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Make Your Own Branded Gifs for Snapchat & Instagram Stories

Carli Vergamini, up-cycler extraordinaire

Make Your Own Branded Gifs for Snapchat & Instagram Stories

Carli Vergamini, up-cycler extraordinaire

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6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The Gif of It (Basics)

    • 3. Make a Rotating Gif

    • 4. Make a Sliding Gift with a Photo

    • 5. Uploading Your Gifs

    • 6. Find & Use It!

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About This Class

Keep your brand's image consistent with your own personalized animated stickers.  Using a graphic or photo of your own, learn the techniques how to make it move + upload it for use online!


In this class we'll touch upon some basic knowledge of gifs, plus how to make a rotating & sliding gif, how to properly save your files & how to upload them for use on Snapchat + Instagram stories.

Meet Your Teacher

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Carli Vergamini

up-cycler extraordinaire


Hello, I'm Carli.  Lover of sprinkles, known to cry when laughing & often found writing run on sentences on Instagram.

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1. Intro: Hey, guys. And thanks for joining. My name is Carly Simon, accessories designer obsessed with fringe and repurpose ing materials. Throw my journey and building their business. I've also picked up a fascination with graphics, packaging and branding and have taught myself with thinking, too, about them along the way. Today, I'm excited to share with you an exciting new tool. You can take your brand's image to the next level gifts or Jeffs. However you say it PS were touching upon that in the very first lesson. Pull up a seat if you've got a graphic and photo shop, or even if you don't let's dive into the world of moving stickers. 2. The Gif of It (Basics): first things first. Here are a few things you need to know. This is an ongoing battle, and I have the definitive answer with confidence. GIF or Jif say it either way. But say it like you meant to say it that way. That's the end of that. Their gifts And there are stickers, the terms air in a changeable like facial tissue and Kleenex. The gym is a short moving movie, often of a baby dancing or a short clip from a TV show. They can easily be sent in a text message or published as the Facebook Comment. Stickers are kiss cut, moving graphics, a k. They have a transparent background. These can be added to Snapchat or instagram stories. Jeffs are becoming another commonly used search engine. They're a great way to create branded content for your own business or create graphics that you want to be widely shared. For this class, you'll need a computer or a laptop or tablet. They must be compatible with running Photoshopped Photo Shop. You should be able to sign up for a free trial online if you don't have the software yourself and lastly, a graphic or text of your own 3. Make a Rotating Gif: a spinning sticker is super simple and a great place to start. Start by opening a previously made graphic or create something new. I'm going to use this sticker design, and by sticker I mean, they literally have it printed into physical stickers. So now we're going to turn it into a digital sticker. Make sure you're an RGB color road. Since Jeff stickers must have a transparent background, we'll start by removing any excess white space. I'll use my magic eraser tool and click on the white background to remove it. The checkerboard pattern means that it's transparent. Well, ultimately have the sticker rotating in three different positions. So we want to duplicate this layer until we have three that are exactly the same. You can achieve this by right clicking on the layer and hit duplicate layer selector, top layer and hit control plus T. To transform your layer. We want to rotate the graphic about 45 degrees to the left. An easy way to do this is hold down the shift key and drag the square in the upper corner to the left. It'll automatically cook in a place when you hit 45 degrees. Cool huh? Hit. Enter inside it in place. Next, we'll hide this layer so we can see what we're working with next. The next action is for the sticker to remain in its neutral position, So we'll hide this layer to, and we'll repeat the first step with the last layer accepted, rotating it to the right hit control C to transform and remember to hold down the shift key so it clicks in place at 45 degrees. To turn this into a Jeff will need to open the animation window. This may be holed. Timeline. If you have a newer version of Photoshopped, have other right hand side of the window. You'll see a button with three lines in a small arrow. Click here and a menu will pop down. Select Make frames from layers and you'll notice your layers. Pop up within the animation or timeline window. Click each one and you'll get an idea of how you're sicker is going to move. Select all the frames by clicking the first frame thing, holding down the shift key and selecting the last frame. We want to adjust the delay so that each frame shows up for a set amount of time. Click on one of the small black arrows. Intellect 10.2 seconds. Press the play button at the bottom and watch it go. Just a couple more adjustments and we'll be ready. First, we need to add one more neutral position frame so that our sticker moves more fluidly. We can do this by copying or existing middle frame. Select the middle frame and hold down the altar key. Drag it past the last frame and release. This creates a copy press play again, and do you notice the difference? You can lengthen or shorten the delay depending on your taste or set a select custom time amount. Here. Make sure the menu is set to forever, and now we're ready to publish select file, then hit Save for Web and Devices. There are a couple of things to be aware of here. Make sure Jeff is selected, and I'm also gonna change the map setting to make sure there's no white border around my graphic. I also like to know hit the play button one last time to make sure it's in working order. Double check that the loop is set to forever so that it continues to play could save, and you've just saved your first Jeff 4. Make a Sliding Gift with a Photo: Now that you have mastered the art of a rotating image, let's take it one baby step further to create a sliding Jif. The steps are basically the same. This and we'll just take a few extra frames. I'm also going to up the ante and use a photo of my dog. Instead of a simple graphic, I'm going to make Ripley's head appear as though he's playing peekaboo with his stern side . I should make for a pretty powerful Jeff, so I opened an image of my dog and going to start by unlocking this layer since will eventually be removing the background from the image. To do that, you may be able to just click the lock icon on your layers window. If it's great out, like in my case, I'll just double click on the layer. A new window will pop up that allows you to rename the layer if you like. We're going to skip that step and hit OK, now the layer is unlocked. Next will begin tracing the outline of his head in the photo. The lasso tool will come in handy here. I prefer the polygonal lasso. It allows you to move in on Lee straight lines rather than completely free hand. I'm also going to change my father. Setting Teoh to this leaves for a little bit of softness around the edges rather than a harsh line. I'll zoom into my image. You can do this by hitting control and the plus sign and start tracing at the top of his head. I'm tracing just below the outline, since her father setting will help pull into move that extra fuzz. Keep tracing all the way around. If you goof up along the way, we can add or subtract to our selection when we're done. Once we've had our starting point, the outline will flash with a dotted line to show that you've completed your selection. I have noticed a small weight space, but I'd like to exclude, so I'll select my subtract from selection tool and select this area to remove it. Here's a portion of his nose I'd like to add, so also looked my add to selection tool to add that in another portion of the bandanna to remove. And then we're done. I'll zoom back out using control and the minus sign and continue now that I've selected just Ripley's head. I'd like to remove the rest of the background. To do that. I'll go to select in verse. You'll see the dotted line is now around the background of my image. I'll hit delete to remove it. Next, I'll use the marquee tool and click anywhere on my screen to remove any selection lines. Now we can start building our sliding Jif. Ripley's head will be appearing and disappearing from the scene, so let's reduce our canvas size so that we have a smaller area to work with. I'll use the rectangular or key tool to select an area slightly larger than his head and go to image crop to Croft down the canvas size click anywhere on your screen to de select again. Next will duplicate are layer by right, clicking on the layer and selecting duplicate layer. Now we can start building the frames. I'm going to select both layers and move them off of the canvas so that he can increasingly creep his head into the frame. Remember, we need one layer for each frame of the movement, so I'm also going to create a new layer that will remain empty. This will be the starting frame of our Jif. To do that, click this new layer button back to Ripley, also like the two layers of his head, by holding down the shift key while clicking each layer. Make sure you have the move tool selected, and using the up arrow on your keyboard will increasingly peek his head onto the canvas. Hold down the shift key to move in larger increments. Next, we'll take the top layer of his head and do the same thing. I'm moving each layer in increments of 20 a. K and pushing shift and my up arrow 20 times. Now we'll need to duplicate this last layer. We just moved and repeat, pushing shift on the up arrow 20 times, again and again and again. Keep duplicating the last layer and moving it as you go. You can keep repeating the steps so that the image vanishes from the top of the canvas. Once my image has made its way all the way out of the top of the frame, I'll go to my animation window and select make frames from layers. I'm removing any unnecessary frames by selecting them and clicking the trashcan icon and moving one more blank frame to the beginning of my animation. I also liked all the frames by clicking the last frame, holding down the shift key and clicking the first frame. Then click the small black triangle on the bottom and select 0.2 seconds to slow down movement. See how it looks in action were pushing the play button. We could leave it like this, but I'd like his head to peek in and out from the bottom instead. So I'm going to select the middle frame, hold down the shift key and click the last frame. I'll delete these frames by clicking the trash icon again to move his head back down out of the frame. All simply copy my existing layers one at a time by selecting each frame, holding all key and dragging it towards the end of my animation timeline. We'll also get these in the right order while I'm at it, hit play again to see it in action. I like this movement much better. The last adjustment all make is toe lengthen the time of the middle frame. I'd like his head to be in the upright position a split second longer, so you couldn't really give you that side. I in style also look to the middle frame and hit the black triangle on the bottom. I'm going to keep playing around with timing until it feels right. Remember, you can adjust the time on all of the frame to the same time by clicking the first frame, holding shift and clicking the last scream. Click the black triangle of the bottom and then select a pre selected time amount or click other to type in your own custom setting. Once you've got the timing, just rate will do the same thing to save our Jeff Goto file. Save for Web and devices. Same thing here. Make sure Jeff is selected and changed the mat setting to none. However, since I'm using a photo, I'll leave the color setting, as is. Make sure the Luke is set to forever click play one last time to make sure it's perfect. Click save and onward to uploading 5. Uploading Your Gifs: before we dive into how to upload. Let's touch upon Jiffy for a moment. Jiffy is the website that serves as the search engine for all things Jeff. In order for your stickers to be searchable via instagram or Snapchat, you'll need to create a brand channel. This has an application process, and the requirements continue to change over time at the moment, to fear requires that you need fallings. For more info about this process and requirements, visit jiffy dot com. Once you created an account, you can begin your application process, which starts with uploading at least five gifts to your account. Simply browse your files or dragon dropped them onto the Web page. Be sure to add tags. The's air Descriptive words about your sticker. When a user types in one of your tags, your sticker will pop up for them to use. Be sure to use relevant terms and as many descriptive as possible. Make sure the public setting is set on. If you want them to be searchable and hit, upload to Jiffy. The brand channel process should take between a few days to a couple weeks. Best of luck 6. Find & Use It!: you guys, This is the fun part. Just use the search bar within snapped rather instagram stories. Type in one of your tags and select the stickers you'd like to use. Have fun with your creations. I'd love to see what you've made. Upload your super designs on the your project portion of this class. I'll be sharing my favorites on instagram stories.