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Make Professional Videos for YouTube - The Advanced Guide!

teacher avatar Michael Suppo, Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Enrol in this course to learn Advanced Editting!

    • 2. Advanced Video Editting - How I made a Video that got 500,000 views!

    • 3. Make a High Quality Custom End Slate / Outro that captures viewers!

    • 4. Where the Top YouTubers get Free Music for their Videos!

    • 5. How To Add Downloaded Free Music To Your Videos!

    • 6. Thank you for learning with me! Course summary.

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About This Class

If you want to learn how to make professional looking videos with advanced editing, you may love this Skillshare class! You will learn how to apply amazing looking text overlay, great effects, transitions and music.

This class is a Advanced guide to making films for YouTube, and is the follow on from the Beginners guide! You will learn exactly how to make professionally edited videos, with an incredible outro that can get you more subscribers and views for your channel! 

All you need to do is enrol and you will learn exactly how I make professional videos for YouTube.

I look forward to seeing you inside this class!

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Michael Suppo

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1. Enrol in this course to learn Advanced Editting!: Welcome to this class on my video production process. Advanced level. My name is Supermen. Your superhero on skill share In this class, I'm gonna be showing you exactly how I made a video just like this one. This one. The little Kelly Minecraft Facts of video. This video is my most popular video today. Well, over half a 1,000,000 views, even after it got banned for like, four months. In just a month and 1/2 I managed to get over half a 1,000,000 views has now been retrieved . And I'm gonna show you exactly how to create a video just like this one. Professionally made beautiful for YouTube for people to figure out a really high quality video creator. So in role in this course, you will learn exactly how I did it. So I'll see you in the first lecture. 2. Advanced Video Editting - How I made a Video that got 500,000 views!: right. I'm about to give you a sneak peek into the inner sanctum of how I edit my videos like a pro in this video, what you're going to see is me editing videos outside of the YouTube editor so that I have got more options available to me to make really highly polished videos. So you can see here. This is me working in a movie, Okay, Because I use a Mac. They're similar software for windows, such as Windows movie Maker. But Im e V is probably one of the most sophisticated, cheapest options for video editing software you can get for the Mac. Okay, so what you will see, here are a series of different media. Okay, Now, what you do is you basically go to import, so you have to create the media. First, you have to find it. So here you can see a serious of pictures. So this is a picture. This is a picture. This is a picture. This is a picture. This is video. So, as you're probably see here, what I've done is I have downloaded a video just like you saw in my previous video, which is paying s s in front off the U cheap instead of having Www on, then you just download the video. And then you import the media into your little media thing right here, OK? And then what you do is once you've imported it, you just drag it down into here. So let me give you an example. If I import a picture now of little Kelly, we go to my desktop. So here's a picture of evil Little Kelly. So let me just use that on imported into my imported section. Okay, Now, if I wanted to add this, all I do is I just highlight it on. Then I drag it into the video. Okay, so with and then you just place that you can see there's a little line which shows where it's going to appear on. Then you just drop it in. That's the simple is that and that you there were. You've dropped it in there and then what happens is by default, it does this pan and zem thing. Okay? It's called a Ken Burns effect, and I think Ken Burns with some kind of photographer or film. So basically, what you do to correct this because this because this picture wasn't a landscape picture. It's actually just a square photo. The only way it's made it fit in this screen is to actually do the Ken Burns effect. It was easy to actually edit this. All you do is go to cropping on the new pope crop to fill, and then you can select a section or you can put fit the whole thing in. And then what will happen is when you play it there, whether it would appear like that, OK, But you can see I've used the penance seem all over the place, so you can see this is just the crop to fit. This is a Ken Burns. That's just a cropped to fit on that. You can see that. Basically, what I do is I do a series of different ones. There's a Ken Burns. Okay, So to make sure that the video has some variety you have to play about, don't just make stills make moving shots like this one. Okay, Well, you do you is you just simply highlight its If we go into that, we will see that we've got can burns it. So if we go back to Ken Burns. What you can do is you can see you can You can control where the image starts and where it finishes. So if you want to zoom in, you just simply ending on her eyes on we could start out like like this. And it takes up the whole width and then zooms into her eyes. So now if we a play that and look at how that looks, There we are. You can see that happening. And you could dictate how long the image stays up for with this, you just drag it so you can make it last for minutes. You can make it last for 3.5 seconds. Okay, so there we are. So that is how you add photos or media. Same with video. You know, this was a video. The whole video was in here whole 15 minutes. But what I did was I cropped it. So I just basically pinched the end of the video on, just dragged it down, dragged it down so that it fits with the video I wanted because I didn't want to much video . I just wanted enough to make people see some live actions that here we are. So you actually see some live action from the video? And this was the only video I used in this production. So you now know how you can import Andi control the length of video. You know how you can import pictures and make it zoom or make it fit the resolution off the screen. Now, how do you add the's l overly. So if we go back to this one, how do you add the one on How do you add, like the Kelly fit Simon's? This is simple. And I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that for free right now. So the way in which you do that is if we go to a website called Cool Text Doctor, come on, this is all you have to do. So let me use the exact fund I used for that video. So here we are. So all we did was we just put one bracket and then there we are. We've got it Now. What size do you want it? What kind of funds you want? That's all controllable. But I want it to stay like this. Theory differences is that I actually want the colors to change. So what we do here if I wanted pink, we just put pink as thesis are color. So the top color on then the bottom color. So how it looks on the bottom. We could change the light blue, for instance. And it creates this like pinky blue, purple effect. And you can just completely edit this how it looks on. Then you can take off the shadow. So there's currently a shadow And if we look and if we look in the video there is no shadow so we take the shadow off. So what we do is we just put shadow type no shadow and we've got flat number there. The image This is fine. This you can just do alignment. This doesn't matter, for this is register using this one thing Now what we want is we want transparency so you can actually have a bit of a background for this if you want, but I don't want any background. All I want is a transparent background. And you could see that with the little checked marks, it means it's transparent. I mean, you can overlay this on top of something and there's no background to the actual image. So now that we've got this, what we do is we just go create logo. There we are. We've got it there and then we just download the image and then you will see this will start downloading now in the bottom on. Then we can import that into I'm eerie. So let me show you how we do that. So if we get back to why movie and we go to import and then we've got a cool text right here, so well at that at that right now to the import area on. Then let's say we wanted to add that one on here, So let's make this just a tiny bit longer. So I've got some space, Yes, but it for 80 seconds as an example. Okay, now we could actually zoom in on this by just zooming in on the video right here. So there. We also has made it a bit bigger. So what we need to do is we need to get this one on. We just added as an overly so we just put it on top. And there you will see, it's really zoomed in. We don't want that. So what we do is we go into the number on we go to this first option here. Now, this is selected as cut away. So we don't want that. What we want is picture in picture that gives you more control. Now you can see here that the top and the bottom of this image have been taken off. But we won't worry about that for a second. Now. We want that one to appear in here, and we want to make it slightly smaller. And there we are. So now we've got the one place on that is picture in picture. And then what you do is you. Now that we've got this selected, we've got that selected. So we go into here, we take it off the Ken Burns, and we just put fit. And there we are. Now you will see that Number one appearing up here. So there we are. You see that? Number one? That's how you do it. And you could make that one for last. A long as you want. You just drag it out and then we are. That is how you had the one So if we go back to this bit right here, that's how I added the number one. And now you can see also how I did the Kelly fit Simon's I did exactly the same. So instead of just having a one, why did Waas go back to call text? We get to edit image just to show you an example. We compare Carrie or Spirit in capitals. Kerry fit Simon's. There we are, we've got It's got transparent background. We can change the color. So it was kind of like an orangey color, wasn't it? So we can make it kind of orangey on, then end on a deeper orange like that, or maybe even read. And there we are there. We've got some nice shading on it and then we've got it, and then we need to do is guard transparent background. Already, we can take out the outline if we want. We can just make it look like this or we can make a orange. It's blended in and you can do all sorts with the background. You can do all sorts with this, this software and it's completely free, but we'll have it as black and then we'll create logo, download the image it's downloading. And then if we gave back to Im E V, we'll import that downloaded image. There were ants there, and it's right here. So if we take out the one, we don't need that anymore, showing you how you can add numbers. Now There we are. On, as you could see before again, this does the whole cut away. Look, it looks terrible. Make sure you don't do this because look, about that looks terrible. Well, you do is you just click on the image of imported you select picture in picture on there, you've got it right there on. Then you take off the Ken Burns effect, you make it fit effect. And there we are. Now it's appeared. And have you double click it. You can edit how it looks. So if we just go like this, we can enlarge it and put and just place it once you place it. It saved already. Area. Look at that. So simple. And you can see exactly how I did it. Number one Little Kelly's name is Kelly fit Simon's. So Yeah, so that's how you can see it done so I'm gonna delete that. We gotta delete that. And now I'm gonna show you a little bit more. So what I have done also is I have added audio, So I've recorded the audio separately. How did I do the audio while I did it using screen flow. So if we get a screen flow, this is another. You could see my face right here. So if what we can do with screen flows, we can take out record video. We can take out record desktop, and then you can just do record audio. So as long as you've got a microphone and I've got a yeti microphone, just press record and you can start recording the audio. Okay. And then once you've made the audio, you save it as a file. You export it to your Mac, and then you import it into your eye movie and then you have it citizen sitting underneath . So what I normally do you is I normally play the video while I am doing the audio. All its recording is my voice on my Mac. I can actually play the video while I'm recording so that I can make sure that what I'm recording for audio matches. What's happening on the screen as a nice little trick into hell To do that? It's so good, so, so easy on then. So, as I said, I just get the audio. I import it on my place underneath. So when you put anything on top of the images or videos, it's overlay. If you put anything underneath, that's audio. So above the photos is overly low. The photos or videos is audio, okay? And all you have to do is just dragon underneath. That's how you do it. Okay, Simple as anything. I hope that this has really helped you because this is so simple on, then the last thing I do is if, for instance, you didn't want to do this. So you have eight on, then the text there. What you could actually do is you could just have it so that you put number one on. Then Kerry fit Simon's on one of these images. So let me show you how to do that again. Really simple. And I could show you how to create this, like little end slate as well. So how you do that is you go to pick monkey dot com. Okay, so when you put editor photo, you know, you could basically use any of the photos on your computer, which you can just open and add to here. Or you could just use one of the photos they give you. So what we're going to do is we're gonna crop this to you, to you achieves resolution sizes. So we'll scale the photo, But 12 80 by 7 20 And now we've got a proper you cheap sized picture here. Who will apply that? We change the canvas color, so I'm gonna change it to black. So I make it look exactly like the end slate. So you crop it first, and then you change the canvas color. Then we add some text. If we go down here, we go to the text field, and then we just simply add some text. They're just gonna add text, and then it puts him text it, and I'll put thanks for watching please, like Andi subscribe. Okay, then you highlight that you've got this little text editor here so will centralize. It will make it a go, and then we can make it wider. Right there. We'll change the color straight away so that we know what we're seeing. So we can change that color right here from black to white, move out the way slightly, enlarge this, and then we go down and look at the fonts that pic monkey give you. You can use their funds, or you can use your own funds. So I'm going to use their funds because they've got a really nice one in here, which is the one that I always use, which is this one shadows into the light to And there we are. That looks pretty much exactly the same as this one right here. Okay, so you have to just save it as an image that we go back to hear. If we go Teoh click. Saves me. Just make it look a little bit better. Was watching escalation mark and put save. We can just save it as an image. So it saves at the exact right size for YouTube, and then we just put here and sleep. Now, you can make this circus fancies you want, and I'm gonna show you how to make a pro end slate in just two seconds. And here we are, saved to my computer. It will then save it on. Then you just import it and drag it in like we did before. So if we save this in downloads save, we'll save it. There we are saved on. What we do is we go back into a movie. We'll take this out because we've got a new one. Import the new one. Say we are That's the end. Slight. So we click it, we drag it in, and there we are. Looks exactly the same now. And we just put that towards the end of the audio so that it stays there long enough that people actually do like and subscribe on. Then we just put size to fit on. There we are. Just stays there at the end. How perfect is that? Now, let me show you quickly. My pro ends late. Look at this. Okay, You've got on enslave right here, which looks very professional. You've got video showing, and then you've got some text. So you've got, you know, watch these videos and I've put some annotations around this so that if you click into this , it will take you straight to that video and straight into this video. So how you do this? It's so simple. 3. Make a High Quality Custom End Slate / Outro that captures viewers!: So let me show you exactly how I made this. Andi, I'm not gonna make it exactly as it takes a little while. They're so, so easy. So if we get back into pic monkey well, we go to do is we are going Teoh, just make this a more colorful canvas. If we use that same below, you s safely. Okay, Now what we do here is we to supply that. And we just put some text. Let's get let's get aerial black or something and just pull out here so forgets to like Andi subscribe. So we're gonna put that on the bottom, just like how I did in my end slate. So here we also don't forget to like and subscribe. Now what we can do is if we right click this we congee placate the text, and then we makes it on top. And then what we do with the jeep, okay, to text is we make it white, so it gives a three d effect. So if we change them, let me just change the canvas color again because that now it looked a little bit too. You light area. We just have that. Okay? they forget so like and subscribe now, as you can see in the end slate in my movie, I have actually used a Facebook like image and a subscribe image. So let me just show you how to do that. It's so simple. We gave back to Google Kreme. We're going to Google. Let's just type into here Facebook like icon. But that's not exactly brilliant. So I'm gonna put Facebook icon transparent. None of these actually appear to be transparent right now. Ah, this one's transparent. So we'll view this image on then, right? Click it, Save image as we'll put this in downloads or put Facebook like Okay, so then what you do, you is you delete where it says like you put Okay, now it's created problems for the overlays. And then what we do is we add on overly So if we get the A valet, that basically adds an image on top. Often image. A case of is basically what is So you've got the Facebook like PNG here, So all we do is just resize it, minimize it right down, and we just put it in between nuts through another couple of spaces. Okay, So we now put that down here. Don't forget Teoh like on subscribe and the you can. As you can see, you can do exactly the same with the YouTube icon as well. A case of there we are. So don't forget to her like and subscribe. And so if we go back now to the I am me they you can see here it says Papa Ram emotions intra. Dan TDM sings his entry So we gave back to Google Kreme. Now what you could do is you could just put the text here, then just put dancing's. We just put this is an example. Doesn't need to be brilliant. It is for that up here. And then we'll put another one here saying popular. Mm Oh, use things up here and white. You like that? Let's enlarge it. You put one there and one here, popular memos, things the sings, his intro and you've got my one right here. The top one, which was released after mine actually got 2.5 million, whereas mine, which was released a month earlier, got any 172,000 which was a little annoying anyway. Never mind. So then, so what we've got there is we've got Let's just take that as a screenshot, OK? So we'll just do a little screen capture right here, Capture them. We go back to pick monkey, we add an overlay This butterfly icon add an overlay to the death star, get the screenshot And there we are. We've got the screenshot right there. So then we just add that underneath. If you look here on my movie, you will see I have actually over laid Dan TDM video on top of it. Okay, So if we look at the image, the image itself only has what I've done already so far. So it's got the popular MMO sings is intro Then TDM sings intro on the right Then there's gone over lead picture and then the don't forget to like and subscribe And then I just added my icon On top of that, it is easy to do on I like this color background I just got this from Bugle It doesn't need to be like this With just a plain background You can actually get multicolored backgrounds Just find them anywhere. So then what I did was Ivan saved this image so We're just good. I'm just gonna use it as an example. Uncle Upper end slate to. And it's the right dimensions for YouTube. So we'll save this to my computer is insulate to you. Okay, back in tow. IM e v. We'll get this, and we'll just move over here for now. Now, this shows for how long shows for 10.7 seconds. So let's get rid of that. That's import the new and slate and slate to you. And so we get that and we put that down in here, and then we make it 10 seconds. So there. Well, that's how it looked on the previous one. So we will take off the Ken Burns, But that is fit. And that's nicely fits inside the box there. And then what we did was we got the den TDM. We'll put it back in there. And there we are. Look, it's done it for me already, but all you do all I did was just put that as a picture in picture like you've seen me do already on. Then you just literally drag it to where you want it to go. So it looks like that Andi you've got the clip of the video and it This is the same as importing any video. You import it, but you add it on top off the picture so that it comes in as a neighbourly. So there you can see a really cool enslave. I made in just minutes just minutes. How good is that? A pro insight? And then what? I would probably do it. So I put a transparent image off my soup, a man thing up there, So it looks nice and pro. So that's the difference between making an end slate like this and making an end slate like that all depends on how much time you want to spend with the end slate on. Then you can see here also between photos. I put nice transitions in here on the way you get transitions from is right here together, transitions, and you've got them right here. Now you have to do is just get dragged them in between the images, and then you will see a nice cross dissolve happening right there, so simple to use or you need to do is take the time to find the right images that fill out a video at your call text, which you've seen exactly how to do. It's so so super simple on that is how I made this entire video, which actually waas my second most popular video That got half a 1,000,000 views inside a couple of weeks. So I hate that you really enjoyed this. I hate you've learned a lot. And I hate this Is showing you a good way of using editing software because this is pretty much the same. Whatever editing software you use, it just looks slightly different on the inside. But what you can do is very similar. So have you enjoyed on? I'll see you in the next lecture. 4. Where the Top YouTubers get Free Music for their Videos!: If, for whatever reason you're not quite happy with the free music that YouTube gives you, then one really good place to source free music from is incompetent. Now these guys do not charge you for using certain bits of music. Now Incompetent actually hosts the music of Kevin McCloud. I think it's Kevin McCloud's company and Kevin McCloud. There's a lot of music for YouTube anyway, So what you do when you go to incompetent is you go to get started with music on, then you've got all off his tracks right here. There are on enormous number off them on. What you can do is you can fill to them based on how you want that music to sound. So for my Donald Trump video, I wanted something a bit suspenseful, perhaps a bit eerie toe fit in with this whole campaign to fit in with, like the idea of conspiracy theories. So what you can do is you can put, you know, feels airy. Click on, then it will bring you all the ones that sound eerie. And then what you do is you go to it and it will show you how you creditor on your YouTube video. So what you do is in the description section is you basically just copy and paste this into their okay, So to listen to it, you just put the listen now on. If you like what you hear, then you just download it as an MP three. So something that you cheat don't do is they don't always offer you free tracks that cover the full extent of your video on mine was a nine minute video, so I needed something quite long and quite constant. So I found something from in here. So you can see there are wide number off different length for your video in here. So this is a really good place to source free music, and we have to do is make sure that you attribute the credit on your description toe there . So many top you, Cheevers that use Kevin Macau. Dan TDM uses that little Kelly uses it. A lot of people use this stuff for demonstrations of products, and it's excellent because you can find something that suits the mood. Is the right tempo is in the right genre on you can filter on length, so this is really good on. It shows you how you get it. There has been a There have been a couple of tracks live paid for. But normally on this website, you don't pay for tracks. So I hope this really helps you find the most appropriate music for your video and have more control off the process. I have. This is helped on. I'll see you in the next lecture. 5. How To Add Downloaded Free Music To Your Videos!: now adding music is also very simple. OK, so I really shown you house download music. So I've got a music folder here. So if I go into that, here are all my music files. So we'll use vivacity cause that's a really good Kevin McCloud some Onda. What we do then, is so this is a two minute 55 video, so we'll select the music file and then we will drag it underneath the audio. Okay, So if we put some sound on now, this is how it will come across. What's up, guys? So what I'm gonna do is that music is quite loud. So I click on the music, click into the volume tab right here on Put this all the way down. So if we go down to, let's say 13 let's see how this sounds Now. What's up, guys? It's Superman. And today I'm gonna be revealing the names and faces area, so that sounds really good. Now the music is not too loud that it kind of overwhelms the audio. My spoken audio. So that's just a nice sounding with makes it flow very, very nicely. Now I just want to share something with you because there's always the case that your make a 15 minute video on Do your music won't cover it completely. So let's assume you add the music file, but it only goes up to this part of your video. What you do then is you get that music file again. So the good thing about Kevin McCloud's music is it is quite loopy, which means that once it finishes, if it carries on, it doesn't sound like it's really stopped. So there we are so well at that onto it, and we'll add it right next to it on. Then we will set the volume once again. Teoh. What was it? Let's have a quick look. So it was 13%. So we'll move this down to 13%. Well, we'll do 12% who has not let me do it? And so it will end. You'll recognize. It certainly is. The exact same surname is Dean Burke. He plays iron area really good. So there. That's how you just keep the music continuously going. If it ends, you just drag it in, make sure it's the same volume, and if it ends again, let's say you've got a 20 minute video you just added again. Sometimes music isn't required, but I would always recommend that you put some music and just to make it sound more interesting. Okay, it keeps people's attention if you've got music on the video. But there are some instances that say you're doing a tutorial that the music may get in the way of the learning. But if you're looking to entertain, music is a really good way of making the content flow quite nicely. And when once you're done with that, you've got two things you can do with Im E. V. Anyway, you can go to this share button right here. So when so you actually click the share button and you can save it as a video file on your desktop. Or you can directly load it to you cheap to reinsert you treat one. It will allow you to put a title a description tags on. Then it will allow you to sync it with your YouTube account. And then you can also put the category and the privacy. And I always put it is unlisted because I always want to do a message to my subscribers before I post it. But I'll tell you more about that in another section. So I hope that you've enjoyed this. I had. This has really clarified how you add music and how you can edit your videos. So it looks very professional. So I hope you've enjoyed this and I'll see you in the next section. 6. Thank you for learning with me! Course summary.: thank you so much for learning advanced video editing with me today. I've been Superman, your superhero on skill share. I hate that you've learned all about the advanced editing techniques that I've used toe make professional videos for you. Cheap Onda. Really? How it will help you become a professional video or content creator on YouTube on be able to get tons and tons of these and subscribers because you make high quality videos. Quality is one of the trees on YouTube, which many content creators ignore. They just put something on there and expect it to do well. When you put riel time and effort and love into what you are making, it will be appreciated by the people seeing your videos. Now, my little Kelly Minecraft fax video is the perfect example of this. This is where I painstakingly took virtually a whole day to create a three minute video, but because of the effort that went into it to make it look pristine and make every element which you've seen in this course look brilliant, it's why it did so well. So I hope that you've learned a lot. And if you haven't taken this, you should also take the beginner's version. If you want to know how to create quick and fast on the YouTube video editor, so I hope see one another course and thank you for enrolling.