Make Your Next Move : 4 Step Strategy Plan To Get Through Tough Times | Sarah Humphreys | Skillshare

Make Your Next Move : 4 Step Strategy Plan To Get Through Tough Times

Sarah Humphreys, Light Up your Brand

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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Why Is It So Important

    • 3. Get Curious

    • 4. Ask

    • 5. Take Action

    • 6. Share

    • 7. Next Steps


About This Class

What’s your advantage?

When you need to make a change or pivot in your business to get through tough times, realise your ideal clients just aren't picking up what you're putting down, not sure exactly what your ideal client wants and needs.

it's important to uncover and share YOUR advantage with your audience, and in this workshop I’m sharing exactly how you can do that.

It's time to realise its not about feeling awkward putting out offers, and selling those. It’s about meeting our clients needs and pivoting our businesses to fulfil those needs.

This is about finding out what your ideal client needs and then creating offers around that. Not panicking and making quick decisions, but consider what you need to do then take action.

This 4 step strategy plan to uncover if it's your best next move for your business

And that's exactly how you will get the results that you desire and success for your business

In this Skillshare Class you will -

  • Discover what your ideal clients needs help with RIGHT now 
  • Uncover how you can pivot your business to meet their needs 
  • Plan your new offer
  • Create the copy for your website and sales pages 
  • Share with the world what you do 

The class project is to follow the 4 Step Strategy and share with me what is your new offer and make your next move 

Download the workbook HERE and follow along the workshop




1. Welcome: Hello and welcome to this skill share class. I'm really happy and excited. You are here and you are ready to make some changes to your business. And I can promise you, in this class you will do it will open your wear. No. Some make you realize ways that you can pivot in your business and to make some small changes to make your business more appealing to your ideal clients. So you were in the moment place on this Earth sculpture class. If you feel like you need to make a slight pivot in your business, if you need clarity on that's clarity on your offers and what your skills and offers you are presenting to your ideal crimes. And if you feel like your common clients just don't really interested in your common offers , so we're gonna package it all open, condense it now. So it's a lot more interesting to them. So how am I? I'm sorry, Humphreys. I'm a business strategist and confidence coach on. I love helping small businesses generate more profits in their business. So So at this class, I'm going to go through four steps, and these are essential ways building blocks wanted it to the other. That will give you the steps you need. Teoh, pivot your business, knowing this is the right thing that your live your client needs, wants and desires. It's about condensing what you already dough and packaging and hope in a way that is so appealing to your ideal clients. It will interest him way more than your previous office on office, say you built to generate more sales in your business. 2. Why Is It So Important : So you may be asking yourself, why is this so important? Well, I see so many businesses and some of their in okay on summer doing amazing Best five in their clients love what they're offering their picking up exactly what they put down. Oh, why is that? You know, you might wonder why. Why is that happening? And I can tell you exactly why the business that is driving is offering exactly what their ideal clients need right now. The price point they need right now. So I like to call it there are meeting their clients. Where? There. So they create a specific offer for that. Need that one price according late. And that is absolute key. I'm gonna give you an example here. So, for instance, if I was helping start up businesses and I wanted to position myself is that best offer on ? I'm observing what they need is sharing with them specifically what they need. I've condense it down into a segment, you know, I really bring it down into sort of like Imagine I could think is if there's a business coach, they need this distance and this and this Well, that's talking to nobody. So we're condensing it down to just the first segment. So I'm gonna give you an example. So imagine if I was saying to people I can help you grow a business. It doesn't actually speak to anybody. It's not clear. There's no clarity. Okay, yet I want to go. I want to buy my business. But if we break it into a segment, it will make all the difference. And I'll tell you why. So if you said I'm gonna help you grow to blow your business by helping you to get your first required, Okay, that's a little bit more convinced That's a little bit clover. Okay, So if I said I'm gonna help you get your first re clients from social networking Yeah, okay. That's getting a bit close stuff. If I then went to I will show you the exact strategies to get your 1st 3 clients on Instagram. Do you see? Specific. It's tight. It's a chunk. Do you sing? I could help you with ah whole host of other things in your business. Yes, I could. I could tell you anything, but I've got into the hearts and minds of my ideal client. I know there needs. They want more clients. So a win for them would be three new clients. Andi, they are scattered all over social media that don't know where to post what to post. But if I'm going to show them the strategies have had to get clients on Instagram that would appeal to a lot of people. What did they just say? And I'll help you grow your business so that appeal from a condensed segment will attract more people on this is West. So many people get stuck and confused. So when we are pivot in our businesses, you're probably very broad. So it's about common in funding in it. In I'm thinking, OK, I could be Bubba Bubba, but who could do this? But I'm gonna take you through the exact step four steps so that you can do school what clients want, condense it now on. Put that together into what they need right now to make a difference to them, to their lives, to their business. Andi, this workshop is going to show you give you the advantage on this so that you can pivot a move. In addition, business as according to attract clients that need this right now 3. Get Curious : step one. So in this step, we are going to get really, really curious. I like to call it curious rather than knows it that we need to get really curious and open your awareness to exactly what your ideal client needs. So if this point you are unsure of your niche, it's time to Bailey get clear on that. I really want you to, you know, really decide. Who do you want to help. And this is a big factor. Who do you want to help? I don't. When you're being very good, I wanted to be women aged 25 to 45. This up for help getting really specific. When you decide who you gonna help, then you know how you can help them. This is why nation is so important if you don't need. If you don't know who your ideal client is, you don't know what to watch for that person. If you don't know what to offer them your broad If your broad you speak to everybody so really boil down your niche. Nobody knows you're not going abroad. Customs say my knee. She's called Julie. She's 28 years old. She lives here this is your information. What you know. So you can create a program for Judy, who's 28 but what you're doing that it will appeal toe a lot more people so very boiled down. Who you nieces, they I want you to uncover exactly what your ideal client needs. So you will do that by going into Facebook groups going to Facebook. Groups on have a look at the questions being asked. You can type in the search bar, but the side or onion mobile devices at the top on a laptop. It's a side time. Exactly what you help somebody with their supposing I would tell somebody with Mission type nation or Hard one leash or my ideal clients, so type in the search bar, and then any questions have been asked with that language in Will come up. So then you can have a look. Look at the question. Look at the answer on I would high suggest created a file on this creating, you know, a swipe file of all this Information York elated because it is so valuable on. And then you could think, OK, so people need to know this. I can answer that you know, by hearing something about this, I could do a program about this. So it opens up a whole load of wealth of information full yet. So we're looking in Facebook groups. You can ask in Facebook book groups as well. Ask what people need. You can ask on your email list. Look at the questions people ask game Richard Wife just talked about on, uh, you know, really focused on the answers people get in. Often You will know if it's a really popular question because there'll be loads of answers . Loads of people will think. My goodness, yes, lots of people need help with this on the more you discover more deep, you got one this, the more off for years, it will come to you exactly how people need help with this. So what would love you to print off the workbook on as we're going through these steps? Please brainstorm out this you will uncover so much by brainstorming by really her by brainstorming and asking yourself questions, answers will come up that you didn't even realize that you could do and you could help people with. So I want you to ask yourself these questions. What are my ideal clients? We need really need right now on how can I help them with this on Brainstorm that out inside your workbook. Really? Really. Spend some time on this, You know, I do this research all of the time. You know, this isn't something I just do every now and then. I am always open and curious toe what people need help with. And the more you can tune in with this, the more you be able to create things that they really need. But they really want that segment. 4. Ask: that truth in this process is you don't need to check. You need to have done the market research, which we did. It's that one. You've uncovered all the questions. You've looked at the answers. You got a rough idea. You think? OK, I think people need help with this. Then you could create some content around that. Now I often create a block and think, OK, people really need this will help with that. I'm gonna create a block on then in groups. When people ask these questions, you can put the block earthy after fourth, um, on. Then you will steam from the responses you get if people go great. This is great. Just what I needed. You can think I am on to a winner with this. So obviously that takes a bit of time. Depends how much time and how quick you want to get moving on it. But it's really important to check that people really need help with this before you go headlong into creating something. So we've was sharing the content, see what the reaction is. You could share it on social media posts as well. Like about it e mail This topic Teoh, Teary, mellis and ask then Assam. Would this be helpful to you? Why are you interested in this asking groups? You know I'm bringing something together. What? This help you? Would you like this? Anything else you need on listen very carefully to the answer is what I've always had. Is it like a focus group? I have people that I know that I can talk to. And so, John. What? I'm thinking of creating it. What do you think? Do you think you need this? And it is so important. If you can get yourself a focus group of a few people that you can ask you, you know, be your ideal clients. It is absolutely K. And in often people say, Joe, have you thought about adding this? Anything on my goodness, that's it is perfect. So we've done Step one where we've done the market research. We've had a look what we think people want on the step to with check in with validating. We're putting it out there putting out content of people interested. The people want to know. People commented, Is this valid? Before I start creating not two things on the replies you get the answers you get. The feedback you get will help you determine sections of the content that you put in. So somebody says, Don't that say it sounds fat, but I'm really struggling with X y zed. You can then do a part of the content. And this isn't just for courses. This is for one on one as well. And I don't think this is just about creative. Of course, this is about creating a one on one program as well. So you can create a mini program on you concerning OK, bubble, focus on this. This in this, and it will answer their questions A Communist commonly, this time with a course the same with doing for you. What? Whatever you want for whatever service you offer, this will help you determine to create exactly what your ideal kind needs and how you can pack it up for them. So raise awareness. He listen in and keep a file. So at this to the previous file, this is all very, very valuable information 5. Take Action : Step three, we are going to take action. So we're gonna be updating your website, updating your copy planning what you go into our far writing at yourselves. Page on. Basically, get moving on this. Don't procrastinate. So many people do the first bit. They don't do the second bit that that's trips them up. You know, the fear comes in. Do people really want it? It's validated, you know. They want it now it's time to move on. This taking action you've been immersed in exactly what your idea applies, Want and need on. Now you're ready to make a move. So you know the language. You've seen the language you've been using. First things first, update your website koppu. So you need to Sprinkle the language it that you've heard and seed in the groups and the replies in the feedback Sprinkle that in your website. Copy. Now remember to also change your social media about teachers you know so so spoken, linked in. You need to update those as well, and then you need to plan the offer so you could do this a couple of ways. You can first create a free often so you could write that down, Teoh. You know, teach Sheetal that e book or something. You could break it down to a free offer. If you want to do it that way, get people interested and then talk about your paid off our or you could go straight in with your paid off. It depends how well you know your audience how warm they are warming only a word we use for how well they know you, how well they twist you. You know, you've been talking about this, so it's likely that people will be like jumping straight on it. You know, you've piqued their interest. All that. So plan out the offer. So, like I said before, it could be a cause. It could be one on one D i Y zoning in on this specific need. Don't go abroad. You know what they want. You've listened to the language, create something just about that I'm do it apprised that well, you don't get their attention that will get people started working with you. Depends Wedding While we're business, if you If you're wanting to fill your business pricing accordingly, you can put the prices up the busier. You get But if you want this to be irresistible, price it irresistible that it speaks to them in all ADDers because one objection will be price. So if you can price it in a way that upright a pricing isn't up on objection, that is absolutely perfect. So package this hope that is really interesting to your ideal clients. You know, you want them to take the first step with you. You want them to you know, once people have bought from you once, they're far likely to buy from you again on then. You know, you've thought if you offer you, you've created it and now why have in this space then create yourselves Page. Now you can also use some copy off your website. Take the world really Zonis in to be detailed specific A small segment to get people ready to learn about this on to make a move and take actually want them to take action with you because you're offering this specific thing that makes it unique to you. Nobody else is offering that this is your thing. Bitter your framework. This is how you work. And they will became to begin 6. Share : on Step four. We are talking about it. We are promoting it. We're showing your fear. Every you want people to know why you why you over someone else? So you need to then be talking about all the benefits. And it's, you know, explaining and describing why this is perfect for your regular kind. Why it will help them right now where they are act why, it's the only choice. You have to promote this and talk about it twice as much as you'd expect to. So if you're thinking are you know, I've talked about it once and nobody noticed that isn't enough. You have to keep talking about it. Different platforms, you know, doing emails, shouting about it and letting people know this is their best choice right now. This will help them right now. This will give them a transformation that they need in their life for the business or whatever it is. I didn't plan Embarked of one your business like a test. You were testing things out. It's generally switching mindset to that. It completely changes everything. This the test, let's save people like this. I k. A few people bought this. How can I make it better happen? A change. It happened. I pivot it. It's like I'm thinking on your feet and twisting. Challenging. Don't think. My goodness, nobody was interested in that. Okay, How can I change it? How can I make it better? How can I package it up to him or irresistible next time, or having a picture of the next steps for them to take next time? But whatever way you do it, remember, get people interested and excited for what you've got to offer. 7. Next Steps : thank you for taking action on watching this skill share class. I hope you feel inspired and you are ready to take action and take some changes in your business. I hope you've really took it all in in this workshop and been using the workbook to really think get into the hearts and minds of your ideal prying. Because I know this will be the transformation in your business. If you are riveting, if you need to change something in your business. If people aren't picking up what you're putting down, this is the key thing. This will make the difference. So for your project for this workshop, I would love you to share in the project section exactly what you're gonna be offering exactly what you've uncovered. And you've convinced letters? No. Let us know what your offer. Raise what you've convinced down from going through the workbook. I'm really keen to help you. If you've got any questions, please drop the man and I will help you further if you feel like you need to go deep on that. But I'm you know, I hope you're ready to move forward in your business. I'm so excited for You know, I know this is gonna make massive changes for you on. I look forward to seeing you in