Make Your First Waterbrush Art: Watercolor Lettering With Floral Elements | Sheila B | Skillshare

Make Your First Waterbrush Art: Watercolor Lettering With Floral Elements

Sheila B, Letterer + Maker

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7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Tools And Supplies

    • 3. Understanding How To Use Waterbrushes

    • 4. How To Paint Floral Elements

    • 5. Waterbrush Art: Doing Hand Lettering

    • 6. Waterbrush Art: Decoration & Final Touches

    • 7. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Say hello to my new class "Make Your First Waterbrush Art: Watercolor Lettering With Floral Elements".

When I started sharing my techniques and skills here in this lovely community, my first session was on waterbrush lettering. You can check-it out here "Lettering With Waterbrush: The Easy Way". It got over 400 great students. And that being the reason I wanted to take you creative beings to a new level. This class does not actually follows that class. But it will be really helpful for you if you take that one too.

I love doing lettering with different tools. And waterbrushes are one of such tools which have no limitations. I mean whatever you can imagine, you can design using these tools. It has the usability of a brushpen and flexibility of watercolors. It's a very convenient tool for us and your don't need to carry a separate water supply every time, as you can have it's water chamber filled for later usage.

I do lots of client projects and I might not be wrong if I say, it is gaining popularity right now. Especially for those cases, where you have to gain beautiful colorful effects in your lettering designs.

Using water brushpens can be a little daunting if you have never tried watercolors. As you have to face the challenges of using the waterbrush controlling the water-flow.

That's why I am here to share how these stuffs work and how you can have fun with this amazing tool.

In this class you will learn about different waterbrushes, different type of tips and bristles, how to use these for better results, how to practice different letter-forms, how to draw minimal graphic elements with watercolors.

You will also get two PDFs for practicing different letter-forms and floral elements.You can download them from the project section of this class. You can refer to these while doing your projects too. Just try to practice more and more using your waterbrushes. Graphic elements in any lettering art adds more meaning and charm to it. With waterbrushes it gets even easier and seamless. You will learn how you can draw some common floral and wreath elements. But you can apply these learnings to any type of graphic illustrations and elements.

If you are completely new to hand lettering process, then make sure to checkout these classes too:

You can enroll to start learning these tools and techniques. I would absolutely love to see you in!

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