Make Tiramisu without Being Cliché: Tiramisu and its Variations | Caroline Zhang & Monica Cheng | Skillshare

Make Tiramisu without Being Cliché: Tiramisu and its Variations

Caroline Zhang & Monica Cheng, Pass the Cocoa

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Project - Homemade Tiramisu

    • 3. How to Bake Ladyfingers

    • 4. Assembling the Tiramisu

    • 5. Tiramisu Charlotte

    • 6. Tiramisu Opera Cake

    • 7. Closing Thoughts


About This Class

Join food bloggers Monica and Caroline in a class on how to make a traditional tiramisu from scratch, along with a couple creative twists. This class is open to any beginning and intermediate bakers who want to build their skills, as well as advanced bakers looking for some inspiration.

We will begin by making all the components for a very traditional Italian tiramisu, from homemade ladyfingers to the mascarpone filling. Then, we will create a few variations -- tiramisu opera cake and tiramisu charlotte -- that will give bakers a beloved yet creative dessert to bring to the table.

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Monica and Caroline are two Nutella-loving, food-blogging college students, and the writers behind Pass the Cocoa. Caroline is a history and literature major at Harvard, Monica a psychology major at Northwestern. We began baking and blogging together as writers for our high school newspaper, and have continued to share recipes from our various college kitchens.

In a culture that spends so much time thinking and feeling guilty about food yet so little actually cooking, we believe in a ...

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