Make Your Own Jewelry: Memory Wire Wrap Bracelets | Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil | Skillshare

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Make Your Own Jewelry: Memory Wire Wrap Bracelets

teacher avatar Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil, Running With Sisters: Come Craft With Us!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Part One: What You'll Need

    • 3. Part One: Beading The Wire

    • 4. Part One: Finishing The End

    • 5. Part Two: Intro & What You'll Need

    • 6. Part Two: Getting Started

    • 7. Part Two: Beading The Wire

    • 8. Part Two: Finishing The End

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About This Class

Want to make a quick gift? How about a memory wire bracelet? Memory wire is jewelry wire that is permanently shaped in a coil. You wrap it around your arm and don’t need a clasp. So it’s easy to make and easy to wear!

Even if you've never made any jewelry before, you can make a memory wire bracelet. We'll show you how! It's basically just sliding beads onto wire. Easy!

In this memory wire bracelet tutorial, you will learn how to make two different memory wire wrapped bracelets. The first bracelet is a simple three coil design using two kinds of beads: seed beads and crystal bicones.


The second bracelet is made in the same way, but changes beads every coil and is eight coils high. So it looks like eight different stacked bangles. This version also features charms attached to the ends for a little added flair.


In this  two-part lesson, we'll show you all the tools and materials you'll need to make each bracelet. We'll introduce you to memory wire, what it is and how to use it. Plus we'll show you how to use round-nose pliers to bend a loop in each end of the wire.

Making jewelry like this is so fun and so easy! Once you get started, you’ll be hooked like we are! Before you know it, you’ll be making jewelry for friends, and they will love finding out you made it yourself!

Come Craft With Us!

Jennifer & Kitty

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil

Running With Sisters: Come Craft With Us!



We're the O'Neil Sisters! Kitty's on the left and Jennifer is on the right. We really are sisters and we live about 40 minutes from each other in the San Francisco Bay area.

We started working together over ten years ago when we wrote our first book Decorating With Funky Shui. Since then we've authored five more craft books and our craft projects have been featured in Woman's World magazine, Create and Decorate, Craft Ideas, and Bead Unique. Our work has been featured online on the sites of HGTV, Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Homes Journal, and Parents magazine.

We do all kinds of craft how-tos. We love to mosaic, we enjoy candle making, and spa crafts are always fun. But our favorite craft is jewelry making, because the materials are so beautiful and when ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Ah, hi. I'm Kitty and I'm Jennifer. And were there Nail Sisters. We're going to show you how to make a fun, fast and easy memory wire bracelet. We love making memory wire bracelets cause they go together really, really fast and they don't need a class. Let's get started. 2. Part One: What You'll Need: to make the memory wire bracelet, you'll need memory wire on. What you want to do is look for a package that says memory. Why right on it, this one says Large bracelet. This is the actual size it's going to be. If it were a necklace of memory wire, it would be like a choker size. You'll also need round nose pliers and wire cutters. Thes air Not are good wire cutters, because this is very hard wire for beads were just using C beads and by cones. 3. Part One: Beading The Wire: The first thing you want to do is measure your memory wire. You can see it really holds it shape. It's like a slinky. So what, We're gonna just find the end, and then we're gonna count three wraps because we decided we want to make a three wrap bracelet. Three groups. So this is the end. Will count one. That's our first loop Two. That's our second loop three. That's our third loop. And then we want to just take our wire, snips, give it a little bit. Exercise will go right there. Is that right? Yeah, exactly there. And it's a little bit hard to cut. Which is why we're not using our fancy jewelry Snips were using. What's that we use with Kraft Wire? And now we've got our three wraps. Yeah, so now we're just gonna use the roundness players and we're going to bend a loop into the end of the wire, and that's how we're gonna keep the beads from sliding off at the end of the wire here. I've got my ravenous players in there, and I'm just going to rotate the players around to make a loop. And then I repositioned the players and continue to rotate to make a complete loop. It's very hard wire. That's how it keeps its shape. So you have to give it a little extra strength. Put your mojo in it, and then you'll get your group in there. So I got my Lupin and I can feed on the seat beats we're going to do for this design. One coil of seed beads, one toilet by cones in one coil of seeds be pretty their tiny someone put on my readers here. I've got the end of the wire and I'm just going to feed on however many see feeds it takes to make one entire coil of C beads. Okay, so I'm gonna just push all the beads around so I can see if I have a complete circle that beads. I'm just sliding all the way around. And sure enough, I have one oil done. Looks great. And now we're ready to do a complete loop or oil or whose but rain or whatever you wanna call it, uh I can't see. So the bike kinds of is gonna dump out, But you can get easy access. Bam! I'm gonna find the end again here with the hard part. Really? Iss, Once you find the end, it's all easy at the end. And I'm going to just start sliding on by cones. This would go faster than the seed beads because they're bigger. And you could do the bracelet with all by cones. You could do a coil of one color by count. And then a coil of a different color by cones go between silver and gold. Or I can't read so many options. Yes, or you could make the whole thing just one type of bead all the way. That looks really pretty today. Is Allah? Yeah, that's what Jennifer's wearing the same bead. I'm just gonna keep feeding on the bike owns until we've got a complete loop of Feikens. Great. That's probably enough. But I'm gonna slide the beads around just to make sure. Oh, yeah, It looks good. That's great. So now I'm gonna put on our last oil of C. Pedes 4. Part One: Finishing The End: okay. We're almost done with the last coil of seed beads. And I just wanna make sure leave enough room to make my loop here at the end. And I've got these pushed all the way around looking good. There's no gaps. Yeah, And then to make this coil, I'm actually gonna flip this over because I'm right handed and I'm gonna take my roundness players just like we did at the beginning of the wire. I'm gonna take the roundness players, grab the wire, and I'm gonna rotate to make a loop, and then I'm gonna rotate again to make a loop. This is the end. See, there's a little gap there. That means I'm just gonna rotate all the way, even if it overlaps the wire a little bit. Because I can cut the end of the wire off so you don't have to guess at the exact length to get it right now I'm going to take my wire. Snips ran away, and I'm just cut off that little piece of excess Wire and stairs are little memory wire bracelet 5. Part Two: Intro & What You'll Need: Ah, To make the memory wire wrap bracelet, you'll need memory wire and memory wire retains its shape. It stays in this coil this circle shape, which is why it's called memory Wire. You can't really bend it out, but that it bounces back. Looks like a slinky. You'll want bracelet size. You'll also need a selection of beads were going to change beads. Every coil is We go around making the rap. So we have about seven different kinds of beads here, including some seed beads. You can use whatever beads you like. You'll also need charms for the end of the bracelet for each end and then for tools you'll need around those players and wire cutters. But don't use your good ones. Just used wire snaps. 6. Part Two: Getting Started: the first thing we want to do is cut a piece of memory wire and for this bracelet, we're going to do eight coils. So we're gonna find the end of this stack of memory wire here. This is the end. And we want eight complete coils. So this goes around to here is one coil tears too. Three, four, five, six, seven and eight is to here. And then we don't want to cut it exactly at the same length here because we need some extra to put some ends on it with our charms. So I'm gonna give it about a new inter a little more than an inch over to here. So goes from here around eight times and then a little extra to here and I'm gonna use my not good wire cutters and cut the memory wire. Now we're gonna bend an end into one end of the memory wire foot that ever since I got this end in my hand and what we're gonna do is we're gonna make a small loop and we're gonna put the charm on that small loot and to make the loop I'm gonna take my round those players I'm gonna grab the memory wire and I'm gonna bend it around the round those players is very hard. Wire, which is hot, stays in this coil, so I gotta get a little extra. Um, before I finished that loop, though, I want to put this charm on it. I grabbed the charm here with my around us players must slide that on, but it's gonna be facing backwards. Let me do that again. See how it's facing in towards the bracelet. I wanted to face the other way, so I'm gonna put it on groups. They're now facing the right way and then I'm gonna finish making my loop all the way around. So I have a completely these this look will keep the beads from sliding off of the memory wire when we start feeding it on and then we'll finish with a loop just like that 7. Part Two: Beading The Wire: The next step is to feed our beads onto the coil. And this is the end where we put the loop, gonna put this at the bottom of the coils so that we have this straight end to feed the beads onto. So finding my end is here, and I'm gonna feed on one complete Coyle's worth of beads. I'm gonna start with these gold beads here, and I'm just gonna feed them on one at a time until I have a complete coil of this color bead. When you're picking out your beach, you want to make sure that you pick out beads that fit on the memory wire because the memory wears a little bit thicker than other wires and pearls, for example, won't fit on it. So just test your beads. So I'm going to check to see if I have a complete coils work. And to do that, I need to feed them all to the bottom. So I'm just rotating this around. I'm pushing the bottom beads, fishing the beads around on the coil said that they go all the way to the bottom of the slinky rotate, rotate, rotate, push, push, push. This will be. The first coil on the bracelet will be these gold beads and they'll go around till they hit that stopper we made with charm. So they're almost to the bottom here, alternates, you can see, not got the underside showing. And we have almost a complete loop here. I'm saying it's sitting rest on itself. I think we need about 1 to 3 more beads. I put this back over and feed on three more beads on the end to find that end. It gets hidden in the Slinky. Here's the end. I said I'm gonna feed on three more beads. One, two groups to three. Now I'm going to switch colors, so I'm gonna switch to the blue, and I'm just gonna do the same thing with each color. I'm gonna feed on enough beads that when I push it down to the end of the bracelet, it makes a complete coil all the way around. And after I do all the blue, I'll switch to another color and another color until I have eight coils, each one a different bead 8. Part Two: Finishing The End: So we've got all our beads on the coil and you can see that they change every time it goes around. It's changing beads. So from the other side, it looks like a bunch of different wraps. But it's all one rap, and now we're gonna finish it off by making a loop. In the end, this is that extra wire that we gave ourselves. We don't need that much wire to make that small loops. I'm going to take the wire cutters. I'm gonna get myself about half an inch. You can give yourself a little bit extra cause you can trim it after you make the loop. So I cut that off to make the loop. I'm gonna grab the wire here at the end with the roundness players and requires a little strength. But I'm gonna bend it around and bending it, or just around the shape of the around those players here. I'm gonna leave a little opening there so I can put on my charm and I feed on the charm here. I want to that loop so that the face of it is outside facing the outside. And then I'm gonna finish the loop all the way around. And like I said, if you have a little extra wire there, you could just keep rolling like that. And then you can go in here where it overlaps slightly. You can trim that with your wire cutters. Mine doesn't overlap enough to trim it. But if you have a piece sticking out, you can trim it. So now we've got our charms on the end of our memory wire wrap bracelet. We've got all these different reps that air changing every time it goes around.