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Make These Youtube Ads You Can Skip After 5 Seconds

teacher avatar Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 39m)
    • 1. In stream example

    • 2. Blueprint in stream

    • 3. Channel Research

    • 4. PowerPoints as Ads

    • 5. Using Camtasia

    • 6. Powtoon

    • 7. Video Scribe Software

    • 8. Voice Overs For Ads

    • 9. In stream targeting

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About This Class

Do you know these annoying ads that pop up before you watch a video on Youtube, and that you can skip after just 5 seconds ?

Of course you do.

In this course, I will hsow you how easy these ads are to create and setup, and how they can immensely help your business like they have helped mine.

Covered in the course is the following:

  1. What these ads are, and how they can help you grow your business
  2. How to make these ads very easily, without breaking the bank
  3. How to target these ads for maximum efficiency

Enroll now and let's get started!

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Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results


Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone! I am a junior internet marketer. I specialize in selling ebooks and producing videos. I wish to share what I have learned and connect with internet marketers. I will answer any questions regarding internet marketing, so ... See full profile

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1. In stream example: Okay, Now that we've analogized in display advertising, it's time to take a look at in stream as which or a bit more when is a more complicated matter of fact? I think I get in stream ads figured out a bit better than most. It's display at mostly. They're more simple to get set up. But I think that the rial paralyzed behind and display advertising. Look, I honestly I run both You should from both, but, you know, you know, does not get confused in the beginning, you should really gets stolen. We just wanted and try to see what you can do it. Okay, so let's take a video. Is a video here. As you can see, I'm pretty army. Pretty white, right wing guy. But that doesn't make me a bad person. I know. Russia Milb. Okay, so let's just cut sound cause I'm trying to find And I think this is a bit futile. Everyone has seen an in stream at its those yes, annoying ads. That's, um, really that just keep popping whenever you want to watch a video and they never seem to stop. And I'm not finding Look, I live in Belgium and in Belgium, I'm actually not targeted by too many ads is really weird. I don't know if it's, you know, the fact that I'm young male, so I'm not supposed to have disposable income, So people were really talking me, But on the other end, I'm really never seen. Yes. I mean, you should come live in Belgium, the shore tour, if you, you know, if you keep being bombarded with that. But yeah, I'm not seeing any right now, and I'm sure my us can't opposed Day one of these ads. It's in French, but basically, it's a really, really, really bad at. The reason for that is it's enough of Disneyland. Okay, look, I'm a 20 year old man. I don't have Children. I'm not taking anyone to Disneyland, okay? It's in France. It's it's far away. Got them. And secondly, um, basically, that the no raider starts speaking after I've already been given the option to skip. So most people come to skip this ad before they even get before the You know, the advertiser even gets a shot to get at me. And to tell myself I'm going to give you the blueprint to running successful s because 99% of the as you're going to see on YouTube off horrible, absolutely horrible and so that's going to make that show. I that's going to Santa. But that's a name stream after the way it works. It used to be that when you clicked anywhere on the stream, you were redirected to Theo Advertiser's website. Nowadays, not so much you need to click on this little link, right? You dislike. It's It's one of those changes that made me weep for an entire week because it really makes a huge difference. You think? Well, you know, if people can click on your on their video, that can click Amounted? Well, no, the apparently they care. It's making it a bit more complicated, but anyway still possible to make a good profit. And if you give yet you get brought to this figure. Okay, so one of my end display ad extra mainstream at that I used to run, I'm going to show it to you. Well, apparently had been run it. But if you click on preview, that's how my head looked like. Okay, so that's pretty bad, because the Bronte look I had different ads with voiceover able to trying to find it. Now, I think it's an added actually round. Okay, this is annoying. Let me try to find one. Okay, Sure. Let me try to fire. For example, this one. Okay, look, I had a nitwit voice over, and so this is not supposed to be it. This one has voice or pretty sure it does. I'm sorry. I should have prepared his video hoops. Please eat something. Okay. Fight. Look, I'm not finding the video wits. Uh, what would voice over? I'm going to find it. They're jumping in the back way. Have a great pregame if you're not a serious look. So a couple things to note about this ad before I give you the full Brugge blueprint First off, this video has voice over that stores instantly. Okay, so that's really good, because you want to capture attention. And secondly, I was targeting a channel right of a youtuber called a youtuber called Jump into Packed. So basically, Atwood called the viewer and say, Hey, there, jump in the Pac fans. So right off the bat, there a bit. Interested? Like Okay, This guy knows I'm jumping the back fat off course. They know that I'm targeting them with ads. They're not. No, they're not all like, Wow, he knows why. You know he knows me so well. They know it's advertising, but still it's more effective. And then I tell them that we have a great free game for you, so I'm giving away something for free. OK, so that's secondly, go take number. Tree. I say, if you're not a serious game or you can skip this ad now, just arrow. It's a bit misplaced. I should have put it a bit more older, right? That was one of my first ads, by the way. So don't hate. And what? Yeah, it wasn't February 2014. I was two years ago. Well, time flies. Time really does fly. And so actually could not have been in 2014. I don't know. And then once people skipped yet to get to the video, of course. But what happens is if they clicked here. They were brought to my affiliate page. Yes, And if they didn't skip the ad If they did, I don't panic. If they didn't skipped yet, would you know, sell the game a bit seductive, you know, 2000 sweet scenes, best MMO plated. Hey, I'm 14 seconds in the ad and I put I put a big fat bottle The screen for people to click and Teoh be brought in Yet now what is worth noting is nowhere. These big bottoms don't work because you click on them. You you actually paused the video instead of going to your appetizers website. But back in the days and masons and from 14 seconds all the way to 30 seconds, I don't say anything. Look, I'm not saying anything. And so someone in just, you know, someone's watching this video at this point, right? 2020 seconds. And the idea click all this Kip, they click. I get a click. I don't be anything these get, I don't pay anything. And that Ad waas, he blew everything out of the war. Okay, so that's you know, if you haven't figured out that the blueprint, I'm going to give it to you. But that's ineffective and stream at OKd Disney at we sell earlier was awful. I want you to get it out of your mind. All right, So in the next video, we're going to be exploring the blueprint on how you can take advantage off that 2. Blueprint in stream: Okay, now, time to take a look at the blue brain because this is it's important. And the blueprint is basically D formats to which you will create your own stream as that will make it the most likely that's you Take advantage of this hack that told you about meaning that you will get clicks. But, you know, the idea is to maximize clicks and minimize views cause your charge reviews in place cleans give you the results and fuse give you the hole in your wallet. So you want to make Yeah, it's false report from each other. It's possible. So it's actually quite simple. But do keep this blueprint in mind, please, as you create your ass because this has been proven to work by yours truly. Now, before we get to, you know, before I get I want to be humble, but I'm going to be honest. I pretty much invented this blueprint, so you don't take it for its word. I've tested many, many ads. This is what works the best. So you've got it concentrates information here, and you should really, really take event job, so want to five seconds. By the way, I want to before get So I want to tell you that I'm going to show you how to create these ads. And once that's in case. That's not clear. Already. I'm going to shoot exactly off to create these ads with different pieces of software. Okay, so 1 to 5 seconds, maximizing clicks, minimizing beauty. So want to fight seconds? Capture attention. Look at that. Your goal for five seconds. Remember? After the fact seconds, they get to skid, yet you don't. Well, you want that to happen somehow. Like people to click, right? So 1 to 5 seconds capture attention. It's most important you can do. It is by effectively effectively by knowing what your talking is looking for. So examples include Hey, looking for the best we're working to toil out there. Someone watching it. It would Working tutorial video. Hey, are you a fan off? YouTubers name rights. And I use that on on a king humans channel. Once I rent it out, I said, hey, do you liking you might like him too, but my stuff is better. And I remember that ad was already made a lot of money. So trying to make Facebook as work, etcetera, etcetera. So basically by the video there watching, you know something about and with that in mind, you can call it out, and calling it out is the easiest way to get someone to say, Whoa! Yeah, that's me, right? I do want to make Facebook ads work. All right, here, you just need to target to pause for a second and consider your No. We get to cut people that we don't want watching our ads and costing us money. So baited the targets from 5 to 8 seconds into skipping your ad if they are not at least interested in your count. So you do that by telling them to skip. But you don't do it to bluff. Do you remember run in that? And I said, You know, I said so I don't even know I said something, right? And then I was, like, no interested. Skip the sad on remote people would just kept its that a word is it will just keep it up. I was silly, you know, I had a lot. I still my you know, my view rate dropped dramatically because people would actually just give you like, Oh, you you dare me to. I'm going to skip it and they just give. So you need to add a sense of guilt. Just keeping your so nobody's. When I wanted a gnat, for example, Feasible cattle, I say, Hey, are you Facebook ads performing as well as this? And then I showed you screen shot off one of my head who had beautiful return on investment . I say I have their attention. After five seconds, I say, Look, if you love serious about making money on Facebook and you can skip this and go back to whatever you were doing and people talk twice and yet was good, I'm starting to find a pattern with only my good last. Once that work, let's give this at night so you know, no sense of guilt. Never heard anybody, and it's very president marketing anyway. Somewhere was older. Do it and graphics were great. I always had big hours pointing to the skip button. That's because you really want to lead the click. Remember if they click yellow paying anything but, you know, being anything that's pretty good. It's very good. 8 to 15 seconds, you know, have a few seconds to sell that out of your product website. So the way I do this, I usually do this. I don't find you know, a nice way to say it off. Funny way to say it, you know. But really, you find this by finding a video that you want to target, or a type of video that you want target and then knowing you'll topic, and you can joke a bit about it. But if you don't then writing the top five features of your product office of your products . Yeah, it was product slash offer brok and tried to fit it all in his desire, trying from so five features in seven seconds. If you do a mix of voiceover and riding on your screen or whatever, adding graphics possible really possible. If not, you know the treetop doesn't matter. Be careful to make it clear why your product relates to your viewer based on the content he she's been watching. For example, this, um, Facebook ads, of course, I do have one, but I'm going to redo it. I'm not selling it right now. I need to get around to making more videos. Uh, yet. And if example you say, Look, our your ads performing this well, then you sure a picture of another is performing well and then you tell him to skip and they're still watching. So your golden basically, um And then you just go like Facebook ads or so amazing They've proposed my business to the top, and it's OK, but even better than that, it would be saying The video you're about to watch might be good, but is it is good as if three hour long HD coal showing you exactly my blueprint to Facebook's success, Right? So the answer is clearly no allez. The video is watching is is the most vaulting ever. Then? No. So making clear right your product dalesio video there watching and why It's better if it's a tutorial video on a very specific topic. Right then. You know you need to give them a reason to click on your, you know, to go to your website instead of just skipping and and watching the video, because the video there watching might be good, but your goal is to attempt to never find out because they never actually watched a video. Okay, sneaky stuff. Very effective spot stuff so 15 to 30 seconds plus at adding clearing compelling call to action. OK, so I think a she did show it to you right in the ad example was a big but not buttons don't work anymore. You to point to a T u R l. That's okay. Points very, very clearly to the external. You are l in the bottom left of your screen. If they can't see it, they won't click it. That's true. Back in the days of big button, you would do it. No, it doesn't. I do need to go back and check whether or not annotations work in in stream video, as I don't think they do. But when I previewed one of my and I actually saw it the external, you know you are l show up. So I Janet ation see me. I'm going to go back and check because this is really, really pretty important. So I need I need toe to know before I tell you have to do this after your call to action. Either freeze the video or keep adding value and close your video with another CTR hold 25 seconds more. The reason we do this. If you freeze the video, it means that if someone's you're just watching out for them. And, you know, at 15 seconds it stops. And after 10 seconds to realize the video is not going anywhere to sound itself. Everything they go probably going to skip. So they didn't skip the first time. They might skip the second time if they're all interested. All the my click, which is good. All you can decide to go with the outer robe, which is after 15 2nd Keep adding values of how you excuse me and then add another call to action at the 25 seconds which still gives the five seconds to get born. Skip which five seconds to get borders, give us more more than you need. And if they don't? Then they you know they go over a 30 seconds more than you pay for for an impression. But big deal. But in you know, in the end, you want to pay as less as possible. So that's why I'm doing this in there. So this blueprint really simple. Honestly, you can have it written down in a, you know, really small piece of paper. So more I said, Just do simple and you should create all your no in stream ads around this blueprint, because it works has been proven to work. And it's taken me personally ages to figure out. I mean, I would I would just jump in. I don't know how many ads I created countless, which is pretty that way. A lot of that. And that's the blueprint that's consistently worked for me. So I suggest you use that to I'll see you guys next video. We're going to create the ads uploaded at Stargate. Yeah, it's up to my idea. I was going to be beautiful. Thanks for 3. Channel Research: Let's no do eight bits off channel research and by channel research. I mean finding channels that are relevance to your needs, your product, your top it Sarah that you can use to place your ads on. So that's one of the greatest, uh, you know, Graders. Things about YouTube is the ability to target certain channels. So we're going to cover all the difference type of heads, and one is going to be related for keywords or someone types in a keyword. Hinder your into search engine and the you're in defined a video and your video is going to be on top and then click on in a tenderizer look too covered up. But we're also going to cover a placing video, so in stream, answer those annoying ads you can skip after five seconds. But that work really, really well. We're going to put that one in. Also in the cause. Of course, it's mostly what we're going to focus on, to be honest, and I don't know about you, but most of the videos I watch on YouTube or notes I don't find him to a keyword. I find them true, you know, watch a video that I see under bright side another video and I click on it, take a look like and then before I know what I'm watching something entirely different, but we're going to find channels that you can place your ads on. So let's say I'm going to take the example of Internet marketing. I want to find Internet marketing channels that I think would work really well. Something you can also do is you can talk it specific videos. So you see a video that has a lot of people, a lot of a lot of use. You can talk one video and probably spend your budget on it because some videos get tens of hundreds of amendments abuse. But we're not going to do that. We're going to find shots. So I'm just going to step in the terms marketing. I'm going to find Internet market related channels. And really, at this point, you want to have a broad enough. Um, I was watching a trump rally just there. Don't judge me. Um, due to tomb keynotes, we're going to type them in here. No, nothing key. Knows what I'm talking about. Pages, Blake. Okay. We're going to place them in here. So we want to find channels that are getting a lot of action. So we're going to head to the search filters were going to go to, Oh, God type channel, and you can probably filter by, Well, view count isn't really tank. So we're going to keep up with Internet marketing and order is going to find baked channels They don't have to be, so they don't have to be huge, But obviously we're not finding a lot of rooms, so let's go. Well, we're finding a lot of them, but nothing actually. Big enough. You want to find channels that have a least 10 thousands of tribes I'd see to make it worth your while. Let's go with a view count, huh? But what I'm gonna do that we're not gonna do that, we're going to simply to go with Internets More killing and we're going to find channels by looking at the 2000 drivers 9000 scraps. I would have opened that up on that. Well, actually, so of course, yeah, I'm having a whole time finding I mean, I know some of them, but I just don't want to go there because then I'm not showing you how you can find him. So we're going to go with videos and then we're going to sorted by view. Count. Look, it's already stolen, but you can't start getting a lot of uses It Let's go with general again. Okay? We're going to Bro's channels. This is the board of the, you know, the process. That takes quite some time, but we can find it. Not many subscribers anyhow. That's a Bowmer. No, no, definitely not. OK, try something. A new approach. Okay, we're going to We're going to hit something else. We're going to hit the keyword make month alone. That's probably go to hell. Possibility, Louis, homes. Okay, this guy is Internet. Market has 38,000 subscribers. So if you're not finding anything, just hit all the keywords, okay? Mind shop. I I'm guessing that's actually your brother. It's unplanned educational videos for you to enjoy. Probably not Internet marketing. Just internal market. 6000 subscribers. No move. Okay, now there's any look, like more. I thinks Backer is a big youtuber, and we're going Teoh. Well, but not big YouTube. A big, uh, until it market. Any mix on my tail off phase Lopez. That wasn't an entrepreneur, So let's do that. You cash options tiles and that's a D ing channel with the help UM 67 Sound 60,000 John Show State. This one also. What is Yes, donor. It hasn't been active in forever from what I can remember, but his videos is still getting a lot of use. And there's another one that I just know off on that's going to be king. Humans probably going to show up at some point. No, okay, but I'm going to show it to you anyways. He's got a big channel. And, yeah, he's got 100 and 19,000 subscribers, and he's all about in tow marketing. So once you felt a channel that you think is relevant to Internet marketing now need to check if they're running ads on their child and you because if they're not running ads, you can't place any ads on their chair. Doesn't work that way. So let's open a random video and to see in the all running that they all running a heads soaking human is running ads, so now only to do is go back and you can either copying based the video here. The video You're well or what I like to do as I just copy the name of the channel owner the name of the channel and pasted it. And so we can numb place our ads exclusively on this guy's channel. All we can place ads on all channels related. If we copy all of these people is the wonder of underworld. I'm guessing this one will have any ads. I just your buddy breaker here and today. If you want to know, just there's no way to know unless you keep for loading the page. That's what I do. But it doesn't have any ads on his video. Apparently, uh, let's try another one. No ads, either. Here. Yes, you said. Or this one for free. Look, you know, no ads, either. That's a shame, because Alex Becker is related. Definitely too intimate. More. That's what he does. So OK, this, that's it might be that this guy has ads on this general, but no one started in Belgium. I mean, I live in Belgium and I can tell you I get adds one video out of 100 which is good because it means there's a lot of inventor ring up, too much competition. But that's a shame, because he might be running out, so I just wouldn't know. Okay, well, let's keep this guy's general anyways. Well, because he's a big youtuber and has a little subscribers. Okay, What's going on? Stick of videos with him. At ease. At least some views. Okay, is running ass. It hasn't been on in stream ad that showed up, but there's a little, uh, yellow indicator right here which shows that he is indeed running as in Shell. So that's good for us. Go and then let's try the last one. You can see it is running any ads. Hey, guys, it's J. And it doesn't look like his running yet. Okay, But anyways, that's guys that's the process. And obviously is going to take you a bit of time. Okay, Been uptown. But that's okay. And other things you can do is you can simply go to Google and type in best Internet marketing, YouTube channel or biggest Internet, more muted generals. And unless you're in a very small and obscure niche, some people would actually give you a whole big list. And there probably be a list out there. And so keep that in in store for later because we're going to use these your else to target our videos to people that we at least know are interested Services, products, walkies than each. Okay, thanks for watching else you in the next video. 4. PowerPoints as Ads: Okay, So here's for another way. You could make an ad if you don't want to appear on screen or if you, for example, you want to get started right away. Don't have time to get a green screen, etcetera, etcetera. Um, yeah. So if you want to make an ad, you can't really use green screen. You taught. Want to use white board because you don't think it's good enough? Uh, anyways, I mean, really, it's it doesn't matter. But here's a way you can anymore can make on at our scratch. I think so. You would use a screen recorder studio, okay. And once you do that, which, by the way, I'm going to show you a whole lot offer for probably you've already seen them. I don't know which old. I'm going to put the videos, but you want to do something you want to create a white more videos that follows the blueprint. Okay, that I told you about. And you have you actually have, um, all Teoh. Do you? Um, the tools at your disposal is to do this Just a report. So, for example, you could just add text and you could speak right above your your video, right? And you could see Hi. Hello. Me too interrupts your war video for the next 30 seconds. Okay? And again tried to make it personal, the best ads and by four. And I mean this or the personal waas They're the ones that strike a chord. So you should. I mean, I always start my videos by saying hi. Like, actually, I just say, Hey, how's it going? And people, you know, they may not buy my product because I said hi, but at least they're going to listen. So what, you do it. Okay, let's find pictures. Let's go with simply the picture of a narrow. Okay, take one of these pictures, because, honestly, you can just snatch most of your pitches off out of Excuse me. Um, Google images. I answered this one of obscure. Let's take that image. So you it's okay. And you could just drag it here and you can slide it. How do we do that again? Oh, rotation. Where is it? God, I can't remember. Uh huh. That's cute. I really don't know. Rotation days ago. Oh, let's make it a bit smaller. Let's move it around here. and you can say, because again, remember, it's actually a good thing for people who are not interested to skip your video. Because if they skip your video, you don't pay. Get Remember that I didn't really need to get that mentality in your head that's having others. Viewers skip your video is a good thing is really good. I love it when people skip my video. I love it. Okay, so if your knots a serious more proof please skip this video. Okay, So I would if I were to run on that like this, I'd of course, I think I've added Name it jealously. Oh, I had a shock, you know, something like, you know, a big promise. But I get I don't know, your parks. It would say hi. Hello. Meat and truck your video for next story seconds. By the way, if you're mostly smoking it, please skip this video. It's not for you. That's what I would say. Ok, then, seriously, five seconds in out to the next slide. Then I get personal. I put an image of myself and we try to find one here. I think I have Do I have a video myself. I do. Okay, so my name is Howard, and I can That's probably a bit longer text. But I say, Hey, my name's Howard, and I can show you something. Amazing. I've been doing this all that for the past two years, Has been working very well for me. F put together a freak introductory course, so you can do it too. And then, you know, big call to action. Click here to get the course again. That's a bit too big, but I'm gonna just go. You know, I'm not about to, uh, Teoh get too much into detail for this example. Of course. So it does how you do it. You just read it wrong, recording your screen. So again, this is probably not good enough. I would suggest, you know, you make the text bigger terror of it. You'll figure that one out so high. Allow me to interrupt your video from X story seconds if you're not serious. Market of first Peoples video. If they skip, you don't bathe That don't skip, you get a chance. You get shots at introducing yourself, telling them what you know, what they want to learn. You know, relative to what videos there watching that his wife placement is so good. If I watch if someone was watching a video on Facebook ads, so they're obviously wanted to learn about Facebook cats, I can come up here and say, Hey, I'm an experience Facebook ads Guess what? I have a freak Walls on. It is much better than the video you will be watching. I actually see that from time to time. I actually say, Hey, the video you're about to watch might be good, but it's certainly not as good as my free calls. And people go like, Well, that is put together a free cause that's two hours long. It's perfect. That's exactly what I need. Uh, I'm a get it came again until they click, and then they go to your website and you pay a ridiculously low amount of money for an extremely targeted place. So that's that's what I would do, you know, feel free to do it now. Most of the time, I use most of the time I used talking head videos, so I will recall myself in front of my green screen, and I say, Hey, guys, you know, skip this video, you know, interested, etcetera. And then I actually skipped to a four point or screen cast. I think that that's what worked best, because when you speak directly to the camera, you capture attention and then you skip to a screen cats because it just makes it a bit easier to explain what you know, the message you're trying to get across. So it's just me to its do it the way anywhere you want. But engagement is key here. And if you, you know, put push yourself forward as being an expert on the topic that you know for each bag someone's interested in since they're actually spending toe valuable time off them of there is excuse me to watch on that topping that they you know they're interested. And the iron is hot and you can just strike it and make money. OK, so thanks, guys. On what you get. Oh, God, I'm time. I'll catch you things with you. Thank you. 5. Using Camtasia: all right, so this video is going to be a bit difference. Perhaps you've noticed it. And the reason for that is I am using screen cast O Matic to record this one. And the reason for that is two things. First off, I want you to be able to see what a video shot with, um, it's contest dramatic in full screen looks like so issue like it's then I know that you can get the same quality for free using a screen cast O Matic The free version. And secondly, I'm going to record myself using Camped Asia. And unfortunately, I cannot recall myself. Uh, you know, using kept Asia with Kim. Teacher doesn't work doesn't work. So first stuff. Let's open up. Come. Tasia is going to appear right here, but it's got start recording. We're going to go with four screen. Okay, Hopefully it doesn't buck things that I mean look, no, it doesn't look like it's bugging up. So what I want to do in these videos, I just want to show you the quality you can expect from a video from Camp Asia how to edit them. I'm not going to go over too much because it's so simple and they have video tutorials. But what I am going to do is I'm going to show you the good export settings because if you fail your export settings, your video is going to look much up here than it. Sure, actually. So Kim seizures right here. I'm actually recording while I'm using confusion, so I could have done it. Thank you. Have that stupid. Okay, so this is the slide videos that you saw in the beginning of the cold, but I'm actually going to stop calling this them because it's a bit It's a bit useless. Okay, So war in this, um, in the editors waas as soon as you've recorded something on Kim Tasia is going to appear anti media section here. That only to do is dragged the media out to this to what is It's called a timeline. Okay. And this is where you actually work on videos. So this is the timeline. Usually when I ends my videos, does a, you know, a late and see between when I stop talking and then I need to actually go ahead and click of Stop recalling. So I'm I always end up the leading something here. Uh, you know, something like 10 seconds of videos, but I already did that. And the way you do that is OK, do we do this is you simply select a port of them of the timeline by keeping the tab, uh, the tab key pushed by pressed and selecting what you want and then just hitting back. But it's going to look different on whether or not you're using condition for Mac or for computer for excuse me for windows. So look, there's a couple things that I always do in my videos, and you're going to recognize them is I always add a cursor effect because the curse is really looks quite small under annual screen And who is just, you know, I want people to be able to see it. Even if someone would look, my video with a you know, half blight person were to watch my videos. I want due to still be able to see my my my moves. OK, so are your effects. Looks. If you have a good microphone, you're not going to use your not going to need any of this honestly. Just doesn't compute with me. I just never use it. Video effect. I never do too, because the reason I don't is I want my videos to the professional. And remember, Does, uh, mix at those videos that you would watch in 2007? People will make them with Windows movie maker, whatever it wants. It looks it doesn't look good. Look, it doesn't look good and none of these actually good, in my opinion, I mean, why would I have to do that right? If you want to remove, an effect is going to be located, right? Aldouri concede the effects of both curves, highlight and CPR. Go to prove that one again by hitting the back. But so what do I think you should know about annotations of pretty cool. So in case you forgot to say something in your video, you can always add, uh, text. Okay. And if you don't want to speak in your video, you may as well at Dex, but you're going to have to add a lot of it. And so that's how you ad your text. You can move it around, Sarah. So right here is the lengths off the annotation. That means it's going to stall that two minutes and one seconds as going to go all the way to two minutes and five seconds and you can make it both bigger. Come on. You can make it bigger. Move it around. Okay, but that's just theory. A medical to actually put that on my video. So a lot of different bubbles. Really? They're all text holders. Okay, so it doesn't really matter which one you use. You can go ahead and point out to something that's important in the video. Uh, yeah. You can do that if you want. I never do it, though. Um, but there's a cool little effects. I mean, I create so many videos. Problem is, I should a least 10 videos a day, so I don't go into what I do. Perhaps I should go up section and those all just hope sees those air just holders here. Okay. So frames that you get to your billions something that I use very often is the blur blur of information. For example, I'm typing in a password or even my email dress. In some cases, I'm going to blow it out with this at this blurry ness for imitation of actual A service called. But basically, if you had to meditation and go to blur, this is it. And it has the same properties as every annotation meanings. You can make it bigger, smaller, etcetera, and you can blur out pretty much anything. So as you can see, you can still see through it. But the idea is to get, you know, to hide text, you know, important information, because that that's pretty much it. But if you haven't, if you've never been, if you've never used continue, excuse me and you're going to use it for the first time, we're going to render your video, and it's not going to look good. And you might wonder, Well, why is that? It's because Camp Asia is by default going to, um, break down. Your screen is going to lower the pixels on the screen, and you're going to see that if you click here or to click on the actual frame. No, I'm 100% when it comes to the skill, but by default you're going hula. By default, you're going to be set at 50%. It's always that way. It's always that way. Yeah, you're going to be set up 50% but you won't even notice it because the canvas is also going to be set to 50%. All right, so this is what you're going to see. And to you, it looks good. It looks awesome. But if you exported, it's going to be ugly. Okay, it is going to be probably is going to be all blurry. You won't even be able to read genetics. What you need to do is to click on this scale up all the way to 100% the rotations in the position, the capacity, etcetera. Just don't touch that unless know what you're doing. And then you continue to adjust the canvas by zooming out. Just canvas in going with YouTube. 10 80 p. That's what I recorded. Now do keep in mind. I have a lot of space. I have hardware's. It's terrible, but I'm here to hotel use. That's there's something quite annoying with which company Asia is, but it is necessary to have really high quality videos. My, my videos, the highest quality. The thing is for this video, which is going to be three minutes, something to file. It's probably going to end up being 1/4 of a gigabyte. So it's big defiance of big their heavy, and I'm going to show you how to make them. Ah, smaller if you want. So in order to export your video, head to the share button here avoids advanced export. Exactly. Don't export is you won't be able to select settings which want to do to think little advance export. Get a first off a couple options if this one is export to MP four, which is what I do. But then you have all of these different, different extensions. But I just always good with people naming it, of course, all right. And then, if you could come option. This is way gets interesting. The frame rate. I always go with the highest because look this. You know, it's not as if they were offering 30 25 15. It's 30 15 10 and 15 looks awful. So don't even go with that key frame every 24 words. I don't know what a key frame is. I really don't. I never touched this in my video. Look, capital. Good. So the quality. Um, Okay, look, It says smaller file size or high quality. I've maxed this out because I want. I don't care if my files you know or heavy, I really don't. So to me it's a problem. But if you want, if you can't afford to have, you know five videos, you know 55 minute videos, and that's to give advice. If you can't really fold that they go, it's more fire size. Do keep in mind if you go with the lowest fire size. Your video is going to be ugly, so high quality, smaller. Find size. Maybe you'll be able to find them. No balance. I just makes it out. And image size is the current image size, so don't mess with that. Just add just a canvas to 10 80 p, and then you will have to selected here. He just can keep current and this click OK, and then once that's done, you can export on. It takes a couple minutes. It's not Silveria 6. Powtoon: the second self to where I used to use to make whiteboard videos spell to and doctor come so you can find it at platoon docked. Calm right here. Okay. And it's free, but it has its limits when it comes to the free free version of the software. But you're going to see that in just a second. It's click on start now. So you're gonna watch. Ah, but on the sales page, I can see they've revamped the sales Better street, which is good and let's go. And they're quite popular. I mean, they have over eight million members. Pretty. You'd Oh, sorry about. Okay, let's start from scratch. Oh, no. Yes. OK, the cellphone scratch. So you get to watch tutorials if you want. If there's something you don't understand, really, In all reality, it's really, really easy. So let's go with the and they have a pricing paid option. Okay, so when you start from scratch, you get to create its the certain, um, scenario. Right? So certain type of movie type, uh, read more video with a certain set of characters. But that's, you know, quite hard, because you need to re choose everything at every detail. I used to just go with customized Ready Me patent because those actually had. Yeah, it really good, good, you know, set of off animations, etcetera. So look at this. This is really commit. Fraser Portable ITT's Pro. You need to go together, um, sort of school down business. Okay, let's go with death. We don't add it. So it's going to load the editor, and there's a description for every single, ready made template you can see it says, Get sign ups. So that's going to be a video describing a product. Okay, so it's, you know, it's going to be that you can see it from the stall here. The basics in our area are retired with slow Internet connection problem. Click here to get your you know, your fast Internet, the water. There's also selling services so sure free and as if that could be good. But I think I think you could actually make a lot of money by selling your services on YouTube. True YouTube advertising. I should take a look at that, but yes, um, you can, I think bigot money. So you can you have a different subject. Like student raising me school rules. That sort of those could be customized, so they're not a you know, They're not too strict or too tights. You can actually really quite play with them. But for the sake of gaining time, we're going to go with ready made power to like this one. So it's loading, takes a bit of time to load, and then you get all of this introduction like you can take a look into it. Honestly, what is going to go with God? It's and I Hopefully I remember how teachers this. Okay, so those of us lives, okay? And this is how it runs by default. - So , I mean, in all fairness, it looks good. I mean, I really like it. The problem is, it doesn't really fit the blueprint that I gave you for in stream at. So we're going to have to You don't change it up a bit. But the way Pelton works is you can add a whole bunch off animation here. So that's what's present on the slide. Okay. If you change slide, you'll see elements presence on the slice on this case. Two elements off text and right here. One element of text character animation. Uh, another animal takes another turn element of text, and you can see that by clicking Play archery three. I think that just please this line. Yes, he's so he's just playing the slide so you can see what's on here. And if you want to change things, you can add text where you want. Oh, yeah, You need to switch to customize more. Okay, you can Roget story or if you want, but you can go ahead and add text at Where is it? It's right here so you can drag it down and it's it's so you can remove this. If you want, you can just go ahead and remove this. Remove this and you can follow the template. The blueprint. That idea you. So, you know, taking the example of the internet service. Is your Internet okay? Yes. So skip this ad. Okay. So remember, always having people skipping your ads. Good. I mean, I love it when people get my head. Now this, by the way, this is it called. This watermark is going to stay unless you go pro, Which I mean, you know, nothing in life comes free. Uh, when it's good Its editorial feature requests need approach to go work. I can add videos. Okay. With that, you need to create a video is an added so you can at shapes you can add background change the background of his at text. As I said, eso this is where you can start to kind of mess up uh, your slide. You can make it too long, too short of the first light. Here. Last seven seconds. You can remove a second roof another second, and that's going to be the total length the sites of keep in mind capturing touch attention in five seconds. Ask people toe escape. They're not interested. And then go ahead. You have 30 seconds, right? So that's actually quite long enough, in my opinion. So the first light, we would actually go ahead and, you know, capture attention and this piece of text. I think we would rather add on the second slide and make that second slide. Let's see tree seconds long At that piece of text you can also, As you can see, I increased size changed a fallen etcetera. Does all standards text anything? Of course, functionalities, and you can just put it blatant you here. So let's see adding text. Is your Internets captain Internets too slow? All right, that's produced right here. Don't forget to remove this or you go to Doesn't go cycle to look professional Off course. If we're going to play this way, you can add the text at in blue. Is the text contracted along? Or you can make it the entire length off the slide, which is probably good, cause this guy, you know, friendly for the 1st 2 seconds. It's basically two seconds lost. So it's going Play it from the start, and you could, of course, please add on E a video like how to increase the speed of your Internet. There's a lot of tutorials out. They hope to double your your Internet speed, a terra very popular video. Some videos get millions of years, right? So get that video up there. Of course, if you have actually get service or you have an affiliate, Alford that can do that for you. Ah, for your customers, that is now. This text appeared at the end of the slide. Wanted to go. Oh, it's up. So it's going to be if you can add sound. Sometimes they're going to be royalty Free. Soundtracks began. Uh, voiceover makes more sense. It's more personal, and it hits on. You can convey twice. The information can convey information with with the images in the text and off course by saying something, because you have you get 20 seconds but 30 seconds, but most of the time actually only get five or six before they skip, so you have twice the opportunity to convince them to our stick to stick and watch the video. So what you can do also is you can add characters right here, uh, from different sets off characters. So you get picked toe in picture people it's chooses for and then, but I don't know where the characters all that's quite and only were already. Yes, there is. All of these characters have different animations. Let's see, how does that despairs? Eyes that's a static characters does a static, and those are animate. So this one's going to be an enemy, for example, and you contract them around. I think you can, um mm. You could probably switch, you know, mirrors, which, if you want, or you could just move the text over there and put the guy over here. But anyways, you can kind of tell a story with are bugging your viewer with too much detail. Too much fuss. You can say, Look, this guy's Internet was too slow, You know, the previous guy door, which is deleted, and then Indiana is so happy because until next fast again, Okay, and you can add pictures by importing instead of this is really good. I really love this and you get crops. Also, you get don't bills that you can just put everywhere if you're more the Internet marketing . Be careful, though, because Google is notoriously not friendly towards, you know, make him on your light type. Yeah, there was that stone. Just click on export. When you can watch, it can preview with car exports. And yes, so Okay, if you don't subscribe, then your power tune. If it contains premium premium content and props, it's going to be you can actually, how could I see you gets exported? But I had a sneaky little technique back in two days because I don't have much money, just had dropped out. College couldn't afford this, so I was Canada a bit of ah, pain. I would simply take a screen recorder and I would record the screen here. And then I would adhere above the water. More little click me bottom, you know, interested. Interrogation more Cliff me. And so I would basically just avoid everything. I go here, I played a video which I can't do now, but I had not of screening Colder and I would just click play on the video and I would come like steel Divina what she wants. I don't say Jesse do that, but you know the options on the table if you do it, obviously your bad person wink wink a lot about a person. But, you know, if you can afford it before it Anyways, that's four d whiteboard videos I've told you about Videos, crime. I've told you about part in both. Awesome on you do your thing. I'm not cashing thanks to you. 7. Video Scribe Software: If you want to create White board videos, I have two options for you. Two options that I've personally used, one that I like a lot. And then one that I don't like that much. But both okay and once free. And actually the boats have a free trialling, and one has like it's free. But then they have a, you know, annoying water more, which can try to remove with a video editor that, you know, like deja. After that, you can do your thing and you're going to have to run by trying. But one of them, but of them have their little disadvantage. I'm going to start with sparkles, sport call video scribe because it's, in my opinion, the best. In the next video, we're going to cover Po two, which is slightly easier to use. But sparkle is still easy to use. Okay, so let's take the free trial because you have a Detroit. By the way I bought this because he was It was good. I stark alibied him, and I was supposed to be charged every month, and I ended up being charged every 10 every 10 days. I didn't know why I contacted support, He said, We don't know. So I ended up, uh, you know, un subscribing Because, look, I'm not going to be charge Treat time. The amount. And I was using it like once a month to something, so it was a bit useless. So I'm going to click on takeoff each file, and then we're going to run to that. So they have a seven days pretrial. So I suggest if you all the kind of person that you know what's to make the best of the free trial, that there's nothing wrong with that. Of course, I suggest you stole planning your videos before he downloaded seven days. It's not actually that law. And by the way, a free choice is limited. Okay, they do have also watermark, but then again, it's like I think it's like, $10 a month. I don't know. Let's just put in a new email address here. Uh, how many? Because I don't know which one I used when I was using spoke up. I think I'm going to go with one I just created to make sure, uh, it was good. Okay, get to it. Well, this book Uh okay. Mm. Okay, let's go and check my in box. I'm going to do that. I'm just going to do everything that's continuing the email on all transition to one's toe in that stone. Okay, All right. So I have deluded sparkle. I guess I don't have still you have dollar south or it's really easy, actually, just unzip it If it zipped. In my case, it was unzipped directly. So I just had to drag it to my applications and Sarah. So let's jump into it. Shall we support at now? This is a really cool piece of software by their work. I think it's one of its kind. Or I honestly might have gone out of business because it right last time I used it, it was sold. Aggie, it was so bad. Honestly, um, I mean, I had times where I was just pissed, cause all my all my projects would right away, you can see that you can save really easily. Just they just disappeared at some point, and I was really, really mad. Once the software has been downloaded and is running, they'll ask you to Exeter refused to say yes. And then you can watch a quick story guy, which would play automatically. I just close it because I know how it works now. You I just told you that's the You know that it was old Berg. And also why am I recommending this? It's because you know it's not that bad. It's just that it keeps lagging and it always it often does. I hope they've changed because last time I used was several months ago. So if you click on the plus here on find, am creating a new scrap. This is all where all your describes so basically ascribed its the video. Okay, are going to be stored. Just click on. Yes, Okay. Just like Okay, they will give you instructions. They have tutorial videos, etc. If I remember correctly, this is a time line, and then you get to put things on the timeline. So let's do it. Let's take the example of the net. We're going to be running, and we're going to be sending people to a Web, you know? OK, so let's go ahead and start again. Remember, with what we're trying to do here is get people's attention. So let's see. We need to take it easy we're watching Web, you know, on Facebook conversion. We're doing a webinar Facebook conversion. So and honestly might think this is Ah, this is a bit stupid. You know, It just seems so, you know, so so that right? You know, the ad starts what I achieve the five 100% return on investment last month with his book as we might that but actually, that's something that would actually work. I mean, I believe it's something that will actually work. So a lot of options, honestly and no, by default. Where was the camera? Okay, Yes. So basically flew. Click on plays, going always to zoom on what you added on the canvas, which is annoying. And look at how long it takes Teoh to see that expired that term. People have skipped your ad, so we want to go back and we want to. We want to lower the time drawing times. So that's come to be the enemy. So we can draw all the way up to zero seconds if we want. Let's see, One seconds. And here's the hands animation. I just go. If you click here, you have no hands, which is what I want because no hands, it's better. In my opinion, I get all of these options. I'm gonna be honest. I don't know what they would be. All okay. So pause as the pause after which the next animations going to stall? It's 20 2nd again. Time is precious Here we have five seconds to get people's attention. Um, from from poom transition. Let's go with zero seconds. OK? So if you want to avoid this zooming in where we launched describe, we can knock the camera so you choose where you want the text to be. And then you locked the camera and now it's not going to zoom it. But it's going to zoom in again, which is which you can remove by playing it again and then click quickly. I'll get them. And I missed quickly through clicking here and now it's not going to zoom it yet. See? Okay, So, achiever 5% 500% with on investment last month with facebook. Um, and here I would actually say it because, uh, you know, we want to tell people to escape. If there now interested. So we might say something like now, interested in learning to use Facebook ads. Skip ahead. OK, Skip to your video. But that's the law of text. So I would actually say it's okay. Well, actually say it. So not interested, skipper. And then put a big fat arrow right here. Matter of fact, we're going to do that right now. To if you had here to images. They have a quiet, big bank of images from which you can just pick. Okay, So those all special images for, um for smaller called video scribe exclusively, right? So But you can import your own by clicking a here you can import by clicking here. So it's Arup that sent our received to have some good arrows. They do to have a big number of them. Actually, I think we can rotate it. So it's used this one. Well, there you go. That's pretty like this. Well, and so we want this arrow to appear after these five seconds. So remember the blueprint, the ad blueprint, It goes like this. It goes like you want to capture attention within five seconds. You want after just five seconds to spend maybe two or three seconds asking people to skip if they're not interested because, uh, you're not going to pay okay if they skip and that's and then after that, you get to, uh, try to sell your product. Or so you know, try to get people to click basically, and what you need to do by that is I usually create report report. I don't know how we pronounce that in English, but basically I'm I introduced myself really quickly, and I say, Look, I'm not I'm not a genius yet. I managed to do this very efficiently. What I'd be Facebook as what would be turned marking general, because that's my nature, of course. And I mean, I'm no genius, and I tell people, frankly, it's a look about that small pocket. I managed to make all this money. So if you want to run for me, click here and that I bring people Teoh to a page. When you can subscribe a little. Do you know John Weapon? Or so that's the blueprint, if you remember correctly, cause there's an entire video that if you missed it, go and watch it because it's really important. If there's one video want you to remember, it's that one. It's five seconds to capture tension. Three seconds. Tell him to pass them, list your features best features for your product and then actually get them to click. So we're also going to have to lock this camera again because we need to look every element or else is just going to look at what it's going to do with it. Homes is going to write, and that is going to zoom and there's going to write it just It's so messy. It's so bad. That's, Ah, the wars part about this software, in my opinion. And if you double click using back So let's lock this, you can reduce the animation time here. Okay, let's reduce it to zero. Actually, we don't are perhaps one seconds. Uh, yes. And let's remove the hands of those are the options. Remove the hands and you could actually remove the hand. So the android off every element by clicking here because that's the debt default option, and then just remove it. Okay, so is going to be slightly back. So I achieve a 5%. So that was my last one. People. Cats? No. So I would see verbally now interested? Click here. I would also add an image. We'll click here. I mean, click to pass. Um, you can really put a picture off money. That's the problem of dollar bills, because Google is going to be like, We don't really want that, but you can definitely at a picture like this. Come on, That's a premium spoke hole thingy. But again, I would take just by going with Dio with the premium if you want to make this a long lasting thing and I think I'm going to switch back to premier. Actually, this version of sparkle looks better, so I cheaper percent ally. So big picture of a part of gold, I would add Facebook logo, for example. So people who don't really read this text still go to recognize that it's relevant to them again. Boring, But you need to look at Look at the animation temperance. It's 30 seconds, so that means that if we don't touch this, the videos to add the hands going to draw this part of gold for 30 seconds, it's so bad, it's it's insane about, and you have to click all the way through like yeah, I know you don't know why we don't care just on something nice. You don't have to clear truth, Okay? But the problem is, now that it's done now that that debuting is written. But let's actually put the political before the arrow so disappears, disappears, disappears. We're going to switch screens, basically, is what I'm trying to say. So we're going to still a lot of this, Okay. Oh, then what I found and what he just just added from what I can tell, is Di Pause. The pause wasn't there when I first got the software, so as soon as this was over, so if you had it taste, people didn't get the time to read it. It just switched automatically, which was really annoying. So we know that too get the time, you know, to let people read the text, you had to put in white text somewhere and make it see what was really annoying was really brilliant on and just make a new animation that was invisible to people that last a certain time that you wanted to pulse the less I mean, it was just still But no, you can actually, at a postal, it's at a 1.5 2nd Paul Also, this is what is going toe work to look like that. I think that's pretty nice. And then the sparkle yet okay. But I think that's pretty nice. And it just right on point, since it lasts for 6.5 seconds. So capture people's attention as them to skip. And then right after that, we get to the point where we can try to convince people to buy. So this is where you list your benefits. So a good combination would be argue and votes over with images and text. And then the best way, honestly, to get people to buy two to buy. But to actually click on your video is to put a big fat button in the middle of the screen . I'm going to tell you what I mean by that. There's a website here. It's called that, but in factory, I usually create my bottoms with photo shop. But this is really too easy to to mess, so you can actually create custom. Barton's such as you know, click here, too, tend. It's probably a bit long, but to well, you know, or to reserve your spot. Actually remember, called to actions. I need to be as obvious as possible. So click here to reserve your spot can change colors. This is the type of websites you just find find while you're doing learning Internet marketing. And you think, Well, that's something I need to keep because it's so simple. But it's something you really couldn't do yourself, I think, um And where is it Down here. So just download it. Go back here, try to find it, But right here and you can just So you need to import it actually, like this. This Tom there are loads that's in French, but it is basically that And where is it? But there he goes. So it's going to import. You get a choice off LA enjoying animations. I don't know what they're trying to do. Here it is. It doesn't. It never works. But going this again, it's going to drop for 30 seconds. Make that back. So what I don't like with your software is a lot off. Just clicking, clicking, doing days. They were making sure that they don't mess up your scribe because you do it well. But then you know it Just default options of bad. And what I would do again. You want to point? You always want to points to your products and to wear. You want people to click so I would put big again. Big fat are was leading to a big fat button around noon. No, and see, it also doesn't make much sense. Do you think that Because they have this, but And they have tea. Other version of it to wonder goes to the other side Off course. You can always do rotation. I'm guessing. No, look, it doesn't even rotate. It's like a kind of like a fig rotation. She's okay. Look, you confined different arrows. You can even go like this, you know, make it call tuning etc. So this is how you use the software. And remember, I think you can really really benefit here with having good voice over in the next video. Go to show you where to get cheap and really, really good for silver. And I'm going to I recommend a guy that I used for my votes over that I still use from time to time because he's really good at is really cheap and has a beautiful voice and, it seems, is his voice is probably the main reason to my conversions, to be honest. Okay, so you can also add soundtracks. So I came here. You can add soundtracks backed. We can hear you can add or change the voice over so you can either import a file or you can directly recorded as your scribe is playing, which is probably better. So you can you could really get both sink without messing everything up. And that's pretty much all for the options. You need to know when to shut down. You get a couple options can preview up play. You describe minds going to be absolutely horrible, But again, it's an example, and you can render it finally, and you need to be premium writing to create a video file. Oh, you don't actually, but you need to, uh, definitely to be preempt for sums features like full HD to go with Look. Also, they don't have in people. They literally don't have him before, which is, of course, the most used moment. But, you know, they don't seem to care much, and you can add ankle, which a frame rate it Sarah, And once you do that, you can click and it renders. But it takes forever to render if you to do it in 10. 80 p. So my experience with this self aware was okay, I guess. But sometimes, like, for example, I did to 35 different videos, different scribes and, you know, it would just log in one day and they would all be gone. I mean, it was a stupid Sometimes the application would just crash. Hopefully they've changed it because I have seen that they meet up these with, for example, the pause option that wasn't here before. So I hope is good. Hope it's better tried for yourself and tell me, What do you think I'll catch you guys in the next video will be. 8. Voice Overs For Ads: when it comes to long videos such as in display ads or, Yeah, that's pretty much it in this point has. You're probably better off speaking yourself if you can speak English fluently or finding someone could do it for you for way, symbolic payment or whatever, because you'd be surprised at how expensive voiceovers can be when you're doing it 30 seconds as it's probably OK to get votes over. And I'm going to show you examples voiceovers that I used one of my personal YouTube channel because that was back in the days those ads didn't convert well, by the way. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't because off the voice over the voiceover was really, really professional. So I'm going to try to find those videos all of these word World of Warcraft related as it didn't work right, they did not work. Um, let me take a look. I'll be sorry for that. I had some people talking in the background. That's not professional, Howard. I want my money back. All right, camp down. Look at this example of a net. So I think I had force over on this one. I can't be sure I'm just going to know I didn't have it. Let's go back. Let's try to find those videos that date back, by the way. Two times in 14? Well, early last year. Okay, so I had Atwood voice over here. We can try that one out. Hey there, Player people, We have a great three game thing. If you're not a serious game, you're gonna skip this AC, right? Thanks, Mike. Today. So that's Ah, what I was in that first smile as you conceive of them. Number of videos, those accident converts. Well, at all the because I stopped running them after 45 use because there was just still so bad . Was it clearly not going to convert does my first ads. And by the way, I'm pretty proud of my first ads. I mean, they looked okay, didn't cover at all, but they looked okay. No, I do all all off that myself. I do all of the voiceover myself, but if you want voiceover because you think it's cool and I would I would consider doing and I just never thought to myself Well, any voice over here probably going to do it in the future. Since I'm working out so many ads right now, I'm going to have to fire er because, yes, fiber is, after all, a great place to find for Silver. And I did have a couple services out there. Let me find it. Okay. There's a guy I'm going to show you. The guy that I use because he always delivered on time, the quality was always awesome. Right? So I'm going to show you the person that made the vote silver, because I think is really good. And he also made devoted off a lot of my products. You know, as far as one year ago now I do all my votes over myself. Uh oh. But he has a nice voice, and he makes in 24 hours. No affiliated. OK, but if you scroll down, I can't find the guy. I'm So I wait, I'm going to find him. But anyways, if you type in a voiceover, we're going to find all of these examples of male female for silver etcetera. And you can just click on one and just listen because they're going to sell their services by giving you an example. Okay. And my objection to this guy. Let me see if I can find the guy who made the voice over. Can't find him. Can't find him. But let me see if it's that guy. Yeah. Is that guy actually listen? Hello? Five or fans? My name is Jeff Martin, and you're about to hear my commercial demo. But I also voice presentations, smartphone, APS, voicemail messages, audiobook. See, that's really nice. Most really, uh, American, Really good. And with $5 what you can get is a look 100 words for $5. So he's going to read 100 wars if I don't. Obviously, this guy is really enjoying what he does because he reads 100 wars and it makes my adults and reading 100 words a normal If you picture that you can do you can be really, really fast on. But for you, it's a bargain. If you're planning on running a small ad, that's why I do. What I did was I made a lot of oy ation off the same ad. So I had I was talking in different games and I was trying to get players to play this new game, and so I was calling them was saying, Hey, name of the game fan and then the same text. It was a name of the game fan. If you like, name of the game, then you're going to like a smite, which I was promoting at the time on. I think that was really good and in order not to have to pay $5 every time. What I would do was I. I hadn't read the descendants that hope. And then I gave him a list, all the different games, and he would. It would send me a text file, and then I would edited myself because I actually had the time to do that with audacity, which is a free software. Did I recommend if you are ever in need of editing some audio, but anyways, that's also going to show you the importance of targeting. If you called someone who's watching a surgeon game and you say, Hey, are you a fan of this game? It resonates because he's about to watch a video and especially know that adds all, still not talking it alone. I mean, I watch a gaming video and I see an ad for, you know, call. I'm like Okay. What is this? You know, look, you can do much better than all these companies advertising. That's effect. So a voiceover. Really good. If you want to get it, you should get it on fire. 9. In stream targeting: Alright, So I've uploaded my example, Add in stream advertising and now I'm going to make it an app. So we need to get to AdWords stuff. Calm. Actually, some AdWords come if you type in AdWords start coming on the way you land. Let me check Curiosity, people curiosity and was a co Ah, it redirects of you was good to know, actually is not good to know doesn't help along. So I wasn't wrong. It's actually Edwards come works too. Okay, so, um, pumping from now what do I do? Yes, to campaign. This is the same process as with in display advertising. If you skipped for some reason and display that I don't think you've missed anything except that in display I you know, I explain what I can't be needs, etcetera. So if you want to know that because it's really it's the same for in displaying in stream didn't go back and watch it Or, you know, you could just create your campaign and you'll figure it out by yourself. So all this campaign thinking I'm going to just go over it, that something's different. I'm going to mention it to campaign name, campaign number four. Just just good video is good Existing video campaign. You can load settings from another campaign. You shouldn't vote settings for me and in this play, camping for a in stream campaign. Of course, budget. Usually, UM, from usually in stream ads do coast more than and display ads. But let's still go with $10 budget networks. YouTube search YouTube videos that you two are going t o take include video point because the opponents or websites that have embedded um, you know, videos on YouTube videos. But problem is, you don't really know the intent of someone who watches a video like that. You don't know if they were actually planning your conscience. Lee clicking on that video to watch it. I don't think they were location again. If you have a new offer that is geo sensitive and go ahead and you do your thing here, I explained that in the end display advertising campaign language doesn't matter. Device by says it's always go with. I always decrease the bed by only 2%. I know mobile advertising is the future, but for now I haven't really managed to make money with it. I get lined up, but nothing groundbreaking something to desktop because there's a lot of this traffic to be holding two. So let's save and continue. Oh, I think I deleted your video. It's right here. A copy missed. Okay, so it's going to be an in stream ad and so you don't get to set creatives. What you do get two sets is a couple other options of the display. You're out. So the display your l needs to be the final your l that's your visitors will get to when they click on the add if that makes us so. For example, if you'll sending people to my website off coming to display your oil is going to be my website up to come define on the u. R. L could be my website that come slash name off the page. Or it could even be something like, You know, a long tracking number could be in a short link, etcetera. But you know, after people get re directed at Sarah on and you get all older nor the values from from your tracking you around, you should they should arrive at this point, you're right away. They will check this Okay, so no need to to try to, you know, to be sinking. So display your oil. It doesn't need to be Your associated website could be just about anything. Well, anything that complies, of course. When Google's t o s, which she should check, Go check it out. And you could actually, I think removed a tree times w makes it a bit more professionally add does. Okay. Finally, you're well, so this could be, you know, truck. It's cerebro. We're are going to enter that because that page it doesn't make sense, I think goes to notice that add your real options. One is this? Yeah. Tracking. See, so you can paste constant parameters. So, for example, or you can paste teach geographic location of someone you can paste. Um, example the Brocks, the type If you want. For some reason to track, browse the type you can eso. Yeah, but you know, I'm not a big fan of that. I mean, what I do is I use click magic. I wasn't planning on touching on that, but I might Oh, are you could just google it, but click Magic is really awesome. It in men, you know it's it's at Deloitte. Timing is $20 a month, but it managed to gets all of your all of these parameters for you. It's insane on I need to Remember to make a course on that. So excuse me while I Sig notes that because I think it's going to be really interesting for you. Okay, tracking template, whatever. But let's keep that blank from the moment. Companion Bennett. This is really cool, actually. So the companion bearer, you know, even after someone skips your ad is going to appear right here on the side and you have two options. You can either use an all the generated image from videos in your channel, so that's really, really random action. I'm just going to take a video and put an image of it. Wouldn't recon decently command, but it's not. Let's be honest. It's just going to be a you know, an image with no no Paps. If you upload your own image to give you a pixel size, so it's actually go ahead and make a um, pa Pum pum Yeah, let's make you a better So it's 300 by six by 60 you gonna go with auto generated. But if you want to be really picky and you know, do something, do things Well, basically, I think you should go and make our own batter. And I'm just going to make an example. But I'm not even going Teoh to stress it here. But basically, you want your companion because look, wait. It appears it appears on the rights. Now, if you I think if you put it in interior mode, so put your video into a remote. This is either going to go down. It's going to disappear. One of boat. Okay? It is something I don't know which it is. It's actually one of both. Sometimes they stay. Sometimes they don't. I don't know what determines the fact that these things don't but dis companion banner which can't be seen all the time. If you have a big call to action, it's probably better. Okay, She saw a bit of rescue because if people click on it, they're brought to your website. So that's at its sex. You would. That's of course, a big big 14. Yeah, that's still of course, too big. All right to get the full course again. That's assuming that you're selling? Of course. Four course. Now do remember to actually be original here, click me whatever. And then just put it that way. We want to see it's exported for the web. Maybe I'm wasting your time here. Guys at all number. I just want to make things right. Uh, well, I no case and no, Let's take the file on Uploaded. And now they should give us a preview of your companion bad. Okay, so another generated image Descents Who commanded? I think the reason they say it's recommended this cause staedel like, you know, I think there are already dealing with so much brand with just you know, what all the videos they have, they don't want you to upload a better I That's my guess. Because, of course, your own image is going to be better than on all the on average that the elder generated image from billions in order, I don't know, but make your own better. Okay, If you don't know can warning your sport shop, you can always use gimp at name, video show, whatever, Max, See, cause purview. So that does quite a change from country to country at Sarah. If you remember what in display? We had views as low as one penny and the estimated reach to right here was quite bug. So let's go. I usually pay six cents in the U. S. Reviews. We haven't specified a country. So if I enter two cents, I'm probably going to be plus my targeting so broad. So it's going to be on green, probably yet. Look, one sense comes, But, you know, if I went back and entered that I was only talking to us, for example, my counts purview would probably jumped to four or five cents. By the way, you need to understand how who will works and how to worse. They have different adventurers, right? For every country, some countries, arm or competitive than almost so. That means that the U. S. Of course, more people were trying to advertise to Americans than two Indians because Indians have anus. Example disposable income. Americans are all known to consume much more than he should. Okay, so yeah, And the fact is that if you talk it all Geos writes all countries don't expect Google to serve your ad. And excuse me if you talk it All countries and you bid low. Don't expect Google to serve your add to the US They're going to serve your to turn world countries exclusive. I guarantee that. But if you go ahead and you put in 10 cents, then you go to see that this doesn't change. Wasn't change March at least, but we know it does, but they're probably going to target than high countries. Ah, high competition countries to make you pay more purview. OK, so, yeah, you need to understand the business model here. Um, you're going to have to. I did choose the Geo and just stick with it all split test Geos. But let's go with five cents of yours, we're not going to pay five cents abuse by. And as you can see, I mean for going one sense. Maybe, but, you know, right here we're just playing with a tool that's, you know, that's not predictable. We get this with a $5. But was it that $10 budget? We get 1000 to 2000 views a day. My opinion. That's my onus for my split testing. At least we should from these 1000 to 2000 views, we should get around triage to 600 clicks. Remember? That's, um that's international traffic and only how much that's worth to you. All right, But you need to know that before you get started doing as you need to know, you're probably like I can help you with that. Unfortunate, because I can't cover everything but demographics. We covered that in display. The fact that if someone's watching a certain video or typing a certain cured, then they are probably prime customers for you, okay? And, yeah, there probably print customer for you. So all of this, I think it wouldn't make much sense to think any of this if they had an option to target people that were under 18. And maybe you couldn't check that because, you know, maybe they don't have a credit card that can purchase something, but I don't have that option to you. We just keep that. I think the thing is, you probably get to see from your analytics. After having run your campaign for $100.200 dollars, you'll get a lot of data because trust me $100 considering how are you took as it's so cheap is a lot of data and you'll be able to see which one converts it. And you can target those exclusively if you want. No, that's all getting I don't remember. Well, we're not going to use keywords are not going to use remarketing lot going to stop its We're going to go with placements and let me just dick an example off this guy King Human. Okay, so I use this guy, and I also copied and pasted a couple YouTube channels onto a piece of paper. But of course, I closed it when I'm saving it the but basically get another copy to channel and decided to , um to target that that channel. All of that you should keep in mind. You should take a look and just see if the channel, if every video or at least you know the vast majority of them or related to your topic. If not, then you should hand pick the video. Is that our and and use those ones. We're going to place this woman, and I guarantee you that with my one sense counts purview, we're not going to go to four. Is this my bet? Yeah. I wasn't expecting it. because this guy has a lot of use, I think in the US, which again leads to us needing to raise our bit. But we didn't need to raise it too much for a mere tree sense, Max. Cost per view. We should get on average, 500 to 600 years a day. Atticus off two cents. So you see that this doesn't differ too much of what we have. Uh, on the other hand, if you don't talk that you're going to see, you know, go have more views, of course, But you're going to see traffic on makeup videos, etcetera. You know, it zat gonna be me. It's not gonna be good. That said you should enter your placements here. Remember that you analytics section off AdWords is Oh, my God, It's so good. So in the optimizing section, we're going to talk about how you can choose what not choose, but see which general converts the best and act accordingly. And once all of that stone, just click on safe at group and you're good to go. Well, you need to wait for the yet to be to be accepted