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Make Your Own Living Succulent Wreath Centerpiece

teacher avatar Jeannine Romero, Plant Lady

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Prepping The Frame

    • 4. Design Your Wreath

    • 5. The Finished Project

    • 6. Final Thoughts And Care Tips

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About This Class



In this class, you will learn how to design a living succulent wreath centerpiece to use with candles for your next dinner party or holiday table. This wreath also makes the perfect addition to your patio umbrella table. No experience is necessary for this class; students learn to make a simple wire and moss base, attach succulent cuttings and then how to care for a succulent wreath.

Succulents are trending for lots of reasons, such as they do not require much watering, and they come in a variety of color; these reasons also work for a living wreath. Succulents make long lasting cut plants because they hold water in their leaves and, therefore, subsist for months without soil. (Cut flowers will be in the compost bin in a week or less!) Talk about sustainable--when you are finished using the wreath, repot or replant the succulents in your garden and they will continue to grow.

Supplies needed:

  • 12" wire wreath frame
  • 9 to 12 rosette shaped cut succulents
  • About 2 dozen leafy jade succulent cuttings (less will be required if more rosettes are used)
  • Large bunch of dried Spanish moss
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Protective cover for work surface

Meet Your Teacher

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Jeannine Romero

Plant Lady


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1. Introduction : Welcome to my skill share video. I'm Jenny and Romero, and I'm a plant obsessed artist. I've been making succulent, looming race for several years now, and I'm so excited to show this project here with you. Today. I'm gonna teach you how to make a living succulent read that you can use with candles for your next special event or dinner party, and they happen to make the perfect centerpiece for the patio umbrella table. Unlike cut flowers, succulence lar, long lasting because they hold water in their leaves. The wreath requires no soil, and the succulence could subsist in the mosque base for several months to a year with minimal watering. When you're done with the reef, you can re pot or re plant in your garden, and the plants will continue to grow. This class is for plant lovers and crafters alike. There's no prior experience required. I will teach you to make a moss base, how to attach your succulence to it, and then finally will discuss the care tips required to keep your wreath going. I'm looking forward to seeing the wreath that you make, so please remember to upload photos into the gallery. Thank you so much for taking this class with me. And now, if you'll join me in the next video, you'll learn the supply. She'll be meeting for this project. I'll see you that. 2. Supplies: our supplies for this project include a 12 inch green wire re frame about 9 to 12 cuts succulents, depending on the size of the succulence. These air about 2 to 3 inches in diameter. I have four different varieties of at least two each, and I have some jade's about two dozen green leafy jade's cut as to use as filler. In my wreath, you'll need a large bunch of dry Spanish moss, some twine to attach the loss to our real frame, hot glue gun, some glue sticks and scissors. So while you're getting your supplies together, we'll need in the next video and start preparing the base of our reef. 3. Prepping The Frame: unwind, I don't know, but yarder to just a large bunch of twine that snippet off. Tie it to the re frame. No, not then we're gonna add the mosque. That's Spanish moss, particularly. It's easier to use when it's wet. When it's dry, you can still work with it. It will just be quite messy. And we're going to untucked of the green frame. The feet of the frame, which are these should be on the bottom. So we want to side with that. We could has a little dip that we can fill. I agree. Spread it around free. Trying to make even base all the way around goal is to get enough most think enough that you will not if when you're done when you press it that you will not feel the skin of your fingers. I want a nice bunch. About two weeks after you clip your succulents, they will begin to reroute, and so we want a nice base for those succulents, too. Sit in here for quite a while, Um, hands. You'll be able to give it a good soak once in a great while, maybe every 2 to 3 weeks. Meanwhile, you could give it a little bit of a missed now and then maybe every 10 days we're gonna take our twine decision to wrap it around. You could go about and venture. So wrap it around, then to get a little bit snug. This is quite tingled last year. Okay, So you will continue to wrap until we get to the other side where we started and just the moss has needed and will have another opportunity to see where we might need a little bit more or less case I am back around where I started. I just keep rapping. I like it the end of this twine, and then stop here. Tie it, attach it to another. It's okay. You want to go around and makes some adjustments as the so that was a little bit soon. Otherwise, it was That seems OK. So we will. I want to make this snug together as we can and push some of the ends in as much as you can . There we go. So giving it the little touch test, it seems mostly good. Maybe this spot, a little bit of adjustment there. Okay, that seems fine. Okay. Gonna push a little bit more here. It's really thin. You can go ahead with another clump at it and get your twine and wrapping attach like we did. OK, that's good. If you like, you can trend some of these things that are sticking out that don't want behave. Yeah, that's fine. That looks good. There we go. So we have our wreath base and we're just going to clean this up and come back and start attaching our succulence to our reef. 4. Design Your Wreath: Okay, we're back. And now we get to do the fun part. We're going to design a wreath and attach our succulence so your glue guns should be plucked, Dan getting warmed up People are always surprised that you can use glue, much less a hot glue gun on succulents. And, um, I do so love hate relationship for me. I, um, get burned easily. But it's a great fixed last minute and prayer in this case where we don't want water soluble glue, uh, in order to melt in and threw it underneath our reef when we get it wet. Um, that sells that problem for us in this case. So I'm going to place my succulence in kind of a pattern. I only have two of these guys, so they're going to be a sort of my my filler on bond. I have my Maria on my Sempra Viva. And so I'm going to go ahead and pattern days and I do want thes, since I only have two of them to be opposite of each other. So I think I'm on to that. Okay, so I want o space them as nicely as I can. Now's a good time to take out any problems. Like if there's any, like here we have dried or damage leaves. We can just go ahead and clean those up. Okay, that's fine. Okay, so I like the placement of that. What you also can do at this point is take a quick photo of your reef and make sure that, um, you like the design. Sometimes I pick up some errors or some problems and design by looking at a photo and see something that I'm not happy with. So you could do that if you like. On I think we're good to go. So I'm gonna start attaching my succulents with my glue gun. Go around. That's my family room clack over there. It rings on the hour. Okay, hold these in briefly. Most of them can take a little pressure. Um, but we wanted to make sure attach is well to our moss, so I'm just sort of going around the base of the plant, play a little pressure on the mean oil. The strings that glue guns leave also annoys me. Okay? And I'm going to attach this one on fresher strings a little bit fragile, so that one broke. I'm gonna go ahead and just remove that leaf with the rosettes. You could get away with that frequently. Okay. Okay, so there's something. Try it up. Leave the natural for these to dry at the base of the plant and, uh, later, as you're taking care of your wreath, grooming it a little here and there, you'll probably want to remove some of those dried leaves that will naturally happen. Strains thes guys. Especially among you. Put a little pressure there. Way to go. Almost almost done. Yeah, Refill. Okay, we only have a couple more left to attach. One more after this and again after you finish attaching the rosette shapes. If you want Billy, need to take a picture or he didn't prior, just to make sure that you like the spacing, the arrangement, etcetera. It's good time to do that to this leave. It's sort of on its last leg. I'm going to go ahead and remove it, because I will have to remove it so soon afterwards. Anyway, it's not gonna get any better. Okay, so there we have our rosettes attached, and now I'm gonna go ahead and attach these Jade's as filler. Okay, okay. And depending on the size is where I'm gonna choose to to place these guys. You can cut them smaller, and you could cut them with larger, um, groups of leaves. That's kind of match the space you have. And you're placing thes guys. Okay? And so now I'm just gonna go along and fill in my moss with the jade until I complete going all around theories on. And so I will do that. And you can continue doing yours, and I'll meet you up when I'm on this. 5. The Finished Project: Okay, I have finished attaching everything, and this is the time to give a final inspection toe. Look for any problems. Remove any remaining group glue strings from the glue gun and make sure that all of your succulents air firmly attached. Also, check to make sure, but the green wire reef is not visible and that the hot glue cannot be seen. Um, from the top of your wreath and, if so, at her, adjust the succulence as needed. 6. Final Thoughts And Care Tips: looking back. Thank you for doing this project with me, and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learn some things about succulents along the way. They're amazing plants. They hold water. Uh, and they're perfect for all kinds of living. Succulent projects and succulents will live year round outdoors, where temperatures don't go bill of 40 degrees. Many make great house plants as well, and the rosette types, in particular, do best indoors in a bright, sunny room. Uh, while planted in the reef, you could give your plants a good missed about every 10 days or so. Uh, and you could water well when it's hot or dry, maybe about every 2 to 3 weeks or more often if conditions call for it. You can also add some diluted fertilizer to your water occasionally, perhaps every month or every other month. When you're finished using the centerpieces for year indoor table, consider using the reef outdoors on the patio or is the centerpiece for your umbrella table . It's likely to last for several months to a year or more outdoors. And don't forget to re pot or replant your succulence when you're done using the wreath again I hope you enjoyed this project. And I hope you'll join me in the future for some more succulent living succulent projects. Thanks again. And don't forget to share your photo in the project gallery.