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Make Pixel Art Tilesets With PyxelEdit

Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

Make Pixel Art Tilesets With PyxelEdit

Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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16 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to learn from the course

    • 3. What's the point of tilesets?

    • 4. Tools I

    • 5. Tools II

    • 6. Tile placer tool

    • 7. Side - Base tiles

    • 8. Side - Variations

    • 9. Side - Background

    • 10. Side - Objects

    • 11. Side - Exporting

    • 12. Top - Base tiles

    • 13. Top - Variations

    • 14. Top - Objects

    • 15. Top - Exporting

    • 16. Final

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make pixel art tilesets from zero. Tilesets are essential to quickly making levels, it allows you to make modules that you can connect and make levels in minutes, in this course you will learn how to make them from scratch.

We will start with an introduction to Tilesets and PyxelEdit:

  • How to learn from the course

  • What's the point of using tilesets

  • An introduction to PyxelEdit

After learning that introduction, we're going to go right ahead to creating our tilesets, we're going to work on two projects, a Sideview Platformer and a Topdown RPG, the workflow is going to be the next one:

  • Making the base tiles for our tileset

  • Create variations of our tiles, to break with the monotony

  • Creating objects to decorate our environment

  • Exporting the tileset for later use on a Game Engine

This course is planned so you quickly understand the process of making the tilesets, you're quickly going to start working on actual projects that will help you understand the workflow, at the end of the course you will be able to make your own tilesets for your own videogames.

I will offer feedback on your own tilesets, if you have any question about pixel art or game art, I will try to answer it as well as I can!

So if you are a beginner pixel artist, game designer, artist or programmer wanting to learn how to create levels for your videogames, consider enrolling on the course, thanks and have a nice day!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Sanchez

Game Designer



Hi! I’m Simón Sánchez, I'm a game designer and developer born in Uruguay, I've been fascinated by images, sounds and words since I first played on a PlayStation 1.

I love learning new stuff, creating and experimenting, I feel it's important as a designer to gather knowledge of all the areas related to the development, and that's what I'm trying to do.

On the professional side of things, I’ve studied Graphic Design in the year 2011, I’ve studied Art & Game Design from 2016 to 2018, I’m working right now as an online instructor.

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1. Introduction: big seller is extremely popular nowadays as it waas years and years ago. It is extremely simple to learn, and yet it requires a lot of practice to master it in discourse. I will make sure that you have all the knowledge that you need at the end if it on co most of the game levels are made, and I also will. Did you hope to make your own tile sets so you can make your Army? The games on level decides we're going to learn about the recent off Houston tile sets, the basics of pixel edit on. We're going to work on two projects. From sheer aside, you be the name on at Uptown Beat the game. We're going to go from making the basic styles so expert in detail, said for later use on game engine. Right now you're seeing behind me the results off those projects. I am actually interested that you learn from a curses, so every question that you have on big start or game art in general, I will try to answer it the best I can. I saw anything like that you want from your work. I will give it to you if you are interested in taking two cars. But you're not sure I two chased you to watch the first samples videos on If you are finally ready, I suggest you to enroll now on. I will see you in the next videos. Thanks. 2. How to learn from the course: welcome in this video, we're going to talk a little bit on, have to learn from thes videos in discourse. We are going to marry, come to make style sets with big. So let it. This is not a national car. Some bigs alert, but beginners can take it even without knowing the basics of pixel art. Even so, yours to chest there to learn the basics of pigs, America to make lions, scarves and things like that. We far thing in the course. It is also important to know that it is perfectly fine. Do not get the best results. At first, no one does. At least I didn't. The important thing is that you understand the workflow on the reasoning behind the stuff on practice, with practice on applying all the knowledge that you have, you will get to a point where you make really beautiful big shirt. It is essential to see an analysed reference before starting to work. Seeing human learning is based mostly on repetition. You could always think that you have a perfect memory, but you will. Our ways or made Dido's so working with reference is really important, as have sent practice is essential Also so in discards we're going to learn while making to project. We're going to make a save You tile set off a blood firmer on. We're also going to make a top down thyself for maybe on her Bishi, If you have any questions, please tell me also if you want to share your work place Still, I would love to see your work. And I will also give you feedback on your work. Honest feedback is important to learn on it is important answer to learn to give feedback and to receive it back. Right? So hopefully we can do that together. So if everything's ready, we're going to start learning the usefulness off that sets on the next video. Thanks and combination. 3. What's the point of tilesets?: a lot of games, especially throat made on big several Wyndham labels with dice. It's a tale set is, well, a set of tiles, each style Issa piece on individual piece that connect with the other pieces off the dials it. So another time When you get a lot off ties together, you have a level right. Tiles are extremely useful for quickly will in levels for breeder games, both mine early and with random generators. The way we will make details will ensure us that they will connect with each other seamlessly. A subset refers Die Israel Ally wants to make levels with models as if they were Lego blocks. In addition to this, they have also other A bandages, for example, that they are really easy to modify. So being easy to modify, we can easily great variations off the taste it insured. Die sets are inefficient way the will levels. So having said that in the next video, we're actually going to start working. We're going to learn the basics off big sell it 4. Tools I: Hi. In this video, we are going to start lending Victor. Let it starting with the basic tools. So if you already have acknowledge off other photo editing. So for life for a shop game, Rita, or maybe a sprite. This will be very simple on you will already know a lot of stuff, right? So we're going to start with making a new document for that. We're going to go the file New. Are you compress control. And right here you can choose the number off, dies off your document and going to make it eg by eight. Here have the size of big cells on Hugh. Have de with and hide off each tile. So 16 by eight is 1 28 Right? Great. On here we have our document. Now we're going toe learn ho toe, move on the interface. Right. So we can by impressing the space clicking and dragging on when we release space, We're back toe our previous store, right? You consume in and out using the most well and also with blows. I'm miners. Now we're going to take a look at the different panels off. Pixel added. We're going toe start with this stuff banish here on. We're going to start with file. So here we can make documents, open documents, save documents. Say us close. We can check our recent Doug men's. We can import images, stays and gifts on here. We can export everything. We're going to take a look at these. Oh, later. And you also have the settings off big. Sell it on the selection panel. You have all the options for selection to select everything to this select member. Selection on transformed the selection here. Undocumented. You can recite your campus right so you can increase decison. Pick says you are my number of styles, for example template then on you also have to people point from where you want toe recite right like that. So if I changed people and green to paint here, fire is safe from thes mark, right? It's going to add at it right on the bottom on the fire recites here. Sorry, it's going toe precise. Here Here on view, you can show the dye agree which control Shea Also the shark cut on. You can answer show the tile in This is the shark. Er for Theis is no showing here. But the shortcut, Is that right? We're going to take a look at the top indices later. All right, so next step, we're going to take a look at the color picker here. All right. So you can click here. Aunties will ring your color picker. Here. You can select colors in the vertical. You have the likeness off the color on the horizontal. You have the saturation. Here you have the hue off the color and you as a cab, the red values. You can also drag leaking here on T r O and dragging have the Alfa, which is basically the capacity off the color. You have the exodus smell gold. I answered the hue of separation likeness. All right, you compress. Okay. And you must have a new color. If you have a color, you can come here impressed this arrow, and here you can make a new color is starting from your current color. In my case, I'm just going to teach the shading part. All right? If I want Elector Tone, I can select thes they can painted here on if it wants a darker one. All right. And he's also has in count there, Hugh Shifting right. So this is really useful for selecting colors. You can see we have to a square so you can have a background color on a foreground color. Right. If you press x, you will change between your Berkman color and for Graham color. You can also press these arrow on your breast. Here you will start with your black on white coat. All right. Now we are going to check the different tools some pixel edit fears on this part. You will have the settings off each tool. So, for example, if I select another tool, the settings are going to change. We're going to start with the selection tool for that and green to paint something here. All right. Going to the same degree in control. She and we're going to make a selection. If you hover over a tool, you will see different setting Sandefur and shortcuts. All right, so the shortcut for the selection toe is s. If you click and drag, you will make a selection. If you want to add to the selection, you compress shift Greek drag on, make another selection. If you want to say abstract from thes selection you compress out. Click on Dr are You can also simply wreck Click on Dr If you have a selection and you make another selection outside, you're going to make a new selection. But if you click inside the selection, you can move your selection To transform your selection, you can control click right and thes will bring the stones for options. You can move by clicking inside on moving you gonna scale from the different points on you can constrain the ratio by pressing shift. You can as a rotate by coming outside these boundaries on the corners on doing like this and you're gonna also constrained the jungle by pressing shift, you compress. Commit on your recap your selection back. Now we're going to take a look at another selection tool, Tymoshchuk One charcoal is w All right, So if you click, we're going to select by chiefs off the same color. We're going to take a look at the different settings going to pain. So other things here we're going to start with rest rate to tile for thieves and green toe enable the hybrid. If I restrict hotel on a click here, it's going to select only that color inside each time grid, if I choose continuous is going to select Onley connected basis on if I disabled thes is going to select Pickler on the whole layer on the colors don't need to be connected like please write. So what? This is really useful to replace colors for X number. Now we're going to take a look at the most important tool. Depends it all the shark out is be so if you click on drag, you will veins. And if you simply Klay will paint one picture. All right. You have the shape off the Benson for days and going to recite depends it. Here you can see we have a square shape and also a circle shape. You can change the size here. You can also import a number. Are you compress control out. Click on drug from left, right. And this way you can resize your pencil. You also here have capacity. All right. On the scorer for making clothes, for example. Here on secondary, you can choose what you're right. Big is going to do. You can make it so you're regularly speaking colors you can make it So you're rightly is going to paint with the secondary color. Are we gonna make it so you can? On eraser, you have a live update. All right. Hi, disabilities. Nothing would change. But let me make a quick thing here. If I don't have, like, update activated. It's night, so it's not going toe updated tiles automatically on. If I carried it is going to do that right. We're going to take a look at these later here. We have time. Ask. So if I start to paint inside a table read, it's only going to paint on that grid, even if I painful side or try toe. If I don't have thes a campaigned on all the dice. And we also have here another important tool, which is God, Let's see clean one pixel line. So let's make occur with this. All right, I know another one with no fees, right? So as you can see the green one picks, Elaine makes exactly what it say's clean. One picks Elaine, and here you have a lot off double lines, double pixels, which are not good for making clean on a small planes. And that's basically everything for defensive toe 5. Tools II: Now we have the eraser. Sure, good is E. We can't basically the same settings as depends little on with these issues a race you kept the rectangle tool to make rectangles or squares right. If you make something like these on your breast, shift is going to rest. Rain curation, right. You can choose to have ah feel rectangle. Capacity decides is the size off the old line the same thing with a surgical tool Right on . We also have the packet, the vacate, the shark, what is F? And it's basically the same thing as Tymoshchuk one. But this time you don't make selection, but you feel inside parts, right? So if you click, you're going to feel with your for one color. If you arrest rate to tail your shoes screened toe color inside each time, really on. If you have, for example, another color, let's say right and you click owned black. It's going to modify that color on the whole layer. If you could have several layers you can also use. Use our players to modify it to color on all the layers. All right, another important thing. If you kept the Bruce stool and you want to color big, you compress out all right and click. I'm when you release your bag to a devolution here at the bottom, you have all the animation opponents in discourage. We are not going to make any other animations. I don't recommend pixel added for animation. I prefer a sprite, so I'm just going toe click here on drug, please. So I collapse it here on Prevue. You have basically a preview of your document and you have the palette here on the palate. You can add removed colors so you can later use those colors on your picture. So let's select on your color here, for example, this win. And if I press here and green toe, add this color to the palate. If I want toe remote the color, I can select the color and click here on the trash bin. If I want to make a Grady in between the colors, for example, between this leg blue and the start blue, I can select one color breast shift. Select the other one, click thes under. We have a selection. It is important to know that this only works if you have empty spaces on two colors on theory. Santel or the particle? If you have it on other Yanal, it is not going to work. You can also change the number of colors on the palette. Here, for example, six months. Six Right, maybe for for on. You can also replace colors here, for example, we have black and Cari captive like on the palate. If I right click on a select replace color and I select another color is going to replace that color on my document. A breast OK, on. There we go. In the next video, we're going to see more settings on panels off pixel habit. 6. Tile placer tool: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to learn the title. This is three most important tool. Maybe on Bixel edit other than the brush, of course, that will allow us to play styles on our campus. All right, so here, as you can see, we have another panel called Tails. Here we are going to organize each style off our scene that you can see. We only have an empty die right now. We're going to some here. All right, We're going to start by showing up the tile index We're going to go to view on Showtime in This is the shortcut for thes is stuff. All right. As you can see, we only have a little red dot at the top left. This means that we don't have on a sign it dial toe each die. Agreed. We're going to paint something here inside eso We're going to go to the they'll place her tool and we're going to create a new tile from the campus. We're going toe press control on to click. Unless you can see we have other a new tile on detail panel. If I click the style onto tile panel on I select it. I can think Leskanic on each cell on going toe. Assign this style took that cell. As you can see now instead off our red that we have the number one right? If you see at it up right, we have the number off the tile that we have selected, which in this case, is the dial one. If I select this style, it is to tile Ciro. If I click there and going to replace the ties with the died zero if I paint inside one tile zero, I am going to modify each day that passed that index zero on the same for the title one. All right, so I'm going back toe the day place or tool with a and going to select the title one going toe plate here on angry and depressed control. Frankly, now we have another time detail too. Right now it looks the same. Asked that I won, But if I modify that I want it is not going to modify this one because this one has the index of two. If I said like that time too on, I paint it a thing kind of money. Fight them if I want to select a tale from the campus. I can go to my tail place or tool with a on I can right click right. If I select on empty cell without an index, I can't believe tiles. Also, I can erase days by pressing shift and click. If I have a title selected, they compress shift our to rotate on our to rotate. On the other way, I can flip the ties or centrally pressing X. I'm vertically pressing Quite I can add on empty tile coming here total spinal on clicking clear I can remove a tile clicking, Selecting two time I'm pressing here. I can duplicate a tight here We're ready. So we consume on the tiles and we can also modify the number off columns that we're going to have on the tile panel. Come here to detail set sightings. And if I changed these with, for example to to is going toe more it like this. All right. If I delete a tile from the tile spaniel like this, it is not going toe deleted from the compass. It issues going toe. Remove the index, right. If I want toe held back a tile, I can pressed control Click Now we're going to take a look at the layers if the same thing As with every software you can disable or enable a layer with the I you can rename the layer right clicking at this settings on you can put and I'm here You can regulate the capacity the layer anti blending mobile You can make a new layer here with bless icon you can delete layer, you can duplicate layer and you can ask marriage down Tell years now here we have two options, right? If in this layer you can, for example, some direct these on you merged down with the fierce option we're going to lose step tile in access. If you use the second option, you're going to give a total in excess off the layer below. Andre him with this video. We have the info panel here we have this ice off the document the current positions off the pixel, the position inside the whistle, the level of assume the time that you have selected. And so all right, so this is it for a different section in the next section, we're going to start making a mark up for a platformer video game 7. Side - Base tiles: welcome in this video, we're going to start making the markup that you are seeing become a bag on. We're going to start with making the base styles. All right, so we're going to start green, the file new. And here we're going to grade our document. I'm going to keep the state's off each style really low for the sake of time, on going to make this number of days off the document. Something big. We can't regulate it later, right? We're going to use the fierce layer as a back room. I'm we're going to choose a new girl, the scapular, something that maybe liked her. Your layer for the tiles We're going to activate detail in this is with that, right? They're going to press a too big our type plays her tool, and we're going to start by clicking three times the default style, which is number serial. We're going to make a ballot fears so angry in to have some grass shelling going to place to color here on. I'm going to have the light, um, here, going to get a fear. Former chief, take the other one and we're going to grade ingredient right? and now we're going to do the same for the deer. All right, remember that when you have their colors, you need to shift the hue the worst blue. In case you want something more appealing on for the right colors to make them less a trade that later on you shift the huge wires yellow on. We can change colors later, going to big my field, fool and going toe restrict to tile on going to paint with my doctors there and now I'm sure screen to pain some rests on. That is fine for me. Great to shift this color a little bit more. The wires, the green, that number Next step We're going to l some rugs. So painting this re pained delight down here on I'm actually going to move these like this on green to make a later town off the scholar corner of baking are replacing it here on going to painted on these burger between delight part on the doctor going to replace this color, making it like her going to big these their corner going to the world, the opacity going to bind over here on going to call her big this one conference said To remove that on going to sit back my opacity through the full capacity on add the's color to my palette. This way I have a zone between this one on. Did our guest old on I can make the rocks that are further away from the light? Darker Even I can use it toe ASM anti LASIK green. The same a document we're going toe Start adding more tiles A to go to my day. Place her tool on control Click toe. Add a new M detail, going to activate the really weak control She I'm going toe make a dirt trail right click toe bigot I from the campus and now we're going to make a floating island. So for that, we're going to need several tiles. I'm going to paint one here. I'm going to make and you die from this style Control. Click All right on going to wreck click to select this new tile, extra rotated I'll actually I'm not going to rotate it. I'm just going to big the eraser on the start, erasing away here. I'm angry into modify. There's a little read right click X toe, embarrassed detail. We're going to place it and create a new dial that you can see because we meet with the style. Here we have a clear scene so we can break with the symmetry. We're going toe at this style on their We need a new title here. It's important that you look at reference for making anything right. We're going toe break like this one X actually going to contract. Lee toe added to the dials in the says rightly and eggs and there we have it on. I'm actually going toe press are irritated on green to place it there. Be interpreted your style to connect this to and then we're going to paint some rugs being leading up from the bottom. And you made a swell find of this rope from here Big. This one eggs actually completely directly eggs very low on it. We try to paint here. It is also going to paint here on. We don't want that. So we just need to go to the tape, lace or tulle constantly on we can on independent daily. All right, so that's what we got. Now let's see what we can Well, with those styles, right as you can see we might want to great a connection tile between this style on this one. So we are going to do that control. Click right. Let's see what we can do. We're going to turn on the green. There we go. Yeah, sure Screen to come here. Something like that. Should work control, click likely X. There we go. Maybe you want to create a separate style, so they are end. Similar. So let's keep willing our level. Let's try making a new title here. Let's give willing face adding summer tales. And now let's say we want to make a stare. So for that, and going to contritely here to add a new tail, going to pain, something here so I can see it. There we go, right click. We're going to paint it like that and then you're going to come here. Let me remember who to make the line shift right Shift league Onda. We make a 45 degree line, so one pixel on. Let's feel these eggs so we feel it and we can ready paint This one here actually here on. We need to create a connection tail. I'm also here spent this here. This here, Terry, Go on. We need on excel tile to connect these right remember type, place or tool control. Click to make a new tile from a tile on the campus and use the tile on. Maybe this'll one to connect the stairs, and that's looking fine. So there we have the ways going to change the color off the background a little bit. She's click toe sorry. Going back to this may layer shift click to remove Dial's all right, and you can arrange your tiles here on the diets manager in the next video, we're going to grade some variations off the tile. Do break the monotony. 8. Side - Variations: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to create some variations off our tiles to break with monotony. So the point off making variation is to break the monotony here. You can clearly see that this is the same time repeated. So the best way to create a variation is to modify everything inside. Detail are not in the edges. This is basically because our tiles connect bid by the edges. So by not modifying the l says you are sure that it would still connect with the other styles or variations. All right, so for that, we're going to take our type laser tool with the shortcut A I'm going to press control click to make a new died. Right? So this is no longer details. Zero. It is the tile 15. So we are going to make a variation. All right, so there we have one we can right click on place the tile on some places, and there we care a little bit more variation. I'm just going to make one more variation off this style, and we can do the same thing here on Dhere Country key. All right, I'm perfect. We can place some of those styles now on. Yes, that's basically how you make variations to break to monotony off your tiles, interacts video. We're going to paint a little background for our ties it. 9. Side - Background: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to create a salable background for our types it. Right. So we're going to start making a background for details. It we're going to go the file new single image document. And we are going to set the with on the height. I'm just going to use the settings on and create. All right, we're going to go. The document recites campus. We're going to set the people point to the left, and we are going toe changed. These two tiles white. If you go to death, you will see that each of those it's actually one tail. So you can goto your tape. Lace or tulle Contract Leak too great. A new tail on 10. Place it here. I'm here. So this way you can paint like this, and you can create a seamless background. Another thing you can do is come to your addition aeration and document color. Big this color. Come back to this new document that we're actually going to say as background on you can and you maintain the corner between documents. Right? So I'm going to add this color here on going to make some Grady in between these and this on this way and going to make some mountains going toe. Select clean one pixel line, and I'm just going to quickly bantam mountains here and with electric color green Taubate. Another grow off Monday, so it's important for you to know that the atmosphere has a density, so the further away and option is the color off. That option is goingto be more similar to the color off the escape because the density off the atmosphere right, we will bake some colors to paint some clouds. So I'm going to make your palate. That's here green too big. I love very like color, more such rate dead darker on. Here we go there. We have a palate for the clouds, and I'm just going to make some lines like this. Hurry center lanes going to change this shape, toe a circle on precise it and just main like this. You can also were Desai's on Refine a little bit more shape off your clothes, and you can also color Big three back one color to say abstract from your clothes so you go back and forth between the cloud color on the a sky color to polish the shape clouds around there, flat bottom like this. And I think that's fine. And now we are simply going to pain inside, so we can used a magic wand for that. Right? So you come here on you select. Actually, if if you see our deal said our lights, ours is coming from the the right goes the way our drugs are shaded So we are going to shade our gloves the same way. So painting reshapes up this start on. Then you refined the shapes, right? That's fine. I'm thin again with the late color we're going to the Sable continues on That way we can sedate the same color and Schiff toe add Duthie selection. I think so. I don't really like this color here, so I'm going to corner pick it and it's on the ballot here. We have it on. Agreed to replace the color. I only think that's pretty good for the time spent on it. She's going to the lead pilot here, and I'm sure screen toe refine those shapes a little bit right next step. We're going to select our sky color on. We're going to great a lighter tone. We're going to go toe rectangle tool on. Make some feel rectangles just like this. I don't really like a lot the corner off this mountain, so I'm just going to make something. Do you, friend? I guess. All right. So this was pretty Greek. I come in to spend much time on it, but you can make it Barrett right. And Michelle's delete some of those big cells on. Now, let's say this we can recites our document back toe. One tile wife, right, Terry Co. We can go to file export on expert image. If you want to import your background to your my document, you can go the file import import images opened the background selection. Select al or run from a and it A B or undersea. Go back here. Coming and your layer moving below selection. Sorry. Added face or control be I'm here. Have it. As you can see, it's pretty smile. This is basically because off the sage we may be back. Went on on. That's a problem. We will see why in a second you can put it on the corner press shift on a scale It I think so. On you need to breast comet right on Sunday to de select some of the main problem here is that you can see we have thes kinds of pixel that fears of all is the farm right on. If we can come here, the one pixel one big cell is right now two picks is right. So this waas on our audition background document one pixel wide and now is too big sets. So this means we can disparity between the resolution off the bracken anti tiles it. So the way the fish stat is basically to read out the background again on is important that you take into account the size off your main document to check the sites you can go to Duckman on recites campus on here. You have it right. We're going to rename thes. We can delete this layer of merchant down. We're going to rename thes as a grown, and he's us. Thanks it. We're going to grade a new layer on Internet video. We're going to make some objects 10. Side - Objects: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to create for objects toe mercenaries to our days. It we're going to grade a leather, a chest, a tree on. I wouldn't sign. All right, so we're going to start making some of ships. We're going to start with making a tree. So Englander named this layer as three. Great. Don't count. Agreed on. I'm just going to use a base color, actually, any color to make the shape off the tree. Right? We're going to paint some big spheres for the top off the three, like so and then read more little spheres or circles. We're going to refine the shape we're going to refine the shape off the roots on Sunday. Like that is actually pretty nice. So it is important to note is that you gonna always save your sources and saved days. In this case, I stopped the shape of this road here on this style because if I were to make something like this, I will unnecessary. Need another tile for choose two picks it. So there is no point in doing that right? There were shoes screened toe order our of shit. We're going to select the machine Kwan. I'll start coloring and then the bottom, going to use the same colors as the deer for a D. Drank. So the color days. We are also going to work with miracles. It's basically the same thing as thick clouds. It's very simple, really smaller circles, and you can start making shapes like these here some lives. Toe adds some texture, and you can also decide toe another told like so perfect you can. I once polished the shape, but I'm just going to do it fast for the sake of time again. Watching reference is essential for doing anything in art on, in general doing anything, because that's the way people learn by imitating things. If you want to make about Dexter, you can make straight lines like this with different Don's right on. I might need toe a new color here on this top are disgusting shadow, of course, and there we go. That should work as a tree. We can also add here on the bottom something like these, and now we're going to make a leather going to make a new layer and going to rename it. I'm for days we are actually going to use the tiles. So I want my leather toe tile on the Y axis so they place her tool. Go on for Zeke. Right on Brecht dig and agreeing to Benny. So going to start with the base color going to make some straight line person shift. I'm thing clicking we can make in your dial here for did up. - Now we're going to make a chest so new layer just I'm your green to allow us to start with the basic shape So what chance is going toe basically be a cylinder? This'll on cartographic view. Let's see my Maybe I ain't going to big That new corner from the tree toe added here, as highlight on yes, that's basically addressed. So do end with making our items. We're going to make a sign. So the same. It's basically the simple off, the simplest, just sane. We're going to paint it here. God's shadow here on some writing on. That's basically a sane All right, so there we have all the items off our thanks. In the next video, we're going to export our taste. It 11. Side - Exporting: hi. In this video, we're finally going to export our makeup on the dial, said so that where you can use this style said inside a game engine like unity gamemaker on sour. So first thing, we're going to add our off shakes toe the dial set, right? We're going to start with the same going to the same player. Did I place her tool contract? Lee and they recover it. Same thing for the chess Great that just layer the leather. We already have those and now the tree. So we have this one thes world going to the lead, that big cell subset else that one on its pained all of those tiles. Now we're going to go to file expert expert image. I'm we are going to save the's on our mock up as save there. We have our image, but in case we need to make a better game, we will need that, they said. So we're going to go to file. Expert on expert tells it here. If you take this, you're going toe export each style into a separate being sheen. You can also add batting toe the dial, so that's empty. Big cells between dials in case you need that. But I'm just going toe named these here. As I said, right, save. Unless you can see this is really disorganized. In any case, you can move, dies inside here in case you want toe restructure everything. But you can also go toe file a part important, their images selected, I said, And it's going toe in Portis. You can select this year and you can collect import, aren't you? Have a new file in my case and green to press constantly toe the lead every time from the document. And then she's going to make a big document. Something like that. On this way, and guys start dough organized, made tiles inside the editor, right? So something like this. - And now let's see if I have made a time on right click and clear dialed to check right? I can goto ties. Remove a new styles on. I will now resize my document. She's going to go to file expert expert image on Green to save these. As I said, final, let's see what we have. We have a document with transparency. You can basically spend a lot of time until you're a size your current your document directly. In my case, I may choose Goto Any other photo edits and software on recites the document. So here I'm Greta. Been going toe set grid here on going to use Dick Reptile. I'm basically going to drag like so I need to feel all the dials inside. Document on. There we go. Control s on America. Our final dance. It assume I see this is much more cleaner than this. Right? So this is the end off the section in the next section, we're going to make a top down time set. 12. Top - Base tiles: Hi. In this video, we're going to start with the second project. This is the second mark up, which is set up down her Bishi dice it. All right, So we're going to quickly make the way styles for that. We're going to go the file. New and amp. She's going to create a new documents. All right, So what we need is for inner garners the size on for other gardeners. And if you don't understand what I mean, I'm going to show you in a moment. We're going to make a plus sign shade right here, right. So and green to paint a dial with the feel cool, restrict to tile. Going to use a deer color like that, Right? Going to press a on contract, Lee to make a new dial from this style here and going to make a gross. So, for tails to a to huh? On the sides, just like that. And now we're going to do the gardener's right. We're going to start with the green color in case you want grass. I'm just going to make a shape like this, right? We feel days with the brain and these with the dirt I'm actually going to use this color right here. On face is on Outer Gunner, for the shape that is a convex shape Right aside is going to be shows like this I screamed to connect on on inner corner is actually going to be legs so and here we have all the dials that we need going to go to my title place, We're told Contract Lee, those three on there we have it now we're going toe finish at this gross, right? Quintus leg the older corner x to mirror. Why do mirror on the white axes? Eggs again? On There we go. No for day in their corners Here we need to rotate with our Remember that you can select a tile from the Gammas with great leak, You can see there we have our cross shape. Now we're just going to go ahead on define the shape on colors off our tail. I'm actually going to start here casting a shadow on the dirt. And as you can see, there we have it. Or all the days now and going toe pain Some rasa strands shows substrate ing some off the grass. Of course I'm doing thes fast for the sake of timeto them. Waste your time. The important thing here is that you get the idea on hold toe work these on adding details and such issues A matter of looking reference really on learning from it. Now we're going to take a highlight Colorless Sit This one. This one should work fine on and you scream to pain a little bit off. Highlight Here it is important that you don't bend single big cells like this because that is going toe simply it will a lot off noise to your picture on it's not going toe look good . So I recommend toe pain with plasters off fixes but a single big seller here and there is fine too. On with those four tiles we campaign basically anything. So let me show you just going to make a shape thes. And now we're just going to wreck Click campaigned All the parts that on There we go Simple right now, if you have really integrate shapes and really hard corners and things like that. So something like this year you have this kind of shape. You might need an extra title here to make, but That's for really a specific cases. In our case, this is going to work fine for us. We need a new tile. Actually, we're going to make it here on it. Seems to a clean time off the grass. Choose to add it here. Right. Just like that. So yes, you get idea, I guess. And she screamed. Tow rope. This. And now let's throw something else. I'm going to select all my tiles with the selection tool that control. See Contrave and grant the movie it He's going to make sure that it is a lying to the grid . And I'm going to press comet if you go to the tile in. This is stuff with the you received that those styles are not assigned toe anne tile on the diary section. So we're actually going to make a color switch, right? Going to use this blow right here. I'm going to paint Vishnu tile contract Lee directly. There we have it. We're going to paint it on a contract like this. One new detail on and you screamed to assuage the dirt for Do you want it? Critic contradict on We're going toe filled days again. Terry and Now we have water. So, as you can see is really easy and fast to make variations. We're actually going to rece ice the campus on going to go ahead and make more variations - on . We don't actually need this style here. So shift click on green to paint this one I hear. And we actually don't need this one either, because we already have it here, right? Also here. Now let's suppose that you went there to make an island. So let's see how we can do that. I am actually going to select this part again. Could receive Contrave. Let's move it. We are lying to real Terry Co come it. Perfect. Now we're going toe switch colors. We need to Inverarity color off the grass with the corner of the water. So because it's going to get a little bit mix up here. I'm just going to use a temporal color that later I am going to replace with the color off the grass, right? And then they place her tool contritely contritely completely on the same process. And now let's big the color off the dirt. Sorry. Off the water on. We replace it here. Whoops it. You have a problem here Just going to keep the highlight here. What you can do is bring thes more The worst, the left off the tile. And Terry would have more space to alcoholics. And actually, what we could do is pick the stool here, call offs, a tool where you can click inside the dial on off said it like this. So you do it here, you connect, and then we simply connect again. And there we have more space to as some highlights. Now, let's say you want to have some thickness to your island. In that case, as we're seeing from this part. So we've ever seen from different. Of course. We're going toe. Make a new instance off the dyes that are facing us. So this one, this one and we're going to paint those here. You will see what we are doing in a minute. Now what we are going to do is Spain. Some dirt. You see what we are doing, right? Just like that, we have Alan some thickness toe the water. Sorry. Do the island. We can improve these really weird with some shadow. And you're gonna answer a Ah highlight here between the dirt on the work. So there we have debased days for our environment. You can see really quickly with this metal. You can great lords off variation that will add off course a lot official variation to your gate In the next video, we're going to make some variations, and some are environmentally days toothy dubbed, um 13. Top - Variations: Hi. In this video, we're going to make more times variations for our by state. All right, so we're going to quickly make some variations for our tiles and going to select my rest style for independent six girls and going to make six variations also for the debt for the grass and green to start coming here right under thick for each variation on also here, Right. Going to start making here some variations toe Elsa grass making some straight lines like peace there. We have some variations, right? I know. For dessert and going to did you hope to make bombs and calls on the dirt, so he never case we don't have. How do you find, um, leg direction? Right. But I'm just going to give you some things. Let's to boast that our light is coming from the tub left, right. In this case, if we were toe have a hole here, we're going to have a shallow here on a highlight on the other. Burnt right. She's like that instead. If we have a bomb, we're going to flip this. So we're going to have the highlight here. I'm the shallow on the other. The's depends, of course, on your leg direction and the context off those styles. But if you see these, you already concede that this one feels more like a whole and this one like a vamp. Right? So we are going to be a step goingto al highlight color here. So there we have some variations to add toe our taste in tricks video. We're going to make some up shakes to decorate our environment. 14. Top - Objects: Hi. In this video, we're going to make some object for our tell set. We're going to make a log. So God drunk, I create on a sign I right. So let's start bathing some off ships. I'm going to start by renaming thes layer as by styles, new layer, which I'm going to call six. Right. We're going to start with a carriage drunk off a tree and great to start making it in grayscale show. You can see the shapes on the shallows, right? Going to turn our my great and green to make it over the dirt. Right, So a drunk is basically a cylinder, so we're going to take the Ellipse stool. Alice, make an ellipse. You should work. Now Let's bring it down and we're going to Kobe this shape. So you have one pixel fortified with one big sell, 45 degrees and one big city. So that's three on. Then you connect, and now we're going to add some roots, right? So it's not the problem if we come, I was off the off the grid, right? And now, to add some texture, we're going to have some medical lines like these. We're actually going to add some shadow here on the crew that areas now we define on the last episode that our light is coming from the left. So here on the cylinder, I'm going toe paint A strong, dark part. All right, so there we go on. Now we're going to replace the color on going to grade a new corner from this one as my shadow. And now the final step are semifinal is to color big our grass color, and we paint some grass on top, half the truck, right. So this is going to give it marred Imation on It's going to feel like the trunk is actually onto grass now finance step and going to add some shadow here with the grass cutter on some off the crew, that areas. And there we have the trunk. We're going to add it toe our said next, we're going to make a great now that is going to be pretty easy, actually, let's go again. With great skill, we're going to have white going to start with direct angle, so we will show you how easy it is to make a three dimensional cube here. So we have that? Yes, basically. There we go. You have the great. So this is state of face on. This is the face that is on shallow. So aside off the Q hand, let's switch colors here. This is a great week, the darkest one. I don't like this one on a Remember that thing about the holes? If you have, you're like coming here. You're going to have a highlight here, so we're going to the dead. So it is for a simple but effective for kick. And there we have it. So, doing with this, we're going to make a sign. So we made a sign on the previous section, but that Waas save you on now we're going to make it. Dubbed them on base. Don't there We have everything for our depth. Don't view. All right, so now I'm going to the litters from the map on going to painted on the side, just like that? In the next video, we're going toe expert. Our thanks. It 15. Top - Exporting: Hi. In this video, we're actually going to expert the tile set off our final project. All right, so let's script export this instead of expert into ties it from here and going to export this image. But we have a lot off em. The space. So if you go here toe info here on tile, I'm prepared here. You would see that this is it. Style. 12 anti y axes. So we want to. God is here, so let's go. The document Research campus on. We have 24 tiles on the Y axis. So if this is did well, we're going toe do 24 minus 12 plus one. Because if we do, actually, 24 minus 12 is going to good that row here. So we're going toe use here. 13 We have two tiles on the left. So recites campus. We're going to set the people point here to the right. I'm here going to make their way to minors. There we go. The same 40 tub. The point here. Tu minus. Now, let's do the same thing here. So this is the time number for the tree. So they're going to those 62 minus 40 tree. Blessed one. Perfect. That's actually pretty, but we don't actually need to do any operation. You're just going to rece ice it through the tile number 43. My bad Starik. Old actually 44 on. That's fine. And now we're going to save on expertise as an image. Right there. We have it. We are going to browse. Look down. Diet, Is it se? I'm with these. You will be able to make a lot of different environments on. Yes, this is the final section of the curse. So I hope you have like that. The scars. It's a pretty basic girls, but you get the idea on with those basic knowledge, you can make a lot off stuff. 16. Final: this is the end of the cars. Thanks for taking it. If you still can, Any doubts, please let me know. Also, if you're reached this point, I welcome you to live an honest review off the cars so other students will have an idea off the cars before taking it. I got more glasses on culture. I got more classes on Big Start, where I teach to make big seller from cereal on. We have a lot of projects in that class. I even have classes on call to make your portfolio with your prints on. Helped to make campaign that Dexter's for video games. So if you enjoy my way of teaching, I should chase you to go ahead to my excuse your profile on check out my other glasses. You are also welcome to follow me on a scale shirt so you get identification every time you about a new glass. Well, with these when a section, you're also welcome to follow me at Twitter at Simin Sanchez Art on. Also, you are welcome to see Cry to my YouTube channel, where I upload videos and more content related toe game art and game development. My channel is Simone Sanchez art, so thanks a lot for thinking the girls on have a nice day