Make Your Marketing Process Agile with Kanban | Monica Georgieff | Skillshare

Make Your Marketing Process Agile with Kanban

Monica Georgieff, Lean and Agile Marketer

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10 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Agile Marketing: Why Now, and What's the Big Deal?

    • 2. How Did the Agile Methodology Come About?

    • 3. Agile Values for an Agile Mindset

    • 4. Agile Manifesto vs Agile Marketing Manifesto

    • 5. Applying Agile on a Daily Basis - Scrum and Kanban

    • 6. Lean and the Kanban Method

    • 7. Six Kanban Practices

    • 8. Structuring a Kanban Workflow

    • 9. Tracking Your Process Metrics

    • 10. How to get started with Agile Marketing Today!


About This Class

Agile, a process methodology made popular in software development, has wider applications beyond the world of IT. Applying Agile in the field of marketing is a way to create a more efficient, streamlined workflow than the creative team might have been used to before. This class will focus on what it means to be an Agile marketing team, how to nurture an Agile mindset, and the benefits of applying a Lean process structure for a more value-centric approach to marketing campaigns.

The class is geared towards marketing directors, marketing team leads or marketing team members who may have only heard about Lean and Agile methodology before. In addition, it is suitable for Agile (Scrum or Kanban) experts who have previously only dealt with Agile in the software development context and want to explore the application of the methodology outside of IT.

For the sake of this class, Trello (free version) will be used. Additional resources for students who want to implement Agile within their professional context: