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5 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies and Inspiration

    • Sketching

    • Inking

    • Spit and Polish


About This Class

Artist and illustrator, Ria Sharon guides you through the process of creating your own coloring page in this enjoyable 20-minute class. Ria will share her step-by-step process, from finding inspiration, translating source images to sketches, inking, and making your art a printable PDF file.

This class is perfect for anyone who loves to draw and doodle and is looking for a fun illustration project. Learn how to create coloring pages that you can share with family and friends. Who knows? You might just be the next coloring book breakthrough artist!

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Thank you ! Fun class easy to follow.
I liked this class, it was easy to follow, and it turned out that I can draw! :)
Vera Dobos

I'm trying to be creative.

This was a very easy class! If you've wanted to get started on the path to making your own coloring pages, OR if you've been making them but needed to learn how to tweak them to make them better, then this is a great class for you!
Kim Steadman

Author, Doodler and Creative Entrepreneur





Ria Sharon

Practice Makes Better.

There is no path to mastery that does not involve doing something over and over — that's been my experience as an artist and illustrator!

So I encourage my students to take small consistent steps by creating bite-sized classes that make art a simple, easy, daily practice — one that is joyful and fun!

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