Make Your Own "One Page Book", with Illustrator Elizabeth Blue

Elizabeth Blue Currier, Illustrator, Comic Artist, Arts Educator

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson One: Choosing Your Paper

    • 3. Lesson Two: The Cut and Fold

    • 4. Lesson Three: The Artwork

    • 5. Lesson Four: Using the Inner Fold

    • 6. Closing, and Some Bonus Ideas


Project Description

Create your own "one page book" making sure to use the inner fold to add an extra decorative element or added content.

  1. Fold and cut your sheet of paper as explained in Lesson Three: The Cut and Fold
  2. Number your pages with a light pencil and plan your artwork
  3. Create your artwork, either keeping book folded or by unfolding it and using your page numbers as your guide.
  4. Add design features or added content using the inner-fold of the book.
  5. Upload and share your project!

Deliverable: Student's own "One page Book", including some use of the book's inner-fold. 

*** Feel free to download and use the Folding Template provided below!

Student Projects

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