Make Monthly Cash Income From Oil Like Renting Out A Real Estate Property Part 1 0f 2

Tom Richards, Helping Online Entreprenuers All The Way

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9 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction To Oil Course

    • 2. 1 Why Oil?

    • 3. 2 Traditional Ways To Invest in Oil

    • 4. 3 Instittutional Way To Invest In Oil

    • 5. 4 Introduction To Stock Options

    • 6. 5 Cost Basis Reduction

    • 7. 6 The System Step 1

    • 8. 6a The System Step 1

    • 9. 7 The System Step 1 Worked Example


About This Class

This course is a way to invest in oil just like the big banks and institutions do where you can actually bring in monthly cash income instead of just holding oil and hoping it goes up in value (the buy, hold and pray method).  Monthly income is much preferable to waiting for an increase in price.  It is very low on time maintenance and as it is using a commodity (oil) is highly unlikely to EVER fall to zero unlike some companies could.  It's a strategy I use and love and general returns are far in excess of what you can get in a bank savings account mostly.