Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps

Rachel Leroy, Stop Striving and Start Thriving

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10 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Words

    • 3. Sentences

    • 4. Structures

    • 5. Paragraphs

    • 6. Purpose

    • 7. Presentation

    • 8. Attitudes

    • 9. Habits

    • 10. ClosingThoughts


Project Description

Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Days

Based on the guidelines provided in the course, pick one 500-1500 word article or story you have already written or one that you want to write (500-1000 words). You will use this course as a way to make your writing stand out in your piece based on Strategies 1-8 in Make Your Writing Stand Out. The first six strategies specifically focus on your writing itself. 

Focus on one video per day in Strategies 1-8. Each day will allow you to work on one aspect of your piece per day based on the videos in the course. Strategies 7 and 8 include bonus material you can practice to improve your writing in the future. 

Do these four steps each day for one strategy per day:

1. Watch the video for that day. It may be helpful to watch each video more than once. Take notes while you watch the video. 

2. Once you have completed the daily video, do each exercise or quiz below that corresponds to each video to practice the strategy for each given day. 

3. Then read the answers in the corresponding document below to get more insight on how you're doing with the writing strategy for that day. 

4. Now it's your turn to apply it in your chosen article of story. Follow the strategies given in the video for that day on your piece of prose. Work through your piece based on the feedback and practice given.

5. Once you are done, publish your piece to the gallery! 

I have included a sample of my writing using these techniques. It isn't perfect, but it shows the results of this practice. Please be cautioned there is some adult language in the piece. 

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