this, this is a little color over here. And sometimes you have to go back and forth a few times to get the contrast in color you would like to use. So there. Discreet? No, I have Ah, Third kitty make a folder. Care three three so they don't in the years. Put it in. Sometimes this is good enough. But if you want, do add a shade, this is how you do it. Go to body Rick Layer. And I know my they make a copy of the layer just in case if you change something and you change your mind or you wants to fix something and this is always the easy way to do it. So copied earlier this will be a backup and then using lasso tool, selective, apart to make a shade. Come on, end for curb. Make a little bit darker, Okay? As a little, um, edge and make another. They Europe the tail. Well, so that's a little bit of God change. Change it a little bit darker. I'm going to make this inside here. Also, you can select first and then come on. Jay will make Onley this part copy into New Layer you. And then I'm gonna make a little dunker. And also he's saturated. So now it has a little more expression change hue and situation and using curbs to change contrast make your illustration come to life. Have fun. 7. Short Cut Keys: here are important. Shortcut keys. Copy, Command. See Paste Command. The Transform Command T copy Layer Command J Curves Command em hue and saturation commend you. Those Joe car keys are coming very handy, especially making collage illustrations in Photoshopped. 8. Clean Up and Details : hi again in this section, I will show you. How do you clean up the image? Both. I know. Touch. First, I'm gonna step with you. Get number three. And when you go over to clean up the image, I wanted to go very close. And sometimes there's a little left over from how you make us elections. And sometimes the line isn't as clean as you think it is from Vira father away just to go closer to see. And if you have little unwanted line on wanted shapes, use the like this spot and then delete to sumo's out. But I want to keep, um, little organic feeding of this line. I don't want to be too smooth so that it has a feeling of a cut out. Now I'm going to detail. Looks like you pretty good. No wonder he did that. I So this one looks pretty good and keep getting number two. See, this little edge is not quite. It's a Simoes, as it should be. No, I don't want to be too smooth, but also I don't want that look like I'm finished. So just go over some lines. Electives more here. Okay. On the tail. I'm going, Teoh, add a little more shade here. Come on, em And oh, before I'm gonna do Come on, M I would like to make this as a layer. So when I need to change, I can't change and change back I think his eyes get a little bit there's and maybe add a little bit up shade in this. Get here. Come on, Jay. Making you layer Come on em to bring up the curb. I'm not. I never used lightness. That's kind of make it a little fake ish. Um, look to me. Um, if you like to adjust with lightness bright this this far that's trying to I just, uh, tend to use curb since debt tail. Oops, Tuck. They here. We can actually make a little pattern here too. It was in the wrong layer, so make sure you're in there, right place right there. Then change this. This I did. Who's this? And get number one? Let's see. I want a blue. You want to change color? The brighter green, yellow orange? Yeah, each. Let's keep it orange. Bright orange. Come on, you the distal markings. Cute. And I'm gonna add shade So when we go up close, sees little bits up left over here. So this is kind of unwanted line. There's some left over here from the different mayor. Looks like it doesn't delete. So when this happens, here's of the year thing. You kind of show and high to find which layer it has. The peace. This okay had sit alone. Let's go over here so I'm going to Tail entail has in the year King. It's, uh, they most most head. So that's how you're going up the image. Cleanup tips and finishing. Check all the edges and delete unwanted shapes. Change color at Chase Body Gale's organized layers. 9. Thank You: Thank you for watching Make ecological illustration in for a shock. If you have any questions, please feel free to post in discussion area. And don't forget deposed to your project to I can't wait to see it happy creating.