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About This Class

Learn how to formulate and produce, from scratch,  organic and wholesome lip products, including lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick. And a bonus product, lipliner. All products are formulated using natural ingredients, are very healthy and nourishing.

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Rabi Ekore

Physician. Beauty Products Formulator


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1. Make organic Lip Products Lesson 1 Google Slides (1): Hello. Welcome to the to see online courses. When a Mr Turabi a query animal discusses make organically products. Thank you for joining me The objectives of this cause the include, uh, that at the end of this course, you will learn how to formulate and produce less productive. Yes, If you t give bone lipstick, it blows on Duh Abu ANAs replying which can also be modified to make my labor. Lastly, you also lay now to package on level your lip products. This is the S and one introduction. We'll let you start by talking a bit about leap products their cosmetics or skin cap Ellipse used to moisturize, beautify as well as protect the lives Lip products include Lee bomb with plus on lipsticked . Is that communist ones with this cosmetics on them? This Kelly I'm it off boxes those on bought us. They may also contain active ingredients like vitamins and sun blocking agents. Lee products may be plain or colored. The shine usually range for much to gross you on anything in between. On the and functions as mentioned any I include beautification nourish ment, healing on protection of the lips. What are the differences to train the lip products. That is, what are the differences between Lee Balm, lip gloss or lipstick? The main difference. Lying there. Consistencies. Usually there comes each the consistency off, which is really productive, determined by the ratio off the basic components, specifically, the ratio of Watts waas under water again. Another difference is in their function on this is usually stemming by the addition off active ingredients. Does that for introductory lesson. I'll see you listen to thank you once again. 2. Make Organic Lip Products Lesson 2 Google Slides (1): Welcome back. This is yes, into off the make organic you productive schools. My name is Dr Robbie Inquiry. I listen to You will learn about tools equipment on the ingredients needed to make your organic three products. It's a four. Let's talk about the tools and equipment you need. A heat source, preferably one without flames, like an electric hotplate. This is because you're working with us, but as a walk, seize on. These I hit are the highly flammable, so you have to be very careful on prevent any accident. By avoiding working with Flynn's, you will need a digital win skill, one that on measure no capacity, one that is a no capacity scale or one that you say high capacity school depends on how much sleep productive want to be making. You might need measuring cops and sports if you cannot land. So there. Did you tell win skill. You need it works heater. You can't get a walk. Sita. You can improvise. You can make an improvised double Boylan way to extend this to you plate container or hits . If plastic book you need staring sponsor roads on the unit package in my two roles, like we stopped tubes for lip balm. You may need parts with Leeds might. Also only there to stop and socials for the island on the planet, you might want to get a color wheel. This is optional because they want to produce different colors. A variety of colors off lepre adults So you want to have a color were to give you an idea how to combine on different color pigments to arrive but desired ones. Then it's advisable. You get safety gear like visit once at gloves, go goes and apron to protect you from boys. Next, I'll talk about the England dents on the man incidents for lip who looked our works. But as those we'll watch these these watches quite commonly used on there. It's feel right off many producers, but if you do not want to use these, what very because of allergy? Or if you have vegetarian and then you can go for canal by Watts. Whoever wants to look under you really works. Next is what as common wants believe wacko, Shia Mongo, Aleppo cardio boot that so many of us they can use then the US, the right ones for reproductive Acosta or sunflower oil who buy oil. Khobar Listen. Liquid works, actually, and it's a very good for, Lee predicts, when you want to use sweet among oil only wear and so many others. Yeah, someone so many you can choose from on the chance off depends on what's going to achieve which Leparoux you might want to add colorants if you want to. Color pigments There are two main groups of colorants using reproductive. They are oxide pigments on my cap. Pigments of that pigments, uh, give you a very high level off color intensity. But did you know, given mission to produce a defect? What while my cap pigments do not give much color intensity or they give you a lot of shine to your product, but I use oxide pigments alone or my cap pigment. Oh, but as you can combine, burst outside like a pigments to give a combination off their individual effects, and I want to flee by Lee productive with sweet orange, tangerine, strawberry chocolate, vanilla, lemon flavor, waas choices Years he wants mentioned, quite commonly used for reproductive. You can use one in only combine two or more of them, and then you can also have active agents of imprudence. Specifically, vitamins like Vitamin C. Approve, it'll be five vitality. You want to add some sun blocking and properties with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. We want to add until Aegean properties with Quinn's and cute. So does that for the troops and equipment and ingredients. That's that for listening to. I hope you enjoy this lesson, calc in the next listen, thank you. 3. Make Organic Lip Products 3 Google Slides: All right. Welcome back. This is, uh, listen. Three on formulation of production off organically predicts at the end of this lesson, you should of lend how to formulate and produce Lee. Productive specifically the bomb, the gross. Let's take on the lip liner sopranos lesson on. I want to say a bit about the reproductive before we go into formulation a live bomb. Close a lipstick. It's gonna do the same thing. The beautify, the lives. They also continue Millions on vitamins which was authorized on kids lives live soft on healthy main difference. However, between all three projects, his consistency with glasses freed us. And if we'd you're bombed this form next. Take his fame too hot. Generally, the ratio off walks through oil on bowtie into three for adults, asleep stayed below. Well, let's take You have a rich one. Just three That's one parts walks 23 parts oil on all butter Only bomb the rich is wanted for 1 to 5. Why awfully close. It's anything with generation 1 to 6, to be sure want to it depending on what I want to live close, be take all run. So me put important tips for you to be aware off when we can. Oh, planning on picking lip adults. As for those she used but as what's he's always that already I believe in your region. This will not only reduce costs, it will also remarkably reduce the stress you face in sourcing your impudence. You look around you closely. You will see that lots off impudence nature has gifted just originally. So make do. It's the incidents that we live in your region. Another important tip is that castle oil gives great shine. Apart from it, a 1,000,000 properties. Uh, it's a great addition to make cosmetics and they want include it in oil. Your formula reminded once again that only oxide my car on manganese God let Carlos a lot of products never, ever use or charmery chromium pigments in your lip. Prudence, It's not allowed on. If you're going to sell your production public, they are not. You're proved You want Teoh get after the usual beauty assessment. I'm going to get on now. We're going to from looting. I sleep for adults. You move this so that more. Okay, uh, this is an example of formula for you Bump. Oh, as mentioned area. You bumped your film, so we're going to use quite a good numb amount off bee swats on the quantities We stayed here on and up to 200. So you can actually make these percent instead of grams. That way, you'll be able to modify or trick this formula easily. So these works where he's in 20% Chabat. Oh, 22%. You can use cocoa, Berta. Bacardi Hotel, which I like. It was Can you son plough a lone? We've got some oil. Uh oh, I need I would like Then she had really playable on the Whichever lived people you use depends on your chose your desire. Then off. That meant only 1% for because your bones are not actually men Chicago Just that used to Western. You can add more cologne in if you want to do next. Is the share button lipstick? Yeah. Give the lipstick can see the ratio of these works is 30 grounds or 30% I m. Pei to lip balm, which is 28% she had. But it's also used there. See castor oil and some oil combined. You people Was that frequent is a bit more here because we want more color intensity then into So once again, the quantity here, different quantities all add up to 100%. And if you see the issue, these works deported from the quarrels. It's about 123 Okay, so next year's form lawful vanilla. The close of name. The Abbottabad close, I knew correctly see Clinton's share. Butta castor oil. Sweet almond oil on peace works. What is interesting here is that these watches quietly too competitive. We live bomb Mystic, you're sick. We had 30 grand or 30% of these works. After the Big bang, we had 20 in grant or 20%. So this is going to be quite, uh, more fruit down the liberal or lipstick, uh, chosen to add money. Laugh Lego under exit on my cock alot Mr Quantity to sleep less. Usually I do not have to add much cooler intensity but no, really to quality sleep so much assay Next it will do so I usually add a small quantity oxide on my car. Clothes off boots. All right, But if you want, you can increase these quantities to like two grams of 2% 4 to 5%. So before you start your production up there producing a formula that writing out of formula, uh, the next interview to produce, make sure you have what you didn't ready. It's advisable to write out a formal only production template, not just the formal. I already formula, and then the process steps, you know that would be followed. Producer Look products. So when you have that tree, Ginia about ready to start production, which retains a two second, went on package by spring them, which I support the alcohol. This is the commonest method used to chance products to if you can't on bucket you at home . I be a sexually soda and spray bottles on when you spray on Tuesday equipment or packaging , and they want to allow them to stand to try, do not wipe with tissue or whatever. Just a lot interest on their peace with that are on their way to dry. But sometimes Magimel as you. I'm not dried before use. So next we're talking about let's on off production if she hits the ours. But as I walked slowly on takeoff between as I mentioned the new doctor, you like to finally, second listen. Try to avoid is in Oakland Flynn's Use any heat Sources with open Flint killed the girls. But as watch slowly until Ted test religion show the ingredients on demoted impudence are uniformly list. Bring down from the heat and at chorus, mix thoroughly. Vitti Staring Road A spoon on there. Allow to cool slightly before I didn't. If you add a little flavor. Wendy Mixture Still hot lips people has been to operate, and at the end of the day, you knew we're finally difficult or may not perceive any clever toe before it cools down completely, especially for Obama, sick or into appropriate package. And finally, the very product in the next. Yes, any going to dispose packaging and labeling off? Put its These are pictures are finished. A league prodigiously close with Bob. Uh, this is not my one and production, but this is mine. Uh, this lip balm local A was added, but it took on the color yellowish culo off the own refined share button that was used to produce it to you can choose. I'd color notes to your lip balm when we close. Oh, the choice issues. Next we were talking about who knows lesson from letting on producing lead by, Well, you can make them into several bright and beautiful colors. Uh, the options are endless. He likely products like they really productive nation Niland us. I made of many of watch. He's bought as on, and they're produced just in the same way the angelic pocket empties. Pencils, shells this could be, wouldn't know modified plastic These packages time reality sharp on British, up now or whatever. And this is an example of decent formula These quantities to add up to your own dread. Here is Inter. Nobody walks gives a much more fama consistency that these works emitter B's works did here share what always castle to you. Good. Oh, you plan a might not be so good for you. Oh, then consider pigment colonia rate upside. If you notice the quantity, it's about 20 grams compared to lipstick. We've seen their data about seven grams. Good as we didn't add. But for liberals, what they like one grandma won't sit before I only planner. You expect me a lot off a high level off color density such that we applied the eyeliner. You plan out your lives. The condition is obviously Stanton, so were added as much as 20% you add below 15 or 10% might not get good coloration where you used the product. Same goes full. The island now, which are called No. Three Brown, formalize about the same gender differences coloration. So Carlos is they want to use. You want to avoid using on your ides. So the difference basically just coloration on then some of the ingredients together against my it's presently for the lead off. My thought is the same combined he put us us on walks is on heat. We're completely merited Rule from the heat source and mix thoroughly on the desired color pigment. You can use one pigment or competition of pigments and show uh, bonzai pigments when being combined the background very well for being that you put up to a point happening fronts of colors within your product. This will leave streets off There is now calling Libs. When he applied the product, I did my couples we make to protect shining in the reminding once again, neighbor to blend Oh, grind. My calculus is to make them to use music color starting demoted oils fueled the empty pencil shells. Using a small plastic Syrian with a good jail reduces stress and make it a lot lot. Not more easier, too few shows allowed to stand for several. I've into Sally, I would say, allowed to stand for 24 hours. Oh, before shopping and in so that, uh, very slowly not recall get murdered a chip different being shepherd through after shopping entities that are ready to be used. Enjoy your product. Then. If you're going to go commercial with Damn, please, I am sure you abide by the reputations within the original regulations. Governing process is full producing cosmetics and make products for commercial purposes. Thank you. This is the end of lesson three. I hope you make efforts to for minutes your own organically productive. Uh, you can start with the form that I didn't know. You can make your own tradition so you can trick down form that suit poppers. Whatever the case may be, attempt to do something attempt to formulate practice makes profit. You will not only enjoy a productive healthwise, you may end up. We call Michelle. You don't know where your knowledge of making organically productive you take it to work. Maybe you've known also blend future. We share the best of Syrian Next lesson 4. Make Organic Lip Products Lesson 4 Google Slides: Welcome back. Uh, listen, slicing fall off the make organic we products scores. My name is Dr Robbia Corey Lesson for its on liberal in and Packaging You Nick Products. In this lesson, you learn how to package a productive on how to live a little are based products. It's a wide range off packages available for adults. Your chance off back. It depends on the consistency of your product. Your desired aesthetics really blows package tubes with applicators. Leave bombs pocketed to stop tubes puts Why live seated jelly package to stop tubes. The plan on coming back 83 Stop pants. Oh, bless it. Or wooden shells That's all about bucket. Gin on can get lots of packages to buy online. They're different. All eyes does in different parts of the world. I can just say such and then get the products delivered to your house after you purchased them. Next I'll be talking about labour. Your packages. Oh, you sure? All package easily built, preferably before filling them up with products. Put down information when the package include the name of your productive city lip balm, steak. Is it close on the before the name of the product. It's also nice to include your brand name. It was a brand name on your go. If you have one should beyond, we should indicate the data production of that. But villa look productive. Lets you be, if possible, at least off the ingredients. I did ingredients. Too many. We want to leave is important one. So basic component, which you mentioned. Any activity you dent if you did on, uh, we should be in 30 name off manufacturer if it's you or if you take contract with factually privately lecturer, he's indicates, and then should purity expiry dates if it productive on? But you did CPR. That is the period after opening. Wanting to get that under any allergy woman's you included, for example, is in peace walks for you. Prudhoe. It's she did should be one of the noticing. Issued a lot to use us off that ingredient to these works because but a good number of people allergic to uh, b o willing prudence, that's me. It's very important. You have brought making on verified teams. Your products don't clean your product, for example, we're here, so and you wonder how would and I get back sports when you know it's not true. Don't clearly a productive has a the sun blocking agent or sunscreen when you are very well aware of the fact that you did not include any song looking, so I was making on the right. After labeling early paradox, they're ready for use off. Welcome Michelle. What was is we want to sell to friends and family to start with. I do use a productive give you feedback, criticize you owe praise. You want to take every comment seriously, whether good or bad or that steeple negative course negative ones especially point us to Where were you propelled to? Need input to make them a bit. Thank you very much for taking part in disposal. I appreciate your time. I really, really look forward to seeing questions from you. Comments. Andi. I hope you going to start making your own. Held the bulls some organic, Lee predicts. Thank you very much. 5. How to Make Organic Shea Butter Lip Balm: I come back in this video, I'm going to show you how to make organically for most stuff. Any production she tracked out your formula. Decide on how much Dr. Going to make a little evidence ready. Write a formal today the shop quantity off each England into need not through what? You have to make sure you have no quantity so far. This session, which is not my formula one day next in up Jones check begins To be sure, I have my tools ready. The way that skin I want to use a small way. Scared because I'm making a very small ones too. Balm. And I have to continue as I'm going to use to measure to heat on. Continue us. The package in this is 22. Yeah, but it more thankful. City, this is tree stuck to What is it to be? Much more. But it's You get to have my It's too late. We separated. Used to ability. Do something to use after legs measure. Continue. Take a look. This is these wackos summation before we do these works, it's one of the most what time prudence we can get sits. Do you have any strong train consistency makes it possible for the mountain. It's the city of production, kids. It's a solid for Doesn't live beeswax do this work? Which beers could make You know what types of works. Well, my wax. Okay, now my lungs. Justice Shepherd, Won't you Squire shop with but this nation? Yeah, but I started down mixing hope by oil. Okay, passed away. Well, my oil test. A war. This is it. Someone shot you. You have to do. I could use only one type of oil on to combine different homes. Like then how do you was? This is for do something. Grant and dream. Then have a while. Do you spoon to stay Walks together is that I'm making a great small quantity. Something to use. Same injury hope to hits produce. Are you happy? Countries astonished him. Container. A plastic all stainless to so when you forced giving values. I need it to drink your skin. Care que and the house now drop Ordinariness is required. Look, that planes. I'm going to music to quite a touching you. Okay, so the's works. Tell me what went down to use thesis Home making Don't you to start. He did try, do when it's to our Ted out he owns. So people referred to when he walks. What I get Okay. 15 blocks for us, because they know that too. It was such a scheme to seo. Yeah, so far, actually. So far too. Way, way. Wait. What? Okay, We hope so. So you had your works. Okay? Nice go. So this is about that, Nick, while still then in walks, Use lacks. Yeah, but I started looking around, so, you know, stay very good stare to actually no next Teoh your business. Off you go. If you're going to Absalom. Songs queen if you want that. So So I need to say you understand stage also need to color it staged. Okay, that's cool to be done. City, this is address Just future. Do you have coming struck toast. Really? Before you. Careful much So it's cream. Okay. You How much? This is this foot. I just This these show time It's a hose produced. She's this without much These rocks show That's piece boxes. It's cold. So hello, You You're great. Do you have more to stop? Teoh Bulls Waas Okay. Oh, tragedy kids. Thank you for