Make Your Own Piñata! | Amy Watkins | Skillshare

Make Your Own Piñata!

Amy Watkins

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Gathering Materials

    • 3. Prep Your Materials

    • 4. Decorate

    • 5. Add the Rope

    • 6. Fill With Candy

    • 7. Conclusion


About This Class


Who knew making a piñata was so easy? By learning these basic steps, you can create any kind of piñata you can imagine!


1. Introduction : Hi. I'm Amy Watkins, the artist in Blogger Behind Cozy every dot com, and in this course we will be creating a simple Kenyatta in five easy steps by gathering the materials simple prep decorating, attaching a rope and adding the finishing touch of candy. You can have a colorful parted game in under an hour. Then we will share all their projects on social media with the hashtag Kenya today, I look forward to having you enrolled and be sure to follow me on skill share for more easy D i Y craps. 2. Gathering Materials: the materials needed can be found in any local party or crafts store. First, you need a cardboard box. This will work is the base of your piano. In this case, I'm using a packing box, which I found a target. Second, you'll need colorful streamers, depending on the style. You can use any colors and as many as you would like these were found a target as well. But if you're looking for a good variety, I highly suggest a party store like Party City. Third, you'll need a paintbrush, which will be used to apply the glue. Just be sure that it's not a paint brush you love. This will get ruined. Fourth, you'll need scissors, which will be used to create the fringe. Fifth, you need craft glue. I'm a big fan of Marge Podge, which could be founded a craft store, but school glue can work just as well. Six. You will definitely need a tablecloth because things are about to get messy 3. Prep Your Materials: to prepper materials. We first need the base created. Luckily, we're keeping it simple with this cardboard box, and all we need to do is closing. I'm using masking tape to keep it shut because it's strong enough to hold, but still easy enough to break clear teeth isn't able to hold the box closed, But something like duct tape will make it too hard to bust open the Kenyatta. We will also need a small opening for the candy. I took a decimal square flat that can close. Wants all the candy has been placed inside. We'll come back to this league now we will prep the fringe. We will first measure the length around the box. This is how long people create all the strips to get the French faster and cleaner. We will fold the strip small enough to where we can still cut with our city once folded, weight into the strip Don't cut all the way or the strip will break. We can cut the fringe about 1/2 an inch between and once opened, we can see the pretty French design 4. Decorate : to begin decorating, we will start from the bottom. This bottom is much shorter than the length around the box, so we're going to cut the pieces smaller to fit. Now that they're ready, go ahead and grab your craft. Glue and paint brush for the glue on a disposable plate and begin to apply the paint from the bottom to the top, going up about half an inch up. We will layer the fringe until we completely cover the space way will do the same steps but going around bucks. 5. Add the Rope: toe at the rope. We need to add two holes at the top. This could be usually done by digging in the tip of your scissors. Inside the box toe. Loop the rope through, take a paper clip and open it to create a make sure took. We want one end of the paper clip to go through one hole and L P A. Create a hook to tie the rope to on one end. Now show me the hook out of the hole so that the rope loops through, Tie a knot and the rope is now secure. 6. Fill With Candy: remember when we created the candy hole? It's time to find it. Using the scissors, re opening. Now you can add candy. Once finished, Close it up and you're Kenyatta is done. 7. Conclusion : That's it. You've done it with these basic steps. You will be able to create anything you know for your next birthday party celebration or even home decoration. Be sure to use the hashtag today to share your cultural project. I can't wait. See, You can follow me on. Still share for more advanced P out of tutorials coming soon.