Make Your Images Outstanding in Photoshop | Marcin Mikus | Skillshare

Make Your Images Outstanding in Photoshop

Marcin Mikus, Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

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6 Videos (38m)
    • 01 Camera Raw Basics Improve Images

    • 02 Camera Raw HSL Improve Images

    • 03 Camera Raw Tone Curve Improve Images

    • 11 Make Colors Pop Out

    • 12 Working With Lights

    • 13 Final Touches


About This Class

In this I am going to teach You simple methods of Improving Your Images in Photoshop.

I love to take pictures wherever I go, for holiday, meeting with my friends. And I know this big disappointment when You look at Your images later on and they doesn't look as good as You wish too.

This is going to change right now with this class. We are going to start from camera raw processing, and I will show You in details what I do and in which panels I work in camera Raw.

Later on we will jump in photoshop to improve our colors, contrasts, and give some special final effects to the image to make it stand out!





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Marcin Mikus

Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

I'm open minded and creative Photoshop Instructor and interationaly published Professional Retoucher.  The area I'm interested in is photo retouching and photomanipulation. I believe that massive layers of imagination allows me to create interesting, nontrivial ideas.

I've been teaching Photoshop for the last seven years. I spend almost every day with photoshop and in time I was able to gain more and more knowledge about right ways of teaching Photoshop. After few years of teachin...

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