Make Your Face Look Great. Fixing Bad Skin and More in Photoshop!! | Jason Buff | Skillshare

Make Your Face Look Great. Fixing Bad Skin and More in Photoshop!!

Jason Buff, Photographer

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3 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. No More Acne!

    • 2. Red Skin Be Gone!

    • 3. And Now, Everything Else!


About This Class

Have you ever been horrified by pictures of yourself. Have you recieved a message on Facebook that says someone has tagged you in an image...and then clicked in terror, wondering what terrible picture your friend has uploaded for all the world to see?

Well, no more folks! I am here to show you some of the best tricks in the trade to quickly make your drab pictures look amazing. With the same tools that models and celebrities use to make themselves look great, you will be looking smokin' hot in no time...or smokin' handsome. 

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Make Your Face Look Great. Fixing Bad Skin and More in Photoshop!!

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This class has a number of advanced techniques, so I highly recommend you take my Photoshop in 1 Hour Class first. Then jump in with this.

In this class I will cover

  1. How to remove acne.
  2. How to make your face look smooth, not fake.
  3. How to smooth the tone of your skin.
  4. How to bring out your beautiful eyes.
  5. How to remove lens distortion that makes your face look fat.
  6. How to shink your nose.
  7. How to contour your face.
  8. How to put on digital eye lashes.

So, let's get started! Make all of your High School friends jealous, especially Debbie. We all hated Debbie. 





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Jason Buff


I have worked as a professional graphic designer since 1998. Clients have included Marvel, Universal, At&t, Holiday Inn and many more major brands.

I am also the founder of the Indie Film Academy and host of the IFA Podcast.

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