Make Your Writing Stand Out in Eight Easy Steps

Rachel Leroy, Stop Striving and Start Thriving

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10 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Words

    • 3. Sentences

    • 4. Structures

    • 5. Paragraphs

    • 6. Purpose

    • 7. Presentation

    • 8. Attitudes

    • 9. Habits

    • 10. ClosingThoughts


About This Class

Master brilliant writing and beat your competition with a research-based system designed by a professional writing coach.

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How This Course Is Designed

The course is broken down into four sections, each section containing two strategies to help you improve your writing style, approach, and habits. Each section is an abbreviated version of Becoming a Professional Writer. These strategies will help you improve clarity, flow, presentation, and results in your writing. The ultimate outcome and goal is writing that stands out and sells.

The version of the course includes the basics of each strategy.

Each strategy contains a slideshow and a synchronized video lecture that elaborates on each slideshow. Each strategy includes the following:

  1. The strategy in a nutshell.
  2. An explanation that elaborates on and clarifies each strategy and best practices.
  3. Examples to explain the strategy in practice.
  4. Exercises at the end of each strategy will test your knowledge, put the strategy into practice now, and facilitate lasting changes in your writing.

By the end of the course you will know how to do the following:

Words and Sentences

  • Build better clarity, flow, and conciseness in sentences through better word economy.
  • Improve tone and structure through activated sentences.

Structures and Paragraphs

  • Increase the effect of each sentence through optimized word order.
  • Grab your reader's attention and keep it throughout the piece.

Purpose and Presentation

  • Set clear goals and build unity in a writing piece to persuade your reader.
  • Build credibility and achieve desired results for writing that sells.

Attitudes and Habits

  • Practice effective attitudes that will maximize results and improve your efficiency. And these attitudes will make the process funner!
  • Create healthy writing habits that will increase productivity, improve results, and increase your chances of success.

Each category includes a concise skill set to help you sharpen your style and craft. Enroll in this course now to get started on writing with quality that sells. The longer course goes more in depth and includes more extensive techniques elaborated on the ones here.

If you sign up for this course today, you will write sterling prose in a few short days.