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Make Your Own Animated Cat Stickers With Procreate - For Beginners

teacher avatar Lea Schumm, Gif Artist & Comic Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Cat design

    • 5. Basics

    • 6. First sticker

    • 7. Export

    • 8. Cat smile

    • 9. Sparkly eyes

    • 10. Cat dog morph

    • 11. Giphy Channel

    • 12. Upload

    • 13. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Join the animator Lea Schumm in this course for creating gif & stickers in procreate.

You will learn the basic workflows to create animations in Procreate. Fun and creativity are the main focus!

The course is aimed at students with little or no experience in animation & gifs. All basic skills will be covered in order to be able to easily implement own ideas after the course.

By the end of this course you will have created a first set of cute cat stickers and the ability to turn any idea into a gif.

The course requires an Ipad Pro, an Apple pencil and Procreate. If you are trained in other animation programs, you can also participate in Photoshop or similar! However, no workflow will be taught.


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lea Schumm

Gif Artist & Comic Creator


Hey there, I'm Lea and currently live in Germany.

I work as Chief Creative Officer at the cabuu GmbH, which I cofounded in 2017. I'm in charge of animation, illustration, User Interface Design and everything else creative you can imagine! 

Since I began with my career as an animator, it was an obvious choice to try making GIFs in 2018. I made a GIF-advent-calendar for my Instagram followers and uploaded all the stickers to Giphy. Very soon I became a verified artist on Giphy and now have over 6B Views there. Making Gifs is just a really creative way of relaxing for me, and I love that so many people can use my stickers to communicate and decorate their stories.

2019 i started a webcomic called "Doodleship" on webtoons and really got into making comics. Ne... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi there. My name is Leah, and I'm a designer from Germany and a passionate gift artist. I love making gifts. The special thing about them is that you don't have to enemy perfectly to convey a certain feeling or an idea to your audience, and they are really easy to make. I will show you how to make your own stickers to become a very fight. Give the artist yourself that way. You can use your stickers in your instagram stories or sends a violent act for maybe even use them for your own website. You don't need any knowledge of our animation for this class. Just need, and I picked through an apple pencil. After you create, we're going to make a set of cute cat stickers together to kick start your gift. General, don't worry. If you are a dog person, you can make you doc stickers as well. With this class. After this cuss, you will be able to animate any idea you have for a gift. So grab your iPad in Europe, a pencil and that's get started 2. Class project: in this class, we will design a cute cat, make a very simple first animation to get into it. Then we will. Any made a smiling version off your kitty, one with sparky eyes And last but not least, a more between a cute cat and a dog. I would show you how to expert in a Web former. How to open up your own giffey channel, upload all your gifts and become a very fight giving artist yourself. Don't worry. I got you every step along the way and I will upload my project files for you to look at, have fun and share your progress with a class so we can learn from each other. 3. Tools: So let's hope my procreate hit the plus button in the upper right corner and let's make a preset for your future gifts. Let's call this Give template for the within the hide. We're going to use 10 80 pixels for DP I and 72 is fine and for the color profile way going to use his RGB since we're using this for Web only and not for print. So now we have are a file. We're going to use a neutral gray background, since your stickers probably won't be seen on a pure white background later that will make sure you've got better control over your color so they won't be too bright or too dark later and finally get cozy, get some comfy socks and a hot chocolate, because coziness is very important to be creative and half lots of fun. 4. Cat design: Okay, now let's design the cats. At first, we're going to choose a color to sketch with. I love to sketch with red. I'm using the year standard six B pencil that comes with Ferg rage. Just keep it very simple for starting with animation. I wouldn't recommend to make many details, so we're just going to have a hat to. Here's some whiskers and the face Have I already have a color palette for school share, so I'm going to use the red. I choose beforehand, and I'm going to use the dried ink brush, which comes with procreate as well. So at first I'm going to sketch out the hat until I'm satisfied with the shape and name your layers. It's so much easier if you have one hundreds folders with layers later on with any mating and everything is named, I'm going to set the layer mode to multiply so I can still see the sketch, even though it's red on red. So now I'm going to draw the years on a separate layer so I can any made them later on, only with selecting and turning them and not drawing them again. I just duplicated the one year position It where it 12 course naming the layer again, even though it's very easy to see what it's on, which layer and procreate. I love that and I would recommend to make a neutral expression in this design, since we're going to any mate, the smiling cat from neutral to smiling later, then fine tune your design until you're happy with it. I scaled quite a lot, turned around the ears and everything. It wasn't quite happy with the shape now with overall shape. So I changed the years. I always make sure that behind the other layer them. The shape is very clean, so if I turn it later, there won't be any scribbles, scribbles gravels, which appear below your hat layer. So now I got the details and we're going to select all the layers by selecting the first layer and then swipe to the right with every layer until everything's blue and on the upper right press group. Of course, we're going Neymar layer because we worked very efficient, clean and now we get it got our cat. That's any mate you're ready to go 5. Basics: okay, No. So I am going to show you some basics of how to any made in procreate. If you're already familiar, how the animation assistant works, how they hold animation system works, just move on. I'm not going to dig into the principles of animation or anything like that, just showing the basics so you can move on from here. So I already drew a ball here. It's one layer, and we're going to activate the animation assistant for that go to actions Canibus Animation Assist and Total that but known. Now down here you can see the timeline, and there are a few options stone here. At first, of course, we could add a frame, which would be empty. We can click on a frame and delete it. We can click on the frame and duplicate it. So now it's the same one I delete, and we can make it a background in the foreground. So for now, one frame equals one layer. If you wanna have multiple layers on a frame your chest, add another layer. I call this face and draw on my new layer. I draw the face, so right now they are on two different frames. But when I select them both by swiping to the right a group them into one folder and now a folder equals one frame. So this is my face now. All right, So now let's make that face move. I'm going to duplicate the frame. I can do this down here by pressing the fragment duplicate, or I can duplicate the folder. Now I will move the ball to the right face on it, and now we actually already have or first animation. But it's really fast. We're going to change this. That's press settings for this. We will choose a low frame per second rate for this because we have not many frames right now. Just use to. So this is a bit better, but still not a real animation, right? So let's duplicate the 1st 1 again and put it into the middle while this books a bit better , but still not that great, which always works. Really. Finding animation is if you have your first frame, then ease a bit into your animation, half the middle part, and then he's out of it like this. If you just keep this in mind, your animation will look much better right now. It's already better, but it's really slow now. So two frames is too slow for this kind of animation. So let's put that up to eight and have another look. Yes, that's better. So now we can look at the settings again. I would move this up a bit so you can see we have different options here at first. The onion skin frames. This manages how many frames you will see before your current frame. Right now, if I go to the first frame and I have onion skin frames one, I can only see the next one. If I talked to, I see the two next frames and so on. Most of the time, I keep it with one. Sometimes it's good to have more. It depends on your animation. Actually, the onion skin opacity manages how much capacity your next frame in the onion skin shows to you. Right now it's 40% so it's not too much, and then there are more options. If I go into the middle, I can see the frame before in the frame. After that, I could also said color secondary frames so that the frame before and after. My core and frame are having different colors, so it's easier for me to understand which one is the last one. Which one is the next one, right? And then we have options like one shot loop and Ping Pong. Right now we're said to this means it's going to It will start at the first frame. If it reaches the last frame for one shot, it will just stop playing after that after playing once, and Ping Pong is an option. I would choose for this animation because it plays from start to end and then big words. That's everything you need to know. For this kind of animation and procreate, you're ready to go. Let's make some cute cat stickers. 6. First sticker: Now that we got Arquette design, let's make it move at first. Go to actions can of us and activate the animation assistant. Let's lower the onion skin, frames the A positive off on in skins and use a low frame rate for this. We're going to use just two frames per second. So now let's duplicate the cat folder we made before swept to the left breast. Implicated and the only thing we're going to do. Actually this. Select the folder and turn it to the right and go back to the previous frame selected and turn it up into the left. Play it and actually, you're done. This is your first sticker pretty easy, right? 7. Export: so, no, let's export your first sticker for that. Please choose actions Jews share and any major chief. We're going to toggle the transparent background button and also the Web ready button at the top. Press export of the right upper corner and you're done. Save your sticker to your images and you're done. If you wanna have a background with it, just choose your background color. I chose a dark blue because they're supposed to bread for me, and I also wanted to add my signature. So I added a new layer through my signature on it. Animated my background because you don't have Teoh. Duplicate the layer with your signature for each frame. Just move your frame to the first position by dragon drop, press the frame and choose background. You can also have multiple layers as a background. If you put them in one folder and you're done, it's visible in every frame you can share. Choose any made a Jiff. Don't toggle the transparent background button. Tuggle Web ready and exported 8. Cat smile: Okay, now let's make our cat smile. Let's duplicate our project by pressing, select, selecting the project and pressing duplicate. We're going to rename it to Cat Smile so we're won't be confused at any point later. Let's open the project. You see, we still have to two frames from the first project. Let's delete one frame by swiping into the left. No, I turn off my signature. Everything is still there, and I duplicate my frame to design the smiling cat. For that, I open up the folder, select the eyes and duplicate. Hm. I called him ice, too. I loathe the A pass ity off the original eyes and draw on my eyes to layer closed eyes for my design. After that, I turn off the ice layer and continue with the mouth. This time I turned off the head and the years to see my onion skins from the last frame so you can see how that works as well. I can see the mouth from the first frame with the onion skins, and I just am drawn. My new frame. Our corn frame is the 2nd 1 and we just drew our smiling mouth. We're going to lower the onion skin opacity back again because we don't need it right now and look at this. It already works fine, but we run. Stop here. We going to make it even a bit better. Now we're going to add some frames in between to make the animation more smooth. For that, let's duplicate the first frame. Hope mark. Your layers go into the second folder, which is the second frame as well. And let's turn off the hat so we can see what ISS before the current frame. And after that. And now we just draw what we see in between so the eyes are already closing and the mouth is starting to smile. Then we just repeat the same step, duplicating the second frame and at another frame in between, which is closer to the end. Now we already have four frames with the transition from a neutral face to a smiling face. Let's hire the firm's per second a bit because it doesn't need to be that slow, and it already works. But let's change our settings from Luke to Ping Kong that works better, but it's but hasty. So let's press the n train and set the whole duration to four frames, and we're going to do the same with the start frame. But maybe a bit shorter. Let's say two friends. Oh, this works fine, right? It's not too hasty you and it looks cute, but we could do even a bit more to make the animation more interesting. Let's get back to the last frame. And any made the whiskers as well, because the thing happy cat would elevate their whiskers a bit, at least in the cartoony world. I just select them and turned them a bit. And that's why we separated the cat. Actually, when we designed it like we did before, we're going to move through the different frames, turning each whiskers until the movement is very smooth. To see them better, I turn off the head and ears sometimes so I can see the starting point of the whiskers. If you haven't already, I would recommend to lower your onion skins 21 because you don't want to see everything, which is a hat. It's just too much. Just leave it with one. So let's look at this. It works quite fine. Last but not least, we're going to do what we did with the first project. We're going Teoh, select the whole folders and turn it a bit to add some final additional movement. I just and you made each frame after each other, selecting the next one turning into a bit more than the previous one. This looks great and we're done. You made your first a little bit more advanced sticker share. You cuties with the class and I see you in the next lesson. 9. Sparkly eyes: Let's give our cat some sparkly eyes for inspiration. You can always look up some examples on Giffey. We can see that it's mostly about moving white shapes in the eye. So at first we're going to duplicate the layer like we did last project and design the sparkly iChat. This time I draw directly over my eyes layer because I already know how it's going to look like and draw some nice reflections on my huge eyes. And I think maybe she should open her mouth because she's really amazed for something and she drops her jaw and it's so awesome that even her whiskers dropped. Let's also assume in in a bit, I thought about giving her some lashing. Andi, we're going to any made the transition. I duplicate the first frame. Wouldn't I noticed? I even want to her years to move, so that's what I added here. Even her years drop because she's so amazed like we did before on the frame in between, we draw what we see it before the frame and after the frame, so the eyes getting a little bit bigger the years dropping a bit down, the whiskers dropping a bit down, assuming aim just a bit. So it's right in between those two frames we already had for this. It's often a bit easier to turn off certain layers like they had, so you can see your onion skins from before and after properly. So at some point the sparkles will appear. Don't forget that whips that's perfect. Still need Teoh. Any made the mouth? Also, it's important to always go through your animation. And look, if every part off your animation works fluid like look at the ear separately. Are they moving? Okay, look at the eye separately. Are they moving? Okay, and it's assume working. Or is the cat had jumping to the left or to the right? I'm repositioning all the time, so it's not a shame. So in the end, what we you looked up at first is the white space moving. So the clue at the end of the animation is actually just duplicating the last frame a lot and redrawing the sparkles, and that's just it. That's what will make them look sparkly to just redraw that part of the face. Just check there if everything goes smooth, and I think it does actually let's hire the frame rate because it can really go a bit faster. If you have more frames, use a higher frame rate. If you have less frames, use a lower frame right, that looks great. Just put the first frame on hold a bit and you're ready to export it. 10. Cat dog morph: for our final animation. We're going to any made a more between a cat and a dog. For that, we're going to design the dog first. I already chose the color. It's going to be a bright blue. I started sketching out several years. Shapes bod. I decided that it's simpler to keep the shape similar to the cat design. So he got pointy ears and a little bit at your head shape, the same shape, off nose and the same shape off the mouth and ice. And I cleaned it up like we did before with a cat. I already know that I want to animate the tongue later. So I put it on a separate layer and drew it a bit bigger with a little green mosque above, So I can move it later. Now, like we did before. We any made the transition frame between for that just sketch exactly what you see in between the shapes. It doesn't have to look perfect. It's going to happen so fast. Nobody is going to see what exactly you're in between. Frames are going to look like I started with the red color like the cat cleaning this up I didn't put the years on a separate layer because I don't need them later. Then you see, the tongue is already sticking out in between. So I thought, Okay, I can't make this red. So they had already has to change the color that tried sever things. But it was a bit too disco for me. And I decided that it will turn quickly to the bright blue color the dog has. Don't forget to at the details, like the little hairpiece or the details in the years and also the little whiskers. It actually looks like a cute little bear or a mouse. So now this already works. Fine. We continue like we just did, putting in some extra frames and any mating the transition a bit more smoothly. - Uh , now, you can see on the last frame were easing into the last one. So the shape is going to be not perfectly in between the two frames, but a little bit closer to the end frame. Great. So this works well. We put some hold friends in the end, in the beginning. Just deceive. It works. It works fine. And now we're going to any made some additional movement at the beginning and the end. So we're going to duplicate the last frame and we're going to put back the Holt duration and any made sometime movement. That's why we drew it a bit bigger. We just have to grab it, push it down a bit, duplicate the frame, push it a bit more down and push it up again way. Just duplicate your frames, move them around until it fits perfectly great. And for the cat, it just thought a simple blink would be OK. So I duplicated the cat hat and the in between we're going. Teoh draws closed eyes and the frame before that and the frame after that with a cat head, it's going to have a little hold oration if you want the care to blink. Onley ones put the blinking frame at the first frame, so with the ping pong effect on, it's going to be just one time. She blinks, and that's it. You made a great transition between a cat in a dark. It's really no magic. I hope you had lots of fun in this lesson, and now you're ready to make your own giffey channel and upload all your cute cat stickers you just made 11. Giphy Channel: Okay, let's make our give a general I press log in. I don't want to use layer because I wouldn't have one of making you one. So we press don't have an account, join Giffey. Okay, um going t use my email address have birthdays optional Generous optional. I'm not a robot selecting buses and press site up. No, I don't want to save my passwords. Great. Now I have my account. Go to how to giffey on the left side. Here you can find all kinds of information that you didn't get from this class And select giffey for friends and artists. We want to apply for an artist channel. Here you can see some tips like it just told you. 5 to 10 piece of original animated. It's on commercial artwork. You have to have an avatar and you can read some more tips on this site After you did this . Just have to press, apply for brand channel, and then you compress apply for the brunch. Gentle here. Right now. This won't work because I don't have any gifts in this account. But if you're at this point, you can just apply here. So I wish you good luck. I hope to see many cool gifts from you guys. If you free to upload all your cool gifts you make even after this class to get some feet bag or just to spam us with your cute stickers. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks so much for watching. 12. Upload: Let's talk a bit about the dashboard. I looked back into my account so we can see something right now. I'm in my dashboard. It looks like this and you can see it first. To channel activity here, you can choose between weekly statistics month and forever and it shows your if use. For example, in February, I had this number of gift views and here we can see which gives performed best on the left side. You can go to your settings. It's important that your channel privacy is said to public, not private. So anybody confined your gifts? Well, the discipline give if you count, This is up to you. Find me and Google. Yes, definitely embed attribution Yes, definitely safe That all right. On the left, you can also go to go to channel. This is where you can find all your gifts. You already have This looks like this. If you click on one, you can see the gift count for this gift. Don't here. So now that you've got everything, let's upload a new one person uploads. I'm on the iPad. You can also do this at a PC which I would recommend actually because if I save my gifts to my iPad. It sometimes generates really long generic numbers as names, and sometimes that leads to an arrow while uploading. So usually I upload with my PC. I just drag my gifts into my Google drive and rename it Don't forget the end. Sometimes if you save something to your Google drive, it won't open at your laptop. Just type in the name you want to give it. And then I thought Gift. So let's press upload a sticker because we made diggers. I open my photo library, go to all photos and I choose that cat's. I choose all the cats. Actually, you can upload multiple if they're going to have the same tax. I suggest you upload them at once, so Don, you can see the generic numbers right now. So maybe the up alone won't work. We see on the right side. Source. U R l We don't need that. We made them ourselves at texts, for example. I always take my name and then just use related text. Catch kitty kidding in Germany's Kotze, I would add that as well. No happy OMG. Something like that. What fits to you so no, the next thing is raiding. There is G, PG, PG 13 and R and this is the rating. What kind of people are going to see your gifts? G is like it's for everybody. It suited for kids and everything, and this is the one thing you will need the most. I always ready and that's it. Just upload to giffey. Or if you add, if you want to add another thing, you can do this on the left upper side with a plus. So I upload to Giffey, and now we have to wait. So great it worked without an arrow. Just click, upload, complete open channel or start over. If you want to add any other gifts you made sweat down and look at this, all our gifts are already there. 13. Final thoughts: I hope you guys had lots of fun in this class and made brilliant stickers. I'm really excited to see all your results in the class projects. If you free to add any kind of stickers you made after this class as well. Things to remember from this class keep it simple. Use a low frames per second export in a rep for months and he could cozy the most important things out. And Pepe, thank you very much for watching, and I hope to see you in a next class by