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6 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Create Arduino Shield in Fritizing

    • 3. 3 Create Arduino LCD Shield using Fritizing

    • 4. 4 Download and Install Circut Maker

    • 5. 5 Create LCD Arduino Shield Schematic

    • 6. 6 Create PCB For Arduino LCD Shield


About This Class

Make Your Own Arduino Shield using More than 5 Software: Fritizing, Circuit maker, Easy Eda and Eagle Software.

>>> Make Your Own Arduino Shield using More than 5 Software: Fritizing, Circuit maker, Easy Eda and Eagle Software. <<<

Welcome to this course.

What is this course about:

In This course you will learn from start to finish, from zero to production ready on how to design custom Arduino Shield Printed Circuit Board . It will help you to improve your PCB design skills which will help you to get started freelancing or to get a job in Arduino and PCB design.


What you should expect after taking this course:

  • Get started PCB design using More than 5 Software.

  • Download and install Different Circuit design software.

  • Create your own shield so that you can create your specialized Arduino Shield that fits your needs.

  • Create the Arduino Shield Schematic

  • Wiring components in Schematic view.

  • Transfer schematic into PCB.

  • Place components on board.

  • Create a multilayer board.

  • Route layers and place components on board.

  • Autoroute to save time.

  • Eliminate design errors.

  • Create Gerber files for your manufacturer.

What you’ll learn

  • Create and design a custom Arduino Shield
  • Draw schematic of Your Specialized Arduino Shield and wire components
  • Create your own custom components and component library
  • Compile design detect and eliminate design errors
  • Define board shape and size
  • Auto route to speed up the routing process
  • Route Arduino Shield Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Eliminate errors and reduce manufacturing board iterations by Using design rule checker

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Time, Dedication and Patience to learn and implement new knowledge.
  • A PC

Who this course is for:

  • Want to create your own custom Arduino Shield
  • Want to get a job in PCB design
  • Want to learn Making Your Own Arduino Shield in the shortest possible time.
  • Want to get started creating cool gadgets


1. 1 Introduction: hello and will come to this a new course in which you are going to there how to make your own Arduino shield. This is educational engineering team What you will learn in this course, you learn how to create on design a custom Arduino shield. You learn how to draw a schematic off your specialized are doing a shield on why are different components toe that shield. You learn how to create your own custom components on a component library. You'll also know how to combine design, detect and imminent design errors. You will define board shape and size to match the Arduino shield size. You learn manual on auto routing to speed up the routing process. You will also fruit your own Arduino shield PCB. The final step will be learning how to eliminate arrows on reduced manufacturing board iterations by using design. Full check. The software that we're going to cover in this course are more than one. You can choose whatever so choose. You learn how to create your custom Arduino shield using Freising in less than five minutes using Tim Blaze that already there on R waiting for you to eat it. You will also learn how to create a custom Arduino shield using fighting from scratch longer but a more professional way. If you like Togo in details and for sure, if you have time, you also learn how to use easy either a to create Arduino shield. PCB poor design. We will take a look at circuit maker software. Andi, take a quick look at Arduino Shield templates. Circuit Maker is a very famous and free software that you can use to create your own Arduino shield. We were also cover Eagle software are doing a shell design on, and you will get to know how to use product protest professional software to make your own Arduino shield. Some of this lesson will be in video form. Others will be an article form, but all of them will be explained in a step by step manner. So normal is here. We are here to cover everything that need to be covered about how to make your own are doing a shield so you are not good hands on. I'm sure that you will enjoy this course. Are there any course requirements or pre requests? Well, we asked for time, dedication and patience to learn on implement the new knowledge that you are going to take in this course and for sure you have to have at least a PC or a laptop any kind. You don't need a very powerful BC for this course material who this course is fourth. It's for anyone who want to create his very own custom of being a shield. If you want to get a job and PCB design on, if you want to learn making your own army a shield in the shortest possible time. Andi, this course is for you. If you want to get started creating cool gadgets using very professionally made PCB, how would we know shield on if you are sick off connecting wires to your Arduino on? Want to move to the next level off multi Arduino shield connection. I'm sure that you'll enjoy this course. See you inside. This is educational engineering team 2. 2 Create Arduino Shield in Fritizing: hello and will come to this in your Assam, in which we're going toe how to create our, you know, shield In Freising I use fighting to develop prototypes on design symbol busy bees. Although there is various discussion under years off rising combat toe other Softwares, I find it meets my needs. One thing that wasn't obvious is how to create your very own Arduino shield in the easiest possible way. In this lesson, we are going to cover that The first thing that you need to do is open up fried, sing after downloading and installing it, using the instruction from the previous lesson. So it's right fighting here it is. Now let's start by creating a new project file new now. As you can see, here is our new project window. Select the PCB tub and as you can see if you were tapped anywhere in the planning BCB Andi then go here toe the right area on change the shape too. As you can see here in the bottom right corner We have the shape section click after If you clicked here want a beer? So you need to click the BCB design on Go to the shape Select the How would we know shield ? You can create Arduino Shield like this one where you can create Al Green Omega It's bigger than though after we know Honestly, now we are going toe work with are going on which is this one. So after selecting are being owner you will give the shape off our do we know on again it's from the by by selecting the PCB shape on going to the shape probabilities and select the albarino ownership No, In the parts section you can go and see left Arduino Here's this will enable the abdominal group on. What you can do is gold toe the Arduino Oh no, as you can see here and start dragging on dropping the bars to match the position as you can see here Hey, if we have the Arduino Bart on its as a conceit has the very same size as the Al Green on shell. Now we know where the pens on how to connect them. You can move the PCB sha'ab toe Exactly match the pains As you can see here is the start On the end on the black wares are a line to get? No, This will give you the pins on their label. So you know what you are connecting on toe. What? You are connecting it. Okay, now that's it. The job is now done. You can then design your custom shield in the Brit board or schematic tub and connect to the pains on the Arduino. Took in neck to the correct. Been on the field. Now let's create a symbol. Busy bee toe. Make it more clear for you if we went to this schematic. Here we have the Arduino owner and here we have the Benz. We need to connect, Let's say a lead toady one. So let's go back here. On that is the store, then at a lead and it's connected to the one. Now let's add ground here, all connected to the our little ground. Now let's the drug This Here it is. Now we have connected. One led to the the one pin on our shield. If we went back here, we can see the elements. We can't drag that at the store. Okay, Vega tears. Let's rotate it now. Here we have. There is a store on Let's drug the lead. Let's rotate it as you can see you now. Inside the shield we have there is a store handle it. It's connected to ground on to the D one bin. Now, as you can see, these wires are not connected, so we have to connect them. What you need to do is go here at the bottom. Andi, click on what route as you can see you now it's connected. You can export for PCB all you can create a double layer PCB, as you can see answer export. It will ask you where you want to export that folder. You want to fabricate it. You can click here on you will be redirected toe upside that help you fabricated the PCB or you can simply share it using different sharing methods. No. After creating this PCB and connecting this resistor and lead, you might ask yourself, Why would I need to create a shield for a system on a lead? Will simply because creating a shield will minimize the number fires coming out off the Arduino board since it's not really made for permanent wiring, so placing a shield will be our away much easier to connect different elements. That piece Arduino shield or are going on this restore 100 are just examples. You can add more elements again. You can select an element that you want. You can select on LCD screen, as you can see here on Do you can't simply connect it spends to the Arduino board, then go back here and simply drug that also the shield above the Aren't we know Andi. Once you connect everything, you can see that the wearing is right. In the next lesson, I will show you how to create the LCD shield for your outgoing aboard. But that's it for this lesson. It's now more than seven minutes. I won't make it any longer. Next, we'll talk about how to create on LCD shield for your app. Agree No own aboard. Thanks for rushing this lesson so far. If you have any questions, please ask in the Q and Abel. Happy learning from all of us here at educational engineering team 3. 3 Create Arduino LCD Shield using Fritizing: Hello and welcome to this annual Asan in which I'm going to teach you how to create on LCD shield for Arduino on a board. First, open up fighting on D head to the PC. Beat up. Click on this board on from the right bottom right corner. Choose Arduino Shield. Now go to the Arduino Group tubs here on the right on drag the Arduino owner above this. As you can see, you have to drag the original bold above your own Arduino so that it match the same size. Now that we did this, we have to go to the schematic tub. Here is our Arduino. Now let's rotate it. Here it is. What we need to do now is simply go here to the core on drag on L City. Here is the LCD that we want to connect. Let's put it this spoiled so that we can connect the data bands together. Now what we need to do is connect the letter Ben's. I'll start by connecting. Let's say, let's flip it now. Here we have that happens from before we're going to connect it to the five. So let's move it here. Um, D b two that before the three Toby Be sex. It's a four pin that I moved OK D to two D, B said. Now we have connected from the four to the seven toe. The original owner. What we need to do next is connect the enable on our spends. The in a bill can be connected anywhere. Let's connected to the pen. Okay to the 11 pin on, Let's connect our esto de 12 now Pins Number one on the other blue pen. Okay, I've connected together on they are connected to ground. So let's if you want to move about like this with the hand, just click on the space part button. Now let's connect the ground. Been toe these two friends. Now we have connected the Venus s and R W to ground. We have to connect that vdot toe five volts Here is the five volts And here is the BDD Ben Okay, lets the target here for easy access on Let's send the coloring to read right click choir colored threads means five evolves. Black means ground. Now that we have connected that we d D ah, we have to connect of our pains. The lead plus must be connected to five volts. You can connect directly or you can use There is a store five killer on resistor. They've been doing your knee. It's now Ah, we can Okay, we need to connect the lid minus pattern to the ground. Let's drug it on and changes Scullers toe black. Okay, No, there is only one pen, which is the as you can see, that contrast adjustment V zero. So we have to connect this toe. Ah, potential meter. You can't connect it directly toe ground if you don't want to control the contrast. But if you want to control the contrast, you have to connect it toe Abbott insurance. Or so Let's drive this potential mentor. Let's rotate it. Okay, Flip. Okay, now here it is. What we need to do now is simply connect this side okay to ground. Okay? Like that's now we need to connect the p zero plan toe this side. We can't change the coloring flown to make it more clear. Let's on the yellow color. Now we need to connect the other side off the potential meter to five volts. Let's Jindal ring. Okay, now it's red. That's it. This is how to connect your l City to your albarino shield. Now let's go back to the PCB design. Andi has just the location for each of these elements. Okay, now let's drag the potential meter here. Andi, let's draw a capacity a little bit outside, okay? No, the potential meter need to be rotated. That's it. Now let's do auto routing. As you can see, it's connecting different wells on trying different ways to reach all of these whales. Now the whole thing is completed. Now, if you didn't like the Uprooting over your film that you don't need doubler PCB, you can change this from the rooting section. Now let me undo this. Now, if we collect here, As you can see, the BCB layer is top. Now, if you want here in the loading section and click and that on both your router settings, you can choose professional home proof or custom. You can choose from custom the key about which is the distance between couple elements on different nets and millimeters foreign inches. You can choose the size Toby home itching or standard for the holes, the hole diameter bearing thickness if you need to edit any of the settings you can on the whole damn thing means this whole the whole. For each of these pens, I prefer keeping them toe the default settings on. After that, you can change the ground filled if you on the PCB toe have come off. Ah, lot of couples you can choose toe cover. Fill top and bottom ground fell on top on bottom. All you controls ground Phil seed or clear it. This can be used when you have high power boards. You can keep the ah cover on most of the board for ground or power. Now sit both. Cover layer, clickable or sit kebab. Bottom layer clickable or Sitka Barto, Blair Clickable. You can choose which of the sport you want to be applicable. Mostly, we can use that, UH, Blair Andi. You can change the auto routing sittings from here again. Let's do Uprooting. As you can see, it's trying to go through all of these plans Now, after auto routing, you can go to the voting on click on the design roll check to know there is errors. As you can see, it's Chicken Little Ting. Now it's telling us that there is this pain is to close the border on another pin. It's too close to the bottom and top player. So let's drag this item on. Let's try a little desirable chick again. Okay? Now stealing us that there's parts that over lab. This is because we are placing the all city above our design. But this one cause a problem because we have room for the all city on that shield, you can help us try to move away thes wives from the pens because of rooting, as you can see here, don't keep the yawn toe. Adjust the bottom layer. These yellow wires are on the tumblers. As you can see, you can't edit them while these orange wires are on the bottom there. So if you want, you can. It is the bottom layer or little Blair all it it both here. As you can see, I'm editing on bottom there on top player at the same time, we can move this away a game. This is the way Now you can move to the players. Move are superbly are also bottom. There have been your needs, miss chick, though it was again now staring us that these wares are overlapping each other. As you can see, we don't see them, Teoh. Okay, let's stick again. Desirable. Check your sketches. Ready for production. There are no connectors. All traces that overlap or are too close together. Now we did clean our design and everything is good to go. You can simply print that design and create your own. Also the Arduino shield. Now, once you are done, you conceivably export your design for PCB on select. Let's say let's name it out of Reno. I'll see the shield. Select folder. That's it. You can see that PCV. Okay, let's Let's check it out now to see our PCB design files. Here they off. You just need to open them using any software I news folks treated for videophiles. This is an empty file. Let's try this one. Okay. These are the pens on. These are the wires for the but on Lay off, as you can see on Did see the top play off. Okay, gold medal here is the top mirror If you want to print it out These are the farms that can be used to create your PCB. All you can also exported design As you can see, this is the schematic on This is the Brit bold itself. This is the big board view. We didn't connect anything here so we can remove it. We just use the out. Do you know Been out on also the with a potentially. That's it. Thanks for watching this lesson. If you have any question about creating your very own, how do we know she'll using Freising? Please ask in the Q and A board. Thanks for watching this is educational engineering team. 4. 4 Download and Install Circut Maker: hello and will come to this annual Asan in which are going to teach you how to create your own Arduino shield using a free software called Circuit Maker. The first thing that you need to do is go toe circuit maker that come, then create an account. Sign up. Now, after feeling your information, you need to click accept, then I'm not a robot. It's free account. Then click on Silom. Once you go on, check your email. You will find that you just received a new email message. This is the email message that I just received. Now they are asking you to activate your account. Click here. The software is ah by album designer company, which is a very famous company, and they have the ultimate software. Now, once you activated your account, you can sign into circuit maker or download circuit maker. We need to sign in on to download. So let's open this in a new tab on Click on, Sinan said. Could make now, as you can see once you pick signing, it will show you a window asking you to start the sign in process. Andi, I will also ask you to logon to a dollop site. No, I lived the download finish, then go back to install the software. I lived the download finish, then come back toe. Finish installing the software now. As you can see, here is the TXT file. It's on online in a store. Large click on it now for the instructions. Click on Next. I agree on signing using your account. Now it's telling you what you need. Just click. Next. Choose where you want to start the software. I'll install it and let's A which drive on. I started on G on a chance. Uh, define a folder, then click next next. Now it will take some time to don't note files. It will download about 700. Make a bite files, then it will install these files on. The software will be good to go, so I'll come back once that downloading is finished. Now, as you can see that download or the installation completed, you have successfully stole circuit maker. So click on one circuit maker allow access because needs an Internet connection. It will take some time to start. Meanwhile, let's goto the circuit makeup outside on. See some examples as you can see people. Most projects on this website you can simply some bob a project that you liked. You can download that project material on You can create it yourself or you can use the material that's available here clicking If you all These are the most trending projects. You can search for a word we know shield. As you can see, this is SP I seven signal for digit display are doing a shield as you can see. Let's open it up. You wanted to check it out. This is Arduino board templates on this is arguing on a shield the one that I was talking aloft. You can create the shield yourself or you can check this products. This is the user interface. The first thing that you need to do is Logan Toda account that you created. Once you sign in, you will get access to all of these projects. You can add new project or you can check other people projects. As you can see, these are the same projects as in the upsides. Now it's search for, you know shield. As you can see, we have this shield free clicked on this project. You can follow the creator so that you can get on the field. That or any ball that they creates, you can open the design that they created. As you can see, it's loading files, so it's a very straightforward thing. You just need to choose the design that you like from the projects. Explore alleged. It's a free on, as you can see here. Here we have the design files in the left side of the screen. This is the shield on. Now it's starting the PCB editor so that you can edit the design to fit your needs. Now, as you can see, this is a B C B, designed for the Are green a shield. You can use it. You can customize it depending on your needs, but that's it. This is how easy it is to get the Arduino shield on. Start creating or adding your very own customised components to create your own very specialized Al Green shield. Next, listen, we are going to show you how toe cast a light this shield so that it can fit our needs. Andi add more components, so this already available for free products. That's it for this lesson. Thanks for washing. This is educational engineering team 5. 5 Create LCD Arduino Shield Schematic: in the previous lesson, we opened this design for Arduino Shield from the Project Explorer. Now you can go back to the stars. Andi, go back to the project. Stab answer for other Allegri. No shield, Tim. Late As you can see here we have more than one shield and you can choose any of them depending on what you find fit your needs. As you can see, we have multiple pages with multiple designs. So the one that we are working with is this one, as a Z can see. And here we have the source document we can easily either this design on at more components to it. Andi, create our very own specialized project. This is the PCB view Now. This is the are doing aboard him there that we're going to use on in order to use it on. Edit it. We need to fork it. So you need to click in the fork icon so that you can take a Kobe off this project files on it. Did them yourself, Or is that calm yourself? Click on for then click. Create. Now the project files will be Corbett to your account, and you will be the maker. As you can see now on the maker off this project or the new maker, since I'm taking it on anything it now you can open design now. As you can see, these are the design finds. This is the schematic. Um, this is the PCB. No, let's go back in the schematic. Andi, his woman So that you can see he's all of the pens. And as you can see from 1 to 8, each with its own name that happens her pins on ground, Vcc cetera You can it that you can add your own text and you can add other items as well. Now here we have the library. You can't play an entire projects. If you want on, you can start adding elements. No right Click anywhere here on this screen. Click place, then component. And from here, Jews The component that you want to place this this here's for L City in Dr Bar section. It has a lot of items, so you need to choose carefully. As you can see each of these items it takes sometimes because the information is available online on its downloading thes information. No, you must check it out on bond. Try to look for Ah, liquid Crystal is simply that matches the one that you have in hand. Now all of these are stripping out on city. Okay, Now what we need is LCD hitter so that we can add it toe off circuit. As you can see, this is one of the headers that we can use. But this one has RGB led light we need This is a good article City. We need just a normal L City which is at a food stand up all city. That's it. Once you choose it, you can click. OK, the names now here for the physical component on we can add it. Whatever we want. I need to add a two years because on connect this to the turbines in order to rotate that seriously. Look on the space bar on now it's rotated as you can see And let's start connecting these items together Now What we need to do so that we found left items is simply we can place a bus. All we can start wearing like this Now we did. We didn't really wear these correcting, so we have to undo this We need to connect the seven two d seven the sex to the sex D five to d five, the fourth to the four that enable toe the zero the R s to be one on let's connect V s s 30 Andi r w together and connect them to ground. Okay, here is the ground on this. Connect vcc to the five balls down here. Okay? No, let's check in. There is nothing that. Okay, the lid minus must be connected to ground that it blocks must be connected. The five volts. That's it. This is how to connect your LCD toe the Arduino shield template. Okay, You know, this one is connected to all of these, so we have to remove it with me. Deleted. Okay, a click on it and then click. Delete. Now what? We need to reconnect the five volts place. Why are no? I have my school from here. So here. That's it. No, let's go over to escape. Toe finish the wiring want on? Let's go toe the arena owner PCB shield. Now that's his old man. As you can see, this is that BCB designed for our circuit board 6. 6 Create PCB For Arduino LCD Shield: hello and will come to this annual Asan and which are going toe create the Arduino Shield PCB in the previous listen, we have connected the I would renal she'll tow the LCD Matiur on. Now we need to move this LCD module to our PCB design. So what you need to do is click on Project Update PCB Click. Yes, As you can see, it's asking us who want to add a lot of these changes vetted it changes on execute changes . Now click close Now let's take a quick look at our design area. As you can see, here is the design area now in the Mississippi View. You can see that here we have the other CD item. What should the city footprint? You can click on the space bar to rotate it. Okay, now it's rotated up here. Let's drag it down here. That's it. Now we have in the right place. We just need the route. So when it comes to rooting, you have multiple options. The first option is use manual voting so you can hear. Click here on start putting items yourself as you can see. That's it for the first world as you can see we have connected to ground. This is the fare spin. You can keep rooting other prints as well. Let's connected here. Oh, that's it. You can connect a bar lines as well. This is the first method, which is manual routing now. Okay, escape. Now what if you on toe auto route, go to the tools section here, click on the auto routing. You can click all our flicks it up to see if there is options that you need to eat it. Now there is no options that you needed that you can simply go to tools but the root on Andi. Start rooting all pins, as you can see. Now it's floating. 14 out of 14. Connection jolted. That's it. As you can see, all of these wells are connected correctly. Andi. There is no a rose to make sure that we don't have any errors. We can go back to the home Onda click and the design rules. You can check these rules to see if there's errors on Dhere. We have fools on violations. If there is an violation, we have zero violation. You can't just apply. You can check for clearance constraints click apply. We have zero violation. So our design is but to go now. This is how the shield locks, as you can see from other stunts. Andi, As you can see, we have the all city module and the middle. We can click on the output. Andi, give out our grip of file that simply drawing. Ah, choose that the real far, it gives you a wide collection off options. You can also do a desirable check from here. You can do the title chick from here after anything. Zeira options here and here. If you have a very specific design rules, depending on the way that you are going to use to manufacture of obesity now again, he of the desirable chick. Okay, Andi, here we have. Then it list status ball information on Dhere, we can export to step format, which is a former that can be used by a lot of machines. We can plant design directly on again here. We have a lot of other options that you can check out, but we don't really have time to see all of these options. Since this project is dedicated to the Albarino shield creation process. Now if you want to see the three D switch to three D layout moods. As you can see, this is how the shield would look like. As you can see, it looks very similar to the other green on. That's because it's going to be placed a lot of that going on. Or so the pens have to be at the very exact same location on Dhere. We will hook the all city screen. That's it. This is how to create your very own Arduino shield for LCD. If you have any questions, please ask, and they can't a board. Thanks for watching this course so far. Please don't forget Lee Review to help us improve on reach more audience, you can now choose any other template you can create Your very own custom are doing a shield with the element that off your choice. Depending on the project that you are making, that's it for circuit maker. If you have any question again, we will be happy to answer your questions in that you want a board. Thanks for watching so far have been learning from all of us here at educational engineering team